Federation X - Show 1

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    Full Show:
    Marcus Anthony vs Nick
    Mr. Wonderful vs Justin Black
    Grimm vs Aiden Ryan
    Bruce Knight & The British Kid vs Ricky Bobby & Cal Naughton Jr.

    The arena is pitch black until the lights are raised and pyro bursts from the stage at an alarming rate. The camera then pans around the arena to fans with signs, a few that were caught are "FedX!", "It's Back!", "The Ref Sux". The camera then stops at the stage as the smoke from the fireworks drifts up and the camera cuts to the commentary table.

    Jay Smith & Max Flecther

    Jay Smith: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Federation X, I'm Jay Smith, beside me is not my regular broadcast partner, joining me is son of Federation X Promoter, Max Fletcher

    Max Fletcher: Thanks for the intro Jay, great to be here, big thanks to pops for the job, I'll make you proud. Tonight though Jay, some electricity is gonna fly tonight

    Jay: That it is Max, Tonight everyone is on watch, one man can be champion tonight, everyone has the opportunity to prove their worth as a champion, but only one man will be awarded the Federation X Title

    Max: Someone has that opportunity, gotta be on tonight and we kick it off Jay with some singles action

    [​IMG] Vs Marcus Anthony

    Nick emerges from the curtain wearing an unzipped black jacket and black short tights falling just before the knee with black wrestling boots. Nick walks down to the ring edgy and uncomfortable around the fans, he stands at the foot of the ramp looking up at the empty ring and slides in slowly.

    Jay: Nick, a man I have had the pleasure of seeing compete, displaying a rather different side than I am used to, a little more deranged, a little more angry

    Max: He's weird man, this guy seriously creeps me out, he needs to take a chill pill

    Jay: Nick from the tapes I have seen as well as his live matches, he's a high flyer, he likes to show-off his in-ring ability and I have a feeling, despite the new character, those traits will remain and may even earn this young man a title tonight

    Max: He could be champion Jay

    Nick stands up as he then runs and jumps at the ring ropes, turning around in mid-air grabbing onto the bottom ropes and bounces off them to wait for his opponent.

    Marcus Anthony walks out to the stage eyes on the floor wearing a navy blue sleeveless hoody, red trunks on with black knee pads and boots and red wrist tape on as he walks down to the ring slowly, focused on the match. He reaches the ring and pulls off his hoody, and tosses it behind him and lets out a primal scream. Stamping up the steel steps and into the ring.
    Jay: This man right here Marcus Anthony, standing at 6"4, ripped and jacked, weighing in at 265lbs of pure muscle Max
    Max: The dude is pumped! He's hitting those weights and drinking those shakes
    Jay: Marcus Anthony facing Nick, both independent stars, Nick who at this broadcast currently holds Pro Wrestling Grand Prix's Jr Heavyweight Championship under the ring name Edward Pearson
    Max: Pearson? Sounds like the pear villain for a kid's video game, glad he is competing under the ring name Nick.

    Marcus Anthony steps towards the center of the ring, Punches the mat to let off pyros from all four corners and Marcus looks out on the fans as he waits

    Jay Smith: Marcus all business tonight, power is his game.
    Max: All power, the guy is built like a brick wall, I'm just glad Dad didn't put me in the ring with that guy

    The referee calls for the bell. The two circle the ring and lock-up, Marcus easily switching into a side headlock and Nick backs Marcus to the ropes where he uses the ropes to push Marcus off and towards the ring ropes, he rebounds and connects with a shoulder block to Nick. Marcus runs at the ring ropes again, rebounds and leaps over Nick as he runs to the opposite ropes, Nick springs to his feet as Marcus rebounds and leap frogs over Marcus, Marcus stops and turns around to easily whip Nick to the ropes he was heading to, Nick rebounds and Marcus picks up Nick into a powerbomb clutch and plants him to the mat with a powerbomb.

    Big Crowd Pop For Anthony as fans begin to flash "Marcus Smash", "OMG" Signs for the spot
    Jay: Big Powerbomb from Marcus, lifting Nick who ladies and gentlemen weighs around 220-221lbs, that is some power he has

    Max: Shocking gains that guy has Jay, Such power

    Marcus drags Nick up by his head and shoulder pushes him to the ring ropes and whips him to the opposite ropes, Nick rebounds and Marcus drops Nick to the mat with a big shoulder block as he lands on his knees and lets out a Primal Scream

    Jay: and MARCUS!..With another shoulder block, dropping Nick to the mat and listen to that aggression
    Max: That boy is
    Marcus drags Nick over to the ring ropes, he then pulls him up and lifts him into a Military Press hold and drops Nick onto the ring ropes gut first and Nick falls back as Marcus Anthony is cheered by fans.

