Favorite superstar?

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  1. Name just one superstar that consider your favorite, JUST ONE.
    And another one you consider a close second.

    And ONE that you hate the most..


    Favorite Superstar: CM Punk

    Close Second: Dean Ambrose

    Hate the most: John Cena
  2. My current favorite is Antonio Cesaro. I have yet to see Cesaro in a bad match and for a rookie he's doing well. I admire that his promo skills have increased ten fold since coming into the WWE, so for that he's my favorite.

    My second favorite is Daniel Bryan. Obviously a great wrestler and he's helped get some eyes back on the tag division even though the tag division deceivingly consists of two teams.

    Hate the most: Great Khali. Only reason he's in the business is because he's tall and he appeals to his demographic. Other than that there is no other reason to really have him there. He's a sucky wrestler and never entertaining.
  3. Dont know if you mean current, or all time, so I'll give you both

    All time:
    Favorite Superstar: Bret Hart

    Close Second: Curt Hennig

    Hate the most: The Miz


    Favorite Superstar: Daniel Bryan

    Close Second: Austin Aries

    Hate the most: The Miz
  4. Screw the police: Favorites are HHH/Double B Bob Backlund/Daniel Bryan

    Hate the most John Cena, yeah. His character and burial of people who shouldn't lose to him makes me mad.
  5. Current, not all time.
  6. Oh. I fail. Was still able to introduce the Double B nickname someone mentioned to me the other day :haha:

    Uh... DB would be my favorite. Let's say Bobby Roode for close second, and Cena most hated then.
  7. Favorite superstar: John Cena. This is based upon his work rate, the love for the company and the business. He's a never give up guy and he's been there through-out for several years without missing hardly a PPV or a RAW episode. I understand that his character's stale and such however the person himself is a well respected guy and deserves to be acknowledged more for his work.

    Second favorite: Antonio Cesaro. The reason being is because he's got a unique style to him, there's something about him that's different than most. He's starting to get more reactions and is being liked by the IWC - I don't blame them. He's just great talent and can't wait to see him further elevate.

    Hate the most: TGK. He can hardly walk and always botches in the ring. However, as a business perspective I understand them having Khali and using him as he's money and attracts the Indian community. I hate him as a superstar, though.
  8. Love U LEO, For hating Cena the most :otunga:
  9. Yeah, I sort of feel bad for it, but my mark side hates him, and as a smark I'm not a big fan of course. So he's there, can easily get out and vacate that position for Khali though. :haha:
  10. Favorite: Dolph Ziggler. What can I say. Great wrestler, seller, talker.. Full package.

    Close second: Antonio Cesaro. He grew on me since he debuted. A lot of experience, which comes out in the ring. Also, the man is dangerously strong. Power.

    Hate: The Miz.
  11. Favorite Superstar: Daniel Bryan. Almost always entertaining in and out of the ring.

    Close Second: Antonio Cesaro. Seems to be getting better on the mic and getting some heat, and we all know how great he is in the ring.
    I would have chosen Ambrose, but he isn't doing all that much. Yeah, he cuts great promos and his permanence at TLC was awesome but I'll have to wait and see how he progresses.

    Hate the most: John Cena. Annoying, stale, lame, boring etc.

    If we're including TNA (just saw Senhor's post) then;

    1. Austin Aries
    2. Roode/Bryan (can't choose one over the other sorry :please:)
    Hate: Chavo
  12. Favorite: Look to the left of your screen.

    Close Second: Dean Ambrose. Main reason he's not one is I've only seen one match with him (the TLC match).

    Hate: Vickie Guerrero. What? She's wrestled before, and she's the only one who's present enough for me to really hate out of the trinity of evil that is Vickie, Khali, & Hornswoggle.
  13. For wwe:
    Favorite:emoji_grin:aniel Bryan because he executes his moves perfectly,has a great style and is a fantastic worker.

    Close second:Tyson Kidd who is just a joy to watch he can do the High flying and technical styles and Punk was right about him being a workhorse.Shame he is injured,hopefully wwe one day realize his talent.

    Hate the most:John Cena. Everything is a joke to him,shoddy wrestler,has the same match all the time and has the knack of turning good segments into shit.
  14. Favourite: CM Punk, I like his wrestling, his promo's, his commentary and he's the only superstar I can sort of relate to, which is why I choose to support him champion or not.

    Close Second: Daniel Bryan, the PPV match with the Shield was glorious D-Bry really did well that match (even though they lost). If I didn't relate to CM Punk more D-bry would easily be at the top of my list. His wrestling is executed amazingly and well I shouldn't have to explain more that he's one of the finest in the WWE.

    Hate the most: Ryback, the character is boring, the matches are the same. Being built up as an unbeatable machine can only push you so far, who will he feud with after the shield no idea. If he doesn't come back i'd be glad. He failed as Ryan Reeves (WWE Tough Enough), he failed as Skip Sheffield (NXT and in the Nexus) and in my eyes he's going to fail as Ryback.