News Father Kills Robber When Gun is Held To His Daughters Head

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  1. The father killed one man and seriously injured another after two men pulled a gun on his teenage daughter and dragged her into her house. The second guy is in police custody, charged with murder, burglary, kidnapping and criminal action.

    It was around 11 p.m. on Monday when a 17-year-old girl left the home she lives in with her mother and 5-year-old brother. She went to get something from a car when two masked and armed men approached her, police said.

    The two men, were later identified as Terrell Johnson and Cortez McClinton, they had forced the girl into the house, using her as a shield. The girl's father, who was visiting at the time, saw the men walking up with his daughter. He “retrieved his firearm and fired several shots at the suspects, striking both of them as they entered [the] residence,” the police report said. “The mother… also retrieved a firearm and fired one round at the suspects, not striking them.”

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    Pretty dope imo
  2. Good for them. As far as I'm concerned people should have the right to defend their property from these assholes.
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  3. This is a prime example of why and how making guns illegal will back fire badly in America.
    All them unregistered guns will still be on the streets in the hands of criminals and people like this will be unable to protect their family or themselves. I am all for guns when it comes to protecting yourself, your family and your home.
  4. I would have castrated and scalped them after shooting them. Such scum.
  5. ooooooo such a badass
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  6. You mean like the rest of the world? Almost everywhere guns are illegal but criminals have them, and guess what, there's no where near as many deaths.
  7. No one likes you
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  8. This makes me lol every time.
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  9. Was the father Liam Neeson by any chance?
  10. see I kid, but you hurt
  11. :finger:
  12. This story speaks volumes in regards to how severely the US gun culture has boosted criminals than it does in regards to civilians needing them, the fact a man has to kill a criminal and almost kill the other to save his daughters life from criminals is nuts.

    UK didn't ban handguns until 1997 after all and the bad people didn't take advantage when they became banned, but USA would have a harder time controlling it due to size and the 50 states having such differences in their laws.
  13. Now you guys know why I was gone for so long. I had to teach my wife how to shoot. God, embarrassing us in front of those guys. :facepalm:
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  14. The criminals would have put a knife up to her neck instead of the gun. Remove the guns from the situation, what does the father do then? Get out his crossbow?
  15. Hell yeah
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  16. Give them things that are replaceable, ie money, items etc. That they wanted in the first place and no one dies. Majority of thieves only use weapons as intimidation tactics and have no intentions of using them.
  17. And what if said criminal ends up using them anyways? Then what happens, you lose someone ya loved and they walk out the door with your money. That makes zero sense, plus, if you're in a financial crisis, why would you want to give them your money (not implied in the story that they are, just saying)? Even if not in a crisis, throwing away money at them just because they want it is a stupid idea. Now, shooting for non-vitals is a smarter idea, better yet shooting at the gun would be better, but most gunshots fired at robbers or criminals are instinctive, so there's no true way of putting judgment of shots on that. Either way, the logic you've presented is pretty damn flawed.
  18. I honestly believe that almost every household should own at least a .22 cal pistol (Browning 1911-22 A1 Rimfire Pistol for example). Not all households though, we don't need to give some mentally challenged person a gun.
  19. Sorry Aids :jeritroll:
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  20. Outer Heaven can kill any criminal