Storyline Farooq's first interview after retirement

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  1. *The interview takes place in England at Farooq's home*

    Interviewer: It's been a while since anybody has heard from you.

    Farooq: Yeah, I like to keep it that way.

    Interviewer: So how's life after leaving IWT?

    Farooq: It's been fine. Started my own business in airlines, shoes and other things, so money keeps coming. Also been spending my free time going to concerts, so it's not to much of a bore. *chuckles*

    Interviewer: That's great, so it's not to bad being retired?

    Farooq: Naw, I enjoy myself and keep myself entertained. Here and there I go on shows, but not to often. Made enough money in my past acting career, so not to much I have to keep up with, just extra money for the kids.

    Interviewer: Ah, what do you think of the current state of IWT?

    Farooq: It's good, I mean it would be better if I was around *laughs* but it's still a good product.

    Interviewer: So you still keep up with everything then?

    Farooq: Here and there I do, not to often as before though sadly.

    Interviewer: I understand that, to many bad memories huh?

    Farooq: Not really, more don't want to be tempted to step in the ring after I gave my word, watching it more and more makes me want to compete, but I shouldn't.

    Interviewer: So, any shout outs you want to give before we end this interview?

    Farooq: Yeah... Dat Kid, F*** you for talking crap behind my back Dat Slave from Trips D***.

    Interviewer: Well that's all the time w--


    Interviewer: Well then!!

    *ends interview*
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