Farooq on Space Ghost Coast to Coast

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    [​IMG]: And here is our next guest, X Division champion, Public Enemy Farooq!
    [​IMG] I hit my girl in the X Divison the other day! huehueheu​
    *Farooq appears on Space Ghost's TV*
    [​IMG] Hey guys.

    Space Ghost: So Farooq, welcome to the show.
    Farooq: Thank you, it's nice to be in your TV.
    *crowd gives a light chuckle*
    Zorak: I was in something last night too! huehueheue oh not really...​
    Space Ghost: So anyways, you've met me and Zoark, now lets go one to the questions, since forming the X Division, you seem to put yourself on the map, plenty of people want a match with you.​
    Farooq: Ah yes, well you would think so, but it's only for the championship. Very very few people want to accept my challenge in a nontitle match.
    Space Ghost: That is odd indeed, but everything I do is odd to other people. So next question, you have an escort named Jessica, where did you two meet, and what's your relationship to her?
    Farooq: Well we met in a book club, we would go by code names. Hers was Twilight Sparkle, mine was, well Public Enemy. We talked and talked, and as of right now she is actually my fiance.
    *crowd cheers*
    Space Ghost: Wow! I actually never knew that, you guys did pretty good hiding that, in fact I thank you for telling us and the people here first. From Space Ghost Coast to Coast to Farooq we thank you for that.
    Zoark: How's the sex? huehue
    Farooq: *chuckles* I can say easily that intercourse is as interesting as mystery novel.
    *crowd goes ohhhhh*
    Zoark: huehuehue I bet I get wayyy more sex then you, I got laid 6x times more laid last night, then I ever did my entire life!
    Farooq: Well....6x0=0....
    Zoark: Oh *bleep* you!
    Space Ghost: *laughs with the crowd* Okay time is precious for both of us, so one of the few last questions, what does this X Division mean to you?
    Farooq: Well, it means a lot. I want this division to showcase the stars of tomorrow. There are days when I look in the halls of the IWT arena, and I see people who are unmotivated, and to be honest, I can't blame them. Look at wrestlers like Gohan, who gets what he wants, but he doesn't earn what he gets. We have so many talented wrestlers, even my partner Rains is a main event ready talent to me. The X Division stands for a chance to those who get screwed by the likes of Gohan. I welcome everyone who earns what they get into my division. Do I have to agree with their methods, or their lifestyle or how they treat others? No, as long as they work hard, then they are welcome to the X Division, but they have to earn the shot against me as well. They have to beat other members of the division, show why they deserve to fight me. Once they do, they will get a shot at this belt.
    Space Ghost: That is a interesting thing to say, I do agree though. I find myself enjoying IWT more when there's lots of action between two opponents who are hard working and tough.
    Zoark: I like watching Lee's ass. huehuehue, She can be the WWE champion, and my Wii champion too! huehuehue
    Space Ghost: One last question before I go, when do you see yourself becoming a world champion?
    Farooq: Not sure yet. I feel ready honestly, but at the same time, I still feel called to the X Division. When I lose this belt to someone who deserves it, perhaps my path will open towards them. Until now life seems like a mystery, but I know that I'll solve it soon.
    Space Ghost: That's deep, I hope you main event the show soon. It'll give me rea--what are you doing Zoark?!
    Zoark: *selling pics of Lee's ass*
    Space Ghost: *blasts Zorak*
    Zorak: *explodes*
    Farooq: :shock:
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