    Jay: Marcus Anthony showing his strength in this match because the boss in the back is taking notes, and Anthony is showing what type of champion he would be
    Max: Pop is looking and searching, could be Marcus

    Marcus drags Nick up in the ring corner, and whips him towards the opposite corner, Nick hangs onto Marcus's arm and pulls him towards him, using the momentum, scoops Marcus up and turns him around to plant him on his shoulders and back as he sits-out with a Michinoku Driver

    Crowd Pop mildly at the reversal, with a fan flaunting a sign "I should be Champion"
    Jay: Nice Driver by Nick, Nice Counter, he dropped the big man down, Nick back to his feet off the ring ropes, going for a swinging neckbreaker, no, Marcus escapes and has Nick in a face-lock
    Max: Up he goes and down for a Suplex Jay

    Marcus reaches over and covers Nick: 1.....2. Nick gets a shoulder up. Marcus gets to his feet and stalks Nick as he gets up, he goes to lift Nick up into a military press, but Nick escapes behind Marcus and turns him around to deliver a dropkick, he beats Marcus to his feet and follows up with another dropkick which drops Marcus to the mat.

    Jay: Nick now picking up some offense, whips Marcus into the ropes and BIG BACK BODY DROP!
    Max: Oh-oh-oh! He just DROPPED Him!

    Nick stalks Marcus as he gets to his feet and connects with a bulldog, earning a small pop, Nick turns Marcus onto his back and hooks the leg, 1....2... and Marcus kicks out

    Crowd Pop
    Jay: Marcus gets his shoulder up, right before the 3
    Max: So close, almost got 3

    Marcus gets up after Nick and Nick backs Marcus into the ring ropes, and whips Marcus who reverses the whip and sends Nick into the ring ropes, Nick springs off the ring ropes, backflipping just over Marcus who ran at Nick and applies a dragon sleeper to Marcus

    Crowd Pop at the aerial maneuver
    Jay: Now this is what I am used to seeing with Nick, the high flying style and he has put away competitors with this, will he put away Marcus
    Max: He could put him to sleep!

    Marcus resists Nick's attempts as he tries to fall back, walking back and forcing Nick into the corner, Nick steps onto the middle rope as Marcus backs up further to retain the hold, however Marcus grabs the outside leg and inner shoulder of Nick and tosses him off the ring ropes, Nick lands on his back.

    Jay: Marcus tossing Nick like a rag doll over his head and to the mat

    Max: Nick flew like he was a raggedy ann doll

    Marcus waits for Nick to the reach his feet and Marcus whips him into the ring ropes, Nick rebounds and Marcus ducks a clothesline, applying a front waist lock, lifting Nick up over his head and plants him back first on the mat with a Northern Lights Suplex

    Crowd Pop
    Jay: Big SUPLEX from Anthony, 1....2 and NO! Nick, showcasing his own strength, somehow pushes Marcus up in an inverted front waist-lock

    Max: Nick's lifting him Jay!

    Nick turns Marcus and himself around to face one another and holds him in a standing headscissors, however Marcus grabs Nick's thighs, lifts him up and over and falls back to slam Nick to the mat and fall on top of him, Marcus then rolls off him and gets to a knee in the corner, stalking Nick

    Crowd Pop

    Jay: I think Marcus senses the end here, listen to that scream
    Max: He's Loud Jay

    Marcus runs at Nick as he gets to his feet and Nick leapfrogs over Marcus's spear attempt, and quickly Nick hits a schoolboy roll-up on Marcus. The referee counts 1....2.....Marcus powers out.

    Crowd Pop at the kick out
    Jay: Marcus Anthony kicks out! I thought Nick had it there
    Max: Nick didn't get the pin there Jay!

    Nick himself lets out a primal scream, as he tackles Marcus and unloads a series of punches, Marcus covers his head as Nick continues to unload on punches, The referee tells Nick to stop and pulls Nick off Marcus, Nick then argues with the referee, while a man slips in from the crowd, avoiding security dressed in black combat pants, black belt with suspenders, combat boots and black wrist tape, Marcus spots him and delivers a clothesline to him as soon as he gets into the ring, knocking him outside. The referee moves past Nick to tell the man to leave the ring, allowing Nick a blind spot to hit a low-blow kick to Marcus and Marcus crawls to the corner, sitting down as he holds his groin

    Crowd Boo Nick heavily
    Jay: Marcus Anthony just got attacked, illegally kicked below the belt
    Max: He took it in the balls Jay, that's gonna H-u-r-t, Hurt.

    Nick runs at Marcus and connects with a running knee to Marcus, who's eyes roll to the back of his head, Nick then pulls Marcus out of the corner and away from the ropes and covers, the referee counts.

    Jay: Nick with a nasty knee to Marcus after the low blow, does he have it here?...2 and 3!, He steals it

    Max: Nick wins the match

    Nick gets out of the ring as he is joined by the man who distracted Marcus, who puts his arm around Nick as they go up the ramp
    Jay: Nick pulling out a win here, but does that prove he is going to be champion? Needing help?

