Fight Night Wrestling - Dec 7th

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #7[/align]
    Date: 07/12/2012​

    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small]The camera pans around the Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas across the fans and then pans over to the titantron and stage with the Fight Night Wrestling written on the stage. Pyro sparks drops off the titantron

    *Crowd Pop*

    Sid: Ladies and Gentlemen it is Friday night and that means it is Fight Night! I’m Sid Taylor and with me as always is my co-commentator, Curt Cutlass! As always we are live from our home in the Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas. Are you as excited as usual Curt?

    Cutlass: What do you think Sid? We’re about to see an hour and a half’s worth of in ring action, all of it leading up to our big fatal fourway to crown our first ever champion! Here is the leaderboard right now.

    1st: Max Power (4/0)
    2nd: Brian Messias (4/2), Brent Nixon (4/2) & Lucas Hacksaw (4/2)
    3rd: Zach Schmidt (4/3)
    4th: Mad Dogg (2/0)
    5th: Andrew Austins (2/2)
    6th: Neil Thorn (1/1) Johnathon Grimm (1/1)
    7th: Vinnie Rose (1/2)
    8th: Iron Baba (1/3)
    9th: True Warrior (0/2) Ace Young (0/2)
    10thth: Masked Machine (0/3) Clash (0/3)

    Sid: Our competitors keep racing to be one of the four first with ten wins and a chance to win the FNW championship. We’ll be kicking off this week’s show with a match that was promised us last week. These two guys are on the bottom of the ranks right now but it hasn’t stopped them from making noise.

    [size=x-small]Clash's theme hits.

    *Crowd boos*

    The lights turn dark and one single blue spotlight comes on. The spotlight heads for the stage as Clash walks out on the stage. Clash is dressed in his normal charcoal black tights with blue X and C design down the sides and his name on the back. He also has black and blue boots with wing like paintings on the sides; one black elbow guard covers his left elbow. He has a black sleeveless zip up hoodie as well with the words Mr. Entertainment in blue on the back, the hood is pulled down to hide his face.

    Clash looks out at the crowd before strikes a pose mimicking a man being crucified with his arms out wide. Clash then heads to the ring.

    Josh Fordezski: This match is set for one fall! From Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 210lbs, Clash!

    Sid: And this man has made quite the amount of noise hasn’t he Curt? It seems like wherever Clash goes controversy isn’t far away.

    [size=x-small] Clash walks confidently down the ramp. He stops at the end of the ramp and strikes his pose again, as pyro hits by the end of the ramp behind him. Clash then slides into the ring and climbs one of the top turnbuckles. He pulls down his hood and looks out at the crowd before jumping down. He then starts waiting for his opponent. [/size]

    Cutlass: New theme music as well this week for Clash. I like it! It was two weeks ago that Clash attacked Max Power with a steel chair, last week he faced Power in a match that he had gotten granted by the general manager and he walked out on Power, Giving Power the win yet again only this time our GM decided that Max wouldn’t get a point for it, otherwise Max would be halfway to the fatal fourway by now.

    [size=x-small]Clash walks to the end of the ring and asks for a microphone. He is handed one by a stagehand. [/size]

    Sid: Wonder what he has to say. Maybe we can finally get some answers to what he has been doing.

    Clash: Before we go any further I have some things to get off my chest. Since last week my inbox, my twitter, my phone and even my mail box has been filled with messages asking one simple question. Why? Why did you walk out on your match with Max Power last week? Why did you give Max the win? It’s like the world hasn’t been able to let that one thing go for seven long days and I think we just need to straighten this out.

    Cutlass: Looks like you are getting your wish Sid.

    Clash: You see… You people are just so easy to play! You’re just like Max. You see I’ve got a plan, a plan that is going to take me to the top of this business and Max, he is just a means to an end. You might complain now that I am playing with all of your brains but it will all be worth it… well for me anyway, because it is going to make me, Mr. Zero Gravity the top dog in this house.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*[/size]

    Sid: What is he talking about? I understand nothing.

    Clash: You see there are certain things you need to be to be successful in this business. I learnt this the hard way over in Japan. You need to hit hard, because the guy who hits the hardest stays on top. You need to be skilled, because the most skilled has an edge. And you need to be smart, for he who is smart can manipulate the circumstances, and most importantly of all. You need to be exciting. Because if you’re not exciting, then people will forget you and there will be no room for you. It’s like I told some of the guys on the roster two weeks ago. You need to keep yourself interesting or you will be forgotten. I’ve made you people pay attention to me and now look at me, I’m opening the show for the second week in a row, heck, my match last week stole the show! And before I finish my business with Maximillian Power in two weeks I feel like some Mexican will do just fine. So Masked Machine, get out here so I can kick your ass! Max you better watch this because I am going to show you how to make headlines.

    Sid: Well…That sure was enlightening.

    Cutlass: I totally agree I get where he is coming from.

    Sid: You do?

    [size=x-small]Masked Machine's Theme hits

    *Crowd cheers*

    Masked Machine jumps out from the stage as white misty pyro goes off behind him. Masked Machine is wearing white shin high tights, with white boots and a white mask with three black stars on the forehead section of the mask. The mouth and eye holes have a yellow strip around them and black elbow pads. Masked Machine

    Josh Fordezski: From Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at 154lbs, The Masked Machine!

    Sid: The Mexican sensation, the Masked Machine, looking to go one on one with Clash to start off this week’s edition on Fight Night. Curt you have some information on Masked Machine don’t you?

    [size=x-small]Masked then runs down the ramp quickly and stops outside the ring.[/size]

    Cutlass: Indeed I do Sid. He’s a second generation wrestler from a large family of wrestlers back in Mexico. His father and uncles wrestled, his brothers and cousins wrestle and he has won tag titles with his brothers multiple times. He might not be the oldest of wrestlers but he has a well of experience. And now he faces another technical and high flying prodigy. This match will be great Sid.

    [size=x-small]Masked Machine climbs up on the apron and gets in the ring. Clash rushes him and dropkicks him before the ref can ring the bell and Machine falls out of the ring. The crowd boos Clash as Masked Machine gets to his feet and back in the ring.[/size]

    Sid: Well that was mature. Also where do you get all this info Curt?

    Cutlass: I have my sources, by which I mean Google and Wikipedia.

    Clash and Machine lock up in a finger lock up, pushing at each other to force the other to the ground. Machine grabs Clash’s right wrist and Irish whips him into the ropes. Clash rebounds off of the ropes into a series of back flips, he flips back into the center of the ring and lashes out in a round house kick to Machine, Machine dodges it by performing a front roll out of the way. When Clash lands Machine flips up on his feet and launches backwards into a pele kick to the head of Clash. Clash manages to catch the foot of Machine and swap it aside. Machine lands on his feet and the two start circling one another.

    Sid: some quick offence from both men right there. Both men showing an acrobatic side.

    Machine rushes at Clash with his right arm cocked for a right hook. Clash slides to the side and locks his arm around the arm and flips Machine over his shoulder, hoping to plant him in the ground. Machine lands on his feet thou and flips Clash over his own shoulder. Clash as well lands on his feet and moves his hands so he has them locked around the head of Machine. He then turns around so he is facing Machine and jumps up, bringing his knee to the face of Machine before falling backwards and driving Machine’s face hard into Clash’s knee. Clash then let’s go of Machine’s head and lets him fall backwards clutching his nose.

    Cutlass: Clash getting the first blow in this match. Did you see that fine example of athleticism from both guys Sid? I told you we would be in for a treat with this one.

