Fast Lane Fast Lane 2016 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Winner: $1500 forum cash & 1 month Legend membership
    Runner Up: $750 forum cash
  3. This is new also...

    +2 points for getting the correct winner by DQ, but +0 for predicting a DQ and getting it wrong.
  4. Feel like DQ /count out should be in the same category, and submission go with the pinfall category. Especially when the likes of AJ, Becky & Sasha have submissions and finishers. Was hard to fill some stuff out.
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  5. I meant to put my answers here and now I forgot them already lol
  6. I'll most likely do this tomorrow.

    As far as the ME goes, I'm following my heart instead of my mind and my heart says... #DeanAmbroseFTW
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  8. This is the first time I have seen the match card.

    Brie Bella seriously... tamina seriously ... and Kane AND Big Show in the same match SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?!
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  10. Done!

    Man, I wish there was an option in the ME where "Not Brock Lesnar" could've been chosen instead of getting to choose 'tween Ambrose and Reigns.

    Anyways, I said fuck what my brain thinks and rolled with what my heart says! DEAN MOTHERFUCKIN' AMBROSE FTW! Do it, WWE! Do it!!!

    Also, @Solidus ... Can you, please, put the pinfall/submission and count-out/DQ victory into the same category next time? It makes more sense.
    This way, I'll probably fail on the Sasha/Becky vs Naomi/Tamina match for choosing their way of winning "via pinfall".
  11. I have Ambrose winning, Bella winning the belt sadly, reigns to turn heel, even thought it's bad odds I'm predicting it
  12. how do I change my predictions?
  13. Post what you wanna change or private message it to me.
  14. Went with pretty much all the obvious choices. The only real toss ups are Kalisto vs Del Rios (went with Kalisto) and the main event (went with Ambrose)
  15. I wanna change Reigns turning heel to neither of them
  16. Okay, changed it.
  17. Awesome prediction contest here. You have to predict the finish too and that makes it extra challenging.

    My choices are pretty orthodox except the US title match. I see ADR winning it. I'm predicting Lucha Dragons will enter the tag titles picture going into WrestleMania.

    In the main event, I'm half-hoping half-predicting that Dean Ambrose is gonna win it.
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  18. Same here, for that exact reason.
  19. WWE Fastlane main event spoiled. It does come off strange that Roman Reigns is facing two babyfaces on Sunday, and some fans have speculated that Reigns could be turning heel. Well, the heel turn is not happening because, as of this writing, Reigns is supposed to win on WWE Fastlane.

    I know what you’re thinking here…Lesnar and Ambrose will get huge babyface reactions and Reigns will get booed. You are probably correct with your prediction but WWE doesn’t see it that way. WWE believes that Reigns will have babyface momentum after Sunday and leading up to his match with Triple H at WrestleMania.
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    Sending the prize money now! :jbl:
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