Payback Fatal- 4- Way match

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  1. Fatal four way match
    Whatever happens the WWE heavyweight championship must change hands.
    Any1 between Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose or Randy Orton but not Seth Rollins.
    The Authority should betray Seth Rollins and give someone else a chance.
  2. Assuming Kane is the only member of the authority at ringside (almost certainly he will be), then that's not gonna happen. Screwing over Seth puts him out of the job.
  3. The story of the match is about Kane again... Trying to think of a good way to book it.

    Off the top of my head, the best finish is Reigns running for a Spear, Rollins jumps over, Reigns accidentally hits Ambrose (who he's been working with most of the match) and Rollins wins with a roll-up, but that sucks hard.

    Would rather Orton eat the pin, Reigns gets a rematch at MITB, while Ambrose wins the briefcase to turn them tables.
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  4. Dean Ambrose, I'd really like to see what Barrett would look like holding the most elite title in WWE.
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  5. The thing is, WWE-WHC won't be changing hands at Payback.

    The finish to the match will prolly be lame, though.
  6. #TeamOptimism
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  7. Visually he'd look great, then the booking would absolutely ruin it.
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  8. Dean Ambrose will probably take the pin since he's technically the 'least important' participant in the match... Unless, of course, they're planning on doing a program with Rollins and Ambrose for the title one-on-one at either Elimination Chamber or Money In The Bank afterwards (the latter of which is in Dean's home state of Ohio... just something to think about), in which case I could see Orton eating the pin instead since it would be imperative to keep Ambrose as strong as possible for later.
  9. Well there's gonna be so much run-in BS in this match anyway...
  10. Most likely.

    *cough* Kane and Big Show *cough*