Farooq's contract agreement

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  1. *Farooq appears on the IWT titantron, the fans booing at the screen as he appears*

    Oh no, all the IWT fans on Facebook are telling me to go kill myself :( I better listen to a bunch of fat virgins who live in their mother's basements, stuffing their faces with disgusting food. *boos grow louder* Ugh, the women are worst, a bunch of fat slobs whose holes are wider then Bill Gate's bank account.

    Anyways, enough with you worthless slobs. I have come to make an agreement with Dat Kid. I'll sign back with the IWT, but on two conditions. For one, it has to be at a high amount, more then the IWT chamions bonus, and more then anybody's paycheck. Second, make it an iron clad contract, I get to do what I want, when I want, how I want, whenever the fuck I want.

    Oh and you don't like the idea? You don't think that my offer is worth it? The movies that's released, the one's I starred in, are A class movies, best selling movies in years! I've been booked for tons and tons of interviews, now make a business decision here Kid. You can use this to an advantage, I could talk positive things about the IWT if you sign me and gain a whole new ratings, from 0.99 ALL THE WAY to 2.06....or....I could slander this place, make it's reputation even worst! Drop your ratings, which means less money, less roster, less shows, and eventually WHOOP! Out of business. I'll give you time.......no not really. Get your pathetic ass out here now, and make your choice. @Dat Kid come on boy. *whistles and claps my hands* Come on boy, come on, come to daddy. *boos grow louder as they chant, DO NOT SIGN HIM!*
  3. *laughs and sips a glass of wine*
    Yeah, you are all just mad because your mother's cut down on your internet use, to use the money and buy MY movie! It's fine guys, call me Satan. God couldn't handle me, so he sent me to hell because he knew I was better. You all pander to your IWT "Gods" and I'll continue to live my desires.
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  5. *laughs even more and shows Miley Cyrus the crowd* People are so stupid, they think I'm in the middle East. Only successful thing they knew how to do was pilot a plane! Bahahaha!!!!

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  8. Commentator 1: Well Farooq might as well be howling at the moon because Dat Kid isn't here tonight​
    Commentator 2: That's right, Dat Kid has taken off do to a concussion at the hands of Aids Johnson​
    Commentator 2: Wait a second!​
    Commentator 1: That's Kid's entrance music, but where is he?​
    The music shuts off after playing for a while and the crowd is restless. Dat Kid walks out with his head wrapped up, holding a cup of pudding. Medical personnel run out and escort Kid back through the curtain right before it cuts to commercial.
  9. *Farooq sits back, taking another sip of wine as he watches Dat Kid struggle to make it to the ring*
  10. Can someone throw in a ps2 to go with his 36 inch plasma?
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  11. I am really loving this 36" plasma tv joke. Hahaha. It just won't die Farooq DatAss
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  13. Marked for 36 inch plasma tv signing.
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  14. *laughs and holds up a piece of paper*

    You wanna talk about matches with Victoria? Okey dokey, let's talk about the one where she took the IWT championship from you!
    You wanna talk about losses? Okey dokey, let's talk about you losing to Aids Johnson last year in the IWT first contenders match for the IWT champion! Oh but it's okay, you beat him in a house show that means nothing :obama:
    Want to talk more? Rodrigo, Sackfist, and lets not forget your famous losing streak from last year! Not to mention, you've been injured more then the slaps Rihanna received from Chris Brown.

    You want to talk about being a wrestler? Naw, because I'm afraid you might get hurt from the words of truth, so lets not. Instead, just sit in your hospital room and watch, watch as your ratings go down, watch as your company follows in the footsteps of World Championship Wrestling Mr. Russo. What are you gonna do next? Tell everybody wrestling is scripted, OOPS! Sorry, didn't mean to tell you all that wrestling is indeed scripted! Jeez I'm sorry children, I'm sorry that you had to find this out at such a young age :( *my butlers appear in the arena, giving tickets to my latest movies to all the families whose kids are crying* Here you go guys, go do something worthwhile with your lives, go watch my movies, they are far more entertaining, and they don't lie.

    *families begin to leave, the children now smiling as there are empty spots in the arena* Trust me, it's only the start Dat Kid. Hope you like the sight of empty seats, because you better get used to it.
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  15. You can count my losses all you want, but the difference between me and you Farooq is that I made it the main event and became the IWT Champion! You on the other hand bided your time in the lower echelons of the business like a dying old man and I didn't even have to pull the plug on your dying career...you did that yourself.

    And now after mere days of leaving this company and "claiming" to be this celebrity you are knocking on my door for a contract. You try to make it out like we NEED you. I'm not the one sending you messages begging you to come back. Here you are, on my screen, trying to manipulate your way into my company. This just shows how far you have fallen from peak of majestic morality.

    If your acting is anything like that so called shoot you did then you're in worse shape than I thought. Let me recite a little monologue for you. "I will not sign you with a box, I will not sign you with a fox, I will not sign you in a house, I will not sign you little mouse, I will not sign you here or there, I will not sign you anywhere, I will not fall for your scam, I will not sign you Sam-I-am....or Samuel, whatever you preferred to be called.

    However, after Night of Champions, you should come down to the arena. I'll get you a nice last row seat
  16. Dat Kid = GOAT

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  17. Aww that's cute, but you know the whole name calling thing works if someone didn't already break the fourth wall?

    Yeah, you had a IWT reign, but it was as relevant as CM Punk's Intercontinental championship reign, since the only thing people really remember about it was you losing to Victoria. It would be ashamed if.....something happened near the arena's entrance, causing people not to attend which will result in a full refund, thus losing you money. It would be ashamed if, you lose your television deal wouldn't it? I have more power then you'll ever have with your little IWT arena.

    And talking about morality? This coming from the guy who puts people in handicap matches for expressing their opinions? For yelling at his own workers, punishing them for their freedom of speech? Did I fall from morality? You bet that shit fro of yours I did, and landed right into the arms of desire. I'm not claiming to be a moral angel, which you seem to be doing right now, you can call me Adolf Hitler, because you're stuck in the gas chamber of choices. No matter what choice you make, it'll kill you.

    So continue to act big and tough, because no matter what choice you make, you'll be on the floor licking the soles of my boots, right where you should be like the pathetic piece of scum you are.....Jabri. Oh wait, you ruined the name calling :pity: *disappears from the tiantron as it begins to malfunction and crash*
  18. We're three black guys in the company..