Farooq to star in movie

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    Farooq is set to star in a new motion picture film with movie star Will Smith. No title is released yet, but it is confirmed to be a action movie which will also feature Bruce Willis as the opposing force.​

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  2. And noone cares. Damn wrestling sellout.
  3. You hate me because I'm sexy.
  4. Not even close. Too bad you're off on a film career.
  5. Stop hating my sexiness. I am so sexy, that I can't let cats near me because pussy ruins my image.
  6. Oh how I miss when wrestlers weren't sellouts.
  7. Goddamn how I wish I can hear people talking, while driving in my sports car down my big ass parking lot :kiss:
  8. You can hear me cause you keep talking to me dumbass. I guess acting does make you stupid. How trite.
  9. *driving around and continues to talk to myself*
  10. Moron.
  11. *drives around* It's like....some bitch is trying to talk to me :hmm:
  12. Where are spike strip props when you need them.
  13. *gets a text message and reads it while nearly hitting a 22 year old male* Inside Barbie Blank's vagina, is a spike strip prop? :hmm:
  14. OOC: I don't even get this line
  15. OOC: Kelly Kelly lol
  16. OOC: I know that, but the way it's formatted = confuzed.
  17. This is the motherfucker I lost the role to? God damn it! Now I need to do the School Of Rock remake.
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  18. B. Cool: You're lucky I turned this role down! Say hi to Willy for me though (yes we have nick names for each other)
  19. *Rumour has it that the movie is a spiritual sequel to "White Men Can't Jump". The tentative title is "Black Men Can't Swim"*

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  20. *Rumors have also been going around that the original title of the movie was going to be "Mexicans can jump"*