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  1. I wanted to revive this fed, seeing as it was the first fed on WWEF. A special thanks to Aids for giving me a nudge to setting this up. Federation X was an e-fed where we had written wrestling shows and a wide range of superstars within it.

    As we have IWT, PWGP and AMW which are promo based feds, we will be that different federation, which has wrestling shows as oppose to promo battles, so it can be a vehicle to play out your storylines with full matches.


    This was what ended the previous Fed X, the constraint. I won't be having this constraint, as we will have shows hopefully on a continued basis, my aim is for 1 every 2 - 3 weeks. So that matches can be built up outside of shows and it isn't overkill on people having them weekly, so this schedule will allow people to have time between to build up their character or hype a match.

    Roster Size:

    The roster size will make the start of this fed. As soon as we reach 8 superstars, I can start shows, creating storylines, etc.

    That's about it, If your interested, I will post a character creation thread after this, if your just there to read the shows, that's cool as well.
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  2. Hey, they returned Fed-X!
  3. i'm joining, name Brian Mandela and i agree to the rules and everything.

  4. I'm am oddly intrigued by this necrophilia.
  5. I guess you can sign me up as Jonas Woods, the guy that'll bury Roadstah.
  6. I'm not Roadster, my ring name is Brian Mandela!
  7. I'll be the guy that buries you nonetheless. *puts on glasses*
  8. Glad to see some interest.

    Stop, that made me chuckle
  9. Yo, Sack, I heard there was some burying going on....Do you need me to bury Jwab for you?

    I have my Shovel and Robes by here.
  10. So forrest buries Jwab, Jwab buries Roadster, does this mean Roadster buries forrest?
  11. Nah, Roadster buries FTJ when he comes into your company....Do we want a repeat of his ACW Saga?
  12. I thought we had some rock paper scissors going on
  13. How is this thing going to be run/determined?

    Basing pushes off of activities can be seen as promoting spam, which was a bit of a part in the old fed x crumbling, a lot of people spammed threads to get pushes.
  14. Not going that way Spot
  16. stopspot is selling you your herb now?

    Ill get in on this eventually, glad to see fed-x is back.
  17. Sounds interesting. I am using the same character across the e-feds here @MrSackfist . Would that be possible here as well?

    I never saw the original fed-x. Could someone give me a quick example?
  18. Dat kid is a taco savior instead of a god complex, I midcard, and he writes out the card like a show based on promos.
  19. No. Fed X was not promo based. Fed X was in essence a collective be the booker. Users created characters and the creative team then wrote up and booked episodes. Promos by the users had no implications on the original fed x. You're thinking of FNW
  20. oh yeah it was activity that got you wins.