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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. If I forgot to mention you you suck

    Crayo- throwback to 2011 when he was so important
    Seabs- post about MMA more. I love you bb
    Aids- any lower and he might have had a conniption
    deth- the benign tumor of WWEF
    Danny- my nikka. always great to bullshit with
    Jono- dat dude you love to hate. wouldn't want it any other way
    TGMI- dude is pretty homophobic but an alright bloke
    BLFFL- scum of the Earth, die
    Trip- great admin, cool user, would bang/10
    Sharpy- dig the dude when he isn't catching feels. Seth MacFarlane sucks doe
    Snow "don't call me Rain" man- I'm honestly embarrassed you are this far downt he list. Have my babies
    Testify- the dude you argue with about everything but would still have his back but you aren't sure why
    GN- just some user most of you probably don't know because she literally is never here @GrammarNazi82 :((
    Flopspot- bigger dick than most Swedes
    Gohan- come back bb
    Kevin- cool bro, laid back, Dolphins suck
    Shadow- one of the only lads smart enough to see DB is a boring shitboy
    CM Punk- still the pound for pound worst user name of all time, and also the pound for pound most mediocre mod of all time.
    @Senhor Perfect- the only man manly enough to warrant a tagging ITT. I'd lick syrup from his beard ? homo
    klockard- I hate, but he's cool. insert paragraph long post here.
    Majour- newer user who I haven't talked with a ton but she is a swell lass who DOESN'T dress up like Jeff Hardy
    brad- has terrible opinions and dislikes all my posts, but I'd still tickle his butt hole if he asked politely

    I think I nailed the 20 members who are still active on this site. again if I forgot you, you clearly just suck.

    thread made at request of Danielson btw.
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  2. :yay:
    You like me, you really like me!
  3. dat CM Punk burial.
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  4. Right now we are talking

    Danielson - A good lad

    ZTO - Orton fan

    Dio - Another rugged lad

    BLFFL - Nice lass

    D.Z - Ziggler fan, so I will raise my pint glass

    Brain Anderson - A top bloke
    Disagree lad, the proof is in he pudding
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  5. My favourites:

    Butters- one of the people I speak to the most, lovely, lovely guy.

    JustKevin- see above.

    Crayjlee- She hasn't been active much as of late, but still enjoy talking to her.

    D'Z- only really interact in the UFC thread, but guy knows his stuff.

    Trip- Good guy.

    Wacokid- haven't seen for a while, but his wrestling discussions are always really well thought out and interesting.

    I like most people, thought I'd just provide the highlights.
  6. Sheesh, so far down the list! :upset: I know! What's wrong with me?

    Does that mean I need to be here more often bb? :ksi:

    Also, kudos for use of the word "conniption." You know what I like.
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    Butters - Probably nicest guy on the forum, love the guy.

    DK James - I wish i could know him a little better otherwise, he seems like really a nice guy.

    Britanica - Same thing as DK James

    Shadow - Same thing as DK James

    Cm Punk - He's fan of my graphics designer work, Appreciate your support, mate.

    Soli - Nice admin.

    Tgmiveld - Legend. He's always to make me laugh.

    Trip in the Head - Never talked to him before, but he seems like a cool dude.

    Shit, I think it's time to know you guys a little better :/
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  8. Stopspot, CM Punk, Farooq, Aids and DZ are cool with me. Even that **** Dat Kid is alright.

    Everyone else (DK, Oval, TNH, Shadow, etc.) knows that I like them.
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  9. Hmmm well, in no particular order here are those I get along with or talk to

    D'Z - yeah, he's a little rough around the edges some times, but you just gotta know how to smooooth things out
    Aids - causes drama, but thats usually when he is fucked up somehow. I sometimes feel I am talking to 2 separate people on one account. But he always makes up for it - with me anyway.
    Delik - never had any problems with him although many seem to. Won his xmas give away thread my first year so thats a bonus. I'm so easy.
    THG - I mostly know from IWT, but he's def a cool guy
    Big Boss - One of the only people I met on here now on my FB friends list
    Stop - we've had some decent wrestling conversations since I know nothing of it outside WWE really. Turned me on to ROH which seems cool, but I haven't really watched any yet
    Solid Snake - got along with her right off when I joined last year. Then she left and came back! And left again.......and is now admin......Nice person never looking to hate on anybody (as far as I know)
    Butters - excellent member, glad to have him aboard
    Majour - nice girl, even put up a pic of her recently died hair when she first showed up because I asked her to. Good shit.
    Dat Kid - oh that mofo? creative and funny guy
    Just Kevin - I feel like we are alot alike IRL
    Manik - very friendly, easy to work with for IWT
    Reign (you may know him as Dazzle) - fun guy, creative as well, especially in IWT
    Gav - same as above^
    deth - Solid said she though I was his double at first but I don't agree now that I know him better, knows what he likes and isn't afraid to tell others to STFU
    Sharpy - always down for Marvel/DC talk. Another aspect of my life I am completely absorbed into.
    Crayo - was cool beans. Haven't seen him lately. Always took a liking to me, for what I was not entirely sure though
    Danielson - I felt like we got along really well when I first joined, but I dunno. I think I pissed him off or something. Seems like it to me anyway. Still a decent guy.
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  10. " CM Punk- still the pound for pound worst user name of all time, and also the pound for pound most mediocre mod of all time. "

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  11. :yay: I'm a nice guy.... HEY! Wait a minute! :bury:
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  12. Ops, Sorry haha.
    I know you're a girl but I just messed up.
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  13. Not in any particular order.

    Dat Kid
    Lady Deathbane

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    We all know first came D'Z then came Aids. HEEEEYYYYOOOOOO!
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  15. No love for the arab...it's cool
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  16. D'z: For giving me the funniest insult, "Dick breath"
    Snake: FTJ, he links me to her.
    Trip: Nice guy, doesn't lash out either
    Kevin: Nice guy, but bitched out.
    CM Punk: For being nice, and he didn't get rid of the name.
  17. [​IMG]

    I missed ya :happy:
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  18. Rude.
  19. Oh, you wrote that. Rude.
  20. :upset:

    Of course this guy would be on my list. You've just been so absent lately. Still getting used to you being back.
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