    Clash kips up to a standing position when Masked Machine runs at Clash, Clash swings for a clothesline, Masked Machine ducks and runs towards the ropes, he jumps at them then springs off the second rope, turning around and hits Clash horizontally with a splash, bringing him to the mat.

    Sid: Great crossbody from Masked Machine! This match just took its first steps into the air.

    Machine and Clash are back to their feet and circling one another. Both men run at each other, dodging each other and they then start running the ropes, rebounding of the ropes multiple times trying to hit the other but always missing. Clash runs at Machine and jumps up into a double front kick but Machine catches his feet in his hands, forcing Clash to place his hands on the mat.

    Sid: Machine’s got Clash hooked up right there. I’m not sure he can get out of that one.

    Clash pushes off the mat with his hands so he rolls up into a ball in the air. He then pushes off of Machines hands and lands on the mat in a backwards roll up to his feet. Machine rushes him looking for a clothesline but Clash ducks underneath it and runs at the ropes, jumping up on the middle rope and launching off of it into a springboard reverse back elbow. Machine dodges it by performing a baseball slide move, sliding underneath the airborne Clash and getting up on his feet by the ropes, Clash lands in a backwards roll and rolls onto his feet. The two stare each other down before circling one another again.

    Sid: Awful lot of high tempo wrestling here Curt. Won’t these two guys get tired more quickly? Isn’t it smarter to save themselves?

    Cutlass: You’ve got to realize Sid that these guys are very much cruiserweights. Their ring style is much higher paced than wrestling between the guys who are 6,4ft and weigh close to 250lbs. They have a much more acrobatic and highflying style which requires much more stamina. Most cruiserweight matches start out high paced and then slow down a little bit. But we’ve seen nothing yet form these two I can guarantee you that we will see some mad S**t from these two competitors tonight.

    Clash and Machine lock up again in the middle of the ring. This time Machine has Clash placed in a side headlock. Machine flips Clash to the ground in a sitting position before he applies a shoulder claw, gripping around his collar bone with his right hand and applying force and torque to it, Clash manages to fight out of it, using both his hands to force Machine’s hand loose, he then works his way up to his feet and rotates so he is facing Machine. He then pulls and torques on Machine’s arm three times before flipping him over his own shoulder into a sitting position on the mat. Clash pushes one of his knees into the back of Machine whilst keeping pressure on his arm. Machine manages to flip over the knee and up into a standing position, getting out of the hold. The two men start circling one another again.

    Cutlass: See what did I tell you? They slowed it down with some technical mat wrestling. They will pick the pace up again right about now. You need to trust me on things like this Sid, I know my stuff!

    Clash and Machine meet in the middle of the ring and start trading punches and kicks. Machine dodges underneath a round house kick by Clash and lashes out with an uppercut, connecting to the chin of Clash sending him back staggering. Machine Irish whips Clash into the ropes and Clash rebounds off of them. Machine preps his right elbow and spins in a discus throw like motion hoping to connect it with Clash on impact. Clash dodges by going into a slide and kicking Machine over the knees, sending him to his knees. Clash rushes up to his feet and runs the ropes behind Machine, rebounds off of them and jumps into a running dropkick to the back of Machine’s head, planting Machine in the mat.

    Sid: And this match is picking up again, not so much high flying right now but if what you said is right Curt then we might see it pick up soon then?

    Cutlass: Yes we’ll see it pick up soon! Trust me on this kind of stuff Sid. Wrestling matches shift in tempo all the time, Jesus!

    Clash stands behind Machine and grabs ahold of his shoulders to pull him up to his feet. Machine reaches up and locks in a three quarter front face-lock, Masked Machine then kneels down, and then pulls the opponent forward, flipping them over Masked Machine's shoulder, however Masked Machine rolls forward with Clash, planting Clash to the mat back first, Masked Machine stands up and runs at the ropes, as Clash sits up

    Sid: Masked Machine with a nice snapmare there, is he looking to pay back Clash’s kick from earlier?

    Masked Machine rebounds and jumps back, kicking Clash in the face with the soles of his feet knocking him back to the mat.

    Sid: Yes, yes he does.

    Cutlass: Can you be more corny?

    Clash is lying on his back as Machine climbs up on the top turnbuckle. Machine looks down at Clash before he jumps off the top rope and spins forward in a 360 forward spin. Clash rolls out of the way at the final moment and gets up on his feet as Machine lands on his feet. Clash swings his leg up and connects with his foot to the side of the head of Machine who stumble to the nearby ropes holding his head.

    Cutlass: Nice kick there from Clash! quick on the counter and deadly with his feet. I bet you that Machine did not see that coming.

    Machine is resting against the ropes. Clash sizes him up and rushes at Machine. He jumps up and plants both his feet on the chest of Machine, sending him over the ropes and out to ringside.

    Sid: And Clash sends Machine out of the ring with a running dropkick. Clash is probably looking to end this match early using a high risk move to the outside to take out the Mexican superstar.

    Machine gets up to his feet, still a bit groggy from the dropkick as Clash is standing in the ring looking at him. Clash runs the ropes opposite Machine’s end of the ring and rebounds off of them. As he approaches the ropes he leans forward, looking to fly between the ropes in a suicide dive. As his head and shoulders get through the ropes Machine jumps up and plants both his feet in the faces of Clash, stopping his flight dead in its tracks. Clash hangs on the ropes clutching his aching head.

    Cutlass: Oh that was just vicious! Clash could very well have a concussion after that. I told you that this match was going to pick up Sid and looks like I was right wasn’t I?

    Clash stumbles into the ring’s center, still clutching his head as Machine climbs up on the apron. Machine grabs ahold of the top rope and launches himself over it towards Clash, turning in the air so he has his legs and body out to the side. He then quickly applies a three quarter front face-lock to Clash, and lands on the mat in a laying down position, driving the head of Clash into the ground with a cutter, Clash lays still on the mat as Masked Machine releases the lock

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Masked Machine with a springboard cutter!

    Masked Machine moves over to Clash and covers, the referee counts

    Clash kicks out

    Sid: First cover of the match goes to Masked Machine. Do you think the impact to the head Clash has taken here will impact his ring work in any way Curt?

    Cutlass: Hard to tell just now. We’ll have to wait and see if it will become a long term issue in this match.

    Machine pulls Clash to his feet and Irish whips him into the ring corner and walks up to his opponent. He starts dealing knife edge chops to the chest of Clash using the side of his left hand.

    Sid: Masked Machine looks to be in firm control of this match right now. The crowd here in Dallas seems to enjoy it as well.

    Cutlass: Don’t count Clash out just yet. He’s smart and can find a way out of most tricky situations.

    Clash gets his right arm up to block the next chop and pushes Machine away from him. He then starts punching at Machine, leaving Machine to try and block the punches. He delivers a strike to Clash’s head and Clash staggers back holding his head. Machine goes to deliver a double axehandle strike to Clash’s head when Clash swings his leg up and connects with his foot to the side of the head of Machine. Machine staggers back and Clash capitalizes by leans him forward and puts both his arms under the arms of Machine and up on his back, crossing his hands on top of Machine’s shoulderblades. He then falls backwards and plants Machine’s head with a DDT.

    Cutlass: Savate kick into double underarm hook DDT! I told you to never count Clash out. He laid a trap and Machine fell right in it.

    Clash rolls Machine over on his back and gets up to his feet. He walks to the nearest ring post and climbs up, stopping at the top to steady himself.

    Sid: Is he feeling the strikes to the head he took earlier? Is he getting dizzy?