    Max: That's up to Pop.

    Marcus gets to his feet shunting the referee away as he tries to help him as he stares at Nick and the man with him as they disappear behind the curtain. Marcus rolls out and heads up the stage angry and frustrated.

    Jay: I'm just getting word that Justin Black, the man who is going to compete later tonight is in fact the man who aided Nick tonight.

    Max: An Alliance Jay, that's rad
    Jay: Justin Black aids Nick in winning tonight, he provided a distraction which Nick did not waste and helped him win tonight

    Max: He took advantage of it,


    We open to a misty dark room, filled with smoke that clouds the camera. Within the dorm of cloud, Eduardo is sitting, his eyes red from his recent hit, nails bitten to the end. Eduardo sits there in his black skin tight top, sleeves ripped off to showcase his arms tattooed entirely, black jeans and large black boots with spiked ankles. In his other hand is a lit cigarette from which he takes a long drag, letting the smoke dwell within him and he opens his mouth slowly, letting the smoke escape him before he blows the excess out with one simple exhale.

    Eduardo: So....Federation...X! You deny me the debut event spot, that's just fine with me

    Eduardo finishes his sentence as he gets close up to the camera, eyes wide showcasing the full redness they have become before he cackles and takes another drag of his cigarette.

    Eduardo: I'm going to be the 1st ever real champion, Fed X can crown a paper champion on their first show as they struggle to compete in the ratings, I'll just remain in my sanctuary, I'll dwell here and emerge as the Contender for the title. Screw Marcus Anthony or Mr. Wonderful, what you are looking at is a man who cannot be destroyed by the evils of this world, no amount of hash, booze or tobacco can defeat me, I'm immune to them, unlike every other man, I face the evils and I won, but wrestling, there is only one evil, the pain...the pain caused and inflicted by pathetic ring monkeys, pain I too have conquered. You see I have grown to like the pain, I have grown to want pain, so when I step in that ring and I tell whatever polished shit they have carrying around the belt I'm his opponent, He will see, oh he will see that The Dark Prince of Pain is fearless, but above all else, he enjoys the pain. I enjoy being hit, being kicked but I enjoy hurting people a lot more, so whoever you are, whoever has my title, prepare to bow down to your Prince and enter the despair.
    Eduardo cackles as the camera fades from Eduardo to the arena

    Jay: That was....what was that?

    Max: Cannot describe it Jay
    Jay: Eduardo wants to face the champion, but we are still to crown a champion and up next we have another singles match, two superstars get to prove their worth tonight,

    Max: Pop's got a lot to choose from.
    Mr. Wonderful vs Justin Black

    Mr. Wonderful walks out to the ring wearing airbrushed dark green tights, black elbow and knee pads and black wrestling boots. He does a small hip twirl, and walks down to the ring and gets in.

    Jay: Mr. Wonderful, from Hollywood, Florida, stands at 6 foot 6, this man takes on Justin Black, the man we saw earlier tonight cost Marcus Anthony a win.
    Max: Wonder if he'll be in any movies
    Jay: Mr. Wonderful, who wants to be Federation X Champion, standing at 6'6", he has the look
    Max: I just wonder what's so wonderful about him

    He gets into the ring and waits for his opponent
    Jay: We still have our big tag team Main Event, US vs UK, all 4 men wanting to be Federation X Champion
    Max: 4 Men, 1 Title. Whose it gonna be?

    The camera pans around to see Justin Black at the top of the stairwell walking down wearing a black tattered cloth, black combat pants and boots with a large black thick belt and two black suspenders going over his shoulders and black wrist tape, he is accompanied by Nick who walks behind him wearing the black leather shirt he was wearing earlier during his entrance and black short tights up to his knee with black boots. They make their way down the stairwell and hop the barricade, Nick stands ringside as Justin gets into the ring.

    Jay: Justin Black, the man from Detroit, the man who aided Nick in winning his match-up against Marcus Anthony.
    Max: He got Nick the win
    Jay: Justin Black now has to face, Mr. Wonderful, can Justin Black prove he should be Federation X Champion?
    Max: That title needs a holder

    Justin pulls off the cloth he was wearing and tosses it ring-side, and locks eyes with Mr. Wonderful

    Jay: Justin Black locks eyes with his opponent, both men want to be Federation X Champion, will these men show the boss who deserves to be Federation X Champion?
    Max: Could they be champion Jay, that is the question

    The referee calls for the bell. Justin Black and Mr. Wonderful lock up and Black delivers a knee to the gut, he then runs at the ring ropes, rebounds and attempts a shoulder block, but doesn't knock Mr. Wonderful off his feet, Mr. Wonderful lifts his both hands up signalling for a test of strength and Black obliges, Mr. Wonderful overpowers Justin, dropping him to one knee, he then tucks his head under Mr. Wonderful's arm pit and uses the lock to connect with a suplex to Mr. Wonderful

