Fight Night Wrestling 14/06

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    Fight Night Wrestling

    Date: 14/06/2013

    Trent Parker: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Fight Night Wrestling in the, where we have a star looking to move up from development to our roster

    Chris Hawk stands in the ring wearing black trunks with “the hawk” imprinted on them. Black elbow pads, knee pads and wrestling boots and a T-Shirt with “the hawk” design on them.

    Wayne Baxter: And the young man will face the FNW Champion here tonight, I mean does Dennis Brockman want new talent, Chris Hawk doesn’t stand a chance.

    Trent Parker: So much speculation going on but what happens tonight could influence that decision.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall"

    Brian Messias walks out to the ring without the title and Dennis Brockman by his side carrying a briefcase, he jogs quickly down to the ring and walks up the steel steps, steps between the ropes and into the ring.

    Wayne Baxter: Is the boss preserving the title in the briefcase for some nerd auction in 10 years, why doesn’t the champ carry his belt?

    Alexis Robinson: "Introducing first, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240lbs, Brian Messias!!"

    Messias jogs in place as Dennis Brockman gets into the ring

    Dennis Brockman: Dallas, it is ok, we are here now, we know you were eager to see the FNW Champion, and I have delivered, however as you may have noticed, I am now holding the new belt design. FNW is all about leading your own destiny. When you win the FNW Championship, in my personal opinion, it is your title and therefore should be rebranded, so without further delay, I present to you the New FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Brian Messias!

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Brian Messias.

    Trent Parker: Messias rebranding the FNW Championship as FNW Canadian Heavyweight Championship? But this company is a Dallas Texas based company.

    Dennis Brockman exits the ring and heads up the stage as he heads backstage.

    Alexis Robinson: "The rookie showcase is as follows, the challenger Chris Hawk has to last 8 minutes with the Champion. If Chris Hawk outlasts the 8 minutes, he will be promoted but the match continues. If Hawk defeats the champion before the 8 minutes, he will be have a future championship match, however if he loses before the 8 minutes, he will not be promoted"

    Wayne Baxter: So all Hawk has got to do is run for 8 minutes and he is in? There should be something in place to stop that.

    The referee rings the bell for the match to begin, Messias and Chris Hawk go to lock-up, Messias however changes his approach and delivers knee to the mid-section of Hawk.

    Trent Parker: Messias showing Hawk right from the get go his experience

    Messias clubs the back of Hawk, knocking him to his knees, Messias then runs towards the ropes and rebounds, Hawk quickly locks in a front waist lock and connects with a northern lights suplex, bridging as he does, the referee counts the referee counts


    Messias gets a shoulder up.

    Trent Parker: Chris Hawk regains control of the match up and could have put the champion away early Wayne, imagine what that would have done for the Miami Mayhem that is Chris Hawk.

    Wayne Baxter: Don’t be giving people nicknames Trent before they have even begun, we have only had 20 seconds of this match up and already you’re picking sides.

    Chris Hawk gets to his feet as does Messias, Hawk ducks a clothesline attempt by Messias and connects with an enziguri to the head of Messias, knocking him to the mat.


    Messias gets a shoulder up.

    Trent Parker: Chris Hawk showing his stuff here tonight Wayne with a nasty kick to the head, Messias looks rattled.

    Messias uses the ropes to get up, Chris Hawk runs at the opposite ropes and rebounds, he then hits Messias with a running dropkick knocking Messias out the ring

    *Crowd Pop*

    Messias gets up groggily as Chris Hawk gets to the top rope of the turnbuckle, Hawk jumps off the top rope and connects with a diving axehandle to Messias as he turns to face Hawk

    *Crowd Pop Louder*

    Trent Parker: The Crows seem to be getting behind this young rookie as he takes the fight to the FNW Champion.

    Wayne Baxter: That is FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Trent, it was announced a few minutes ago, keep up.

    Trent Parker: Keeping up is what Messias has to do, as we have just past the 1st minute of this match.

    Chris Hawk drags Messias up and pushes him under the bottom rope and into the ring. Hawk then slides in and covers Messias, the referee counts


    Messias gets a shoulder up.

    Trent Parker: Chris Hawk trying to beat the Champion as fast as he can, remember if he does win, he will get a Championship match against the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion.

