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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #4[/align]
    Date: 16/11/2012​

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    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]The camera pans around the Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas across the fans and then pans over to the titantron and stage with the Fight Night Wrestling written on the stage. Pyro sparks drops off the titantron

    *Crowd Pop*

    Sid: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Fight Night Wrestling, we are live from our home at the Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas, I am Sid Taylor and Joining me is my commentary partner, Curt Cutlass

    Cutlass: Thanks Sid, ladies and gentlemen tonight things heat up in the Championship Chase, lets check the standing as of tonight

    st: Brian Messias (3/0)
    2nd: Zach Schmidt (2/1)
    3rd: Max Power (1/0) Andrew Austins (1/0) Neil Thorn (1/0) Johnathon Grimm (1/0)
    4th: Iron Baba (1/1) Vinnie Rose (1/1)
    5th: Lucas Hacksaw (1/2)
    6th: El Nino De Mexico (0/1) Ace Young (0/1)
    7th: Masked Machine (0/2) Clash (0/2) Brent Nixon (0/2)

    Sid: Brian Messias still leading the pack, and tonight he could reach number 4

    Cutlass: He faces Lucas Hacksaw & he has defeated him before, so if I was a betting man, my money would be on Messias to win.

    [size=x-small] Ace Young's theme hits.

    *Crowd has a mixed reaction.*

    Ace comes out on the stage strutting casually. He wears a pair of red trunks with black and white X designs on the front. On the back of the trunks you can read the word “ACE”. He has black and red boots and kickpads, the right one with the word “ACE” and the left with the word “YOUNG” running down it in white. His left hand is taped with black tape and his left elbow is covered by a black elbowpad. He looks out at the crowd before he pulls his fingers through his short Mohawk hairstyle and yells “Poder de Puerto Rico!” He then heads down the ramp.

    Sid: Here comes young Ace Young. This man last week was unable to stop the Zach attack, and has a mystery opponent tonight?

    [size=x-small]Ace walks cockily down the ramp, waving off the fans as if he wants nothing to do with them. He reaches the ring and walks halfway around it before jumping up on the apron and grabbing ahold of the top rope. [/size]

    Cutlass: He had a major anger issue this week Sid, to quote Ace Young " HE gets the win? this is bullshit -___-, I can beat him, I can beat anyone on this, but I don't get the consideration I deserve. Don't make my debut until the 3rd show, & LOSE?! Fuck this show!" Sounds like a man who has sour grapes.

    [size=x-small]Ace jumps the top rope into the ring. He then gets up on the second rope and looks out at the crowd, shrugging his shoulders before jumping of the ropes and turning towards his opponent. [/size]

    [size=x-small]The referee rings the bell for the match to begin[/size]

    Ace Young: Ok, allow me to speak, which means you all be quiet

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Ace Young: So what annoys me is how FNW screw me over, they stop me from having my debut until last week, and it was against a guy who already had 2 weeks of matches, he was prepared I wasn't

    Sid: Is he seriously going to blame that?

    Cutlass: Shh

    Ace Young: & this week I face a mystery opponent, so who is it going to be?

    [size=x-small]A man appears on the titantron, unable to see his face[/size]

    Sid: Ladies and Gentlemen that there is our GM

    GM: Ace Young, you are a rookie, how dare you question me, I know my roster & you have not done enough to prove yourself, you are lucky I gave you time on my show, so without further ado, please welcome your opponent, the most dangerous man in FNW, Brent Nixon

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Give the guy a chance, Brent Nixon?

    Cutlass: The man who has defeated Brian Messias & Zach Schmidt back to back, and was stripped of his wins because he was too violent? Ace Young, I hope you have an ambulance waiting

    [size=x-small]Brent Nixon's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Brent Nixon walks out on the stage and jumps on the spot yelling out "c'mon" wearing black ¾ length MMA shorts with subtle bits of white outline, black trainers, a plain black T-Shirt only with his name written on in a nasty looking font. Brent then walks down the ramp.

    Josh Frodezski: From Derby, England, weighing in at 234lbs, Brent Nixon!

