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    Submit Your character to Fight Night Wrestling:

    Before you submit the character, I suggest you read this thread: Fight Night Wrestling Returns

    Before you submit a character, please ensure that they follow the following criteria.

    1) No finishing moves are copied from other characters
    Finshers that are taken:
    Show Spoiler
    Brainbuster, Shooting Star Leg Drop, Springboard Big Boot, Vertebreaker

    2) No character copies another character
    3) No Character is generic (the more different they are from either professional wrestlers or characters posted here, the better)
    4) All fields are fully filled in.

    Here is a template for you to fill in coupled with a description of each field.

    Name: Your Superstars name (This is his ring name, what he/she will be called. His real name will be your username at the time of submission
    Home Town: Where your superstar comes from (Must be real, if it is a made up one, include the real hometown as well)
    Weight/Height: How much does your superstar weigh (lbs please) and height (ft please)
    Style Of Wrestling - How your character wrestles, submission based, crash and burn, high-flyer... Max 2
    Appearance: What does your character look like?
    Attire: What does your character wear?

    If moves are custom please describe them, if they are a unique variation, please describe them
    Finisher: Max 2
    Signatures: Min 1 - Max 3
    Other moves: Min 15-Max 25 (Please try to not copy everyone elses)

    Music - Name and Artist
    Style: How you enter (no light effects, pyro is allowed but once)
    Titantron: If you have your own custom one, that is great, if not please leave this blank.

    Personal Gimmick preference: What gimmick would you like to have, remember it can be changed by me if generic, used by someone else....

    As soon as you submit your character you'll have a match against the champion which is called the rookie showcase, you will compete on Sunday against the FNW Champion in a showcase where you will get to learn the ropes of how promo battles occur.

    (If your signing up to this for the beginning, the first show is planned for June 7th - You will be given a normal match, the above paragraph is for any new members joining this once it gets started)

    Once your character is accepted, what happens? -

    1) You will receive a Private Message with a script for your character. This will include heel or face, your gimmick etc.
    2) Your character will be added to the inactive roster until you have your Rookie Showcase match. After this you will be promoted to the Official Roster.

    If you are struggling for moves, here is a complete list of moves for you too look, use or make your own variance:

    Tag Team? At the current stage, we will not have a tag divsion, tag matches may occur, and if you wish to give some moves we will utilize them if your character competes in a tag match, triple threat, fatal four-way.....
  2. Can I resubmit Brian Messias?
  3. Yes you can as long as you follow the thread, there is no rule against re-submitting old characters
  4. Show Spoiler

    Name: Unknown
    Ring Name: Fred Voorhees
    Nick Name: The Deranged Enigma
    Hometown: Amityville, New York
    Height: 6ft 6
    Weight: 277
    Birthdate: September 11, 1991

    Appearance: White male, short spikey blood red hair, light blue eyes, scar around his neck

    Attire: White Doctor scrubs cutoff at the arms with the name tag Dr.Johnson on them. Leather surgical mask and gloves.

    Body type: Muscular, but not too ripped.

    Heel or Face: Tweener (deranged, so you don't know where he stands)

    Style Of Wrestling: Slow and methodical, with a lot of high impact moves.

    Finishers: The Hangman (vertebreaker)

    Signatures: Lobotomy (brain buster from second rope)
    Solitary Confinement (cross face chicken wing on the mat, while holding body in a body scissors)
    Shocker (torture rack into a fall away slam)

    Unnamed moves: Russian leg sweep, vertical suplex, running power slam, top rope leg drop, sleeper

    Entrance Style: Walks slowly to the ring in near darkness, staring eerily at certain audience members

    Entrance Music: Anything creepy

    Personality: monster who shows some regret at times, due to his history. Says very little, lets his in ring work do the talking.

    Backstory: Orphaned at a young age, he was a troubled boy at the orphanage. At the request of dr.James Johnson, he was put in a mental institution under Johnson's supervision. He had a roommate named Phil and both went through hell due to the doctor. One day the dr went too far and killed Phil. This enraged Him so much that he knocked out dr.Johnson, stole his scrubs, and broke out of the facility. Changing his name to Fred and deeply deranged from his abuse, he went into wrestling to vent his frustrations. He doesn't know if/when Johnson will come back for him, so he wears a mask at all times.