    Clash steadies himself and turns to face the downed Machine. He jumps high into the air, keeping himself upright, he tucks his legs in and as he is close to landing on Machine he brings them out, stomping on the chest of Machine as he lands.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Does he look dizzy to you? That was a vicious top rope foot stomp. I guess he is paying back Machine for the kicks to the head by working over Machine’s ribs instead. I like this vicious side of Clash.

    Clash pulls Masked Machine up to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes. Masked Machine runs at Clash after the rebound, Clash picks Masked Machine up at his side, as Masked Machine flips over in his grip to lock in a headscissors, Masked Machine swings his body around, forcing Clash to spin in place, Masked Machine then rolls, forcing Clash to roll forward but Clash manages to land on his feet

    Sid: A lovely headscissors by the Mexican superstar

    Cutlass: But an even more beautiful landing from Clash.

    Clash flips backwards and locks his hands around the head of Machine. He then falls to the mat, pulling Machine face first with him. Machine connects to the mat face first.

    Cutlass: Did you see that!? innovative offence by Clash. Come on now kid, pin him!

    Clash rolls Machine over on his back and hooks his right leg, covering Machine.

    Machine kicks out

    Sid: But Masked Machine kicks out at two! That was some cool offence but I don’t think it will be enough to take out the Mexican sensation.

    Clash pulls Machine up to his feet and stands facing him. Clash then starts delivering straight rights to the gut of Machine. He manages to get four strikes in before Machine blocks a punch and the two start trading punches and kicks instead.

    Sid: A trade of strikes from both men. They both seem to be feeling the effects of the damage they have already taken in this matchup.

    Clash dodges rolling elbow from Machine and catches a high kick with Machine’s left foot. Machine jumps up and connects with an ensugiri kick to the head of Clash with his right foot. Clash let’s go and staggers back, allowing Machine to lock both his hands around Clash’s right wrist.

    Cutlass: Ouch! Clash must have felt that ensugiri. Maybe Machine isn’t so high and dandy as I thought. He seems just as willing to exploit injuries as any other wrestler.

    Machine whips Clash into the ropes, Clash hooks the ropes, Machine then runs at Clash, Clash hits a boot on Machine and back flips onto the apron

    Sid: Clash counters with a spinning back kick, landing on the ring apron. Do you think he is still feeling dizzy?

    Clash holds onto the ropes and jumps up, connecting a roundhouse kick, knocking Machine to the mat

    Cutlass: Does that answer your question?

    Clash then pulls himself up to the rope and springs off it, driving his elbow into the chest of Machine

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: If not than that did. Clash hitting a slingshot elbow drop hard on the ribs of Masked Machine, the fans loved that one.

    Clash hooks the leg of Machine, the referee counts

    Machine kicks out

    Cutlass: Oh so close right there! I seriously thought Clash had it right there.

    Clash gets up on his feet and waits for Machine to start getting up. Machine is up on all fours when Clash lashes out with a kick to Machine’s unprotected ribs, making Machine fall to the ground clutching his ribs.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*[/size]

    Sid: Clash pouring salt in the proverbial wound right there, the fans also showing their disapproval.

    Cutlass: Oh grow up. He’s utilizing a weakness. We saw Machine doing the same thing earlier. No difference at all.

    Clash taunts the crowd as Masked Machine gets to his feet. Machine spins Clash around so he is facing him and the two start trading punches, Machine dealing a set of knife edge chops to the chest of Clash. Clash catches Macine’s arm and kicks him in the ribs some more from a standing position. He then Irish whips Machine into the ring corner, Machine falls forward during the whip and hooks his legs over the top ropes and turnbuckle, leaving him hanging in a tree of Woe.

    Sid: Masked Machine being whipped into a tree of Woe. This cannot end well because I don’t think Clash has any good intentions with this.

    Clash walks up to the corner where Machine is hanging and climbs the ropes, standing on the top turnbuckle above Machine. Masked Machine tries reaching up with his arms so he can get out of the tree, bending his chest and torso forward while doing so. Clash jumps up into the air and plants his feet in the chest of Masked Machine. Clash lands on the ground whilst Machine is still hanging from the ropes.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Another wicked double foot stomp from Clash! this time from a tree of Woe position. Machine might very well have some broken ribs now because that cannot have felt good. Clash is making sure that he is winning this match by being methodical and some would say cruel, I call it being smart.

    Masked Machine rolls out of the tree and up to his feet whilst holding his chest as Clash is standing in the middle of the ring soaking in the crowds boos. Clash walks towards the ropes taunting the crowd when Machine tackles him from behind, driving him into the ropes. Clash rebounds backwards from the ropes and Machine rolls out of the way. Clash manages to get control in the middle of the ring and rushes and Machine who jumps up and connects with a spinning kick to the head of Clash. Clash clutches his head, again feeling dizzy.

    Sid: Masked Machine finally fighting back after Clash seemingly took control of the match for a while there. What can he do now with possibly injured ribs though?

    Masked Machine runs towards Clash, Clash grabs Masked Machine in a side slam clutch and flips him upside down, however Masked Machine locks in a headscissors and spins his upper body around under the arm of Clash, he clutches the far shoulder of Clash as he brings his legs around the back of Clash and under the arm of Clash and locks in a headscissors again, Masked Machine then swings under the arm, around the torso and back underneath the other arm and clutches the same shoulder again, he releases the headscissors and swings his lower body round the back of Clash and underneath the clutched shoulder, and locks in a headscissors clutch again, he lets go of the shoulder and swings his upperbody underneath the clutches arm, around the body of Clash and underneath the arm again of Clash and clutches the far shoulder again, he releases the headscissors and brings round his lower body underneath the free, arm around the back of Clash and under the clutched arm to lock in a headscissors on Clash again, this time placing Clash's head between his ankle's. Masked Machine then releases the clutch on the shoulder and swings his upperbody forward and around Clash, making Clash spin around in place twice, Masked Machine then rolls forward, forcing Clash to flip forward and land on the mat back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Clearly he somehow is still able to do that. Is he insane or something!? Attempting something like that with a possible rib injury.

    Sid:…I’m not even going to try and name all the things that happened there.

    Masked Machine climbs up the turnbuckle to the top rope as Clash gets to his feet groggy

    Sid: Looks like Masked Machine isn’t quite done yet. Prepare for some high flying action people!

    Cutlass: Prepare for… They’ve gotten high flying wrestling this entire match slapnuts!

    Masked Machine leaps off the top rope, he lands on the shoulders of Clash, facing him. Machine locks his legs as he leans back, flipping backwards and pulls Clash to the mat head first, Masked Machine hooks the leg as Clash hits the mat neck first, the referee counts

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Top Rope Hurricanrana from Masked Machine, or as he calls that move, the Fajita Buster

    Clash kicks out.

    Cutlass: Clash kicks out at the last second! What fighting spirit, what passion! That hurricanrana wasn’t bad either.

    Machine pulls Clash to his feet once more and Irish whips him into the ropes. Clash rebounds off the ropes and Machine looks to clothesline him but Clash manages to duck underneath it. Clash spins 360 degrees and delivers a spinning elbow strike to the head of Machine.

    Sid: Clash dodging that clothesline and countering with a spinning elbow. Will it be enough to turn the tide of this very even matchup yet again? Clash has already eaten both the proper Tortilla and the Fajita buster so he is probably feeling the effects of that.

    Clash underhooks the arms of Machine as well as placing them in a standing headscissors clutch

    Cutlass: Clash is underhooking the arms, is he possibly going for...

