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  1. I thought I'd make my first of many to come wrestling threads, sorry if it's been posted previously, I did a quick search but I couldn't find anything.

    I was thinking back earlier and watching a couple of clips on youtube and it got me thinking, who are peoples favourite tag teams (can be past or present)?

    I used to like a few tag teams like the Hardyz, Christian and Egde (they was a tag-team at one point wasn't they?) but one of my favourites who I used to love watching (and using on Smackdown on PS1) was the Dudley Boyz, Bubba and D-Von was brilliant and I loved their TLC matches, and the team move 3D was great.

    Did anybody else enjoy the Dudleyz or am I by myself on this one? Also, who are your favourites?
  2. dudley boyz ;o

  3. DX
    Hardyz (Before Jeff got on drugs & Matt lost his fucking mind)

  4. OH, YOU DIDN'T KNOW!???????????????
  5. Brothers of Destruction
    D-Generation X
    RVD & Sabu
    RVD & Booker T
    Kendrick and London
    Road Warriors
    Dreamer & Sandman
    Hulk Hogan &Randy Savage
    The Power Trip(SCSA & HHH)
    Benoit & Jericho
    Rated RKO
  6. New age outlaws
    Doom (Ron Simmons and butch reed)
    Steiner brothers
    Hollywood blondes (stone cold and Brian Pillman)
  7. has to be dx.. 97 dx more so than 06 dx but i still love both
    new age outlaws are a close second
  8. The Hart Dynasty
  9. My favourite tag teams
    New age outlaws
    The brothers of Destruction
    Too Cool
    X pac and Kane
    Kane and Big Show
    Undertaker and Big show
  10. Kane and Hurricane
  11. Rated RKO
    Slater & Gabriel
  12. They were cool too
  13. E&C
    New Age Outlaws
  14. DX, New Age Outlaws, Dudleys, E&C...
  15. I must admit, last night I didn't even think of DX when creating the thread, but yeah DX was a great tag-team. From what I've seen, the tag-teams today don't look no where near as good as the old tag-teams. That might change though after I get to know more of them.
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  17. Wwe tag teams arent worth shit nowadays tbh.

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  18. The thing with DX is when they were cool during the AE they weren't a tag team at all. Michaels was in the main event feuding with Bret, Taker, ect, and HHH was the European champion feuding with guys like Owen Hart. So if you say DX is one of your favorite tag teams you are citing 2006's version of DX, which most people agree wasn't all that great.