Storyline Farooq's new titantron

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Harley Quinn, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. You can all start being jealous :adr:

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  2. That theme..... made this video much more hilarious
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  3. I'm having way to much fun with this gimmick lol
  4. I can imagine a 'Mania arena centered around Taco Bell right now.
  5. Oh I have an idea :ksi:
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  7. ...They put it in the wrong box lol
  8. Go whoop this dude's ass. (I didn't watch the video yet)
  9. What a faggot. Look at his stupid bland shirt, obviously he has conversations about the weather and leaves. His room shows that he can't stay committed to like anything. His bed is so clean, he obviously never gets any pussy. Listen to his voice, his balls hasn't even dropped, a child Micheal Jackson sounds more manly then him. He can't even eat a proper taco, he probally cuts his hand from the tasty rough shell. That fucker can't even lift two pencils. I'm glad he doesn't eat Taco Bell, mother fucker couldn't hang.
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  10. The DLT is fucking amazing. What a vanilla midget.
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  11. And so, The Era of Tacoman begins. Only time will tell where this vigilante of Meaty Justice will end up in IWT, will he defeat the evil that is Ronald McJock and Dat Burger King or will he fail to take his place as the defender of all meat products world wide? Find out on the next episode of The Adventures of Taco Man, Now Sponsored by Tacobell.
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  13. Dude is so black he cant even hold a job!