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  1. Farooq comes out to a loud pop of cheers. He comes out through the crowd as the crowd makes there way just to touch him. Farooq walks down the fleet of stairs, and then jumps over the barricade. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. Farooq wearing a black suit with a blue tie. The announcer gives him a microphone as a eye appears on the titantron.​
    "Now, you all know what happened on Summerslam, I lost. It's not a big deal to me at all, a loss is a loss. The path to victory is paved with the lessons from losing. Why I come out though tonight, is for another reason. There has been so many new people, many ungrateful new people, much like the Cure for the most part. They come onto the IWT, and get title shot after title shot and why? Just because they are part of a four letter group that is name after something that can't be found for most diseases? It's pitiful."​
    "Not just that, others too. It's time, it's time for respect, honor, and hard work to be restored to the IWT. I have formed an alliance with one of the best the IWT has to offer. He is a hard working man, one that has my respect, and one hat deserves the highest honor. Without further ado, I bring forth my partner to restore the honor of the IWT!" Farooq said as he faced the stage.​

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  2. *Senhor comes out to his usual mixed reaction*

    It's time people. It's time for you to realize that we've had enough of what's been going on the past few months. This company was built on the backs of few, the workhorses who've been here through highs and lows. People like this man Farooq and myself. We paved the road for these snivelling creeps who are allowed to run wild and try to control what isn't theirs to control!

    Look around you, guys IVe never even heard of challenging me, the triple threat, the first triple crown winner, the greatest champion this company has ever seen. You have Farooq losing his title to someone I've never heard of. These guys haven't proven themselves worthy, haven't paid their dues. I could put the blame on you in the audience for not demanding guys like us get more respect, but the real blame falls on Dat kid and Jonathan. The quarrelling couple. Both finding their flavour of the month who inevitably disappears while we stay and keep this company alive.

    We're sick of it. We demand the respect we deserve! Dat Chocolate From Jersey we challenge Mystical George and nick (insert number here) to a tag match at the next uprising event. If those two cowards will accept.
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  3. *Nick comes out at 0:40 to a large amount of boos. He looks at the crowd with a cocky look and draws even more boos*.

    "Hello Senwhore, hello Farooq. How you guys doin tonight? You're challenging me to a match? Not just any match, a tag match? You see, I would accept, but there's just one bit of an issue with that." *crowd boos*

    "That issue, is my partner. Good ol' Georgie! He is the problem because he's in the Cure. Yes, I too despise the Cure. I'm actually on the same page as you. I don't want the Cure here. They come out here every week and spew the same bullshit 'Oh you're the cancer were the cure'. I can't work with that. So my apologies, but I propose a different match. A fatal four way match at Uprising!"
  4. There you go trying to run shit. Take it or leave it. Not man enough to put your differences aside?
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  5. "The disrespect just piles more and more. Soon enough it's going to be a skyscraper of trash."
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  6. We all know that when you lie with trash you start to stink :jeritroll:
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  7. Nick chuckles. "Trash? No not trash."

    "Disrespectful, hell yes I am. I've made a living off of disrespecting old men like you two. You know what you old geezers, you've for yourself a match!" Nick throws the mic to the ground
  8. "While I am glad for the challenge, I was not aware that 23 was elderly...."
  9. It is when you're 5
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  10. "I suppose that is true. The mind of a child is a mystery."
  11. *Nick laughs and claps* "Now that was a good one. A real good one. I'm applauding you. You've managed to make me not have a clever counter for that one. No, everybody, round of applause!"

    "I'm exactly what the IWT needs. A savior. Here to save the IWT from the Cure, here to save the IWT from stale, washed up vets like you two. You two are going to be the first two victims in my path to the top."

    "You know, on a different matter, don't you two think it would be cool for my partner to get his lazy ass out here?"
  12. Dat Kid walks out twirling a new cane in hand and stops at the stage​
    You know that's about the 4th time someone's some out here to complain about The Cure and that's all you people seem to do. The only reason you're all mad is because The Cure is whupping all of your asses. Now I'm not a fan of The Cure either, trying to fix things that dont need to be fixed. However, I won't let you so called guys who have "paid their dues" come out here and try to run MY show.​
    What the both of you seem to have already forgotten is that you both are in a tournament to determine who becomes the next #1 Contender for the IWT Undisputed Championship. This tournament starts from next week allllll the way to Night of Champions. You know what's in between Night of Champions? IWT Uprising and there could be chance that one of you may very well have a tournament match on that show, unless you guys are planning to lose in the first round.​
    So what I suggest to the both of you is focus on your tournament matches and if you both lose, which will probably be the case since you're both bitter hasbeens, I will let you guys hold each others hands in a tag match.​
    By the way, unlike you two guys, Nick just defeated 7 other people last night. What did you guys do? Oh lose and win a match against people that didn't show uo? You guys really have some balls to call out some of the people who actually compete at a high level in this business. How dare you​
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  13. Last I remember I beat your chosen WHc at the last uprising. Should automatically be #1 contender, but no, as usual I have to jump through hoops that these newbies never do.
  14. "You know, I have had it with your ignorant attitude. You want to talk about debuts, I'm the one who beat you, and many others to obtain my first championship, the United States championship easily, which I should also add you got eventually after a losing streak. Also, the people who didn't show, wasn't that one of YOUR people? Instead of connecting your lips to Nick's rear end, you should shut that mouth of yours and get out of here. You're a shell of your former self, and it's pathetic. You hand pick someone to fight against the woman who turned on you, and you still can't win. All you do is walk around with that cane and whine more then a two year old infant, and I assume it's because you're jealous. Jealous that you can't compete with me and Perfect, jealous that I can walk on my own two feet, jealous that we can actually win fights, and not moan about losses, jealous, that I'm better then you. You're a GM because you can't set foot in this ring unless it's to hit someone with a cane, and it must eat you alive knowing that you're only useful enough to book matches, which even Jonathan is better at then you." Farooq said as he dropped the microphone, looking onto the stage as the crowd is shocked.
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  15. *Senhor laughs*

    Kid, you just got GOT!
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    *Alias views the whole ordeal attentively backstage*
    Alias: It seems we are the subject of talk in the IWT, which is perfect haha. Rather negatively though, and that needs to change.
  17. Dat Kid looks pissed off as he holds the mic, unable to speak. He throws the mic to his side and takes off his jacket. He stampedes down the ramp only to stop halfway. He looks at both Senhor and Farooq, then smirks. He walks back up to the stage and picks up the mic.

