Storyline Fight for The Influence

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  1. A shaky camera begins to record The Influence backstage. Trip with his hair drooped over his face has his back to the camera while sitting on a chair as Michael lectures him. Michael wearing a silk black suit, rips off his tie and unbutton's his shirt in passion and fury of what he is saying.

    Michael: Trip, I can't stress it enough. There's people who are trying to divide us! These people are trying to end the only thing that has ANY meaning in your life now. You will never be a GM, you're too ugly, disfigured and I think the car accident might of made you lose some brain power. *Michael nods with a face of pity* These people don't care about you! I am the ONLY one to give a rats ass about you! These people just want you away from me because they're apart of the backstage clique. The ones that hate me! The ones that try to hold me back! These people are, Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain!

    Michael paces around in anger and frustration as he gets no response from Trip.

    Michael: Are you even fucking listening to me? They are trying to rip away the only thing that will accept you in this world...The Influence! In case you've forgotten, Aiden Ryan is the one that "carries" The Order's badge of honor! And YOU'RE the one who built it up! Are you going to defend The Influence from a pack of animals?

    Trip: ...Why should I do anything...They haven't done anything to hurt The Influence.

    Michael: They are trying to breaks us into pieces! The Influence has an open door, and they are throwing their worst through it. Fight for The Influence! *Michael kneels down to Trip and whispers something to him.*

    Michael: Will you fight?

    Trip: ...Yes...

    Trip stands up as a smile grows on Michael's face. He walks out of the room and roams the hallway with the camera on his tracks. He walks into a hallway with portraits of the entire roster hanging. He grabs Aiden Ryan's and Brandon Pain's. The Camera cuts. The camera returns with Trip in the basement, an eerie shadow over his face. He lights a lighter and burns the portraits down to the ground.

    Trip: Brandon Pain...Aiden two will be nothing but rotten corpse's after WrestleMania...buzzard food. WrestleMania III is the end of those who wish to end...The Influence.

    The camera fades away with a final glimpse of Trip's mask with an eerie yellow glow radiating off of it.

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  2. Ah yes, my return to the basement/boiler room is quite needed