    Gimmick: deranged insane asylum escapee who has not lost all of his humanity

    Used my post from the old FNW, never got approved cause it died.
  5. Could I replicate my IWT character for FNW or would it be better to create a brand new character?
  6. I don't want to steal anything from IWT, so I don't want to take any characters from it. Likewise I don't want people to quit IWT either
  7. Name: El Nino/Dat Kid
    Home Town: El Gran Pueblo, Mexico/Asbury Park, New Jersey
    Weight/Height: 175lbs 5ft 9in
    Style Of Wrestling: Lucha Libre


    Face: Salvation (Shooting Star Leg Drop)
    Heel: Dat Kill From Jersey (Springboard Big Boot)

    Face: Toma (Runs up turnbuckle into a backflip that becomes a dropkick to the chest)
    Heel: Dat Concussion From Jersey (Dropkick to the face)

    Other moves:
    Arm Drag
    Running Flipping Arm Drag
    Running Monkey Flip
    Running Neckbreaker
    Sliced Bread #2
    Diving DDT
    Tiger Bomb
    Dragon Suplex
    Half Nelson Suplex
    Dropkick Backflip
    Sunset Flip
    Springboard Clothesline
    Over Castle
    Dragon Sleeper
    Spinning Roundhouse
    Backslide Pin
    Suicide Dive
    Asai Moonsault
    Snap Suplex
    White Russian Leg Sweep

    Face - Con Swing by Franco El Gorila
    Show Spoiler

    Heel - Whoop That Trick by Terrance Howard
    Show Spoiler

    Face - El Nino starts off by dancing on the stage while making his way to the ring where he pulls two tacos out of his pockets and dances with them in the ring
    Heel - Dat Kid comes out surrounded by his posse that surrounds him as he makes his way to the ring, paying no mind to the crowd.

    Personal Gimmick preference:
    Heel: Dat Kid uses people to get what he wants, which include the members of his posse, which are group of people who follow him around from his neighborhood. He will threaten, blackmail, backstab, and even resort to violence outside of the ring to get what he wants.
    Fave: El Nino de Mexico is a veteran of wrestling. He's one many championships but the only thing he cares about more than winning is tacos. When a taco is put in danger he will often go into a fiery rage, other than that he is friendly to everyone in hopes of converting them to the ways of the taco.
  8. Character: Aids Johnson
    Moveset is going to be copy/pasted from the old FNW.
    Finishers: Stalling brainbuster, setup with the Lou Thesz press.
    Heel (obviously)
    Music....MY theme.

    Attire? [​IMG]
    In ring, before i come out with a Brewers Jersey over the top.

    This is going to be good. So long, IWT.
  9. Christian you will have to resubmit him through here though as I have no record of him anymore
  10. Yeah, I'll do it in a second.
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    Name: Carmen Stevenson
    Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
    Weight/Height: 5'5" 140lbs
    Style Of Wrestling: Technical
    Persona: Probably tweener but you can go any direction you want with her.


    Running DDT

    Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

    Other moves:
    Flying Crossbody
    Spinning Heel Kick
    Corner Springboard Bulldog
    Shining Wizard
    Cyclone Suplex
    Sitout Side Slam
    Double Underhook Suplex
    Romero Special

    Entrance Music:
    Show Spoiler

    Carmen comes out to her theme music, smiling and scanning the crowd, before throwing her fist in the air. She runs down the ramp and slides under the bottom ropes before throwing her fist into the air again once she's in the center of the ring.

    Appearance: What does your character look like?
    Show Spoiler

    Attire: What does your character wear?
    Show Spoiler
    These looks from AJ:

    Show Spoiler
    Kaitlyn's in-ring attire

    Personal Gimmick preference:
    Carmen is a beautiful, innocent-looking rising star in the FNW. Among the Superstars and the fans, Carmen doesn't look like someone who would ever exploit another person for personal gain. However, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Carmen is essentially a spy. She spies on her opposition, uses blackmail to get the matches that she wants, and pins Superstars against each other all while maintaining her squeaky-clean reputation. By using her natural charisma and charm, she is able to allude any accusations and has established valuable relationships with other Superstars along the way.
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  12. i would like to re-submit Max Power
  13. Lackin - Resubmit him then, I need you to fill out the form
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    Character Name: Brent Nixon

    Hometown: Derby, England

    Height/Weight: 234 pounds 6ft 1

    Birthdate: 9th October, 1986

    Style of wrestling: Very similar to 2012 Lesnar only more submission and mat wrestling based.

    He has really short dark brown hair all over (not totally shaved) with a slightly longer bit in the middle which is sort of a mohawk.

    The hair looks like this, ignore the rest of his face:

    Show Spoiler


    He has a full stubble that looks really rough, with the goatee part filled out more. He is really built, with a physique similar to Cena’s only a little more fighter like and less like a Bodybuilder’s. He has a tattoo on his back with all the people he’s defeated, he’s deliberately got them written small to show that he plans on adding more to that list.