    Jay: Nice counter by Justin Black, taking the larger man off his feet
    Max: That's Rad

    Justin grabs Mr. Wonderful's arm as he begins to get to his feet and wraps it across his chest, standing at his side, he falls back and plants Mr. Wonderfull on the mat with a single arm naked choke russian leg sweep. Justin Black slowly gets up as Mr. Wonderful holds his head on the mat, Justin heads to the top rope and awaits Mr. Wonderful to get to his feet, as the crowd cheer the upcoming aerial move, Justin leaps off and hits a diving shoulder block to Mr. Wonderful dropping him to the mat

    Jay: And this time, this time, Justin Black takes Mr. Wonderful off his feet
    Max: Too much man came at him

    Justin applies a front face-lock to Mr. Wonderful as he gets to his feet, flips his outside arm over and hits a snap suplex to Wonderful, who gets to his feet holding his back and turns into a dropkick from Justin Black, which knocks him between the upper and middle ring rope and to the outside.

    Jay: Justin Black has been all over Mr. Wonderful and now has the man on the outside, off the ring ropes and SUICIDE DIVE TO MR WONDERFUL! knocking Wonderful into the guard rail, Justin Black impressing everyone here
    Max: Ka Bam! Some superhero shit going on there

    As ring side applaud Justin's move, he makes his way to his feet dragging Mr. Wonderful up and connects with a ram into the ring post, pushing Mr. Wonderful back first into the ring ropes. and then rolls him into the ring and slides in.

    Jay: Justin Black with the cover here, can he put away Mr. Wonde...No, only a 2 count
    Max: The referee hit that mat twice Jay, only 2

    Mr Wonderful gets up as does Justin Black, who bounces off the ring ropes and is then floored as Mr Wonderful hits Justin with a running shoulder block to the knee. Mr. Wonderful picks up Justin Black in a side-headlock and connects with a knee lift. Mr. Wonderful then does a hip twirl in the ring, flaunting his body to the fans.

    Jay: And Mr. Wonderful, taking the time to show off how Wonderful he is
    Max: I guess that's why they call him Mr. Wonderful Jay

    Mr Wonderful drags Justin up and grabs his leg in a dragon screw clutch, however Justin connects with a leaping enziguri to the back of Mr. Wonderful's head. He drags Mr. Wonderul up, pushing him back against the ring ropes and goes for a whip to the opposite ropes, Mr. Wonderful reverses, sending Justin to the ropes, he rebounds and ducks a clothesline, rebounds again and hits a flying spinning back elbow to Mr. Wonderful earning a pop from the crowd

    Jay: Justin Black comes back with some quick paced offense now, looking to end this match perhaps?
    Max: He's getting faster Jay

    Mr. Wonderful gets up groggy, Justin ducks a clothesline, awaits for Mr. Wonderul to turn around and connects with a jumping cutter to Mr. Wonderful, he quickly covers and the referee counts.

    Jay: Justin Black tries to put away Mr. Wonderful here, can he do it? and no! Only a 2 count
    Max: Almost got the win there Jay

    Justin Black gets to his feet and rebounds off the ring ropes, dropping Mr. Wonderful with a clothesline and covers, the referee counts: 1....2....Mr. Wonderful gets a shoulder up. Both men get to their feet and Wonderful whips Justin into the ropes, he rebounds and Mr. Wonderful lifts Justin Black up vertically and plants him to the mat with a sitout spinebuster. Wonderful then lies back and catches his breath

    Jay: Mr. Wonderful with a spinebuster out of nowhere, drops Justin Black to the mat with authority
    Max: Like a Bomb Jay!

    Wonderful gets to his feet and whips Justin off the ring ropes again, Justin rebounds and Mr. Wonderful hits a back body drop to Justin, he drags him up again in a front face-lock, hooks the leg and connects with a fisherman suplex, the referee counts.

    Jay: 1....2....No, Justin Black able to get a shoulder up in this match.
    Max: What, he kicks out?

    Mr Wonderful gets up and stalks Justin Black, Mr. Wonderful goes for a clothesline, however Justin Black pulls Mr. Wonderful down into a crossface, locking his hands under the nose and Mr. Wonderful taps out within 4 seconds of the hold being applied, the referee calls for the bell.

