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    The men walk into the television set greeted by constant flashing of cameras and reporters shouting questions. The three men take their spots at their respective chairs. They all are dressed in black suits with red ties. On the far left a very large muscular black man. The middle a tone handsome man with a black beard and long wavy black hair. And on the right an older shorter, sleazy looking gentlemen, balding, with a ponytail. From right to left the men begin to introduce themselves.

    I am the creator and original owner of Fucking Awesome Wrestling, Richard Cocksweaty.

    I am actor, rockstar, kung-fu legend and retired professional wrestler Trevor Raynor.

    I am a former owner of Fucking Awesome Wrestling and retired professional wrestler Tyrone Lavernius. The three of us are having this press conference to announce that FAW is back in business with us 3 as the co-leaders.

    The flashing of cameras become more intense and reporters start to show inaudible questions again.

    Calm down, calm down, everyone. Before everyone gets too excited I want to make it clear that FAW is not going to be a new wrestling show or promotion. I quite mean literally that we are back in business because we are now a legitimate business company corporation what have you. We are here to sign wrestlers to the FAW team, sponsor them, and give them the tools and exposure they need to succeed. The three of us are all entrepreneurs that have gone on to have great success outside of the wrestling business. But there comes a time where you need to return your roots. As fans of professional wrestling we don't want IWT to end up like FAW or even worse NGW. Think of us as IWT's insurance policy.

    Mr. Lavernius backs away from his mic and signals to Mr. Cocksweaty to speak.

    Now for those out there wondering what the hell FAW is let me give you a brief history lesson. FAW was around before IWT, lets just say it was on a different network all together and didn't last very long mind you but it was a huge phenomenon. It helped kick start the careers of many IWT stars you see today. Stars like Alias Antonio, James Dragon, Ryan Davis, Braedon Cross, Leo Taylor, Scott Fargo, Lord Lee, Raine, Guernica, all these people and more crossed paths with FAW, many of them under different names/aliases, before coming to IWT. This makes us feel we deserve some kind of presence within IWT. We are here to support the wrestlers that we feel fit the FAW brand and also grow IWT as a whole. And lets just make it clear that as of right now we are in no way officially affiliated with IWT. We are as of right now manipulating the promotion from the outside.

    Trevor Raynor quickly follows Mr. Cocksweaty as he finishes.

    Now the first investment we made was a minuscule one and it was on behalf of my younger brother Charles Raynor. That investment was of course Johnny B. Cool. There we were just testing the waters trying to see what kind of power we had. If we could make a man return after 2 years of absence we figured that there's lots more we could bring to IWT then just a guy like Johnny B. Cool. We like to poke around and see what things we can make happen. But now it gets serious. We want to announce our first signee. Luckily with Pro-Wrestling being a brand new concept to the NCAA we are able to do this without getting in any trouble. Let me introduce to you my younger brother, Charles Raynor!

    Lots of applause comes from the crowd as Charles Raynor enters from the side of the television shot wearing a suit identical to the co-leaders of FAW. He shakes all three of their hands and takes a seat next to Mr. Lavernius.

    Now i'm sure anyone that's payed attention to IWT recently might wonder why me and brother are on good terms still after all the things he's said about me and how I've trashed the Raynor name. Well I can't fault Charles because that's exactly what I did while I was in IWT. I tried coming back so many times to make that not the case any longer but I just ended up tripping over my own feet every time. Now finally my brother takes matters into his own hands and does what I couldn't do.

    Trevor Raynor stands up and offers his younger brother a hug. Charles Raynor gets up and gladly excepts and the two embrace. Charles Raynor takes a seat and takes Mr. Lavernius's microphone to speak.

    I can't thank these three men enough for giving me this opportunity. When I started this journey I didn't expect to become this much of a big deal this early. I really didn't think being the first collegiate pro wrestler would get the buzz it did. I didn't think I'd be getting all this recognition. But, I want to assure my fans that my duty is always to you first. Don't let the thought of me becoming partners with FAW scare you. All these guys are doing is helping me manage my career and making sure that if this all falls one day they are there to pick up the pieces.

    Mr. Lavernius take back the microphone from Charles and speaks himself.

    Now of course FAW doesn't stop with Charles Raynor. Right now we want to announce a major investment. Charles, myself, and the other co-leaders of FAW have decided to offer this team a very large amount of money. They may or may not accept to become apart of us but either way we want this sum of money to be in this teams hands no matter what they decide. We want them to know we stand with them.

    Richard Cocksweaty picks up where Mr. Lavernius pauses.

    We would officially like to offer the Bullad Club to become a part of the FAW team. Whether they choose to accept or not this is completely up to them no hard feelings. Becoming apart of the FAW team simply means that we support you, we want to sponsor you, and we are prepared to give you anything you need. We believe the Bullad Club fits the FAW Brand perfectly considering the ties some of its members had to FAW in the past. All we want is a way to help. Let me ask you this Bullad Club. What if one day IWT ceases to exist. Where will you go? What if one day Micheal decides he's tired of the Bullad Club. Who do you have to represent you? We can provide all of this and more. Our relationship doesn't have to be a close one. We can stay completely out of your way and remain in the shadows if that's what you wish. Like Tyrone said we just want to help in any way possible. The connections that the 3 of us have in the wrestling world, the amount of funds we can offer, we can make anything happen in IWT that you want. Let me just bring up when NGW was in the shit hole. Do you remember the massive push for FAW to take over? That's the kind of influence we have. The offer is on the table Bullad Club, close, distant, or open relationship anything can be negotiated.

    All three co-leaders of FAW stand up. Trevor Raynor has a microphone in hand to speak.

    Now that that's settled lets make our partnership with Charles Raynor official.

    The theme of the FAW Co-Leaders begins on the speaker system. Someone off stage throws Trevor Raynor a t-shirt which he catches and unfolds to show the crowd. The red shirt reads in yellow lettering on the front "RAYNOR NATION" with a small FAW Merchandise logo on the bottom left of the shirt. Charles Raynor stands up and shakes his brothers hand and holds up one half of the shirt and poses for the crowd as cameras flash vibrantly.

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