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  1. This is the match thread for Farooq vs Danielson...
    Promo's will be open for 48 hours, then voting for a further 48.

    Promo's start.... NOW!
  2. Farooq's music and titantron plays as the crowd roars with cheers. Farooq walked down the ramp as he smiled at the crowd. In his ring gear, his tights and black boots, he made his way down the ramp. While heading down the ramp, Farooq clapped his hands with fans on both sides, most of them having shirts with Farooq on them. Farooq made his way to the ring by walking up the steps and going in between the ropes. Farooq picked up a microphone as the crowd continued to roar with cheers. Farooq looked at the crowd, soaking the moment for a few more minutes before he signaled with his hands that he wanted the crowd to calm down for he can speak.​
    "Now relax, relax fans of IWT. You'll have your moment to cheer, but for now I need my words to be heard, from the front row of fans right here." Farooq said as he pointed to the first row of fans, "To aaaallllll the way in the back!" Farooq chuckled as he sat down in the middle of the ring, the announcer giving Farooq a dictionary as he opened it. "Now my opponent is one I know well, not to well, and not a close friend, but he is one that I would trust to be in my corner in a match. My opponent, Danielson. While he is a tremendous athlete, truly one of IWT's finest, it's not his time to be the top of the ladder." Farooq said as the crowd let out a loud gasp. "Yes it is a surprise to hear me say that, but for now, I think that I am the one that is fit to be at the top, the one to dethrone Aids, and the one to give you, the IWT fans, the champion you all truly deserve."​
    Farooq turned the dictionary to a page and began to speak. "Athletic. While I did say my opponent was athletic, I have been pushing myself to the very limit day after day after day. My body is constantly going beyond 110% each day when I train. With this trait, I will not be afraid to fight anybody, no matter what day, what hour, or minute it is, I am always ready, and my body will push itself beyond 100%, and my durability with sustain with a mile length since I have adapted to this training style." Farooq turned the page and began to read again, "Humble. I have stay true to everything I said when I returned. I fight for the side of light, I have been training and keeping fit, my mind is clear due to meditation that I partake in now, and I even go out of my way to communicate with our beloved fans whenever I can." ​
    Farooq turned the page once again and stood up. "Excellence. Only few can partake in this meaning. Excellence, it means you are the best at what you do. It means that when you are excellent at something, you are not a novice, not even a veteren, but a master. Now, being a master means you do not follow the sheep, you ARE the Shepard. I am the Shepard that will lead IWT back to the light and away from the dark. I have turned my back on my dark ways of the past, I have experience. Danielson doesn't have that experience yet, he's not ready, but I am a 2013 well tuned car. I am ready to drive onto the biggest and widest roads. I am ready to have miles added, ready to sight see, ready to take all you fans with me, and drive us back to the light!" Farooq said as the crowd cheered wildly. "I am ready, to be the man on the silver mountain of victory!"​

  3. The lights dim, and our IWT Crowd fills the arena with boos, as Aids Johnson makes his way to ringside.

    Go ahead, cut it. Dethrone AIDS? you need to earn your chance at greatness, before you can take on the legendary Aids the Jock. I am YOUR IWT CHAMPION! learn to respect me. *Crowd boos as aids makes his way to the announcers table, and Aids lays on the table, taunting Farooq* I am here to give the fans a reason to be here, and there is no better place to watch two assholes fight for the right to face me, than here. *aids mic's up with the announcers* You are so, very, welcome.
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  4. *Danielsons' Music Hits

    *stops at the ramp*

    I've got to say Farooq, you've been one of the more intresting superstars here in the IWT. You're the face of the IWT, and have everyone's support. You're the first match since my leave of absence, where I struggled to get my life on track. I didn't know what i wanted from the IWT, and gave up two titles to pursue other endeavours. Well, i'm back and I may not be the best physically or mentally, but i'm going to push my body to the limit. I will take a beating and keep getting up. It's not the amount of times that you fall down, it's the amount of times you get up. These fans have every reason to support you, and they turned their back on me. The entire IWT turned it's back on me. I have 0 allies, and have made a name on my own, without any of these people. It dawned on me that kissing ass isn't going to get me to the top, and i'm ready to go through hell to regain legitimacy in the IWT. Everyone wants to know "is danielson heel or face" My answer is you are either with me or against me. I have no time for bullshit, and if you get in my way to the to,p you will be dropped like a bad habit. I like you Farooq, but you just so happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    *Walks slowly down ramp to ring*

    Farooq God of WWEForums
  5. I have checked my schedule to plan this, this is for sure the right time of place for me. I have no sense of fear when it comes to battle, whether it's one person, two people, even if there's four people against me, I know that as long as I give it my all, that will obtain my victory. It does sadden me that we have to cross paths like this, to meet up at the crossroads of destiny just to find out this is a one way street. I'm here though, not just to walk on that street, but to repair it. To repair the street of the IWT and bless it with golden honor. To bring unity between the fans and wrestlers, to make us all one. To do that, I must eliminate the cracks and holes made by the ones who dishonor this company though.

    I don't like it that you turned your back on the fans, it's not kissing up to honor the ones who watch us do what we love. It's paying respect, which is in another level, but for your honesty and heart, I do continue to respect you. At last though, this is not the time for you to climb the ladder, it's my time to bring redemption to what Aids and Jonathan have done to this company. I must be the one to take the lashes of the whip, the burning pain of the fire, and whatever else it takes to climb this ladder, without letting go of the ladder at all! I do this for all of us, for everyone in the IWT, whether you're a wrestler or a fan, I must be the one to climb the ladder at the end of the road, climbing up onto the sky of victory.

    This is my time, and no matter what happens, my bloody hands will keep climbing. and climbing. and climbing. and climbing until I'm up at the sky, starring down at everyone, making sure that if something else taints this company, I can cleanse it. Making sure that those who bring harm to anybody is stopped. Until I see someone else worthy of taking my spot, until someone else is strong enough to endure everything I can give them, until they can be the one I pass the torch too, I will continue to sit on the cloud in the sky. I'm sorry it must be this way, but I have to take this path and pave it with my own two hands. That's the way it has been for many legends, and I must continue the tradition.

  6. Everything you have said sounds great, but i'm doing this for me, and not the corrupt IWT. What you say sounds great on paper, but i'm going into this match with one goal in mind, and that is to destroy anything in my way. The only way you are going to beat me is if i'm laying face down in a pool of my own blood. I will not give up or take a 3 count. You're going to have to take me out, and i'm not sure you have it in you. You're going to have to do things you've never done to a superstar here in the IWT. Danielson is and will always be the toughest wrestler in IWT.

    The time has come, and in 2 mins i'm going to walk down to that ring, and start my reign of supermacy over the entire IWT. For what it's worth, I like you, but i will take pleasure in making you bleed. I'm going to eat your soul, and shit it out on the GM's desk. The time for pleasantries are over

    *runs to ring*
    *ding ding ding*

    Voting can start now.
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  13. Is the match over?
  14. Yes
  15. Damn dude got worked over.