Farooq shoots on IWT via Hollywood, CA

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 6, 2013.

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    OOC: These videos are made all in character, and are not to be taken in a OOC context.

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  2. Did you prescript these or improvise on camera? Well done either way.

    "Kisses asses for matches", catchy.
    36 inches? That's all a movie star gets?
    Damn, Jonathan the stupid ass virgin. So much hate, lol.
    Isn't Aids Johnson in the Cure?
    I would've said "You're an attention whore. So pay attention, whore" lol. So close.
    Jeez the hate directed at Senhor Perfect as well
    I only got to see Gohan for a short time. Oh well.
    No mention of my character? :okay: :butthurt:
    Oh there it was a little at the end ~wah-wahhhhh~

    Damn fellow IWT'ers Farooq just :pipebomb: the shit out this place lol.
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  3. You got me Farooq, you Micheal Jackson sounding, lice breeding motherfucker, you got me.

    I'm a hustler baby
    I just want you to know
    It ain't where I been
    But where I'm bout to go

    I sleep just fine in my Lambo on a pile of cash. Don't hate the player son, hate the game. What matters is the number in the win column, not how you got it there. Pity, skill, cheating, who gives a shit?

    You want to talk about how you make money with your whole body? No doubt, these "movies" you're starring in, I'm sure you're using a lot of your mouth and asshole. "Brokeback Fooq". The only reason I teamed with you is to get some street cred with the black-Jews. Unfortunately for me they don't give a shit about you either.

    Your 36" PLASMA TV?!?!? I couldn't stop laughing at that comment. Making millions eh? I'll make sure to remember that when I'm floating around in the lazy river in my backyard. Your kid must be so ashamed to tell his friends who his father is.

    "Hey Tito, is your dad IWTs Farooq, the cross dressing, gay porn star quitter?"
    "Uh no, my dad is Dat Kid"

    He's so embarrassed he tells his friends his dad is a cripple. I fell bad for you man. Glad to see you're gone. Best of luck in your future endeavours.
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  4. *looks out my window and watches Senhor being chased out of my yard by my security elephants and tiger* Poor kid, probally thought he saw a penny there.
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  5. Improvised and only took one recording o3o
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  6. OOC: security elephants? :damn:
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  7. OOC: Just let some mice free in the yard. You'll be fine.

    Edit: Oh shit, there's a tiger too.
  8. OOC i laughed my fucking ass off.
  9. And here's some photos of me with some famous people after I was done rehearsing.
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  10. Niiiice. You seem so small in the pictures though lol.
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  11. yo hook a ninja up with a side role.
  12. Cheap cameras is all.
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  13. "youre gonna have a drunk ass new champion." I marked so bad lol

    IWT champ baby.
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  14. Drink it!
  15. looks like ive got a new favorite gif.
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  16. I did enjoy that part of the promo. Never once looks away from the camera either!
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  17. I have to admit, I had way to much fun making this shoot. I feel the Iron Sheik.
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  18. Drinkin, Drankin, Drink it.
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  19. a 22 minute promo on dat kid. Waiting for his rebuttal.