    Sid: Brent Nixon, yet to score a win, suspended a week, I hope he has got back on track & will focus on winning than inflicting pain

    [size=x-small]Brent walks down the ramp, staring at the ring/opponent, he walks round to the steps and walks up and into the ring.[/size]

    Cutlass: Ace Young is in serious trouble Sid

    [size=x-small]The music cuts off as Brent removes his shirt and throws it to the crowd, he then takes out his MMA gloves from his waist band and puts them on, Brent then turns his back and faces the fans, looking out on them then turns back round[/size]

    [size=x-small]The referee calls for the bell and the match to begin[/size]

    Ace Young steps towards Brent and throws a right hand, Nixon catches it with his left hand, he pulls Ace's hand round and turns, he then pulls Ace over his shoulder, flipping him over and slams him back first to the mat

    Sid: Brent Nixon with a nice judo throw right there

    Ace Young gets up clutching his back, he turns around and Brent Nixon delivers a gut kick to Ace Young and then applies a front face-lock, he then places his head underneath the armpit of Ace Young and clutches the inside leg of Ace Young

    Cutlass: Brent looking for some sort of suplex here

    Nixon lifts Ace Young up and over his head, slamming him to the mat head first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Nasty suplex there!

    Brent then covers Ace Young the referee counts

    Ace Young kicks out

    Sid: Ace Young able to kick out after that nasty suplex

    Nixon stalks Ace Young as he gets to his feet, he then hooks the inside leg and overhooks the outside shoulder, Nixon then lifts Ace Young up and over, turning around and slams Ace Young to the mat abdomen first

    Sid: Nice powerslam from Nixon

    Nixon flips Ace Young over and covers. The referee counts

    Ace Young kicks out

    Sid: Ace Young still able to kick out after a powerslam and suplex.

    Nixon drags Ace up and then whips him at the ropes, Ace rebounds and Nixon runs at Ace Young he brings his foot up and kicks Ace Young in the chest, pushing him down to the mat with his foot

    Sid: The power of Nixon on display right there

    Cutlass: Ace Young is just being destroyed by Nixon here

    Nixon drops to his knees and covers, the referee counts

    Ace Young kicks out

    Nixon drags Ace Young up again he then runs at the ropes, Nixon rebounds and runs at Ace Young, thrusting his shoulder to the gut of Ace Young and pulls the legs up to force Ace Young to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Spear from Brent Nixon, he could have broke a few ribs there

    Brent Nixon smirks, he then drags Ace Young up and then delivers a gut kick to Ace Young and then applies a front face-lock, he then places his head underneath the armpit of Ace Young and clutches the inside leg of Ace Young

    Cutlass: Brent looking for that leg hook suplex again, to just punish Ace Young[/color]

    Nixon lifts Ace Young up and over his head, slamming him to the mat head first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Brent Nixon slams Ace with some force

    Brent grabs hold of the arm of Ace Young, he then wraps his legs around the neck of Ace Young and bends his leg over his foot, forming a figure four hold, Brent then pulls on his foot to apply more pressure

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Brent has the submission locked in, Ace may have to tap out

    The referee checks on Ace Young and asks if he wishes to tap. Ace Young reaches out as he begins to fade

    Sid: That hold is on tight, many have used the hold and it cuts of the air supply to the head

    Ace Young taps out, the referee rings the bell

    [size=x-small]Brent Nixon's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Brent Nixon stands up, he raises his hand up and then exits the ring.

    Josh Frodezski: Here is your winner.....Brent Nixon!

    Sid: Brent Nixon wins it tonight, and it seems he has learned to control his anger & violent streak

    Cutlass: Very well observed Sid, Brent Nixon starts his climb to the FNW Championship. Can he become the champion?

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]El Nino De Mexico's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Lights flicker from red to green rapidly. El Nino comes out wearing a black mask with gold and red trimming, a black vest and blue jeans with a belt buckle in the shape of a taco. He is also carrying a platter of Tacos which he hands to the fans as he passes down the ramp.

    Josh Fordezski: From Tacoland, Mexico, weighing in at 170lbs, El Nino De Mexico!