    Hawk gets to his feet and stalks Messias as he gets to his feet, Messias turns round and blocks a right hand from Hawk, he then follows up with an eye rake to Hawk, Messias follows up with a gut kick and completes with a neckbreaker.

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: Brian Messias using those famous teachings, if a man can’t see, he can’t fight.

    Messias then stands up, rebounds off the ropes and connects with a running leg drop to Chris Hawk, the referee counts


    Chris Hawk kicks out then holds his eye in pain.

    Trent Parker: Hawk still fighting.

    Wayne Baxter: Doesn’t look like it to me, looks more like he is coddling that eye of his

    Messias gets to his feet and observes the clock showing 5 minutes and 49 seconds remaining, he turns back to Hawk who begins to get to his feet, Messias connects with a European uppercut knocking Hawk against the ropes, Messias then whips Hawk into the opposite ropes, Messias attempts a clothesline, Hawk ducks however and springboards off the ropes and attempts a diving crossbody, Messias scoops Hawk in the air and plants him to the mat with a powerslam.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Brian Messias learns as he fight Trent, he knew Hawk would take to the air and punished him for it.

    Messias sits back on his knees, he then wipes his hands to signify he has finished and covers Hawk, the referee counts


    Chris Hawk kicks out, Messias pushes Hawk back to the mat and covers again, the referee counts


    Chris Hawk kicks out

    Wayne Baxter: Brian Messias doesn’t want this guy to steal anymore spotlight but Hawk just won’’t go down, he knows he can’t beat Messias, he just wants to join the roster and with Messias as the champion, why bother when you can’t beat him.

    Trent Parker: Chris Hawk has the will to fight on Wayne, he still has 5 minutes to change this all around and earn a championship match.

    Messias gets up and locks in an inverted figure four leg lock on Chris Hawk, he begins pulling the bent leg to increase the pressure Chris Hawk yells out in pain, he looks round to the ropes and lies back to reach, the referee counts as his shoulders touch the mat


    Chris Hawk sits up

    Wayne Baxter: What a dastardly good move, Messias has this move in place not only to weaken Hawk, not only is he unable to reach the ropes, but he watches time slip away on his potential championship match.

    Messias continues the pressure on Hawk’s legs, he lies back again in pain, however sits back up immediately as he spots the referee going for a cover, Hawk then clutches at Messias’s head and follows up with a strike to the head. Messias pulls on the bent leg even more as Hawk rolls from side to side in agony

    Trent Parker: Chris Hawk needs to fight through the pain; he needs to break this hold somehow.

    Hawk begins to crawl to the ropes, pulling Messias as well, Messias begins to punch the ankle of Hawk to stop him crawling, Hawk sits up and punches Messias again and then crawls and reaches out to grab the rope, the referee counts for disqualification


    Messias releases the hold and stands up

    Wayne Baxter: Messias getting all those precious seconds to keep the pressure on the legs of Hawk, he will be feeling that for this match and the following days.

    Hawk begins to pull himself up and limps on his leg, Messias runs at Hawk, he applies a front face lock and falls back attempting to hit a DDT, Hawk holds onto the rope, and Messias hits the mat back first.

    Trent Parker: Chris Hawk has created an opening, what will he do here?

    Hawk underhooks both legs of Messias, then pushes off the ropes to hit a roll-up on Messias, the referee counts


    Messias kicks out

    Wayne Baxter: Time is ticking away, just under a minute now for Hawk to get the title.

    Hawk glances at the clock, then runs at the ropes, he rebounds and connects with a spear to Messias, Chris Hawk quickly covers, the referee counts.


    Messias kicks out

    Trent Parker: Messias hanging in there, just when it looked like Hawk had the match

    Hawk glances at the clock again, Messias gets up and delivers a right hand to Hawk knocking him back, Hawk returns with a punch of his own, Messias goes for a punch, Hawk blocks and delivers a gut kick, Hawk grabs the head of Messias and connects with a facebuster, Hawk glances at the clock reading 10 seconds, he quickly covers and the referee counts.