    Clash lifts Machine up in a dragonwing lift flips Machine over as he lifts and rotates him 90 degrees, then drops to one knee and plants Machine across his knee

    Cutlass: Yup! Welcome Home, Mother...well you know

    Sid: What? You know what Curt?

    Cutlass: The F word Sid, the F word.

    Machine clutches his back, Clash stomps on Machine’s chest before turning away from him

    Sid: Clash making sure that Masked Machine stays down after the Welcome Home. Wonder what he has planned to follow it up with…

    Clash walks up to the ring post and climbs up on the second turnbuckle. He looks out at the booing crowd before sneering at them and climbing all the way up.

    Cutlass: He has bad thoughts on his mind Sid, bad thoughts that are going to end badly for a certain masked wrestler. Clash calls himself Mr. Zero Gravity and I think we are now going to see why.

    Clash stands on the top rope, he then leaps off performing a backflip in mid-air and lands a splash on Masked Machine, he covers the referee counts

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Shooting star press! Clash hits a picture perfect press! Is this match over?!

    Machine kicks out

    Sid: Masked Machine kicks out yet again! The Mexican sensation just refuses to stay down! What an opening match we are getting tonight Curt.

    Cutlass: Indeed we are Sid; two of this company’s finest showing that they deserve to be on the card. These two can fly with the best of them.

    Both men are up to their feet and facing each other, Machine grasping his ribs and Clash wobbling a bit. Clash runs at Machine who dodges the wild blow and runs up the ropes. Machine jumps off the ropes in a moonsault but Clash manages to catch him in a fireman’s carry.

    Sid: Machine almost getting that Moonsault in, we can now clearly see both men feeling the effects of this high octane match. Clash has problems standing straight with Machine on his shoulders.

    Clash throws Machine’s legs over his head forward and grabs the back of the head of Machine, Clash then sits down to the mat and pushes Machine to the mat face first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Hiroshima Buster! Clash hits his finishing maneuver on Masked Machine! This match is over Sid, it’s over.

    Clash rolls Machine over and hooks the leg, the referee counts

    Machine gets his feet on the ropes at the last second and the referee pulls Clash off of him.

    Cutlass: When will this match end? Both these guys are pretty banged up as you’ve mentioned Sid and if Clash can’t keep Machine down with the Hiroshima Buster then what else can he do? It’s not like asking him to stay down nicely will work.

    Clash gets up to his feet slowly and walks towards the ring corner. He grabs a hold of the ropes and steadies himself before getting up on the second turnbuckle and looking out at the crowd. He screams “which one of you losers wants to see a senton bomb?!” before climbing up on the top turnbuckle as the crowd boos him.

    Sid: Clash’s apparently going for a senton bomb. He’s pulling out the high impact moves to end this match as quickly as possible now. He must be getting tired and dizzy as well after all the shots to the head.

    As Clash is standing on the top turnbuckle looking at the crowd Masked Machine kips up to a sitting position. As Clash turns around towards the ring Machine runs up the turnbuckles and jump up and latches onto Clash’s neck with his legs in a rana position. He then falls backwards and flips Clash forward off the top rope, driving both of them into the mat hard.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Exploder Hurricanrana! Their bodies must be broken in half! They can’t go on like this! End the match damn it!

    Cutlass: Let them fight Sid. There needs to be a clear winner in this.

    Clash and Machine slowly get up to their feet, both men using the ropes to steady themselves. Machine is up to his feet fully first and looks at the still groggy Clash. He taunts the groggy Clash further into the ring before running towards Clash, Clash grabs Masked Machine in a side slam clutch and flips him upside down, however Masked Machine locks in a headscissors and spins his upper body around under the arm of Clash, he clutches the far shoulder of Clash as he brings his legs around the back of Clash and under the arm of Clash and locks in a headscissors again, Masked Machine then swings under the arm, around the torso and back underneath the other arm and clutches the same shoulder again, he releases the headscissors and swings his lower body round the back of Clash and underneath the clutched shoulder, and locks in a headscissors clutch again, he lets go of the shoulder and swings his upperbody underneath the clutches arm, around the body of Clash and underneath the arm again of Clash and clutches the far shoulder again, he releases the headscissors and brings round his lower body underneath the free, arm around the back of Clash and under the clutched arm to lock in a headscissors on Clash again, this time placing Clash's head between his ankle's. Masked Machine then releases the clutch on the shoulder and swings his upperbody forward and around Clash, making Clash spin around in place twice, Masked Machine then rolls forward, forcing Clash to flip forward and land on the mat back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Another propeller Tortilla! How does he have energy left in him to pull something like this!?

    Clash rolls out of the ring, trying to steady himself whilst looking dizzy and ready to throw up. The referee walks closer to him as Masked Machine is standing in the ring clutching his ribs and looking on.

    Cutlass: This could be bad. Clash looks like he is ill, he might have gotten motion sickness from that last whatever tortilla. I hope he can continue this match.

    Masked Machine climbs up on the top rope and looks out at Clash who is talking to the ref. He leaps off the top rope, he lands on the shoulders of Clash, facing him. Machine locks his legs as he leans back, trying to perform another Fajita Buster but Clash blocks it, locking his arms under the back of Machine, preventing him from falling completely backwards.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Clash blocks the Fajita Buster! Was he just faking the dizziness all along!?

    Clash lifts up Machine before dropping him down hard on the mat in a powerbomb. Clash doesn’t let go thou and lifts Machine ups again and plants him with a second powerbomb as the crowd boos him. He then lets go of the hold and instead lifts Machine to his feet before rolling him into the ring.

    Cutlass: He doesn’t look quite as dizzy to me now. He played up his dizziness to fool his opponent, brilliant! Machine played right into his hands.

    Clash lifts Machine to his feet inside the ring by clutching the back of the head of Machine and drags him down as he brings his knee up to the mid-section of Machine, Clash holds Machine's head in place as he delivers another one.

    Sid: Clash delivering a vicious set of knees to Masked Machine. Is he perhaps looking to finally finish this match? All those knees must have injured Machine’s already bruised ribs.

    Machine leans over clutching his gut, Clash then runs to the ropes to the left of Machine, he rebounds off of them and jumps up into the air, Clash then steps onto the left shoulder of Machine, driving his foot into the shoulder blades of Machine, pushing him to the mat face first.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Clash hits the Highway Clash! All drivers here in Dallas Texas should look out for traffic accidents after that!

    Sid: That wasn’t needed! He had him beat with the powerbomb. That last move was just cruel.

    Clash drops to the mat and hooks the leg, the referee counts

    Clash wins.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*

    Clash's theme hits

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner… Clash!

    [size=x-small]Clash climbs up on the top turnbuckle as the crowd boos him and Machine is left lying in the ring holding his ribs with the referee checking over him. Clash looks out at the crowd then turns to a nearby camera and mouths the word “mind games” into the camera before waving at it and jumping of the turnbuckle. [/size]

    Cutlass: Clash has done it! He has secured his first win here on Fight Night and trumps the high flying Mexican sensation whilst doing so. I’m sure we will see plenty of more wins from Clash here in the future.

    Sid: Are you happy about this Curt? Clash cheated to win.

    [size=x-small]Clash looks at the down Masked Machine before shrugging and rolling out of the ring as he starts heading up the ramp. [/size]

    Cutlass: Cheated? He didn’t cheat! Wrestling is equal parts a game of the mind as a physical sport Sid. People use the psychological edge all the time in this business. It’s like a war and every wrestler is a general planning tactics. Clash was just better at tactics than the Masked Machine. Deal with it. Both men needed a win here and Clash was the one who ended his losing streak instead of Masked Machine.

