Fifa 12 thread.

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  1. @[Dolph'sZiggler] Cba to use comments for it, talk about how epic Fifa 12 is here!
  2. You are a retard. Inter sucks in Fifa lmao
  3. Fifa is awesome, anyone on Ps3 PM me your PS name so we can play if you want.

    Ps3 > Xbox #ComeAtMeCrayo
  4. I'm playing a guy who is Ivory Coast.. judging by his connection he may actually be from Africa
  5. I'm a retard for saying the exact same? Read the comments, I said they suck. Retard lol

    Ivory Coast are beast
  6. Inter is fucking boss. That's the point.

    As far as Ivory Coast.. I was Uruguay and managed 2 goals (1 with Forlan 1 with Suarez) through the shit storm of lag and then he quit out.
  7. Africa, Poland, Russia, and the rest of that is suck ass connection.
  8. I own Fifa Street... sadly, not Fifa 12.
  9. Use them against good fifa players, please. I could be Wolves and kick anyone's ass being Inter. The easiest way to win in Fifa is players with good passing and good pace in a team. Inter have like zero pace and one good passer/shooter in Sneijder.

    Ivory Coast have Drogba who is a beast, Kalou who is 90+ pace, Gredal who is 90+ pace, Doumbia who is massive and 90+ pace, Gervino who is like 95 pace, they're one of the best teams since they're 4 and a half stars, so you normally play other 4 and a half star teams and you just rape them with pace.

    Uruguay are terribad on the game so props to you for winning, both Suarez and Forlan are terrible on Fifa.

    Get fifa 12 man.