Storyline Farooq vs AJ Styles!!!

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  1. AJ Styles makes his way out to the sold out arena of IWT. The fans cheering for him wildly as he makes his entrance with the TNA World Heavyweight championship. "This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the TNA World champion, A! J! Styles!!!" The announcer says as he holds up the belt with one of the loudest pops ever in IWT. AJ removes his jacket, handing the championship to the announcer as he waits by his turnbuckle.

    Farooq's limo comes out, with smashed windows and on fire. Security begins to evacuate everyone, pyros also going off in the arena. AJ stares at the stage, the crowd running to the doors and trying to leave. The doors though, are not opening. The lights cut off completely now.

    "Everyone listen..." A voice says, as the arena remained dark. "We have taken Farooq for money. This is not a storyline, it is real. We want 20 million dollars, in cash. We expect the payment to be received at Belmont Park's entrance in San Diego, California. Drop the suitcase, and leave. If you bring the police or a friend, than you will be killed as with Farooq. The time and date will be 12 P.M. tomorrow. The person we AJ Styles." The voice said, AJ folding his arms as he stares off at the stage. The lights come back on as the doors open up.

    Fire fighters rushing in to put out the fire as AJ slips out of the ring and takes the TNA Championship with him.
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