    Messias gets a foot on the rope, Hawk smashes his fists on the mat and glances as the clock counts to 0

    Wayne Baxter: Hawk won’t be getting a title match tonight Trent

    Trent Parker: He fought hard, but just couldn’t put the champion away

    Messias stalks Hawk as he kicks the rope in frustration, He locks in a back suplex leg clutch, holds Hawk up as he turns around and slams Hawk to the mat completing a blue thunder driver

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Did Hawk forget Trent, this match isn’t over, well it is now

    Trent Parker: Messias with the annihilator which put away Jason Angel last week

    Messias quickly covers and the referee counts.


    Alexis Rhodes: Here is your winner, Brian Messias!

    *Crowd Boo*

    Messias stands up holding his arms up in victory

    Wayne Baxter: Messias the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion puts away another poor sap with the Annihilator!

    Messias collects his championship from Alexis Robinson and heads backstage while shouting on the stage to the fans “2 wins – 0 Loses, Suck It Dallas”

    Trent Parker: Well FNW welcomes a new superstar to its locker room but the champion walks away with another victory, perhaps we will see these two square off again in another match?

    Wayne Baxter: Messias doesn’t need to waste his time with chumps Trent, he needs worthy opponents.

    Chris Hawk heads backstage

    Trent Parker: We now go backstage to Colt Adams who has some news to report.

    Colt Adams: I have just had news that next week we will be debuting Chris Hawk against a returning Veteran of FNW, Max Power however he will share some spotlight with another new superstar, Fred Vorhees is set to debut in what Dennis Brockman has dubbed a Maniac Match. The rules of this match will have Fred Vorhees begin against Chris Hawk with Max Power as the referee, now when Max Power counts a pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification, he will then become the active competitor and the loser of the fall will become the referee of the match. This will continue until one man attains 3 falls and thus will win the match. Not only this, but the winner is given the choice of opponent he will face the following week in the main event.

    Trent Parker: An interesting turn of events, Chris Hawk already has a match with two new superstars, a veteran and a new signed superstar to the FNW revival. The winner can choose their opponent, Colt can they challenge the champion?

    Colt Adams: Yes, they can select Brian Messias as the champion, however it would be a non-title match, Dennis Brockman has stated that in order to challenge the champion, you must have accumulated a total of 5 wins.

    Trent Parker: Thanks for that Colt, so next week we have a match set but now we have another International bout Wayne, The Spaniard Rodrigo facing all the way from India, Based God Darth

    Wayne Baxter: Rodrigo has one win to his name, and another would put him even closer to a shot against FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Brian Messias

    Alexis Rhodes: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall"

    Rodrigo walks out as he skips down to the stage, he then turns his back to the crowd for a moment, opening his arms wide before spinning round again and walks to the ring high-fiving fans. He slides under the ropes and stands in the ring

    Alexis Rhodes: "Introducing first, from Burgos, Spain, weighing in at 187lbs, Rooodriigoo!!"

    Camera pans backstage to Based God Darth Knocked out, Brent Nixon walks on Camera

    Brent Nixon: Hello Rodrigo, or should I say, Hola. I have read your tweets last week after your big win


    Brent Nixon: You think the crowd aids you in anyway, you are a fool, now that I have laid out your opponent in oh mere seconds, faster than you could possibly do, I think I’ll head back to the UK for some R&R, adios Muchacho

    Rodrigo stares at the stage looking for an answer

    Trent Parker: So Rodrigo’s opponent can’t compete, so what now?

    Jacob Colton walks out to the ring, shaking his head and body to the rhythm of the music, he then begins to walk fast down to the ring, high-fiving some fans and slides into the ring

    Jacob Colton: Darth isn't going to show up and I don't want to disappoint anyone in the crowd, they want to watch a match. That's why I went to Dennis' office and asked him to make this match official. It's official, now it's Jacob Colton against Rodrigo, let me start the match

    The referee calls for the bell, Jacob and Rodrigo shake hands and then circle the ring

    Wayne Baxter: Rodrigo vs Jacob Colton I guess is going to replace Rodrigo vs Based God Darth that was planned here this evening.

    Jacob and Rodrigo lock-up in a collar and elbow tie-up, Rodrigo ducks under the arm and applies a rear waist lock, Colton quickly changes into a side-headlock and throws Rodrigo to the mat, still retaining the hold, Rodrigo applies a headscissors and Colton releases the hold and breaks the head scissors, both men stand up

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Both men seem pretty evenly matched up.

