Favourite Marvel character?

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  1. Just curious. I'm a HUGE Marvel mark. Comics in general really.

    Mine has really always been Cable, but his good buddy Deadpool is a close second.

    Cable's character > Deadpool's, BUT Deadpool's entertainment value > Cables IMO
  2. Wolverine has been my favourite since the 90s cartoon. Then when I got into the comics I loved him even more.
  3. He was a big favorite of mine awhile ago too. I mean, isn't he everyone's favorite?
  4. Yeah I know its cliche, but I can't help it.
  5. He's friggin everywhere nowadays too. I remember when he was only on the X-Men cartoon Saturday mornings (and the comics of course). Now, Christ, there's movies, multiple cartoons, video games. I think I just got overexposed to the character.

    Having said that, I enjoyed the hell out of the Wolverine: Origins video game.
  6. I liked that one as well. The Wolverine game for the Sega Genesis was hard as fuck if you remember it.
  7. Fuck yeah I do. It was super hard.

    EDIT: Like the old TMNT game for NES
  8. Spider-Man or Gambit.

    Deadpool is vastly overrated in my opinion.
  9. My nigga Spiderman and my boy Venom.
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  10. Bat fucking Man
  11. I super duper love Hawkeye. He's got a great storyline, and I like how it seems that he is a superhero because of the skills he developed himself. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. if it is meant as a joke it is amusing.
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  13. my thoughts exactly. I mean... I hope its a joke :urm:
  14. Aw shit, here we go.

    Both good choices. Big fan of the Rogue-Gambit love story that went on for awhile. I really like the writing freedom the Deadpool character gives writers. I can't but help smile when I read his little yellow thought bubbles. He helped make the new incarnation of X-Force so rounded out IMO.

    Again, hard to go wrong with Spidey. "With great power" and all that jazz. And his arch frenemy venom? Old school monster Venom I assume. They recently re-did him as a more military type character I think. Have you seen Anti-Venom?

    His character traits are great, but I always thought the Arrow thing was a lame ability. But I tell you what, they made it look cool as shit in the Avengers movie. Have you heard of the Hawkeye Initiative? http:emoji_confused:/thehawkeyeinitiative.com/ Its kind of cheesy, but I get their point. I don't think they should change the way comics are illustrated though. Sorry.

    Good start :dawg:
  15. Heard of it. :emoji_slight_smile:) I'm not that much of an artist, but I support it! :emoji_slight_smile:) I can't draw animate objects to save my life. :((
  16. Venom
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  17. This, only like Deadpool for his fourth wall breaking ability.

    Favorite Marvel character is a tough one :hmm: Would have to go with Iceman though. Pretty.....chill guy :dawg:

  18. Oh yeah, Drake is an awesome character. I have to admit, I did like seeing the AOA version get melted in a furnace. :russo: