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  1. So can I get some feedback on my most recent promos and the character change, I am still trying to figure out a name was thinking Anonymous but I believe Danny uses it. I wanted to keep masked for at least the time being, Right now in Kayfabe no one knows who is behind the mask and as of now I don't plan on having it be my old character.
  2. I think something having to do with "mysterious" or "anonymous" would be a good name. Possible a translation of one of those words into a different language.
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  3. Nice idea, Thanks Nick :)

    Also in case in anyone doesn't know the real premise of the gimmick here it is: A mysterious tech master who hides in his command point where he controls "the world", he believes himself to be the real god and that everyone else are "minions" and are under his control, he claims its his world.
  4. mistero - mystery in italian
    misterio - mystery in spanish

    anĂ³nimo - anonymous in spanish
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  5. Think I might roll with Anonimo.
  6. Not a massive fan of it yet, but probably your best gimmick to date. (Seriously, how many gimmicks have you had lol?))
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  7. More characters than kane and show have turned, collectively.
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  8. 3 actually. The cocky heel which turned into the Alliance, Aries and the failed Sheamus.
  9. You better be prepared to back up that role.
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  10. Hmm, less than I expected the amount to be.
  11. It's been pretty good so far.

    However, in the future before you change a gimmick, or insert yourself in a title scene you need to PM a creative member because we might have something already planned out.
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  12. Apologies on the gimmick change but I disappeared for a while and just came up with it and with the title before I even challenged Dazzle we spoke via PMs and he said he spoke to Jono and we were both looking forward to the feud.
  13. [​IMG]

    Nothing about a gimmick change
  14. I said "apologies about the gimmick change".
  15. I think it's pretty cool, something different from the other gimmicks we have here. The mystery surrounding it does have my interest.
  16. I think this is definitely the best gimmick you've had. I think it adds some additional mystery and appeal to the IWT, as well as giving additional feuds to you with other characters. Play around with it a bit more and don't be afraid to take more risks. I could be mistaken, but it seems like you've done backstage segments for the most part and that can get predictable after a while. Looking for even more ways to be innovative will make things even more interesting. Nice job so far though :)
  17. I think you should find your own fucking name.

    Stop trying to be me, bro. You can't be me, no one can be me.

    Here is your name, WANNABE
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  18. But that's my nickname. :please:

    I like it quite a bit, and it's only going to get better as you develop it more, at least I assume so, character development isnt really my thing.
  19. The fact that he is swagger jacking ANONYMOUS from me is pretty whack.
  20. the name sure, but Solomon Crowe is clearly his base