Storyline Fargo Slept.

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    We open on a white tiled locker room. The locker room is empty, except for one man. Scott Fargo, the newly crowned IWT Universal Champion, is sat alone in the locker clutching the belt in his hands as he stares down at it. The gold of the front plate shinning bright under the fluorescent lights in the room. Fargo looks up to notice the camera and then he returns to looking at the belt as he speaks.

    "I don't care how I won this belt. I don't care what people think of how I won this belt. A belt like this is something that I have deserved and worked hard for years over. If people don't like the way that I won it tonight? Big deal. I'm the champion of the universe and they are not. I'm sitting here with the gold, feeling like I am on top of the goddamn world. Or I was. Until Michael decided that it would be best for him to come out and take the spotlight off of the new talent in favor of the old, returning has been."

    Fargo stands up and looks at the IWT Uprising: Aids vs. Alias poster on the wall.

    "Michael thinks that Chris Kaizer is some kind of punishment that I'll have to face come SummerSlam, but he doesn't realize that it is a blessing in disguise. At SummerSlam, I will prove the point that I have been trying to for months now. I will expose the true problem of the IWT and get rid of it for good."

    Fargo looks at the camera, slinging the IWT Universal Championship over his shoulder.

    "I wanna be in the ring with the Chris Kaizer who vanquished Lord Lee for the European Title, I wanna be in the ring with IWTMania Main Eventer Chris Kaizer. The Chris Kaizer who is well-regarded as one of the best. I hope Kaizer brings his A-Game because I sure as shit will be. Because, after all..."

    Fargo smirks.


    Fargo waves his hand at the camera and begins to fade to black, but we can hear one last message, a whisper for Chris Kaizer.


    Looking forward to it, @TNHOffical
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