Favourite Video Game Montage

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  1. Post your favourite video game montage from any game. Obviously.

    Any who, doctor who, here is mine from Halo 3.

  2. [yt]http:emoji_confused:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmDlPtUbAhA[/yt]

    Great memories of one of my fave games ever.

    Plus all the tricks I used to spend hours practising.
  3. I miss Super Mario Kart. :sad:
  4. It was awesome spent hours and hours on it with my bro and sister.

    We still dig it out sometimes as I have a working Snes in fact it'll probs come out on x-mass day for awhile.
  5. Haha, that`s awesome. I still have my N64 packed somewhere, but I have that for Wii also.
  6. I use to play it with my cousin and brother. We loved that game. Me and my cousin would fight over Princess Peach all the time... Eventually my mom would take it from us. :haha:

    I haven't played it in so long... I bet I can get it online somewhere and play it on my laptop or transfer it to my phone :hmm:
  7. Yeah I have it on my gf's Wii but u can't beat getting the original console out and dusting it off lol!
  8. Something about the smell of cartridges can't be duplicated by CDs . It just makes me feel great!
  9. Its that old school high :obama:

    I remember having to blow in them when they didn't work. Damn dust bunnies. :pity::lol1:
  10. I don't mean to nerd out on you, but actually blowing on them put moisture on the circuits. With the moisture there it was more likely the cartridge would react better causing it to work again. SCIENCE!
  11. Bill Nye The Science GUY!

  12. LOL getting the grey screen of doom and then rescuing it by blowing on it was epic haha!
  13. Now its all red rings and battle star galactica. :sad:
  14. LOL. I play few games nowadays mainly RPG's like Fallout, Skyrim and Oblivion. I've even regretfully fallen out with Final Fantasy last couple of instalments last one I devoted time too was 12.
  15. Yup, there was always hope! Memories :please:

  16. Anyone can take a guess on why this is one of my favorite Montage's of all time. :woo1:
  17. @[William], if you have any good Halo one's post here.
  18. I have a heap of good Halo ones! Sorry to bump this though, just haven't been on in a while :otunga:

    They were the 3 ones I had in my favorites, I suggest just going to "SillyGooseGaming" 's channel as he does a lot of Halo montages and all of them are amazing.
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