    Oh, and he has a voice like Jason Statham -

    Show Spoiler

    Attire: Face + Heel: He wears Black ¾ length MMA shorts with subtle bits of white outline and black trainers. To the ring he wears a plain black T-Shirt only with his name written on in a nasty looking font. He puts on black MMA gloves once he enters the ring, he keeps them in his waistband at the side.

    Non-Wrestling: Same as his entrance gear.

    Finishers: Triangle Choke, Jackknife Powerbomb and beaten until KO

    Signatures: (From Collar and Elbow Tie Up) Standing Guillotine

    Show Spoiler

    Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Crucifix
    Show Spoiler

    Ground and pound
    Leg hook suplex
    Fujiwara Armbar
    Reverse Powerslam
    Running chest kick
    Shoulder charge
    Corner STO
    Suicide dive very occasionally
    Corner powerbomb, followed by bouncing off the ropes then delivering a spear
    Sindwinder suplex -

    Fallaway slam into a bridge
    Elegant suplex

    (Aside from these just general tough as hell moves)

    Entrance Style: No nonsense. He has no lighting, he enters pretty much straight after his music hits, he screams “C’mon” before two really big jumps at the top of the stage displaying his athleticism. He then walks briskly to the ring, never taking his eyes of off his opponent if he is in the ring. He gets in and stands at the corner nearest the ramp. The music then stops and he removes his shirt, bounces both his pecs up, he then takes the gloves from in his waistline and puts them on, staring at his opponent whilst doing so. He then turns away from his opponent and stands on the second turnbuckle, doing no pose, he just turns away so the opponent can see his back and the list of victims. If he enters first he waits until the opponent enters the ring to do all these things.

    Entrance Theme: Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk –
    Show Spoiler

    Gimmick/Personality/Give a brief background of my character:

    Nixon got thrown out of his house and forced to live with his crazy relatives (Aunt, uncle + 18 Y/O twins) in Alabama to learn his lesson after once again getting in trouble for a petty crime on the street when he was 12. He then had to toughen up mentally and physically when he moved as his Uncle used to beat him to “harden him up”, he used to be regularly assaulted his cousins as well. He had to work out and he secretly began MMA training so he could get back at them. At age 15 onwards neither his Uncle nor his cousins would go near him.

    He started off fighting professionally at age 19 at Pancrase and fought there for 3 years, fighting 13 times, winning 11 – 8 by knockout and 3 by submission, he lost 2 times, 1 by knockout and 1 by points.

    During fall 2008, after impressing in Pancrase, he moved onto StrikeForce, where he fought 7 times – he spent a few months out after serious leg injury – winning 5 out of the 7, 1 by knockout and 4 by submission, his deadly triangle choke. He lost twice, once by knockout and once by a dodgy points decision.

    In March 2011, his contract expired with StrikeForce and rumours started flying around that he was going to UFC. Eventually, after dragged out discussions with Dana White the highly rated youngster signed for UFC.

    There was much anticipation for his first bout, however, he would never compete in this after an incident with a fan outside of a UFC arena, where he struck a deranged fan who was threatening him for unexplained reasons, the fan then suffered post-traumatic amnesia due to the force Nixon hit him. Brent Nixon was immediately terminated and now has a court case in June 2013 to look forward to.

    There is no doubting the talent that Brent Nixon has, however no company is willing to take the risk on him as it could cause bad publicity. Also he has a tendency to get DQ’d.

    P.S If you have a better theme for this character, please feel free to suggest. It's the only thing I'm not sure about. Hope he's okay and good for the bookers/writers. Thank you Dolph's for finisher suggestion.
  15. ColeMiner can you resubmit it using the form provided. That helps me organize things
  16. Name: Based God Darth
    Height/Weight:6" 175lbs
    Style Of Wrestling: Technical,Aggressive
    Appearance:Tall,Aggressive having Beard and Moustache and Sideburns with Diamond Stud Ear Rings.
    Attire:Wears Black Wrestling Tights with some Tattoos.

    Finisher: Brain Freeze(Snap Double Underhook DDT),Lagging Leg(Over the Shoulder Single Leg Boston Crab)
    Signature: Omega Driver,Small Package Driver.

    Other moves: Clothesline
    Over Castle
    Foot DDT
    Knee Strike to The Head
    Multiple Powerbomb
    Shining Wizard
    Romero's Special
    Airplane Spin
    Sidewalk Slam
    Mexican Stretch Buster
    Triangle Dropkick
    Cross Rhodes
    Hawaiian Smasher

    Music: Omen - The Prodigy

    Style: Comes to the Stage and Taunts like RVD and runs on the Ramp and goes sliding to the Ring and goes towards the turnbuckle and does the RVD taunt.

