Other Favorite Wrestling YouTubers?

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  1. This thread may exist already, so if it does, my apologies. BUT ANYWAYS...... talk about your favorite wrestling YT'ers here.
  2. Gohan
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  3. Jeff Schalk
  4. Don't have/watch any right now.

    Used to watch a bit of WrestleReaction and TPGWLW (who is a forum member, btw)
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  5. CMPuls3 fam
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  6. Gohan is forever the best Wrestling YouTuber.

    Kidding aside, CMPuls3 is good. Current faves are WhatCultureWWE, Wrestling with Wregret, and dotflist. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  7. Adam from Whatculture for sure

    also Botchamania if that even counts
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  8. Same here. He has a second channel too -> The Posh Guy Who Likes Wrestling
    Really good stuff, needs to upload more though.
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  9. Its a shame he recently got into some trouble with WWE on copyright issues. He really has to be more cautious now and not post any kind of video footage from WWE and also quote his source for any official WWE material he uses.
  10. Adam is also a member of this forum. Great dude, diggin' his work.
  11. OtrsCentral.
    Don't really watch anymore since I don't watch the product
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  12. If we're counting Botchamania, then that. I don't bother with any other, I prefer to listen to wrestling podcasts.
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  13. WhatCulture WWE is amazing. I normally hate those wrestling videos but this guy is on point every time.
  14. Not sure what wrestling youtubers are but i'll say Pro Wrestling Report.
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    wrestlers... that are youtubers or youtubers that talk about wrestling