    You almost got me there Farooq, but then I remembered something. The shell of my former self is still two times greater than the both of you put together, so you can keep coming at me with your petty insults, it doesn't change the fact that you two will never be IWT Undisputed Champion.

    Farooq, you never have and never will be a world champion. You've been here for as long as I have and you cant complain about not getting shots because you certainly have. You were in the 6 man match for the IWT title, you've faced Punk, & you've faced Parker a couple weeks ago to prove your worth....and you lost em all! You've been at the bottom of this business since day one, so don't try to blame all your problems on me, because the fact still remains that it is your OWN...DAMN...FAULT!

    You want to say I'm a shell of my former self? My former self was a former European, Tag, United States, & IWT Champion. This so called "shell" that I am, now is in charge of this company, but yet I'm "pathetic". #JobberLogic is now trending worldwide.

    Senhor, you think you should be #1 Contender and you know what, you're probably right. You should be #1 Contender, but I wanted to be fair this time and make sure every person that never gets a shot at the big title has that opportunity for once in their life because I understand what it's like to be at the bottom of the heap.

    So Senhor, if you really want to be that much of a greedy bastard you better be prepared to tell that to seven other competitors in this tournament, including the man that stands next to you right now. I want you to look at Farooq in the eye right now and I want you to say to his face right now that he does not deserve to be IWT Undisputed Champion.

    You want that #1 Contender's spot for the world title? I'll give it to you. Say Farooq is undeserving of holding the IWT Undisputed Championship to his face right now and I will give it to you right now!
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  18. You'd like that wouldn't you? Farooq is one of the only people left who has my respect. I don't want anything given to me by you. I'll once again earn my spot, like I always have. If Farooq and I have to take each other on in this tournament, we will. We're professionals, unlike you who plays favourites like a child with his toys. Nice try though, trying to get us to go after each other when it's everyone else who should be on watch. No more will we stand idly by and let you try to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. It's over Kid.
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  19. Dat Kid shakes his head and drops the mic.

    You fool.

    Kid walks back trough the curtain
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    *The lights go dim as gold candles begin to light up around the titantron's edges. The Cure's entrance video plays, but it accompanies Georgie Boy's solo theme. It looks as though Senhor and Farooq are going to get a response. The question is, is it the one that they're looking for?*

    "For a few seconds, this place was Armageddon ... THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT!"

    *The lights quickly turn on as Georgie Boy comes out onto the stage with The Cure following behind him. His facial expression is bitter and angry, he's very disapproving of what he's just seen. He calls for a microphone to be brought at the end of the ramp and for The Cure to stay at the top just in case trouble arises. Aids Johnson asks him if he's sure about going down alone, but Georgie Boy isn't listening. He's blind with rage. Aids manages to forces a high five out him and smiles as Georgie makes his way down the ramp snatching a microphone from a ringside assistant on the way. He quickly hops into the ring and begins to talk.*

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's get one thing straight here, boys. You are in no position to be making challenges to me, do you understand that? Do you? I'm the one with the momentum right now, I'm the guy who can't lose, I'm the guy who's being touted as the one to take your title ... *points to Senhor* ... and the one to drop you on your ass before you even get a sniff in the IWT title tournament. *points to Farooq*"

    *Georgie is now pacing back and forth frantically in the ring moving from Farooq to Senhor every few seconds. He's intense and ready to throw down at any moment, both Farooq and Senhor are mystified by his abnormal presence in the ring.*

    "Now, let's get this straight - you guys are angry too, right? Just like me? Yeah, I can see it on your faces, but you're not angry for the same reason that I am. I'm bitter and I'm angry and I'm pissed off because you guys and everyone else that surrounds you is trying to worm their way out of fair competition with me. All I ask to take you guys out one on one and now I see you're crying because you can't get me in a tag match with some partner I've never even heard. *points to Nick* You know why? Because you're scared and not only that, you're not man to face your fears because you're a pair of chicken shit b*tches."

    *Georgie continues to pace.*

    "I'm gonna wrap this up because the longer that I stay out here the more that I'll be persuaded into tag team matches or six man tag matches or battle royals or a vibrator on a pole matches. It's this simple - if anyone on this roster has a problem with The Cure, you have a problem with me. I'm more than happy to give either of you the chance to solve your problem against me, if you make it my while."

    *Georgie stops pacing around the ring, he stands still in the middle of Farooq, Nick and Senhor. He looks at Senhor.*

    "Hey, Senhor. How about the four of us go at it for that strap you're holding so tight right now?"

    *Georgie Boy looks up at Farooq, Nick and Senhor in the ring as he drops his microphone with a smile on his face. He looks down and scratches his head before quickly rising up and hocking a loogie each at all three of them. All three men run at Georgie, but he bails out of the ring and up the ramp to his compadres with a devious smiles on his face. He begins to shout into the camera while walking up the ramp.*


    *The Cure leave.*
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