    Justin Black gets to his feet and Nick slides in as he raises his hand up for him, pushing the referee aside. Justin Black then mounts the turnbuckle but shortly dismounts and he and Nick slide out as the crowd pop for Marcus Anthony who slides in the ring and tries to get his hands on Nick and Justin who exit over the barricade and leave. Marcus still frustrated, turns to Mr. Wonderful, lifting him up into a fireman carry and throws his legs off, as he swings, Marcus falls and plants Mr. Wonderful head first into the mat, earning another crowd pop
    Jay: Marcus Anthony, angry, annoyed Justin Black for costing him his victory tonight and I think he was sending a message, using Mr. Wonderful to say, Justin Black, that could be you
    Max: He's mad Jay, Black got his ass out there, props to you bro


    We cut backstage to Bruce Knight who is carrying a UK Flag with him as he walks down the hall, fans boos can be heard loudly as Bruce walks down the hall and turns the corner to another cameraman tracking him as he walks towards the camera and passes him
    Jay: Bruce Knight, who teams with The British Kid tonight in our tag team Main Event
    Max: 4 men in two teams Jay
    Jay: That's what Tag...Bruce Knight, British Kid going against the team of Cal Naughton Jr and Ricky Bobby, being branded as Team USA.
    Max: All looking to impress Pop, who's going to do it?

    Aiden Ryan vs Grimm

    Grimm comes out to the stage dressed in a dark black vest with a skull and crossbones design on the back, a skull mask, black pants with chains hanging down the sides and black boots. He walks down to the ring in a serious manner, pulling himself up to the apron and enters the ring,

    Jay: And here comes Grimm, a man who does what he wants, when he wants or for the right price, can we see Grimm, standing at 6'6", could this man be our Federation X Champion?
    Max: He's a scary looking brochacho Jay that's for sure
    Jay: Grimm is set to take on Aiden Ryan, before our big tag team match, the big man from parts unknown
    Max: No hometown Jay, mysterious
    He gets into the ring and waits for his opponent

    Aiden Ryan emerges from the curtain wearing black and white stripped trunks with black wrestling boots as he runs down to the ring and slides in.

    Jay: Aiden Ryan, the Wrestler from Down Under, set to take on Grimm in one on one action and looks to impress the boss tonight standing at 5'9", this will be a test for the young man from Australia
    Max: He's a lot shorter than Grimm Jay
    Jay: That he is, a considerable difference in height and weight, Grimm weighed in this morning at 260lbs, Aiden at 170lbs, almost 100lbs in difference
    Max: That's a lot jerky

    He stands up and bops his head to his own theme music, staring down his opponent

    Jay: A win with the odds stacked against him will put him in the champions circle, almost definitely
    Max: Bet you would get great odds for this guy to win.

    The referee calls for the bell and the pair lock up, however Grimm pushes Aiden back and his hits the turnbuckle, he runs back at Grimm, locking up in a collar and elbow tie-up, and Grimm easily pushes Aiden to the floor. Aiden gets to his feet and is then whipped by Grimm at the ropes, he rebounds and Aiden attempts a shoulder block, but hurts his own shoulder in the process.

    Jay: And the weight difference certainly on display from the get go of this match as Aiden fails with the shoulder block
    Max: They banged shoulders and Aiden lost Jay.

    Grimm wrenches the arm of the shoulder he had previously collided with and then pulls Aiden towards him to shunt shoulders again, he then pulls Aiden back and shunts shoulders again, this time dropping Aiden to the mat who rolls back onto his knees.

    Jay: Grimm showing dominance her against Aiden Ryan, the 6'6" Man easily squashes the down under sensation that is Aiden Ryan
    Max: He hasn't had a time to shine Jay

    Aiden pulls himself up in the corner and connects with a boot to the knee, which drops Grimm to his knee, Aiden then hits a side-headlock takeover on Grimm and the referee counts 1, before Grimm raises a shoulder off the mat. Aiden wrenches the hold, as the referee asks Grimm if he wants to tap out, he doesn't respond but instead stands up, and pushes Aiden at the ropes, Aiden rebounds and Grimm goes for a hip toss, Aiden reverses as he leaps out and lands at Grimm's side, and connects with a gut kick to Grimm, applies a front face-lock and connects with a DDT to Grimm

    Jay: Big DDT TO Grimm
    Max: He just got dropped on his head

    As ring side applaud Justin's move, he makes his way to his feet dragging Mr. Wonderful up and connects with a ram into the ring post, pushing Mr. Wonderful back first into the ring ropes. and then rolls him into the ring and slides in

    Jay: Nicely done by Aiden Ryan, who drops Grimm down to the mat and covers, but a quick kickout by Grimm, Aiden Ryan though staying on Grimm, keeping him down.
    Max: He's not letting him up Jay

    Aiden retains a front face-lock on Grimm as they both get to their feet, Grimm connects with a punch to the mid-section, breaking the lock and then backs Aiden to the corner with two knife edge chops, in the corner he connects with a knee to Aiden's ribs and then another two knife edge chops, he whips Aiden towards the opposite corner, Aiden runs at the corner, pushes off and leaps over Grimm who went for a running shoulder thrust and hits the top turnbuckle, he turns around to Aiden, who has backed up and runs to Grimm, connecting with a knee lift to the face in the corner, he throws Grimm down to the mat as he stands on the middle rope, the crowd begin to get out of their seats as Aiden stands up on the top rope