    Jacob runs towards Rodrigo, underhooks the arm and connects with an arm drag, he quickly covers Rodrigo, the referee counts


    Rodrigo kicks out and quickly gets up, Rodrigo then runs at Colton, underhooks the arm and connects with an arm drag, he quickly covers


    Colton kicks out and gets to his feet, the two then circle the ring

    Wayne Baxter: Once again, both these men enter a stalemate.

    Colton and Rodrigo lock-up in a collar and elbow tie-up again, Colton pushes Rodrigo back towards the turnbuckle

    Trent Parker: The heavier Colton using his advantage to push Rodrigo to the corner

    Rodrigo ducks under the arm of Colton, locks in a rear waist lock, Rodrigo then pushes Colton towards the turnbuckle and after collision, Rodrigo hits a roll-up. The referee counts


    Colton kicks out

    Wayne Baxter: These silly roll-ups aren’t going to do anything, these high-flyers need to hit hard in order to achieve a pinfall.

    Rodrigo holds Colton in a side-headlock as Colton gets up, Colton locks in a side waist lock and lifts Rodrigo, Rodrigo rolls over to land behind Colton on his feet. Rodrigo then runs towards Colton, attempting a bulldog, Colton pushes Rodrigo off of him and Rodrigo hits the mat in a seated position

    Trent Parker: Ouch that can’t be good for the coccyx bone

    Colton rebounds off the ropes and connects with a shining wizard to Rodrigo, Colton covers the referee counts


    Rodrigo kicks out, Brent Nixon emerges from the fans, he jumps the barricade as Colton picks up Rodrigo, Nixon slides into the ring and clothesline’s both men.

    Wayne Baxter: Woah I thought Nixon had left for some R&R!

    Nixon picks up and connects with a leg suplex to Rodrigo, he then picks up Colton in a powerbomb clutch, Nixon powerbombs Colton against the turnbuckle, he then runs at the ropes as Nixon bounces off the turnbuckle and connects with a spear knocking Colton down to the mat and Colton rolls outside

    Trent Parker: Ouch! Powerbomb off the turnbuckle followed by a spear.

    Nixon picks up Rodrigo and places him in a standing headscissors clutch, Nixon lifts Rodrigo up into a rana clutch and connects with a jacknife powerbomb

    *Crowd Boo*

    Nixon then exits the ring as trainers come down to the ring and help Colton and Rodrigo backstage

    Trent Parker: Ladies and Gentlemen, coming up now the main event, some people have dubbed this Team Wisconsin vs Team Jersey, Aids Johnson teams up with Carmen Stevenson to take on Dat Kid and Jamie.

    Wayne Baxter: Last week we had the triple threat match which left us all with a question, would Dat Kid have won the match, well we hope this match will contribute to answering that question

    Trent Parker: And also we have seen some verbal dispute between Carmen Stevenson and Jamie, so we are killing two birds with one stone with the first ever tag team match on Fight Night Wrestling

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening"

    Dat Kid walks out to the stage as does Jamie, they stands there for a moment as the crowd boo them. they then walk down the ramp, Dat Kid rolls into the ring as Jamie walks up the steps and steps through the ropes

    Wayne Baxter: Here comes Team New Jersey I guess, Dat Kid making his 2nd appearance however yet to get a win here at Fight Night Wrestling

    Alexis Rhodes: "Introducing first, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, weighing in at 175lbs, Dat Kiiiiid!! and his partner, Also from New Jersey, weighing in at 156lbs, Jamie!"

    Kid sits on top of the south turnbuckle, waiting for his other opponents as Jamie leans on the ropes

    Aids Johnson walks out in black wrestling boots, red trunks and wearing a brewers baseball jersey. Carmen steps out behind him and thrusts her arm into the air. They quickly walk to the ring.

    Trent Parker: And also we have seen some verbal dispute between Carmen Stevenson and Jamie, so we are killing two birds with one stone with the first ever tag team match on Fight Night Wrestli

    Alexis Rhodes: "And introducing his opponent, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Weighing in at 180lbs, The player who bleeds Brewer's Baseball, Aids Johnson! and his Partner, also from Milwaukee Wisconsin, weighing at 140lbs, Carmen...Stevenson!"

