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  1. Chris Kaizer emerges from behind the curtain to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He puts his arms out and slowly spins around before starting to make his away towards the ring. Kaizer waltz up the steps and enters through the second rope. He surveys the crowd and circles the ring as his theme beings to fade.

    Summerslam is only a month away, and we already have the MAIN event of that PPV. The IWT Universal Champion, member of the Bullad Club...Scott Fargo will go one on one with me, Chris Kaizer. I don't care about the World Title, or the Intercontinental Title. No, I only care about the Universal Title. A title that deserves better than to be tarnished by the Bullad Club's circle jerking. Scott Fargo wants to talk about how winning that belt was his dream. Sadly for him, he never finished that dream. He always had dreams of winning that title, but as soon as he was crowned his mom would come in and tell him it's time for school. You know what you missed Fargo?

    Kaizer leans up against the ropes facing the camera

    You missed what happens after you "win that title". You are celebrating in the ring, confetti falls, your little buddies are hugging you and crying tears of joy. And then out of no where all that happiness disappears. No more screaming fans, no more confetti, just you in a ring all by your self awaiting what comes next. And both of us know what comes next. Soon that dream will become a nightmare, which will become reality.

    I'm not going to lay down for you, I'm not your bitch. I'm the next IWT Universal Champion.

    You will sleep, but this time you will only see a repeating nightmare. Well, a nightmare for you, a dream for me and everyone else. You'll see me raise that title above my head while you lay there on that mat. You'll realize that sometimes dreams do come true, but those dreams can become nightmares just as quickly .

    Sleep well, Fargo, it's the last time you will peacefully.

    Kaizer drops the mic and leaves the ring as his theme begins to play again
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