Favorite Zombie movie

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  1. So guys I would like to know everyone's favorite zombie movie because recently I watched the original Night of the Living Dead, So just post your favorite zombie movie and why it is your favorite.
  2. Zombie boy goes gay
  3. 28 days later
  4. Dead Snow
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  5. Zombieland. BTW, Zombies suck..
  6. Shaun of the Dead...

    Zombies are Over-rated.....
  7. Any film where its Nazi zombies so Dead Snow, Outpost etc... are awesome.

    Fave ever Shaun of the Dead as I'm a huge Pegg, Wright and Frost fan.
  8. Same with Shaun of the Dead....I'll watch anything Pegg and Frost are in together......
  9. I dunno if you've seen Spaced but you should.
  10. Check out the remake of Night Of The Living Dead, too. It's just as good as the '67 version IMO. I'd also recommend checking out the rest of the living dead series... Dawn Of The Dead, Day of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, Diary of The Dead... I think there was a sixth one called Island Of The Dead or something. I haven't seen that one yet myself. The Dawn Of The Dead remake is an awesome one too, although I'd absolutely avoid the Day Of The Dead remake.

    Return Of The Living Dead is my personal favorite zombie flick ever... it's got a little more humor to it than the average zombie movie but it's also got the scariest zombie put in any film ever IMO, plus it has enhanced and 'smarter' zombies who can run instead of just lumbering towards you and who can't be killed by a simple bullet to the head. Instead, their entire bodies have to be destroyed to stop them from coming after you.

    Also check out Zombie from 1979... although if you're squeamish or have a weak stomach towards things like worms or maggots, I would advise against it. If not, definitely give it a go.
  11. I Am Legend (they are scary zombies)