Faulk you Final fantasy!!!

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  1. I hate having to power level for hours just to have a shot at a boss!!!!!!!

    just want to finish a few more titles before the Xbone comes out!!!!!!!!!

    i hate you!
  2. Grinding is the core of FF. On 7 I spent hours an pulled all nighters whilst in school levelling up to 99 on disc 1.
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  3. Lmao, I can't tell you in how many games I've grinded on. I specifically remember me grinding for so long on FFX and FFXII.
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  4. If Kingdom Hearts counts, that too, lmao.
  5. That's part of the fun. In FF games hard work actually pays off. I, like Cloud, prefer to do my grinding at the earlier stages of the game, to make the rest of the a breeze.
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  6. Lmao, I wasn't too smart as a kid and always had trouble with these games because I never really grinded until, like, early teens. Now all I play are mostly RPG's, ahaha.
  7. As soon as u find either a spring that recharges health and mp. Or as in later ff's a save point that did the same. (Making the games a bit easy imo.) or thirdly a area where the enemies gave plenty of gil to sufficiently allow purchase of potions.
  8. Do you know how much Gil I spent on tents, lol. I had to save after every level up, OCD I suppose.
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  9. Tents were a godsend in ff7 for levelling early. Yeah i used to do 6-10 battles then save or after levelling up whichever came first.
  10. :yay: memories.
  11. My fave spot was Mideel on the beaches in 7 fighting sand worms. Was great exp and ap dor materia. Slam a autopad on and jam x and the arrow down and watch tv whilst it auto levelled lmao.
  12. I really enjoy leveling, looting, and interacting with NPCs

  13. Damn you guys and your fancy controllers! :annoyed:

    I broke a controller thanks to the arm wrestling game at the Golden Saucer.
  14. Just wondering what FF the op is on about just ro see how much of a grind he means

    As for you FFVII nostalgia grinders talking here, I always found the levelling not to bad, but the levelling of Limit Breaks and Materia was where i found i was grinding a hell of a lot, just so i could have a shot at killing the optional bosses

  15. Especially in the later levels where I had to wait to be hit to gain limit breaks. Not to mention the hassle it is to get everyone's final break. The only thing I never did was raise Aeris to her final limit.
  16. FF13.... using the damn Crystalarium... GAH
  17. I LOVE grinding so I really can't empathize with your situation here. Not much of a Final Fantasy guy (I only played like two of their games [but starting the third/sixth soon]) but I grind in pretty much every game that allows it. Final Fantasy Tactics I grinded quite a bit, Xenosaga I grind quite a bit, Disgaea games I obviously grind on (Disgaea 4 has a level cap of 9999 after all [Disgaea 4 is awesome]), grinded quite a bit on Super Mario RPG and hell, I even grind on Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (I also grind on the actual DBZ RPG for the SNES). So yeah, my point is grinding is really fun for me.