Fight Night Wrestling 1st Show Preview

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    Show Date: 7th June
    Tapings: Sunday 1st June - Wednesday 5th June

    The Revival of Fight Night Wrestling is set to begin on June 7th, tapings will begin on Sunday and end on Wednesday, be there to see the new FNW talent in action. There has been much of a changing around by the booker but finally has come to a decision on what the card for the 1st Revival show will look like.

    Jason Angel vs [​IMG]

    The young man from the motor city will take on another star hailing from Canadian soil, Brian Messias will face Jason Angel at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis Indiana and opening the show.

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

    With a little foreign match, we have spanish talent taking on English talent in the coliseum. With Nixon from Derby and Rodrigo from Burgos. A total of 1697 Km between these two's hometown but they meet in the ring to fight.

    [​IMG] vs Dat Kid vs Aids Johnson

    Three young men making there debut are Aids Johnson from Milwaukee, Dat Kid from New Jersey and Jacob Colton from Boston will have there match televised in the main event of the show.

    Also on the first show we will feature two interviews from stars who will be telling their story, why they are here. Those two stars are Carmen Stevenson & Based God Darth. A Champion will be crowned on the show.

    Promo Information:

    Jason Angel vs Brian Messias - 2 promo match. CSRants Christian - Christian will start

    Brent Nixon vs Rodrigo - 3 promo Match R Albin Rodrigo Rodrigo will start

    Aids Johnson vs Dat Kid vs Jacob Colton - 4 promo match Aids Johnson Dat Kid NanoRah14 - Nano will start then either Aids or Dat can join in.


    Please tag me if you aren't going to be able to post between Sunday 1st of June and the Wednesday 5th June. This is so I can edit the card before.

    Remember Posting here is encouraged. Anything you do say here in-character can and may be used in the written show on Friday the 7th of June. If you don't post it won't affect your performance.
  2. They say debut matches are telling in who sinks or swims in this business. Right now I've got two other opponents in my debut match and only one of us is going to come out swimming. There is no other place on the face of this Earth that is more involved in professional wrestling like the state of New Jersey. I have worked my ass off from company to company to finally find myself here. The amount of sacrifices and injuries on that way can not be compared to the two clowns I'll be facing from Milwaukee and Boston, they didn't have the training I have they can't compete the way I can, and they are certainly not ready to go through what I have done to become the most successful person in this industry. My debut match isn't a match, it's a straight out blowout, because only one hand will be raised at the end of the day and you can bet your ass that at the end of the match, the only one who is going to have enough strength to even lift their arm is me. This debut match is about sinking or swimming for my opponents, this match for them is about surviving with the shark with a hunger for success in this business.
  3. It's Colton, not Colten
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  5. Thanks mate :yay:
  6. Jason Angel is in he Production Booth, saying stuff about his match with Brian Messias
    Jason: Huh, wow... I'm facing the Messias.... who. Well, listen Brian, I'm gonna keep this information as short as I can, so that Canadian Brain of yours can understand... at Fight Night, our match will end with your blood on my hands, and your as knocked out! Because, if I know anything, fighting is one of them.
  7. Lol First match first loss :yay:
  8. Que?
  9. Jason Angel...Jason...Angel... *pauses
    Who is this guy? Is he a new star, because that explains all reasons on why I'm opening the show. Why am I, the great, Brian Messias, wasting time competing with these losers, while I should be main eventing. I SHOULD BE MAIN EVENTING! I didn't sign up in FNW, to open the shows with Motor City trash who possibly starred in Charlies Angel. I did it to Main Event. M.a.i.n E.v.e.n.t.

    *shrugs off shoulders
    *takes in a deep breath

    *Impersonates Mexican accent
    Yo, Angel! (An-Hell)
    *Back to normal accent
    I don't know who you are, I don't care what you do, but you're in my way. I suggest you move out my way, before you get hurt. I've had anger built in myself the minute I found out I was opening the show competing against you. I've been in many main events, actually the ratio of main events I've been in, is greater than opener matches.

    Brian Messias: AGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

    The FACT... that I will be competing in the opening match of the revival of FNW is preposterous. Now I'll say this once and hopefully management understands this the first time they hear it. Get out of my ring Angel. If you don't, you'll see what happens.
  10. Off Kayfabe: He means his first match.

  11. Y'wanna run that by me again? I may be a different Raza, but at least I'm not some Canadian Idiot. Watch your back is all I'm gonna say..
  12. Loss*
  13. *Messias chuckles a bit and then has a serious look on his face
    [​IMG] Off-Kayfabe: Ignore Cena lying on the mat

    *Takes a deep breath

    You just made a mistake right now Angel. (An-hell)
    Canadian idiot? You come to me with that? This filthy Latino looking guy from Detroit comes to me with that crap?
    My country has had 500+ homicide cases in 2012 alone. Your state Detroit has had 400+ homicides alone in 2012. That's right a state. So come again with this Canadian idiot card Mr. Sandy (Aurora) Hook.

    But that's not the point right now. You wanna know how things run around here Angel? Here is how.
    I win, you lose.
    Yeah, it's that simple. That's all you got to remember when you're on Fight Night. I win, you lose.
    And that goes for the entire Fight Night Wrestling roster. As long as you remember that code, you have nothing... And I MEAN NOTHING... to worry about. So Angel, you can pack your bags and hop on out of my ring until I really hurt you...

  14. Off: Fucking dig your entrance
  15. Damn From has been on fire lately, this should be a good card all around.
  16. Question, is this the promo thread or will there be a separated one created? These weren't really my promos.
  17. There will be cards set up, or you PM spot and he posts it on the card. I'm still not 110% sure on how it works.
  18. Christian there will be a thread set up for matches
  19. Christian
    *Jason looks at the empty arena.*
    Brian, Brian..... Oh, you have made fun of me, fun of My Raza! Alls I gotta do I beat the living hell outta you, y pendejo, te voy matarI.... I'm going to fucking kill you....
  20. Yeah...
    You do that! While I go take a stroll and laugh at what you just said.
    *Turns around
    I almost forgot! Tell your sister to be on time to mow my lawn. Or else she'll get punishment like last time.
    *Christian leaves the arena for a small stroll