    Jay: What is Aiden Ryan going for here? Grimm is back up and...Missile Dropkick to Grimm, taking the big man of his feet

    Max: Oh! He came in like a missile Jay

    Aiden stands up and raises both arms up, fists clenched as the fans cheer his aerial move, he drags Grimm up by his hair, however Grimm places his head under Aiden's chin and pulls down to hit a jawbreaker to Aiden, both men get back to their feet and Grimm knocks Aiden to the mat with a clothesline

    Jay: Now that is a clothesline

    Max: Aiden Ryan just got nailed Jay!
    Grimm pulls Aiden up and lifts him up into an inverted oklahoma clutch, he steps forward dropping to a knee and drives Aiden's left shoulder into the knee and Aiden rolls off onto the mat clutching his shoulder

    Jay: Did you see that move! Grimm showcasing what he can bring to the table if he is Federation X Champion
    Max: Shoulder Breaker, Ouch

    Grimm drags Aiden up and whips him into the corner, Grimm walks over and twists Aiden's arm as he pulls him out of the corner, applying a hammerlock to Aiden and pushes him in, left shoulder first, Aiden drops to a knee holding the shoulder and Grimm connects with a boot to the back of the left shoulder, knocking Aiden down. Aiden gets to both knees and connects with a punch to Grimm who returns with a headbutt, he then underhooks both legs as Aiden grabs the bottom rope and falls back, connecting with a rope guillotine to Aiden.

    Jay: Oh! Aiden Ryan flung into the bottom rope neck first, compressing the windpipe
    Max: I've seen the Karate Kid Jay, can't breath, can't fight

    Grimm whips Aiden into the ropes, Aiden rebounds and Grimm goes for a spinebuster however Aiden reverses into a DDT.

    Jay: What a reversal! Aiden Ryan now has the opening!

    Max: He created it, can he conquer it?

    Jay: What a reversal! Aiden Ryan now has the opening!
    Max: He created it, can he conquer it

    Aiden gets to his feet, again raising his arm up to the fans as Grimm gets to his feet on the ropes, checking his mouth for blood and runs at Aiden, connecting with a running big boot which turns Aiden inside out, Grimm covers, and the referee counts. 1....2.....3!

    Grimm gets to his feet as the referee raises his arm, he then walks over to Aiden, standing over his body and makes a gun with his hand and pretends to snipe Aiden before walking out of the ring.
    Jay: Grimm defeats Aiden Ryan with a nasty, nasty big boot
    Max: They be some Big ass boots Jay


    We cut backstage to Cal Naughton JR who walks up to Ricky Bobby
    Cal: Ricky, hey Ricky, I got the entrance all set up man, we are gonna show those two why 'Merica is the land of opportunity and asskickings

    Ricky puts his arm around Cal

    Ricky: Oh, you know it
    The pair then walk off towards the ring

    Jay: Cal and Ricky seem ready for our Tag Team Match which is next!
    [​IMG] & The British Kid Vs [​IMG][​IMG]

    As soon as the theme hits, the fans in the arena fill the arena with boos as Bruce Knight walks out dressed in long green tights with a red dragon on them similar to that of the Welsh Flag, he is joined by the British Kid who is dressed in a Union Jack Mask, knee pads and black tights and boots also carrying a union jack flag. The British Kid raises the flag up to the fans who boo louder and then walk down to the ring. Bruce enters first and grabs the flag from The British Kid and holds it up to the fans as he heads to mount a turnbuckle as the British Kid slides in and mounts another turnbuckle.

    Jay: The British Kid and Bruce Knight, Knight I know very well and I will be calling an upcoming match of his this Friday displaying a new character to me, very patriotic, much to the dismay of the fans tonight
    Max: They have pretty big soccer balls to come out here and do that, or as they say, football
    Jay: Bruce now resides in Liverpool, England, originally born in Wales, this man who is also an AMW US Champion, and recently defended it successfully, looking to do the same here tonight as he teams with The British Kid, from Essex England, an extremist, a dynamic duo
    Max: A dynamic team of two

    The lights dim, as red and blue lights flash through the arena earning a big pop from the crowd, Cal Naughton JR drives out with Ricky Bobby in his #47 Old Spice Race Car wearing black shades and his old spice race car jumpsuit. Ricky Bobby is dressed in his wonderbread jumpsuit. Cal pulls the car up to the stage and the two exit as a stage hand reverses it out of the arena. Bobby spreads his arms with a smirk on his face as the crowd cheer the pair on as they walk to the ring and enter up the stairs and through the rings

    Jay: And here come Cal Naughton JR and Ricky Bobby, Nascar racers turned pro wrestlers, and the crowd heavily behind their American Stars

    Max: USA! USA! USA!