    Aids enters and stares at Dat Kid and Carmen stares at Jamie

    Wayne Baxter: Now as we all know in Fight Night Wrestling, there is no limit, this means that the girls can fight the men and viceversa.

    Carmen and Jamie get on the apron as the referee calls for the bell. Dat Kid goes for a clothesline on Aids who ducks, Aids then delivers a series of backhand chops to Dat Kid, knocking him against the ropes, Aids then headbutts Dat Kid and whips him into the opposite ropes, Aids runs towards Dat Kid who elbows Aids

    Trent Parker: This match starts off explosive and fast paced as Dat Kid and Aids Johnson seem to want to resume where they left off last week.

    Dat kid springs off the ropes and attempts a roundhouse kick, Aids ducks the kick and then applies a full nelson hold, Dat Kid struggles and leans forward, sending Aids rolling forward, Aids gets to his feet and runs at Dat Kid, connecting with a leg lariat

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Aids Johnson getting the better of Dat Kid on that exchange.

    Aids stalks Dat Kid as he gets up, he locks in a rear waist hold and attempts a german suplex, Dat Kid blocks and breaks the lock, he then moves behind Aids and locks in a rear waist lock, Aids elbows Dat Kid, breaking the hold. Aids then rebounds off the ropes and runs towards Dat Kid, Dat Kid underhooks the arm of Aids and connects with a flip arm drag, Dat Kid retains hold off the arm and applies an armbar to Aids on the mat

    Trent Parker: Dat Kid with one swift movement slows Aids right to a halt and now has control of the superstar that bleeds brewer’s baseball

    Aids begins to get to his feet, he then reverses the armbar into a side head-lock, Aids goes for a running bulldog, however Dat Kid lifts Aids and connects with a back suplex. Dat Kid drags Aids to his corner by his feet, Aids kicks Dat Kid away and gets to his feet

    Wayne Baxter: Aids not letting Dat Kid create a distance between him and his partner.

    Aids holds onto Dat Kid as he attempts a running monkey flip, he spins around and runs at his corner, smashing Dat Kid against the turnbuckle and letting Dat Kid fall to the mat. Aids then tags in Carmen, he follows with an elbow drop to the back of Dat Kid and holds him there as Carmen connects with a slingshot leg drop to Dat Kid

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen Stevenson now in the ring, this young diva has been excited to compete and now she has the chance.

    Carmen stalks Dat Kid as he gets to his feet groggily, she goes for a hurricanrana, Dat Kid however holds on and spins around, Carmen grabs hold off the ropes and sends Dat Kid out to the floor while she stands on the apron

    Trent Parker: Carmen showing she can compete like anyone can, an inspiration to women everywhere

    Carmen gets back into the ring, Jamie enters the ring and goes for a clothesline, Carmen ducks it and connects with a gut kick, she runs against the ropes as Dat Kid slides in, Dat Kid then clotheslines over Jamie and connects with Carmen

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: Oh they cheer when a women is kicking a man’s ass but the otherway around, nooo that is taboo(!).

    Dat Kid turns around and notices the referee is preventing Aids to get in the ring, he pulls Carmen up in a full nelson clutch and Jamie slaps Carmen, knocking her to the mat, Jamie then gets onto the apron as the referee turns around

    *Crowd Boo*

    Trent Parker: That is why they boo Wayne, Dat Kid and Jamie are using the numbers advantage

    Wayne Baxter: This is tag team Trent, two people vs two people. Not their fault if the referee doesn’t do their job right

    Dat Kid drags Carmen up and puts her in his corner, he then delivers a shoulder thrust to the mid-section of Carmen, Dat Kid then tags in Jamie, he holds Carmen in the corner and Jamie delivers a kick to the mid-section, Jamie drags Carmen to the middle of the ring she then connects with suplex to Carmen.

    Trent Parker: Jamie coming in and wastes no time inflicting some damage here.

    Carmen gets up holding her back in pain, Jamie applies a side headlock and completes a running bulldog to Carmen, she rolls Carmen over and hooks the leg, the referee counts


    Carmen gets a shoulder up.

