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    Red And White Lights beam around the arena, moving in a circular motion around the audience as the fans stand up in anticipation. Approaching the rampway are two women dressed in a ripped crop top, red red camouflaged shorts, and knee stockings to which are ripped in random sections. In their hands are held to steel bats to which them hold up in an "X" formation.

    Moments a shadow approaches the rampway as the light them beams upon him, the leather hooded vest, the skull mask to which only the jawline of the mask is shown. The camera slowly moves down to wards Aiden's right leg to which is in a brace. he slowly pulls back his hoodie to which revealing his face. he then makes his way down the rampway as the two women follow him in a perky manner.

    Jumping onto the apron with one knee he then looks back as the audience erupts in a cheer, nodding with satisfaction he then looks down at the two ladies and nods at them as well, they make their way on the apron as Aiden Ryan then sits on the middle rope indian style, allowing the ladies easy access.

    Reaching his hand over to the right side of his cheek he then rips off the mask and throws it to the side, his smile rises up on the right side of his mouth as he then twirls himself around and slides into the ring via the middle rope.

    Eventuality receiving a microphone he taps his chin with his free index finger before the ladies then exit the ring and sit by the commentators.

    "IWT universe, I am feeling in such a... such ecstatic mood this evening, you see, friends. I just got the clear... "What ever does that mean, Aiden!?" well my lovely attendants, that means that I am free to kick whoever's ass possible to gain my goal. Now Trevor Raynor may have soften me up, and I may have been distracted by a certain someone... but I deeply promise you... all those problems are now perished into the depths of a dark hole to which can never be seen again."

    Aiden Walks over to the ropes to which the commentators are staring, he leans his arms over the top rope and rests his right foot on the bottom rope in a sloppy manner before speaking again.

    "And what does that mean? Well, I may not psychically be able to touch someone from another company, however... I know two women who made that all disappear. Now ladies, I must thank you for getting rid of that wench, but now I am here to fight my own battles so if you would please?"

    Aiden's free hand lifts as it hovers over to the rampway behind him. The two ladies look at him sideways and smile before lifting themselves off their seats. Blowing Aiden a kiss the two girl walk away in a slow, but seductive manner.

    Aiden Pushes himself off the ropes before circling the ring one time.

    "Now I am not here to be reminded of what has happened to me in the past, or to be reminded of what I have done in the past. The only thing we should be remember is my dominant performance before I got injured, When I single handled beat Trevor Raynor, The Artist, Justin Magnus, And was so close to being able to knock that big headed moron Nick off his pedestal... but I was stopped, why was I stopped? because i was out shined by some hollywood reject, some monster that is so delusional, so big headed, SO ignorant to see that the talent standing before him is one of the best this division has to offer! Jwab you may hold that championship in your clutches... but the question isn't "How long will you reign be?" the question is "How long will it take before Aiden Ryan places himself in your path one more time..."
    "And let me tell you all something, if anyone at all deserves a shot at that X division championship, it should be the man who is standing before you all right now, if ANYONE should be holding that championship, It should be the one who has busted onto the scene by himself, I've done everything in my power to prove my dominance and if that isn't enough , then I guess i'm going to have to start injuring people. And I have no problem putting a few bitches in their place..."

    "So if you think a little torn ACL is going to stop me from whooping this division back into shape, you sadly mistaken. Because I am back and I will accomplish all of my desires. I will feed in craving inside of this body until I am standing tall, taller then each and every single one of you, with MY X division title. I have stayed quiet time after time and let people take the opportunity that i know belongs to me!"

    "And you wanna know why all those talents back there have such a huge spike in their heart when it comes to me, it's because I threaten you gentleman, I am your worst nightmare and that's what's eating you all alive, I went from being the lovable friendly rookie, who came in here wanting to make friends. to being that dick, to being that dick that is going to take everything you've wanted PLUS some. Now tell me gentleman... Heh, What're you gonna do about that?"

    "NOTHING! Because you know... you know tha..."

