Favorite catch phrases currently

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  1. So far "yes yes yes" great... I use it when I coach my sons games every goal we go all d bry!

    "do you know who I am?"
    LOVE bully ray right now!

    My all time favorite from the past has to be raven.
    "and so it is written, and so it shall come to pass. Quote the raven never more!"
    It suited his character so well, even if it is stolen from a story. Great stuff.. Discuss

  2. "I cannot and will not face this ignoramus tonight. Your Welcome"
  3. It would have to be "Yes!".
  5. Oh my goodness :booker:
  6. YES atm.

    I love the WUT DA HAYUL from Booker. Miz's Really and Jericho's "I am the best in the world at everything I do".
  7. How about Booker saying you gotta looove (insert face)
    WUT DA HAYUL? :booker:
  9. See my title for details on #1

    Booker T is awesome with Wut Da Hayul and you gotta love it + oh ma goodness
  10. To be honest I agree with OP on it all. I enjoy it a lot and have actually found myself doing both of them :p
  11. Asshole- Mr. Anderson
  12. www.myspace.com\Calfzilla

    "Do you know who I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam?" - Bully Ray

    "And still your undefeated hero!" - Crimson

    "As the new face of Impact wrestling...." - Christopher Daniels

    "Oh my brother, testify!" - God Devon
  13. anything booker t says lol
  14. Have to agree..

    HOW DAMN GOOD AM I? - Dolph Ziggler

    Best one atm imo.
  15. I'm a sucker for love - AJ Lee
  16. :yes::yes::yes: it makes me smile everytime Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring
  17. ASK HIM
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