    Jay: Both men from Austin Texas, Bobby this morning weighing in at 210lbs, as the duo set for tag team action

    Ricky mounts the turnbuckle while Cal stands on the ring apron and hands his sunglasses to ring staff as the match gets set to begin with the Essex kid starting and Bruce on the apron

    The referee calls for the bell Bobby and The British Kid lock up, both pushing, back and forth and the British Kid manages to back Ricky into the corner until the referee forces the break, Ricky spreads his arms as he taunts the British Kid and they go to lock up again, this time Ricky hits The British Kid with a gut kick, and follows up with a club to the back, he then applies and arm wrench to the British Kid who completes a forward roll to reverse the wrench and twists the arm of Bobby, he then drops to his knees and connects with a fireman carry takeover to Ricky Bobby and immediately applies an armbar to Ricky Bobby

    Jay: Nice take down there by The British Kid, quick and agile, takes the larger man Ricky Bobby down to the mat and immediately applied that armbar to retain control

    Max: He's pretty smart Jay, especially with that mask

    Ricky Bobby makes his way to his feet in the armbar, and the British Kid releases the hold to whip Bobby, who reverses the whip, sending The British Kid into the ropes, but pulls him back to connect with a knee to the gut, Bobby connects with another and then locks in an Abdominal Stretch on The British Kid

    Jay: Ricky Bobby now has the British Kid in an Abdominal Stretch and look at that, with his free hand he grabs the right leg of The British Kid, adding to the stretch

    Max: He's stretching him like a pretzel

    The British Kid manages to hit Ricky with a thumb to the eye and Ricky staggers away after releasing the hold, The British Kid then turns around and hits a bulldog to Ricky Bobby and gets to his feet. slapping his chest at the fans as a USA chant breaks out, and turns his attention back to Ricky Bobby, he whips Bobby into the ring ropes, Bobby rebounds and connects with a running knee lift to the face which sends some spit flying out of Ricky's mouth on the impact as he collapses to the ring

    Jay: Nice high shinning wizard by the British Kid, some quick offense by this man

    Max: He's like the english version of Speedy Gonzalez Jay

    The British Kid tags in Bruce Knight who gets into the ring and drags Ricky up, who swipes away both arms of Bruce and hits a punch which knocks Bruce back into the corner, Ricky follows up with 2 more right hands in the corner, Bruce however ducks the 3rd attempt and connects with 4 right hands to Ricky and as Ricky staggers towards him, he scoops him up and body slams him to the mat.Bruce then follows up with an elbow drop to Ricky Bobby

    Jay: Elbow drop from Bruce, Knight, he has the cover, 1...2 and quick kick out at 2 by Ricky Bobby

    Max: He did not win it there

    Bruce backs into the corner and pulls himself up to the second rope and leaps off for a crossbody, Ricky however catches Bruce, lifts him onto his left shoulder and drops forward, connecting with an Oklahoma slam to Bruce Knight and Ricky Bobby lies on the mat catching his breath before he rolls over and covers

    Massive Crowd Pop

    Jay: Unbelievable power by Ricky Bobby, 1...2 and no, only a 2 count

    Max: He was 1 away from three Jay

    Ricky crawls towards his corner to make a tag as does Bruce who reaches the British Kid, tagging him in and The British Kid connects with a stomp to the back and pulls Ricky up and away from Cal, he whips Ricky into the ropes, Ricky reverses, sending The British Kid who rebounds and avoids a hip toss and goes for his own, Ricky blocks and reaches across The British Kid's chest to reach his shoulder and falls back to connect with an inverted STO

    Crowd Pop

    Jay: And Ricky with a nice reversal to The British Kid, has he done enough to create some space here?

    Max: His opponent is down, I repeat he is down

    Ricky Bobby makes a tag to Cal who gets into the ring to a nice pop from the fans. Cal connects with a right forearm to the face of the British Kid and then follows up with an elbow to the back of the head which drops the British Kid to the mat, Cal drags The British Kid up in the corner and connects with two measured knee strikes to the mid-section and then two back elbows to The British Kid in the corner. Cal then whips the British Kid into the opposite corner, and follows him and hits a clothesline to The British Kid in the opposite corner

    Jay: Cal using all of his weight to punish the British Kid as he hits that big clothesline, taking the time to admire the fans outside as they cheer him on

    Max: Yeah, they're pretty loud for cal

    Cal then whips The British Kid back to the corner, and this time the British Kid gets a boot up to the face to reverse, the British Kid then connects with a flying wheel kick to Cal which knocks him down, he covers and the referee counts: 1.....2....No! Cal gets a shoulder up. Cal then makes a tag to Bruce who gets in and Cal blocks a punch from Bruce and delivers a gut kick followed by a right hand of his own. Bruce blocks then next right hand and connects with three punches to the temple, Cal swings and Bruce ducks as he connects with 2 more punches, Cal swings his other hand and Bruce ducks again, connecting with two more punches which drop Cal to the mat.