    [size=x-small]El Nino drops the platter on the ramp and then jumps up onto the apron and steps through the ropes.[/size]

    Sid: Here comes the Taco Savor, the masked miracle of the crunchy delicacy, El Nino De Mexico

    [size=x-small]El Nino climbs up onto a turnbuckle and waves to the fans, he then drops off and stands in the ring leaning on the ropes[/size]

    Cutlass: I just hope he doesn't lose his match to save a stupid Taco

    [size=x-small]Zach Schmidt's Theme hits

    *Crowd Boo*

    Zach walks out slowly wearing an alligator skinned jacket with yellows eyes painted on the back, black alligator skinned trunks with a green stripe down the middle and "GATOR" Written on the back, and black wrestling boots with a green stripe down the ankle.

    Josh Fordezski: From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 240lbs, Zach Schmidt!

    Cutlass: & Here comes the man now in 2nd place, Zach Schmidt

    [size=x-small]Zach walks slowly to the ring slapping away fans hands from touching him and climbs up onto the apron and then steps through the ropes and into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: Tonight this man could tie it up for 1st place if Messias is unsuccessful against Hacksaw

    [size=x-small]Zach stands in the center of the ring looking out on the crowd[/size]

    Zach and El Nino circle one another as the referee rings the bell. They then lock up in a knuckle lock up in the middle of the ring, pushing each other to try and win dominance.

    Sid: Here we go with this match up. As you all saw right now but if you are just joining us I am going to give you the short version. El Nino was giving us….well a lecture when Zach decided to interrupt El Nino to get the match going. Why couldn’t Zach have waited until El Nino was finished though?

    Cutlass: You should know by now Sid that Zach considers himself a very serious person. He doesn’t banter with the rest of the locker room backstage or partake in fun and games. All he cares about is winning and how he will achieve this. We’ve seen hints of the tactician that is Zach since he debuted. But now it seems like he didn’t know how to play mind games with the sometimes bizarre El Nino so he instead chose the direct approach.

    Zach pushes El Nino to the ground and tries stomping at him but El Nino rolls backwards and avoids the stomps. Zach rushes at El Nino who ducks underneath Zach outstretched arm and sweeps Zach’s legs from behind, making Zach fall onto his knees.

    Sid: Quick counter by the Mexican luchador right there. Can he get some of that much needed momentum he needs for his unique style of lucha now that he has slowed Zach down?

    El Nino runs towards the ropes, he jumps at them, springboards off them and connects with a dropkick in mid-air to Zach who had got up to his feet and chased after him, knocking him to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: El Nino faster than a tomato, quicker than a burrito is in action tonight

    Cutlass: What are you smoking man? Seriously, what are you smoking?

    Zach is back to his feet. He runs at El Nino and delivers a running boot to the side of the knee of El Nino, sending El Nino to his knees. Zach then stands in front of the Mexican luchador and delivers a series of vicious kicks to the chest of El Nino.

    Cutlass: Zach Schmidt with some payback. Did you see how he hit the knee from the side? If he hits it like that with enough force he will kick it out of its socket. Smart strategy by the Fight Night darkhorse.

    Zach pulls El Nino up onto his feet by holding his shoulders. Zach then grabs ahold of the right wrist of El Nino and flips him so he is standing behind El Nino, holding his arm up to his back, twisting and tweaking it to make El Nino scream in pain.

    Sid: Zach now focusing on the arm of El Nino. Most likely working it over and preparing it for his signature cross armbreaker later don’t you think Curt?

    Cutlass: And here I thought you didn’t have it in you Sid! Yes, Zach is most likely preparing for his armbreaker. The more he weakens that arm the more damage it will cause and ensure him victory. I like the fact that he thinks and plans ahead, signs of a future champion if you ask me.

    Zach performs and armflip on El Nino, sending him over his own shoulder, planting El Nino in a sitting position on the mat. Zach then runs the ropes in front of El Nino and rebounds off of them, he then jumps so he plants his feet in the face of El Nino.

    Sid: Nice armflip into front drop kick combo there by Zach.

    Zach lines up El Nino’s outstretched arm so that he can stomp on it but El Nino launches up, latches his arm up between the legs of Zach and rolls him over in a pin attempt.

    Cutlass: EL Nino trying to steal it here!


    Zach kicks out

    Sid: Close call there but Zach managed to kick out fast enough.

