Favourite foods.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Burritos FTW. #DoesNoOneElseEatOnHere?
  2. I'm American baby. Steak and potatoes all day
  3. Lasagne, Chinese, Indian, MMMMMMMMMMMMM.
  4. Donner meat calzone.

    It's thick pizza dough topped with cheese and donner meat, put in the oven for a little, then folded over, cheese on top and cooked again until sealed.
  5. Did you cook it? If so, did it turn out better than the brownies?
  6. Nah the fat guy at the pizza place I get it from cooks it for me, then I pay him like one of my slaves.
  7. I see, is he apart of your sig?
  8. [​IMG]

    Yeah he has nothin to do with my sig.
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  9. Stfu I'll stab you right here.
  10. mate i fkin leather u n go ur ows n steal ur dog n sell it to some gypsies
  11. im watching australian balls of steel

  12. Prefered the English one.
  13. How can you sit through that god awful show? @[Crayo]
  14. Changed it to #scrubs
  15. Italian food
  16. Classic fish & chips.
  17. Lasagne, Chinese, Meat Feast Pizza, Fish & Chips, Gravy Buttie, Pot Noodles, Haribo.
    Everything ;)
  18. Just realised I have pot noodles here... mmmmmmmmmmmm.

  19. :hehe::hehe:
    Just had one for my dinner, drank my monster now onto the Haribo ;D