Storyline Fear of the Dark

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  1. A church is shown, what looks like to be deserted. Soon, the inside is shown with people dressed in black sitting down, chanting quietly as Farooq is at the alter. He's sitting in a thrown, wearing a long black robe with black boots and smirking. " my home. The place of dark, where people fear to go...." Farooq said as he stood up. "I am not Jesus, nor am I promoting any 'God' here. I am lead. To show people how to fight, by putting them through fear. Once you overcome your fear, you become stronger. When a mere child has the fear of darkness....he sleeps with a nightlight. Take away that nightlight and the child hardens and learns to not sleep with it. I'm going to take the night light away from the IWT....slowly. I'm going to free you all of pagan beliefs and holy ignorance, one day at a time." Farooq said as he stands up. "Or you all will fall to your knees." He said with a chuckle as he pointed to the camera, the camera suddenly fading to black as the chantings continue.