Farooq vs Nightmare

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Who do you think was best?

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  1. Farooq

  2. Nightmare

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  1. Fluttershy Farooq vs Forrest in a 2 promo match. 24 hours will be the time limit for the two promos, then once the time limit has expired, or both opponents have done their promos, the voting will begin.
  2. (I'm going to get some sleep so I'll post up around 4 pm over in the U.K, that's when I'm free next but you can post yours anytime.)
  3. (Farooq and Nightmare, still in the ring from http://wweforums.net/threads/fighting-champion.26370/ )

    "You call yourself, the 'Nightmare', trying to spread fear in the IWT with your wicked ways, trying to climb the ladder by pushing fear into others, and using dark manners, and it is disgusting. You think that you will be this so called, 'nightmare' of the IWT, well I am here to share with you, and everybody else in the IWT, that my fear for you, is of the same chance as a man stepping on the sun. I do not fear you, because fear is brought on by something that is a threat. I do not see you as a threat to me, because I am a fighter. I am a true fighter, one that has his fists up, and eyes open. I can take shot after shot after shot, and continue to rise, like a rainbow in the dark. Fear is brought on to protect most people from death, but I am not afraid of it. It is all apart of life, and whatever you do here, you can never break me, or kill me." Farooq said as the crowd cheered loudly.

    "I have defeated world champions, double champions, a tag team champion, and so much more. I continue to come here, more then anybody, and fight. I didn't become the X Division champion by trying to mesmerize myself by taking advantage of anothers state of emotion, because that is downright pathetic. Why would we fear someone who walks into this company, and demands to be feared? Because you wear a mask, and you laugh like the actor Steve Carrol on a mixture of street drugs? Or is it perhaps you come out with smoke? In that case I assume we should fear the people of Workaholics since they have all these features, aside from the mask. No, I don't believe anybody should fear you, I believe that you should stand up and actually fight."

    "Now how about yourself? Why do you come into IWT, thinking that you can bring fear into us? Is it perhaps that you have trauma in your childhood, perhaps you doubt your abilities as a fighter?" Farooq said as the crowd went "OHhhhh". "Because I have fought many people, Mr Sackfist, Aids, Jwab, WoodWarrior, Suicide, Jacob Colton and so many more, and instead of turning from our battles, they stood their ground. No matter what background that they came from, no matter what their intentions, no matter how dimmed the light seemed, when I fought any of these men, it was a match of the ages. Not because they were looking to bring fear and doubt into another, but it was because they wanted a good match like me. Now let's see if you can talk with your fist, instead of laugh with your mouth." Farooq said as he dropped the microphone.
  4. (Sure it's fine, it's 24 hour limit anyhow)
  5. *Nightmare Paces around the ring, circling Farooq*

    "You Act Tough and Speak tough, You enter the ring with a Slut by your side, one which I could hire for a dollar. *The Crowd Boo at Nightmare* Your little fans here, the Adults and the Children, they can all go to hell, because I don't give a damn about what they think and I don't give a damn about you"

    *Nightmare continues pacing around Farooq, The Crowd Booing at him and his comments against them.*

    "Sure, you beat champions before and that your the current X-Division Champion, But that still doesn't mean you can't be pulled down from the ladder of success. I am climbing that ladder and you....You are the one who will propel me to the next step. Your Loss, Is all I need."

    *Nightmare stops then walks away into one of the corners*

    "Farooq, I know your ready to counter my statements and I know you'll try to top me but when someone is heading to the top, all you can do is to deal with it, Just like you, being propelled to the top and all the poor guys backstage that had to endure your hits and blows during that time. The message I'm sending is.....You can't stop me....When I start taking those first steps to becoming the Worst Nightmare to everyone."
  6. Jessica looks at Farooq with shock as he signals for her to calm down. "Propelled to the top? You are mistaking me for somebody else. I have worked hard my entire career, and unlike you I actually have the support of these fans. You say you're going to pull me down from the ladder? How so? So far what you have brought the table has been undercooked, straight from the package because you do not know how to cook. You try to come in, saying you don't give a 'damn' what me nor the fans think? Well maybe you should start giving a 'damn' what I think, because then you wouldn't make such foolish accusations. I even spoke to you, saying I beat champions, yet you claim that I have propelled to the top? Face it, you are speaking from an illogical term. You're just trying to form lies to make yourself seem like you're on top, even though you know you're on the edge of defeat. You better shift your attitude, because if you continue to bring this raw meat to the table, then you're just going to attract ants, and all those ants are gonna chew at you. As for me, I'm not going to return to keep receiving the same meat, so they'll eat you, and you alone." Farooq said as he put the microphone down, starring down at Nightmare. "Your move."
  7. " Fans......Are these the kind that Kiss your ass or are they the kind that act like apes? They both seem the same too me" *The Crowd Boos*
    " Keep on Booing folks Because this is what I call support. I don't care whether they shout abuse at me or throw objects at me.....That is what gets me Pumped, The Crowd's Booing is like what Steroids are to Bodybuilders, There what gets them pumped!"
    Nightmare paces around the ring
    " Now you claim that I'm on the edge of defeat? Defeat is Nothing, I do not care if I lose or Win, I only wish to inflict damage onto those I face. Right now, I'd say I've done some 'Emotional' Damage to that One Dollar whore over there."
    Nightmare stop pacing and Face Farooq in the Face
    " As for those ants.....They are just more of your fans being squashed by everyone they boo. Just like Ants, your fans are Ignored, Annoying and encourage us to insult them and on the odd occasion to attack them. But, Unlike Ants, They don't work as a Team, They don't know who to Cheer, They only follow who ever the good guys is and....They're definitely kissing your ass, here in this arena*
    Nightmare Drops his Microphone and Leaves the ring. As he Leaves, the Fans boo him and Nightmare spreads his arms apart, welcoming the abuse.
  8. Poll is open :hmm:
  9. Great match. Farooq's first promo was fantastic