    The Lights shut out as the audience erupts in a shocked manner.
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  2. A piercing white light erupts from the backstage area and a silhouette comes into view.


    Unfamiliar music starts to blare throughout the arena

    The silhouette begins to move forward and the house lighting starts to come back on..
    he stops just before the crowd is able to see him and stands still... he pulls a mic from his waistband.

    "Hi Aiden, do you remember me? I visited you in your locker room just before your injury occurred."

    A collective gasp comes from the crowd as they now realize who this mystery man is.

    "My my, how you have changed.. you don't seem to be that timid, weak-minded, child trapped in a man's body that I knew. You've grown up."

    Dr. Attitude begins to clap as he walk forward making himself seen.

    "Or have you? Hmmm.. I'm not so sure, looking into your eyes right now I see that timidness, that fear seeping in.. you just said you were the IWT's worst nightmare? Well think again, they haven't really met me yet. Let me introduce myself.. my name is Ezekiel Clark.. but I am known as Dr. Attitude, E.R.A."

    "I've never told my story before so I'll fill you in just a bit.. My father was Dr. Mark Raymond Clark, D.D.S. Does that sound familiar?
    He was big in the news about 15 years ago, he was put to death for the mutilations of 34 women.. all were found with no teeth. That was his M.O., his call sign.
    I was forced to watch every one of those murders while tied up in the dark, damp basement of our family home."

    "That is what I come from... and what I almost became. I came to IWT in March with much of the hate instilled in me by my father.. I was certifiably, mentally insane.
    After an incident with a couple hookers a few months later I ended up in an asylum... there I met the wonderful Dr. Ashworth, she helped me to become the man I am today."

    Dr. Attitude waves to a beautiful brunette.. the camera zooms in and the announcers mention that this is Dr. Jessica Ashworth.

    Turning to look back, Dr. Attitude points directly at Aiden and raises the mic again.

    "You see Aiden, from my first time here in March until now.. the one constant on my mind has been you... You are everything I am not.. as much as you complained about your past and cried and bitched and moaned about how bad it was, imagine ME! Sitting tied to a fucking chair in a fucking basement that smelled of blood, shit, and urine.. watching my father as he ripped out teeth.. one by one by one by one. and you think you had it bad because what? You had to dance?.. and you got paid for it?! FUCK YOU!"

    "I am here... and I will be your waking nightmare, I will hunt you.. I will hurt you, I will make what Vickie did to you seem like the highest point in your life...
    you will suffer because I had to suffer. You are marked."

    Dr. Attitude turns and walks into the backstage area as the arena is in complete silence, shocked by what has transpired here.
    The camera switches to Dr. Ashworth, she is in tears having seen that her work meant nothing at all.

    Aiden stands in the ring silent.. you can see his Adam's apple dip as he swallows hard, obviously affected by the words he just heard.

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  3. Scaling his hand widely behind him, he finds the top rope to which he grips in a desperate manner. pulling himself backwards he then places his microphone on the mat before rolling out of the ring infront of the commentators. The emotions begin to pour in as Aiden begins to fiddle his fingers in a nervous manner before slowly pacing himself around the ring.

    Dr. Ashworth looks on as she then tries to place her hand on the arm of Aiden, he shrugs his arm back and looks directly at her before shaking his head. "Aiden, You're awesome!" naive fans yell out not knowing, or acknowledging the fact that Aiden is in a dark place, mentally dark, emotions raining in on him. he slowly walks around another ring post to which leads up the rampway.

    Staring at the rampway he breathes heavily, sadness, fear, the man who stood before him had almost ripped the soul right out of Aiden Ryan's chest, leaving him destroyed. He slowly makes his way up the ramp as fans begin to be silence the arena, nothing but the sound of Aiden's Chucks walking on the steel rampway.

    He slowly turns around to the fans who are looking up at him before then he turns to exit the arena. the camera then fades to the commentators.

    Michael Cole says looking over at William Regal.
    "I.. I have never seen someone so intimidating, so ruthless with their words, if i were Aiden Ryan, I would be concerned for my safety. "
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