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  1. anyone remeber Federation X and HCW from WWEF original?
  2. You were on WWEF original?
  3. Yes what about it?
  4. Nah, i was just wondering about if anybody remembered it.
  5. I was in Fed-x FNW and FSW. They were fun as hell.
  6. You weren't even here at the start?
  7. it was just for fun bro, "chill"
  8. I'm chilled. Just seems strange to talk about when you weren't here when they were here, that's all. Surprised you even know of their existence.
  9. i was here for a little while in mid 2012, but the place seems a lot different than before, i'm sorry for the sarcasm and all
  10. User name?
  11. actually i didn't have a membership just watched the stuff. I think i had one but i'm not sure. I have some screens of it to.
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  12. there it is below, sorry for the white lines below i had to get rid of the web browser borders. Untitled.png
  13. LMAO @The Great White Crayo
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  14. the full Stopspot post says, "Rey Mysterio i swear your made of glass."
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