Storyline Farooq, AJ Styles and friends attack the kidnappers!

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  1. "Okay guys, you got the plan!" AJ Styles says, putting down a piece of chalk down next to a chalkboard with a plan on it. "Got it!" Farooq said. "Yeah...mmm this doughnut is good!" Samoa Joe said. "We can do it!" Kurt Angle said as he cracks his knuckles. "They'll worship up us!" Daniels and Kazarian said. "You know it bro!" Robbie E says as he fists pumps. "We'll take them to the extreme!" Tommy Dreamer said as he stood up. "Let's take it to them!" Austin Aries said.

    With all the wrestlers agreeing to the plan, they all began to go outside. Farooq got into the driving seat in one van, and AJ Styles another. Tommy Dreamer and Samoa Joe began loading trash cans full of hardcore weapons into the vans. Kazarian, Robbie E and Daniels went into a separate car, dressed as pest control. Kurt Angle went into the back of Farooq's van with Tommy Dreamer, and they both closed the doors. Austin Aries and Samoa Joe did the same. "Testing signal." Farooq said into his blue tooth ear piece." "Gotcha bro!" Robbie E said, "We got you." The rest of them said.

    Kazarian, Daniels and Robbie began to drive off, towards the building of the kidnappers headquarters. They parked their cars outside, coming out with gas masks and bug repelling spray. "Woo bros! This is gonna be sweet!!" Robbie said as he shook with excitement. "Woah, you better relax....APPLETINI BREAK!" Kazarian said as he ran to the car, pouring three appletinis and giving two to the others with him. They all drunk the appletinis, then threw the glasses on the ground. "LETS DO THIS!" Robbie said as he flexed. The three entered the building, it was a three foot building complex with the head of the kidnappers on the third floor. "Alright bros, we're in!!" Robbie said.

    "Got it, lets go." AJ Styles said, driving his van as Farooq followed closely behind. "Solomon, how long can you keep down the security cameras?" AJ said into his bluetooth piece. "About five minutes, you guys will need to be quick." Solomon Crowe said, from the building all the wrestlers left, "Their garage cameras are more advanced than the others. The others will be an hour, so once you'll have to park the van out of the garage, open it up, carry the weapons into the building itself, and shut the garage in 300 seconds." Solomon said. "Alright guys, you got it?" AJ Styles asked the rest of the crew. "We got it!" They said. "Okay Robbie, Kaz and Daniels, it's up to you guys to get that garage door open." Styles said.

    "Don't worry, we got it!" Kaz said, walking to the front desk. "Ex-Terminator!" Daniels said in Schwarzenegger's voice to the lady. "Uhh....we don't have an appointment for a-- " "Dear God, did your mother dress you up? You look like a rejected street walker form Kansas." Daniels said, interrupting the lady. "Excuse me?! I will have you know my husband likes this dress! You are being unprofessional!" The lady said, raising her voice with a bit of anger. "Hey, if he's a 60 year old pimp, I can see why." Daniels said with a chuckle. "BRO!!!! SPIDERS!!!" Rob said, jumping on Kazarian. "Z-Zoinks!!" Kazarian yells as he runs in circles holding Robbie. "Oh dear....boss doesn't like spiders...." The lady said with a sigh. "Fine, you are clear to go, just make it quick." She said. "Alright! Let's go you two....and R get off of F!" Daniels said, pulling Robbie off of Kazarian.

    They all went into one of the hallways, putting on the gas masks as they passed a few guards. "Yo bro, ya might wanna get out. These poisons can make your manhood smaller if inhaled." Robbie said with a nod. The guards looked at each other then walked off towards the entrance. Kazarian and Daniels made their way to the garage. Robbie E, stayed on the outside to guard as he pretend to spray more repel spray. Kaz and Daniels made their way to both garage doors. "You guys ready?" Daniels whispered. "We are." Styles said. Everybody now outside of the vans and holding the trash cans of weapons. "Cut the feed now." Daniels said, Solomon reacting quickly and replacing the cameras footage with a loop.