    Sid: I still say the Highway Clash was unnecessary.

    [size=x-small]Clash stops halfway up the ramp and notices a fan holding a sign that says “Power 4 Life”. He snatches the sign from the fan and shows it off for the camera nonchalantly before continuing up the ramp and backstage. [/size]

    Sid: Well that certainly isn’t going to give him any more fans.

    Cutlass: No but it sends a message to Max Power, whom he faces next week in a rematch from last week. Time for commercials people, we’ll be right back!


    [align=left]Result: Clash def Masked Machine ​
    Written By: Stopspot[/align]

    Show Spoiler
    Zach wood stands in the ring jogging in place and the stretches on the rope. Zach has an English Flag tattoo on his left arm and a Scottish flag tattoo on his right. He then puts on a bright green morph suit that completely covers him

    Sid: What the? What the heck is he wearing?

    Cutlass: Is this guy really serious about becoming an FNW superstar?

    [size=x-small]Lucas Hacksaw's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Hacksaw walks out wearing a blue mask, a brown jacket, jean shorts, black wrestling boots. He stands at the bottom and raises his hand up with force, he then turns around to face the stage wear he spreads his arms as pyro flares off. Hacksaw then spins round and walks to the ring.

    Josh Fordeszki: From New York, New York, weighing in at 250lbs, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw!

    Sid: Lucas Hacksaw, the man who is one win away from becoming the first superstar to cross the half-way point

    Cutlass: Zach Schmidt was quite annoyed Hacksaw got this match, however as we all know FNW has had a lot of superstars all trying to get onto this brand, so we will be having various rookies face stars to see whether or not they deserve to join

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw walks slowly down to the ring before climbing up onto the apron and slowly in the ring.[/size]

    Sid: Who do you think will win this one Curt?

    Cutlass: Well we have Lucas Hacksaw one of the top superstars in the business, and on the other hand we have a guy in a full body suit that even covers his face, obscuring his vision, I didn't do too well in school Sid, but even a monkey can tell who will win this match

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw climbs up the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd[/size]

    The referee calls for the bell. Zach Wood runs at Hacksaw as his back is turned, he locks both arms behind Hacksaw, then turns round forcing Hacksaw to turn to face Zach's back while his arms are underhooked.

    Sid: Zach Wood looking for a double underhook facebuster

    Hacksaw frees one arm and pushes Zach away, Zach turns around and kicks Hacksaw in the leg bringing Hacksaw to his knees, Zach then applies a front face lock, he falls back and plants Hacksaw face first to the mat

    Cutlass: Ouch, Snap DDT, I think I underestimated this guy, how long has he been competing in that suit, he is like Dare Devil Sid, knows his surroundings and kicks ass

    Sid: I guess Hollywood should give this guy a call 9 years ago and replace Ben Affleck.

    Zach sits Hacksaw up, he takes two steps back then runs at Hacksaw, pushing Hacksaw back down to the mat by stepping on his chest.

    Sid: Zach Wood with a nice boot, but keeps the foot on Hacksaw to then apply all his weight on Hacksaw

    Zach covers Hacksaw, the referee counts

    Lucas Hacksaw kicks out

    Zach Wood gets to his feet and drags Hacksaw up, he then hits Hacksaw with his forearm, Zach then runs at the ropes, he rebounds and runs towards Hacksaw, Hacksaw bends and then flips Zach up and over his head landing Zach back first on the mat

    Sid: Lucas Hacksaw coming back with a back body drop, showing why he is currently 2nd on the leaderboard.

    Hacksaw delivers a gut kick to Zach Wood, he then applies a three quarter front face-lock on Zach Wood and throws his near arm over Hacksaw's head. Hacksaw then rolls sideways dragging Zach Wood over him and lands him on the mat neck and shoulders first, the referee counts

    Cutlass: Nice move there by Hacksaw, a neckbreaker pinning combination right there!

    Zach Wood kicks out

    Hacksaw stands by the side of Zach Wood he then jumps in the air and lands a splash on Zach Wood

    Sid: Hacksaw using all his weight in that move

    The referee counts

    Zach Wood kicks out

    Sid: Zach Wood not as easy to put away as he thought

    Hacksaw pulls Zach Wood up and whips him into the corner, Hacksaw then walks over and hits Zach with a right hand.

    Sid: Hacksaw now showing this rookie what he would expect if he was to join FNW, however now I have doubts about that

    Hacksaw applies a front face-lock on Zach Wood, he then flips the arm over his head. He then lifts Zach Wood up and places him on the top turnbuckle. Hacksaw then stepped up to the top rope and clubs Zach Wood's back

    Cutlass: Hacksaw has Zach Wood on the top rope, no where to go. What is Hacksaw going to do?

    Hacksaw then lifts Zach Wood onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, Hacksaw then turns around on the second rope to face the ring, he jumps off, performing a rolling senton, landing Zach Wood to the mat back first, Hacksaw then gets to his feet

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Hacksaw off the second rope with homage to Ken Anderson

    Hacksaw grasps the throat of Zach Wood, he then flips the near arm over his head and grabs the side of Zach Wood with his other hand, Hacksaw then lifts Zach Wood up and throws him to the mat landing him back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Chokeslam!

    Hacksaw drops to the mat and covers Zach Wood, the referee counts

    The referee calls for the bell

    [size=x-small]Lucas Hacksaw's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Hacksaw stands up and the referee raises his hand.

    Josh Fordeszki: Here is Your winner....Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw!

    Sid: Zach Wood just got Smashed by the now 1st place in the leaderboard, Lucas Hacksaw

    Cutlass: & It looks like Zach Wood will not be joining the roster today Sid, back to the development territory kid, maybe ditch the green morph suit for an actual wrestling attire.

    Sid: Coming up next, a little feud that has been built on the FNW message boards, Vinnie Rose returns to action against Austins


    [align=left]Result: Lucas Hacksaw Def Zach Wood ​
    Written By: Sheldor[/align]

    Show Spoiler

    Cutlass: Welcome back to Fight Night Wrestling ladies and gentlemen! My name is Curt Cutlass and next to me is as always Sid Taylor! If you’re just joining us you just missed Lucas Hacksaw putting an upstart whom I don’t even remember the name off.

    Sid: Zach Wood, his name was Zach Wood.

    Cutlass: Whatever. Anyways, time for our next scheduled match of the night. Bring out the gladiators! Entertain me!

    [size=x-small]Vinnie Rose's Theme hits

    *Crowd cheers*

    Vinnie Rose jumps out wearing grey trunks with purple/pink designs and his initials on it. Black elbow pads and knee pads,white boots, one long wrist/hand tape almost to the elbow pad, and on the left hand a purple/pink power balance wristband. He waves to the fans as pyro goes off behind him

    Josh Fordezski: This match is set for one fall. From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 260lbs, Vinnie Rose!

    Sid: Vinnie Rose making his in ring return to Fight Night after a couple of weeks absence. No one really knows why Vinnie wasn’t booked but I bet he is happy to be back on the card.

    [size=x-small]Rose walks down to the ring waving to the fans. He walks up the stairs and into the ring.[/size]

    Cutlass: I want to know what his excuse is for not being booked. He claimed on our message board that he was suspended a week or so ago but management cleared that up. So if he wasn’t suspended why wasn’t he booked? Was he injured or just not entertaining enough?

    [size=x-small]Rose poses on two turnbuckles showing his muscles to the crowd[/size]

    Sid: Now I think you are just being cruel Curt. We both know that Rose is a pretty popular member of our roster.

    [size=x-small]Andrew Austins theme hits.