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen not out yet.

    Jamie drags Carmen up by her hair and tags in Dat Kid, Dat Kid delivers a sunset flip to Carmen, the referee counts


    Carmen rolls forward, the referee counts.


    Dat Kid powers out

    Trent Parker: Carmen almost caught Dat Kid there, don’t count this girl out yet.

    Carmen and Dat Kid get to their feet, Carmen runs towards Dat Kid and connects with a headscissors, Dat Kid tags in Jamie

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Jamie back in, Dat Kid got spun around there seems a bit dizzy.

    Carmen turns to Jamie, Jamie delivers a gut kick and then places Carmen in a standing headscissors, Jamie then blows a sarcastic kiss to Aids and underhooks both arms of Carmen, Carmen flips Jamie over landing back first to the mat and she tags Aids

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Carmen tagging in the 2nd member of team Wisconsin

    Aids enters and picks up Jamie, he whips Jamie into the ropes where Dat Kid attempts to blind tag Jamie, Jamie stops and wags her finger saying I don’t need your help. She ducks a clothesline from Aids, Aids clotheslines Dat Kid off the apron and into the guard rail. Jamie slaps Aids as he turns around, Aids returns a slap to Jamie and Carmen connects with a running DDT to Jamie..

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Hey, two on one ain’t fair, get this match under control ref!

    Aids hooks the leg of Jamie, the referee counts


    The referee calls for the bell

    Alexis Rhodes: Here are your winners, the team of Aids Johnson and Carmen Stevenson!

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson and Carmen Stevenson pick up a win each and this means they are 4 wins away from challenging the FNW Champion Brian Messias

    Wayne Baxter: FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Trent, they are 4 wins away from facing the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, The Annihilator…Brian Messias. Do your job right

    Aids and Carmen hug, the referee then raises their arms in victory

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson, Carmen Stevenson and Rodrigo all have 1 victory, they all are 4 wins away from a Championship match, and we know next week Chris Hawk, Fred Vorhees and Max Power are scheduled to compete in the Maniac Match but what else

    Wayne Baxter: FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Trent, they are 4 wins away from facing the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, The Annihilator…Brian Messias. Do your job right

    Aids and Carmen hug, the referee then raises their arms in victory

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson, Carmen Stevenson and Rodrigo all have 1 victory, they all are 4 wins away from a Championship match, and we know next week Chris Hawk, Fred Vorhees and Max Power are scheduled to compete in the Maniac Match but what else

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: And here comes the Owner, wonder what he is doing out here

    Dennis Brockman: Congrats Aids and Carmen, I would be lying if I said I knew you would win, but you’re the winners nonetheless, but what I am out here is because now we have Aids with one victory, Carmen with on victory. Now I am a generous man so I have decided that next week Aids, your going to be in action in a little match know as a Gauntlet match, your opponents, why into this delicious curry pot we shall add a young man known as Jason Angel who fought the FNW Champion last week Jason Angel. Now if you manage to defeat Angel, then you’ll be up against…hmmm

    Dennis paces the stage

    Dennis Brockman: Why I have been looking at her, Carmen, Carmen shall be your next opponent

    Trent Parker: What?

    Dennis Brockman: And Aids if you manage to beat Carmen, I will grant you the match you wanted, Aids vs Dat Kid. Now Aids if you manage to beat all 3 competitors you will be given 3 victories, but being the generous guy I am, I’ll let that last victory slide and give you a title match, however Aids if you do lose to anyone,

    Wayne: Dennis Brockman making some interesting matches, so next week we have Aids in a gauntlet match against Jason Angel, Carmen Stevenson and Dat Kid, that is going to be interesting.

    Aids steps away from Carmen as Dat Kid has an evil smirk on his face as he makes his way up the ramp.

    Trent Parker: That is it for the show, while much has been developed, there is still much unanswered, see you all next week on Fight Night Wrestling

    Conclusive Recap As You Observe
    Brian Messias Defeats Chris Hawk – Hawk Joins FNW active roster​
    Rodrigo vs Jacob Colton – No Contest due to interference​
    Aids Johnson & Carmen Stevenson Defeats Dat Kid & Jamie​
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  2. Great match, looks like im in for an uphill battle next week.