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    What do you all think of the Fast Lane PPV Poster??

    Personally I think it looks like a promo poster for CW's 'The Flash'.. but it's not too shabby I suppose for a throwaway PPV, can't say EC had better ones if any at all.​
  2. O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L
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    From all the uber-shitty 'look what I can do for 2 minutes in Paint' ones we've had the pleasure to witness, this one's actually not that bad, but who cares, it's for a throwaway PPV anyways.
  4. looks good
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  5. Looks alright to me.

  6. Pretty good, but the way you said it looks like a Flash poster... gotta admit, I can see it myself. The Flash vs Roman Reigns would be amazing, just so I can see Flash destroy Reigns. Excuse me, my inner Flash mark is coming out.

    (and speaking of Flash, Stephen Amell needs to be on RAW one day. I'm an Arrow mark too!)
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