    *Crowd boos*

    The arena flashes gold before it goes dark as one single spotlight is left on. Austins steps into the spotlight dressed in black wrestling boots and with one black knee pad on his right knee, he wears dark jeans shorts instead of tights. He looks out at the crowd with a sneer and a scowl on his face. He raises his hand and points down at his opponent in the ring before he starts walking down the ramp.

    Josh Fordezski: And his opponent! From ST. Louis, Missouri. Weighing in at 175 lbs. Andrew…Austins!

    Cutlass: Well he’s got a nice chance to prove that he isn’t boring right here in the form of Andrew Austins. It will be interesting to see if Rose suffers from any ring rust. These two have been taking shots at each other for two weeks on our message boards and I for one can’t wait to see them get their hands on each other.

    [size=x-small]Andrew stops by the bottom of the ramp, looks up at the ring and sneers at his opponent. Andrew then climbs the stairs and gets into the ring. He gets up on the top rope and looks out at the crowd. [/size]

    Sid: I don’t think Rose will suffer from any significant ring rust per say Curt, but it is a valid point that you are bringing up. Andrew was part of the main event last week and has been getting some experience in the ring whilst Vinnie has been gone from in ring action.

    [size=x-small]Andrew jumps of the top rope and stares at his opponent, waiting for the bell to ring. [/size]

    Vinnie and Andrew circle one another as the ref rings the bell and the match starts. The two lock up in a knuckle lock up, pushing at each other. Vinnie lets go and transitions his hands so he has them locked in a three-quarter facelock on Andrew, keeping him locked in position. Andrew struggles against the hold but Vinnie just won’t let go. Vinnie uses the hold to push Andrew to the ground, who rolls backwards and makes some distance between himself and Rose as the crowd cheers.

    Sid: Vinnie Rose taking early control with a Cravate. Do you see any ring rust Curt?

    Cutlass: Whilst that Cravate did look nice it’s way too early to tell if Rose suffers from ring rust or not. Let this match develop a bit so we get to see more of his ring work and I’ll give you my opinion then okay.

    Vinnie Rose rushes at Andrew; arm stretched out for a clothesline, Andrew dodges it by performing a forward roll so he ends up behind Rose. Andrew Austins rushes Vinnie from behind and pushes him into the ropes. Rose rebounds off the ropes, allowing Austins to throw him to the ground with a hip toss. Austins then locks in a double arm wrench, forcing his left knee into the neck of a sitting Rose whilst pulling both his arms backwards.

    Sid: Double arm wrench to a sitting opponent. We saw the same maneuver from Austins a few weeks back when he faced Iron Baba. Will it garner him better results this time?

    Vinnie fights himself up to his feet but Austins still has both his arms locked. Austins pulls and torques some more on the arms and the referee asks Rose if he wants to give up, Vinnie refuses and keeps fighting, managing to move himself so that he is facing Austins. He gets his foot up on Austins gut and pushes off with it, forcing Austins to let go off his arms and creating some space between them.

    Cutlass: Vinnie managing to create some space and get out of the hold. Not how I would have done because it’s easy to pop a shoulder like that. But hey I’m not the guy in the ring.

    Austins runs at Vinnie and the two start trading blows. Vinnie connects with a forearm strike to the head of Austins and grabs ahold of Austins left arm, he then Irish whips Austins into the ropes. As Austins rebounds off the ropes he spins around 360 degrees and delivers a forearm smash to Austins, bringing him to the ground. Austins rolls out of the ring.

    Sid: Vinnie Rose seemingly taking control of this match, Austins going outside of the ring to create some space between the two.

    Rose rolls out of the ring and goes after Austins, who runs away from him and Rose ends up chasing Austins around the ring. Austins slides into the ring and Vinnie gets up on the apron. Austins starts yelling insults at Rose whilst Rose is still on the apron, getting Rose mad.

    Cutlass: What does Austins have planned now? Getting Rose mad will not benefit him considering the beef these two have, unless he has something planned.

    Vinnie starts climbing in between the ropes, one leg over the middle rope when Austins kicks the middle rope, crotching Rose against the rope and Rose falls into the ring writhing in pain.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*[/size]

    Cutlass: Oh so that’s what he had planned! smart move there by Austins. He needed to do something to slow Vinnie Rose down and make the size difference a smaller factor than what it was. Brilliant.

    Austins starts stomping on Rose as he is on the ground. Rose hooks a leg around the ropes and the referee forces Austins away from Rose. Austins yells at Rose “How’s that you fatass!?”

    Sid: I’m surprised the ref didn’t call the match there to be honest. Curt do you have any info on this rivalry between Rose and Austins?

    Cutlass: Well we all know Austins has an ego. Rose seemingly decided to call him out on his ego and it quickly escalated into a childish war of insults with Austins implying that Rose wasn’t booked because he was looking at moving to another company. Rose even ended up insulting Austins weight. I was surprised there wasn’t any your mama jokes thrown around to be honest.

    Rose gets up to his feet and Austins runs the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, rebounding off of them. Austins jumps up into the air and brings his left knee up, connecting with Rose’s chest, sending Rose to the ground.

    Sid: Big running knee from Andrew Austins. Vinnie needs to step it up if he wants to walk out of here with a win under his belt.

    Austins rolls Rose over on his back and drops his elbow into the chest of Rose, he then gets up and drives the elbow into Rose’s chest one more time. He then jumps up on the middle rope and launches off it, spins 180 degrees and drops his left leg over the neck of Rose in a diving leg drop.

    Cutlass: two elbow drops followed by a big leg drop. Austins certainly isn’t taking any chances with Vinnie Rose tonight. Maybe Vinnie really is suffering from ring rust, otherwise he would probably be more into this match.

    Austins gets up on his feet and walks to the corner where he climbs up on the tope rope, behind him Rose is getting up to his feet, wobbling slightly. Austins turns around and sees Rose up to his feet. He launches off the top rope, looking to flatten Rose with a diving crossbody.

    Cutlass: Andrew Austins going into the air! Impact in 3..2..

    Rose catches Austins over his shoulders and places him in a fireman’s carry. He then falls back and slams Austins to the mat back first
    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Sid: Vinnie Rose counters with a Samoan Drop! Can he work out the supposed ring rust and get back into this match?

    Rose picks up Austins and grabs ahold of his arms. Rose then sends Austins into the ropes, Austins rebounds and runs at Rose however he pulls back and scoops Austins up, flipping him over in mid-air, Rose then drops to a knee & slams Austins across his knee, Austins rolls off clutching his back

    Cutlass: Ouch, what a nasty backbreaker.

    Rose pulls Austins up to his feet and starts hitting him in the face with his forearm. Austins blocks the fifth strike and the two start trading strikes in the middle of the ring.

    Sid:Andrew Austins and Vinnie Rose trading punches right here. Vinnie seems to have found his stride now and is taking more and more control of this match. Do you agree Curt?

    Cutlass: Anything can happen in this sport Sid. Andrew can just as easily turn this around as Vinnie can keep control. Just watch I think Andrew has something great planned right here.

    Rose reaches under both arms of Austins & lifts him up, he then spins round and throws Austins away to the mat

    Cutlass: … Or I could be completely wrong and he could be thrown around like a ragdoll.

    Rose runs at Austins and swings with a clothesline, knocking Austins to the mat

    Sid: A running clothesline from Rose.

    Rose runs at Austins and sends him to the mat with another clothesline

    Sid: And there’s number two.

    Rose runs at Austins and sends him to the mat a third time. Austins clutches his nose and signals for the referee.