    Gimmick: Heel
  17. Name: Jamie.
    Home Town: New Jersey.
    Weight/Height: 125lb, 5ft 6in
    Style Of Wrestling - High flying but also brawler
    Appearance:Imagine Velvet Sky but not as Orange...
    Attire: Fully Covered, PVC bodysuit thing. All Black with Jamie imprinted on her backside in Orange.

    Finisher: Sitout Double underhook Facebuster.
    Signatures: Dragonsleeper, One-Handed Bulldog, Dropkick from the top rope.
    Other moves: Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown, Hurrincanrana, DDT, Lou Thesz Press, Stink-face, Paintbrush to the back of the head, Sleeperhold, German Suplex, Backbreaker, Spinning Clothesline, Surfboard Submission, Openhand Slap, Running Kneelift, Top rope Sleeperhold, Suplex, Headscissors submission, Driving Neckbreaker, Turnbuckle Boot to the neck (ala Stacy Kiebler), Running Jumping clothesline, Armbar.

    Music - Chuck Berry, Crazy Bitch.
    Style: Comes out all happy but with a touch of business, does the CM Punk wrist rollling thing. Hi-5s the fans on the way to the ring, up the steps, does the Pidgeons bit, up the turnbuckle and puts on hand in the air with the Devil horns.
    (Made this years ago for a previous E-Fed)

    Personal Gimmick preference: What gimmick would you like to have, remember it can be changed by me if generic, used by someone else....
  18. Name: Max Power
    Home Town: Cheshire England UK
    Weight/Height: 6ft6 and 289lbs
    Style Of Wrestling - Powerhouse - Hardcore (like on svr 2008)
    Attire: Black and white boxer shorts and trainers (like john cena's trainers) and a chinese dragon down his back


    Finisher: KO Punch and Vice grip
    Signatures: Alabama slam - Winds of change - Famasser
    Other moves: Min 15-Max 25 Powerbomb - neckbreaker - chokeslam - Inverted DDT - Facebuster - Leg drop
    dropkick - boston crab - backbreaker - superplex - uppercut - scoopslam12 - piledriver - pulp handelslam
    - cutter

    Music - ARTIST - Drowning Pool ~ SONG - Rise Up
    (20 sec in)
    Style: Arena turns black suddenly theme song plays (when song kicks in minitron and titantron turn on and Max walks out slowly)

    Personal Gimmick preference:
    Heel: The fans and his opponants fear he brings intimidation to people. No one stands in his way or all hell will be let loose
    Face: Max gets and keeps the fans cheering and if their is a handicap situation Max will run out and help

    (To start i would like Max to be Face)
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    Name: Rodrigo also known as ¨The Spaniard¨
    Home Town: Burgos,Spain
    Weigh 187.39lb height 6ft 251⁄64in
    30 october 1994
    Style Of Wrestling - Luchador
    Appearance: What does your character look like?
    Show Spoiler

    Attire: What does your character wear?
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    No mask btw
    Cornered springboard bulldog/Springboard bulldog
    Corkscrew Shooting Star Press
    720 DDT

    Other moves:
    Crucifix Driver
    Hart Rate
    Diamond cutter
    Romero Special
    Lion Tamer
    Double moonsault
    Springboard Moonsault
    Rock Bottom
    Disaster kick
    Anaconda Vise
    Corner Knee Strike Followed By Running Bulldog
    Flying knee
    Music - Eminem Till I collapse
    Style: Shawn Michaels entrance/Sometimes from the crowd

    Personal Gimmick preference:
  20. Name: Jacob "Nano" Colton
    Home Town: Boston, MA, USA
    Weigh 193lb height 6ft 2in
    9 May 1987
    Style Of Wrestling - Hardy's style
    Appearance: What does your character look like?
    Show Spoiler

    Attire: What does your character wear?

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Swanton Bomb
    Reverse of Fate
    Twist of Fate full way down
    Twist of Fate stunner
    Wishper in the Wind

    Other moves:
    Crucifix Driver
    Diamond cutter
    Romero Special
    Lion Tamer
    Springboard Moonsault
    Attitude Adjustment
    Disaster kick
    Anaconda Vise
    Brogue Kick

    Music - Eminem - When I'm gone
    Style: Jeff Hardy's style

    Personal Gimmick preference:
    Tweener. Cocky and not really appreciated by the people.
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