Kayfabe Fear are for those who have something to lose.

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  1. *The titantron shows The Scat in what now appears to be the basement knees down and back to the camera with a towel over his head. The Scat quietly speaks*

    The Scat: Victor Sokolov... The demon who collects souls and enjoys inflecting pain. Just because you've seen a few clips of my work, you instantly know me ?. You know how I move how I think how I feel. You sit there behind the screen talking about the devil and how fear is the key. I've sold my soul to the devil too many times now for there to be anything left to take. And those who "fear" you, are the ones who have something to lose... You have zero power over me

    *The Scat takes his towel away from his head, gets up from his knees turns to face the camera and kneels. Speaking alot louder and with alot more intense.*

    The Scat: I don't fear you Victor. If anything I pity you because after last weeks disappointment. I'm a wounded animal who's out for survival. Tonight I will fight, bite and claw my way through your little face paint and that's not a threat that's a promise. As a once great enemy of mine would say. When we're in that square circle tonight. We're in prison and you just dropped the soup.

    *The Scat stands up leaves the scene on the door to his left into another room. The screen fades to black.*

    End of segment
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