Promos Farooq returning at the Royal Rumble

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  1. Interviewer: We have with us at this time, a returning IWT Superstar, Farooq.

    *the classic mixture of boos and cheers as Farooq enters the Interview room. He's wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt, black dress shoes and a black tie.*

    Farooq: That's right. One of the best, no THE best IWT superstar is back for the Royal Rumble. Day in and day out people have asked me, "Farooq, how did it feel losing to Joey?" And you know what, I'm fine with it. You know why? Because he's just like everybody else in the IWT, a bunch of dogs. Except for the team I was formally in, they were nothing but sheep.

    There's an old saying, every dog has his day, and Joey had his day in our match. Now, where does that leave me? If everybody else is but a dog, what does that make me? It makes me a wolf. A wolf that hid inside the dog pound known as the IWT, and wore sheep clothing in the Order of the Night. When I enter the Royal Rumble, I'm going to tear through each and everyone of those dogs. The time for this wolf's training is over. He's returning, and I'm no one's friend. Everybody I see, they're my enemy now. This superstar, this movie star, isn't playing around anymore.

    *Farooq drops the microphone, walking away from the interview area as the screen turns black*
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  2. Plot twist: The screen didn't fade black. Someone just turned off the light.
  3. That's what I do after sex...with your mum...because she likes it.
  4. inb4 fastest elimination.