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  1. The strange man from yesterday walked out onto the stage followed by several masked men.


    Asmodeus - "From the depth of Hell we have traveled. Spawn the fabled evil has finally led us here. Now it is time we feast on the life here and create the new Hell. I am Pope Asmodeus of the Cult of Mortem. And I only have one thing to say, to one man.

    Jack Forte. We have picked you. It is your turn to face the beast Spawn. Should you decline, you shall feel my wrath."

    With that the mysterious man bowed and vanished with his followers.

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  2. *The cameras shuffle backstage, in a rush to find Jack. They find him near his private locker room. As soon as Forté sees them he gives them a signal. One pans up to him, and the effects on it change.*
    *Now able to see Jack's face post a hard fought battle, he's clearly exhausted. But he stares hard into the single camera, as if he's looking dead on at Spawn himself. And he smirks.*

    You just caught me leaving, Spawn. I was about to catch up with Nick and hit the usual spots. But I heard you out there, and I just couldn't leave. Not yet. You chose me? Let's see how bad you want it. We all know I'm a fighting champion. And I'm not the type to wait to get what I want, and I assume you aren't either. So let's ride the wave of momentum IWTMania has and let's go, right now. Give a treat to just the people who paid to be here. I'll even put my title on the line.

    Forté takes off his tie, and picks up his title next to him.

    I choose you, Spawn.

    @Tsar no need to write this out, this isn't apart of the event. Officially. Make the match though. Thanks<3
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