    Cutlass: And number three followed along nicely. Wonder what he wants with the ref, did he bust his nose or something?

    The Referee goes to check on Austins with Rose standing over him. Austins suddenly pushes the ref aside and kicks Rose over the knee, sending Rose to his knees on the mat floor. Austins kips up to his feet quickly and delivers a kick to the chest of Rose.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*[/size]

    Sid: Austins playing possum to lure Rose into a trap. Just as Rose was gaining momentum as well.

    Cutlass: I think it was smart by Austins if you ask me. Rose allowed himself to be played like a finely tuned violin.

    Austins delivers four more kicks to the chest of Rose before Rose catches Austins leg and pushes him away. Rose gets up to his feet when Austins rushes at him again, Rose counters it with a gut kick.

    Rose bends over and grabs Austins by the waist and lifts him over his head, he then holds onto the legs.

    Sid: Rose going for the double leg slam!

    Austins locks his arms around the torso of Rose and manages to get his legs free, the then slides down the back of Rose, pulling him with him to the ground backwards into a roll up.

    Cutlass: Counter! Andrew Austins counters the slam into a roll up!

    Rose kicks out

    Sid: Vinnie Rose kicks out at two. Close call for the big man in this fight.

    Rose gets up to his feet alongside Austins and the two trade punches yet again. Vinnie Irish whips Austins into the corner and gets down into a position similar to the starting position for a track runner. He launches out of his starting position at Austins, looking to spear him into the ring post. Austins grabs ahold of the top ropes and pulls himself up on the top turnbuckle, skinning the cat. This makes Rose miss the spear and collide shoulder first with the ring post.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Sid: Ouch! Head on collision between Vinnie Rose and that metal post. Austins managed to skin the cat just in time.

    Vinnie stumbles out of the ring corner, holding his shoulder. Austins jumps off of the top rope and connects with both feet to the back of Rose, driving him into the ground face first.
    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Flying double dropkick from Andrew Austins. Vinnie is in trouble now Sid. His ring rust clearly showing.

    Vinnie gets up to his feet as Andrew is pacing behind him. Andrew rushes at Vinnie when he lifts his foot, kicking Austins in the jaw and knocking him to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Rose with a kick to the jaw! The L.A. Crusher connecting with Andrew Austins!

    Rose falls back onto Austins and hooks the leg while holding the shoulder down, the referee counts

    Rose wins.

    [size=x-small]Vinnie Rose's Theme hits

    *Crowd cheers*

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner… Vinnie Rose!

    [size=x-small]Vinnie gets up to his feet and climbs up on the top turnbuckle, waving at the cheering crowd as Austins rolls out of the ring and rests against the timekeeper table. [/size]

    Sid: Vinnie Rose, ring rust or not gets the win here tonight, hitting a staggering superkick to the jaw of Andrew Austins. Is this how you expected the match to end Curt?

    Cutlass: No actually. I expected Austins to win since Rose had been away from the ring for a while I did expect ring rust to play a bigger factor than it did though. I can understand if Austins is mad now but he’ll get another shot. The rookie is quickly becoming a veteran on here.

    [size=x-small]Vinnie rolls out of the ring and shakes hands and high fives the crowd. Austins sees this and ribs the timekeeper bell from the table. [/size]

    Sid: What’s Austins doing? There’s no need to destroy property because of a loss.

    [size=x-small]Austins runs at Rose and hits him over the head with the ring bell. Rose falls to the floor as Austins drops the bell and grabs a microphone.

    *Crowd boos*

    Austins: Welcome back Rose. Hope you had a good vacation.

    [size=x-small]Austins drops the mic and heads up the ramp as the referee and ringside doctors checks on Rose. [/size]

    Sid: Andrew Austins with a unnecessary attack to Vinnie Rose post match, striking him over the head with the ring bell. Hopefully Rose doesn’t need stitches after an attack like that.

    Cutlass: Should have known Austins wanted the last word. His ego wouldn’t allow anything else. Rose should have kept an eye on him thou so I cannot be completely sympathetic.


    [align=left]Result: Vinnie Rose Def Andrew Austins ​
    Written By: Stopspot[/align]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]Brian Messias's Theme hits

    *Crowd Boo*

    Messias walks out on the stage wearing black trunks with a red zig zag design on the side of them, black wrist tape, knee pads and boots. Messias makes his way down the ramp ignoring the fans.

    Josh Fordezski: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 235lbs, "The Annihaltor" Brian Messias!

    Sid: Here comes Brian Messias, the Canadian Loud Mouth with no remorse, ready to conduct an interview on Fight Night Wrestling

    Cutlass: Brian Messias & Zach Schmidt have been the guys who just believe their the best and this is why their paths have crossed. Messias hasn't yet got a victory over Zach, but what brought these two together was last week, Messias picked Zach as his partner, but the two were unable to work together.

    [size=x-small]Messais quickly walks down the ramp, he steps up onto the 2nd steel step then onto the apron and quickly into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: Scarlette Rose is in the ring ready to conduct this interview between these two gentlemen, I am so looking forward to what these guys will be asked & say

    [size=x-small]Messias stands in the ring looking at the fans as he shuffles his shoulders forward and stands in place[/size]
    Scarlette Rose: Brian Messias, you have raised a lot of eyebrows with your comments on your wins and loses, can I get a comment on your thoughts of the tag team match last week

    Brian Messias: 1 Week ago on Fight Night, the general manager put me in a tag-team match with a partner of my choosing. I had many offers from around the world, but this company made it so that it had to be from Fight Nights Roster. I talked to some guys and they wanted to be in the spotlight. Than came Zach Schmidt. A guy who has had an issue with Lucas Hacksaw. I have an issue with Hacksaw and that's why he became my partner. And oh boy was that a mistake. I knew I disliked Crocodile Boy before this company began, but I didn't know he was such a terrible wrestler. It was my mistake choosing a wrestler who lost to Lucas Hacksaw not once, but two times. If it weren't for this company I could've had a better partner. Actually, I didn't need a partner, I would've been better without him. I am the greatest entity in Fight Night and I don't need partners.

    Scarlette Rose: Would you say Zach Schmidt is your biggest rival in the business, and what do you personally think of Zach Schmidt?

    Brian Messias You're asking me if Zach Schmiddy is my biggest rival in Fight Night? This question has to be the joke? Whose asking this? You? The General Manager? Or the idiotic fans from Texas.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Brian Messias: Why should a loser like Zach Schmidt be even considered a big rival? He's not even on my radar, how could you even think that. But there is now a problem between us because this idiot cost me a match.

    Scarlette Rose: What are your thoughts thus far of the Championship Chase given you are holding a good position in it?

    Brian Messias: Now about the Championship Fatal Four-Way match. That's coming up and a couple of weeks and it will contain the best of the best. Too bad for my oppenents because they will be facing the greatest professional wrestler known to man and that is me. I will become the first ever Fight Night Champion and I'll hold the belt for years to come until I retire or move on to better things. And don't worry Schmidt. You won't get a beating from me that night becuase you won't even be in the match. How could a pathetic loser like you, not beat Lucas Hacksaw. You're an embarrasment to this sport. You should retire right now because if you keep on doing this you'll...

    [size=x-small]Zach Schmidt's Theme hits

    *Crowd boo with some cheers*

    Zach walks out slowly wearing an alligator skinned jacket with yellows eyes painted on the back, black alligator skinned trunks with a green stripe down the middle and "GATOR" Written on the back, and black wrestling boots with a green stripe down the ankle.