    Kaz and Daniels quickly opened the door to the garage. Styles, Farooq, Angle, Dreamer, Aries and Joe quickly rushed into the building, Kaz and Daniels quickly shutting the doors and running inside. The cameras inside also played loops of videos, with Solomon being able to watch them. "Okay we're in!" Styles said. "Good, cutting it close with five seconds to spare in the garage." Solomon said as he returned the video feed. "This is it guys....we're in. No turning back now." Tommy said, "Choose your weapon carefully, you'll be taking it with you for the entire way here." Dreamer picked up a 2x4. Joe picked up a chain. Aries picked up a kendo stick. Daniels picked up a sledgehammer. "Im ahhhhh ready to fight ahhhh!" Daniels said with a laugh. Kaz picking up a shovel. "Nooooo aahhhhh! I am aaahhhhh ready ahhhhh for my return ahhhh!" Kazarian said with a laugh of his own. Robbie picked up a kendo stick too. Angle got a steel chair. Styles picked up a baseball bat. "Lets do this guys!" Styles said. "Lets split up, Dreamer, Joe and Aries, you come with me. Daniels, Kaz, Robbie, Farooq and Angle, you go the opposite way. We meet at the second floor. Lets go!" Styles said, running the right down the hall with his group.

    AJ hit one of the guards near the front with his bat, Aries climbing onto the desk and drop kicking the other two. "SOMEONE SOUND THE AL---Argghhhh..." One of the guards said as Joe put him in a choke hold. On of the guards busted open Dreamer, but Dreamer took the pain and hit the guard with a DDT. "Lets keep going!" Styles said, powering through more guards by hitting them in the stomach and head with his bat. Aries close behind knocking others out with his kendo stick. The group already making their way past the guards on the first level, and on the second floor.

    Farooq superkicked two of the guards, with Angle locking one in an ankle lock. As one was about to hit Farooq, Robbie made the save by attacking the other guard in the back with his kendo stick. Kaz and Daniels were busy burying a few of the guards with HHH's theme playing. They continued to push their way past the guards, Angle doing it with a broken friggen neck! The group made their way to the second floor, meeting up with AJ Styles and the rest of the group as they made their attack on the second floor. "We're almost there!" Farooq yelled, superkicking more as he swung his stick and hit a few guards, then hit others with his kendo stick. They made their way to the fleet of stairs leading to the third floor. "This is and AJ will go in alone, you guys guard the outside." Farooq said.

    Farooq and AJ made their way up the stairs, entering the chamber for the head of the kidnappers. "You have made it well guys... but now you fight...ME!!" The kidnapper revealed himself to be Jeremy Borash..wait what?! "That's right! I want to be recognized too you know! Everybody just sees me as the guy who interviews people!" Borash said, standing up and holding a fighting staff. " a interview guy..." Farooq said as he blinked. "SHUT IT! Today, I'm goi--" Beore Borash could finish, AJ knocked him out with a baseball bat. "....Well...that ended it pretty quickly." Farooq said as he rubbed his head. "It's over for good I suppose." AJ said, "Say don't you have a match?!" "Oh shit! I'll never make it in time!" Farooq said, suddenly Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden breaks open the door for the closet. "Phew, you guys stopped him? He kidnapped me for some reason. Well thanks!" Bruce said. "Wait....Bruce, can you fly me to the IWT anniversary show?! I'm suppose to be in a match right now!" Farooq said. "Count me in too, I'll accompany you to the ring, as long as you changed your ways!" AJ says. "Don't worry, no more bad Farooq, for now on....I'm a good guy!"

    "Alright guys, strap on some parachutes when we get to the airport then! Lets go!" Bruce said as they all left the room. "Angle you're in charge, take care of Borash, Farooq has a match tonight!" AJ said as the three ran outside, taking one of the cars and going to the airport. "Jermey Borash? the police guys, at least this guy is stopped." Angle said. "You know what this calls for guys?" Kazarian said. "APPLETINIS!!!" Daniels and Kaz said, both of them taking out cups of appletinis out of nowhere and passing them around.

    Bruce, AJ and Farooq were now boarded on the Ed Force One. The plane took off, flying towards the IWT in intense speed as Farooq and AJ Styles made their way to the anniversary show for IWT....
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