Federation X - Show 2 Preview Card

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  2. Nick & Justin to win the Tag Match,
    Going down Lucas Hacksaw
    Aiden to win
    Bruce to win
  3. Not even on the card? C'mon man i was the first to sign up. Can you please add me in a match?
  4. Done
  5. Between Wonderful and Atom, gonna go with Atom to win as my prediction
  6. Ricky and Cal to win
    Jwab to win
    Eduardo to win
    Plasma Snake
    Bruce is gonna be the Fed X Champion.
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    one show,i am winning the Main Event next show.....nowhere at all,it's like the story of my life.....anyways
    Ricky and Cal to win
    Mr Wonderful to win
    Edwardo to win
    Plasma to win
    and my fellow Brit to become Champion!
  8. The singles match was a typo.
  9. i had a feeling it was that.....
  10. Marcus Anthony will have his first title run
  11. Then Fed X will lose fans as your run will be worse then Gohan's IWT Title run.
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  12. In the words of the fabled Gohan....* clears throat*. OH HELL NO!
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  13. I don't really mind this, me and Manik are working on a cross over show with ICW and Fed-X. Hopefully it can happen within the next month.
  14. @Manik , When will the show be up?