Farooq vs Orden (Ladder Match)

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  1. Farooq

  2. Orden (NanoRah14)

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    *This is a no DQ match
    *The first contender who reaches 5 votes wins
    *Voting starts right now
    *Promos won't end until we have a champion

  2. The crowd pops with cheers as the music blares Farooq makes his way down the ramp. He is in his ring attire, long black tights with crosshairs on each leg, and wearing a shirt with a Public Enemy logo. "The following match is a ladder match! Introducing first, The Public Enemy, Farooq!" The announcer said as Farooq calmly entered the ring and removed his shirt, and threw it to the fans. He stood by the corner closest to the spanish announcer table and await his opponent.​
  3. *Orden walks down the ramp while the crowd boo him*​
    Announcer: Introducing his opponent, come from Boston, MA, ORDEN!​
    *He enters the ring and waits till the bell rings*​
    This is it, you and I with the ladder, above us the briefcase with nothing inside but very representative​
  4. He chuckles as the referee signals for the bell to ring. Farooq continues to stay on his side, deciding to play the defense and wait for his opponent to come to him.
  5. Who the hell made this match? Get out of here.
  6. I made this match, we both agreed on having this match and decided to make it, don't you like our decision?
  7. We agreed to this, and the fans are pretty excited. So if you would please leave, I think everybody, and the screen your cracking, would be happy.
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  8. It's my job to make the match, not yours. The match will be on Tuesday 30th April. Now get out of here and come back on Tuesday.
  9. And why should we listen to you? I'd rather wait for Brit's input, or are you just going to push around everyone again to get your way?
  10. Lets start this from once and for all
    *Orden kicks the GM out from the ring and goes now for Farooq*
    You said my wrestling isn't good, now you'll see what this man is capable of, get ready to lose!
    I'm standing in front of you as a man and you don't attack, you're a completely hen you all defend people, why the hell don't you say what you really think? Lets face it, your crap is nothing but that, crap. In the other side I make whatever I like and not like you who during his US title reign didn't face anyone and got stripped from it, I faced a man who defeated me it's true but at my rematch that'll change, I'll be again your Cruiserweight Champion and you'll only be the man who lost his prestige in a match against the present and the face of the IWT, I'll be in all the posters, I'll be the main superstar here and your career will end after you see your lose, but you'll can always lick my perfect ass
  11. You listen to me because I'm the vice GM and I did not book this match. Mods, close this damn thread down.
  12. Wasn't there a rule that if you were in charge you couldn't vote? Keep this match opened and you'll can vote too
  13. I don't follow rules.
  14. We don't that's why this match will be opened until we have a winner
  15. I wonder how far we can insert Jon inside that briefcase.
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