    Josh Fordezski: From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 240lbs, Zach Schmidt!

    Sid: And here comes the other guest to this interview, thank goodness he came out, my ears were taking a beating from Brian Messias trash talking this man

    Cutlass: Trash Talking is part of the business, I am interested to hear what Zach will have to say about Brian's Comments

    [size=x-small]Zach walks slowly to the ring slapping away fans hands from touching him and climbs up onto the apron and then steps through the ropes and into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: I think it is interesting to note Curt that Messias & Zach have equal wins but what separates them is Zach has one loss greater than Messias

    [size=x-small]Zach stands in the center of the ring looking at Messias as he grabs a mic[/size]

    Zach Schmidt: Woah, woah, woah... Brian, Brian. Cut the shit. You've been running your mouth for way too long now and I've had enough of it. You're a stuckup, egotistical, nearsighted moron that you can clearly see that you cost us the match last week. I clearly had Austin Andrews beat when I locked in the bear hug. He was seconds from fading away but you let you ego get the better of you and because of that we lost the match last week. And as for whether we're rivals? Hardly so. Brian, you're not even worth my time. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure why I'm even in this stupid wrestling ring with you. I'm an amazing wrestler, and you know it. I dominated the whole entire time I was in the ring last Friday and then you took away my momentum just as I was about to seal the deal. You see, you're such a moron that you realize you not only cost me a win, but you cost yourself a win. At this rate, I hope you're not going to be in the Fatal 4 Way with me because it will come as such a shock to you when I'm standing on top of you with the FNW Championship held high above my head. You'll be bawling so hard all the way back to Canada that you'll have people drowning in your river of tears.

    Brian Messias: Hold on, hold on, hold on! The match was my fault? Are you saying that because you knew from the beginning that you couldn't beat Lucas? Are you trying to put the blame on me for your simpleminded mistake? Let me ask you a question ZACH, why is it, that you have 3 losses and all of them are to Lucas? huh?

    [size=x-small]Zach stares at Brian, he then glances at Scarlette then back at Messias before talking[/size]

    Zach Schmidt: Give her the mic, she's asking the questions.

    Brian Messias: Is he too skilled for you to get a grasp on? ANSWER ME! Why can you not beat a thick-headed buffoon like Lucas Hacksaw? If you are so amazing as you say why can't you beat HIM!

    Zach Schmidt: If you were paying attention, which I know is hard for a man with attention deficit disorder, you would have saw that the first week of Fight Night that Mad Dogg interfered in my match and assaulted me, costing me the match! I should have won by disqualification and the whole universe knows it. And as for last week, you cost me the win! You were the one who let your ego get a hold of you and as a matter of fact you were the one who got pinned by Hacksaw! I was still going and you got beat by Hacksaw. By the way, hasn't Hacksaw handed you both of your losses as well? Whats your explanation for that? Why can't YOU beat the masked idiot?

    Brian Messias: My bad for not paying attention to such a travesty of a match such as yours. Speaking of attention deficit, if you were paying attention I was sick during my first lost because of this distasteful country you call America. As for last week, you cost me the match with your dazed idiotic look on your face when Austin Andrews nearly knocked you out. You cost me the match because you knew from the start you couldn't beat Hacksaw, not to mention you probably couldn't beat Austin Andrews if you had the chance to. Your mistake cost me the match and my mistake on making you my partner cost me a win.

    Zach Schmidt: Your last mistake was stepping into this ring you worthless moron! Come on, let's settle this right now!

    [size=x-small]Zach drops the Mic, Scarlette exits the ring and walks up the ramp backstage, however the lights flicker on and off to grab the attention of Zach & Brian as the GM then appears on the titantron[/size]

    GM: It seems you two want to throw down right here right now. I am all about giving people what they want when they earn it. We will have Zach Schmidt vs Brian Messias in a few weeks, however this must be a special match, Both of you will be in action next week in a timed trial match against an opponent of your choosing, whoever wins faster will get to pick the stipulation. Zach, as you did not get pinned last week, I am giving you the choice to pick your opponent first

    Zach: Who do I want to pick for my partner? Well, I don't even have to think about that. I'm picking the man who I should've made tap out last week before this Canadian bimbo stopped me from doing so. The man who should have one more loss and one less win. I need to get my revenge! I want Austin Andrews next week!
    Show Spoiler

    GM: And Brian, who do you want to face in a timed match next week, now excluding Austins from the available superstars

    Brian Messias: Wow, so much emotion put into that promo. Too bad no one cares on who you face. I don't care on who I face, give me Iron Dada, I mean Iron Baba. Sorry folks, the effects of this absurd country is already getting to me.

    GM: Very well next week, Zach Schmidt will face Andrew Austins & Brian Messias will face Iron Baba one on one in timed matches. Not only that but we will have Clash facing Max Power as I mentioned last week. However we have had a lot of applicants to join the best Friday Night Texan Wrestling show, so Vinnie Rose will be facing a FNW Development Rookie to see whether or not he will join the roster

    The GM disappears off the titantron, Messias then exits the ring smiling and tapping at his arm, pretending it is a watch, then bringing the imaginary watch to his ear before raising his arms

    Sid: Brian Messias telling Sid next week not only does every win count, but every second counts, Both men have the power to choose whatever match they want

    Cutlass: So true Sid, but lets see the Scoreboard as a result of tonight

    1st: Lucas Hacksaw (5/2)
    2nd: Max Power (4/0)
    3rd: Brian Messias (4/2), Brent Nixon (4/2)
    4th: Zach Schmidt (4/3)
    5th: Mad Dogg (2/0)
    6th: Vinnie Rose (2/2)
    7th: Andrew Austins (2/3)
    8th: Neil Thorn (1/1) Johnathon Grimm (1/1)
    9th: Iron Baba (1/3) & Clash (1/3)
    10th: True Warrior (0/2) Ace Young (0/2)
    11th: Masked Machine (0/4)

    Sid: Lucas Hacksaw jumps up to first with that win, but he isn't in action next week, Zach & Messias will be as will Max Power, which means he may not be #1 if Power wins. Vinnie Rose leaps up the leaderboard also as does Clash who were both victorious. Next week it is all about time. Tick Tock on the clock, Rose vs Rookie, Zach vs Austins & Messias vs Iron Baba all timed matches.

    Cutlass: Don't forget that we also have Power & Clash to settle the score next week, Clash gaining some momentum. I look forward to hearing what the fans thought of tonight's events. Thank You everyone for joining us, we will see you all next week


    [align=left]Result: Matches Made for next week ​
    Written By: Sheldor. Texts written by CM Punk & .Exe for the characters.[/align]
  2. Get in here @[Testify] @[Killerpocalypse] @[.exe] @[CM Punk] and the rest
  3. I'll have a win over Andrews next week easy. It's too bad that Hacksaw got an easy win today. I guess he just got a jump start. It won't take long for me to catch up, though.

    ((Brian hasn't beaten Zach, btw))
  4. I'll rate soon. Pretty good promo by Clash.
  5. I'm here to finally catch up a little bit.
  6. I SMASHED again. I told you I wouldn't let some noob in to Fight Night. I am top of the leader board, not a surprise though because I am awesome. I smashed pretty much everyone I faced, except for Mad Dogg. However, he is smart to keep away from me as I still need to get him back. Everyone here should get a refund if you purchased a ticket for next weeks show as it will be lame without someone who will smash people (aka me).
  7. Seriously, someone get this child some help. He's having trouble saying that he defeated a jobber and is saying that he smashed someone.
  8. Cam't wait for an auotomatic victory next week, should be awesome.