    Jay: Turning into a possible boxing match with those right hands there by Bruce Knight

    Max: Pow, Pow, Pow

    Bruce drags Cal up by his arm and whips him into the ropes, he rebounds and Bruce Knight hits a monkey flip to Cal and covers

    Jay: Vintage Bruce Knight, a monkey flip, and Cal lands hard on his back, cover here, 1....2... and no, only a 2 count for Bruce Knight

    Max: 1 and 1 makes 2 Jay

    Bruce Knight goes for a clothesline, Cal ducks and Bruce rebounds off the ropes but is knocked over by a big boot from Cal who's foot hangs on the rope as he stares out to the floor where Bruce Knight is and raises his arms up for a cheer from the crowd. Ricky gets off the apron and puts Bruce back in as he yells out "Get back in there" earning his own pop from ring side crowd, Cal covers Bruce

    Jay: Team work there by Cal and Ricky, will the boot be enough. 1...2 and no, Bruce pops the shoulder up

    Max: Poppin', lockin' Jay

    Cal drags Bruce up his arm and pulls Bruce towards himself and connects with a clothesline. The British Kid gets into the ring as Cal makes a tag, causing the referee to miss the tag, The British Kid gets back on the ropes and the referee stops Ricky getting in as Bruce gets to his feet and The British Kid get in and the pair connect with a double back suplex to Cal, The british kid rolls out as the crowd boo the pair and Ricky continues to protest the tag

    Jay: British Kid well timed entrance, didn't see the tag and the two strike on the blind eye of the referee, double back suplex to Cal Naughton

    Max: Bam, Bam, double Bam

    Bruce drags Cal up and delivers a gut kick, he then hits a fujiwara armbar to Cal and Ricky gets in before it can be locked in to break it up, Ricky pulls Bruce up on the ropes and connects with a knife edge chop but is then taken out by a running dropkick to the head by The British Kid, who then runs at the ring ropes and connects with a suicide dive to Ricky Bobby on the outside. Bruce gets to his feet clutching his chest as Cal gets up and connects with a gut kick to Bruce, he reaches across Bruce's chest and attempts a sitout sideslam, Bruce however elbows and connects with a gut kick to Cal, places him in a standing headscissors and leaps over, clutching Cal's waist as he pulls him over for a sunset flip piledriver to Cal and covers

    Jay: Welsh Destroyer by Bruce Knight, amazing move, does he have it and...yes he does, Bruce Knight wins it here

    Max: Big win for Bruce

    Bruce Knight stands in the ring as he raises his arms up in victory, the British Kid enters the ring, holding his arms in victory and climbs the turnbuckle to raise one arm up as he clutches his ribs with the other

    Jay: So who will be Federation X Champion? Bruce Knight who wins the big tag team match


    The camera on the titantron cuts to the GM office where Tommy Fletcher sits on a leather chair with the Federation X Championship on his lap and leaning against his waist.

    Max: That's Pop

    Jay: Federation X Acting General Manager, Tommy Fletcher with the Federation X Heavyweight Championship

    Tommy Fletcher: Bruce Knight, I'd like to first extend my congratulations to you on a job well done, you showed be you have a heart of a champion, but tonight, I found..

    Tommy holds up two fingers to the audience

    Tommy Fletcher: Two superstars who impressed me, and one of those superstars Bruce unfortunately didn't get to show his full potential due to a little altercation, so Bruce Knight, next week, I'm going to see you (points at camera) in the ring, going one on one with the beast as I call him, Marcus Anthony

    The crowd Pop at the announcement of Marcus Anthony

    Tommy Fletcher: Next time on Fed X Bruce, you and Marcus will go one on one while this championship is...suspended high above the ring, Bruce it will be a ladder match

    The crowd Pop louder at the ladder match announcement.

    Max: Ladder Match Oh! Yeah Poppin!

    Jay: Huge Match, Marcus Anthony meets Bruce Knight in the ring next week for the Federation X Title

    The Titantron closes as The British Kid brings in the UK flag and Bruce Knight's music resumes and the crowd boo Bruce and the British Kid

    Jay: So next week, Bruce Knight meets Marcus Anthony for the Federation X Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match, I don't know who that favors, the high-flyer Bruce Knight or the powerhouse Marcus Anthony

    Max: Major Match Pops!.

    Jay: For the first time tonight Max, that statement rings true, major match made and we will see you all for it next time on Federation X!
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  2. Read this before you posted it here in the history section, but as I can respond here:

    Nice opening match, twist was cool, makes Marcus look monster-ish. Tag Team Match for me was MOTN, and now we have to wait for the title match? Uncool