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  1. Farooq is shown outside of the ER arena preshow talking to some of the fans. "Alright, time to interview some people." Farooq says as the camera follows him. "Hey you." Farooq says as he approaches a fan. "So, who do you think should be the IWT Champion?" Farooq asks the fan. "Oh really? I think you should Farooq." The fan says with a chuckle.

    The camera pans out then shows Farooq beside a family, still fans of IWT. "I think you should Farooq, you're pretty tough and we the fans do like you."

    The camera pans out then shows Farooq beside two fans. "You! OMG We just love you Farooq!" Two female fans say as they attempt to tackle hug Farooq.

    "Yo, fo sho man, I think it should be you dawg." Another fan says as the camera panned out and shows Farooq.

    The camera fads to black, then shows Farooq with the fans outside of the arena. A "Farooq!" chant breaks out as Farooq is in front of the crowd. "I don't care who wins tonight. Give the fans what they want." He says as the camera fades to black, the loud Farooq chant continuing.
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  2. *Dirt sheet reports say Trip in the Head appeared shortly after the cameras went off and confronted Farooq in front of his fans. Rumors had been flying around the locker room that Farooq was no longer running with the Order of Night so this may have been the reason for the confrontation. Sources say the two exchanged words before coming to blows, only to be pulled apart by Farooq's fans. The fans were said to have held Trip back and allowed Farooq to leave the area unharmed. Things almost took a turn for the worse as the crowd reportedly started to attack Trip, but witnesses claim he vanished suddenly into the night.*

    OOC: Thats right guys, Farooq is no longer in the Order (his choice)
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  3. OMFG I was wondering wtf, but that is a genius move Fooq. Didn't realize it was you until I saw the "Building YOU a better hentai page." LMFAO.
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