    Zach and El Nino are back to their feet and they start trading punches in the middle of the ring. El Nino blocks a punch from Zach and locks up his left wrist. El Nino then runs towards the ropes, pulling Zach along with him. He jumps up on the top rope and lands in a standing position on top off it. He then jumps backwards in a backflip over Zach’s shoulder and once he lands on his feet he falls backwards and throws Zach over his shoulder in a reverse arm drag.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: I might think him crazy at times but I’ll give him his due, that was some great cruiserweight style wrestling right there.

    El Nino runs to the corner near Zach and climbs up on the top rope. He looks out over the crowd before yelling “Arriba!” before turning around and focusing on Zach.

    Sid: The taco savior going up high!

    As El Nino was playing to the crowd Zach got back up on his feet without El Nino noticing. El Nino jumps off of the top rope looking for an elbow drop. Zach jumps up in the air to meet him,bringing both his knees up and pulls his arm against his knees as he falls back, hitting the mat back first and impacts the arm, El Nino rolls off clutching his arm in pain

    Cutlass: Brilliant counter by Zach! Again focusing on the right arm of El Nino.

    Zach pulls El Nino to his feet by his shoulders before delivering a gut kick to El Nino and then applies a front face-lock to El Nino. Zach falls back to the mat dragging El Nino head first to mat.

    Sid: Zach plants El Nino hard with a DDT

    Zach pushes El Nino off him and then hooks the leg, the referee counts

    El Nino kicks out

    Cutlass: Oh come on! I thought he had him right there!

    Zach pulls El Nino back to his feet and sends him into the corner. Zach then walks up to the groggy luchador and delivers a series of knife edge chops, driving the side of his hand into the chest of El Nino. El Nino manages to come to his senses and pushes Zach away from him.

    Sid: This fight ain’t over yet. El Nino still seems to have some fight left in him.

    El Nino jumps up on the top rope and jumps at Zach but Zach manages to catch him and place him in a fireman’s carry.

    Cutlass: Oh he didn’t count on that one now did he? Zach one step ahead of El Nino.

    El Nino manages to fight out of the Fireman’s carry and lands with his feet in front of a still standing Zach, left arm locked around the neck of Zach. He then falls backwards pulling Zach with him and plants him with a DDT of his own.

    Sid: Or perhaps El Nino is ahead of Zach! El Nino pays back with a DDT of his own.

    El Nino walks up to the ring corner and poses in front of the turnbuckles, yelling “Arriba!” out to the crowd who responds in kind.

    Cutlass: What is he planning now?

    El Nino climbs up to the top rope

    Sid: El Nino is going up to the top rope, what is he going for here?

    El Nino jumps off the top rope, rolling in midair and aims at landing on top of Zach. Zach manages to roll away though leaving El Nino to land hard in a sitting position on the mat. He grasps his hurt lower back and wrights in pain

    Sid: Oooh bad miss right there by El Nino.

    Zach underhooks the arm of El Nino, he then steps over the arm, turning around with the arm to drag El Nino back to the mat and then wrenches the arm back

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Cross Armbreaker! Zach has it locked in!

    El Nino yells out in pain as Zach rocks to wrench the arm further. The referee asks El Nino if he wishes to give up. Zach torques even more on the arm, El Nino yells out in even more pain, screaming that he gives up.

    Sid: El Nino has to tap out

    [size=x-small]Zach rolls off of El Nino whilst the referee looks over the luchador. El Nino lies on the arm grasping his arm and rolls around in pain. The referee then signals to the ring announcer. [/size]

    Josh Fordezski: Ladies and gentlemen,Here is your winner by submission…Zach Schmidt!

    Sid: El Nino, unsuccessful at the Zach Attack

    Masked Machine rushes at Zach and the two start trading punches. Zach manages to block one and headbutts Masked Machine between the eyes, making him stagger back grasping his forehead. Zach rushes Machine and kicks him in the gut when he is unprepared, sending him to the ground on his knees. Zach then runs the ropes in front of Masked Machine, rebounds off them and delivers a running knee to the head of Machine.

    Sid: And this impromptu second match is on. Masked Machine stepping up to defend the honor of his injured countryman. And Zach Schmidt answers by such a vicious tactic. Targeting the head. Is he aiming to kick in the skull of Masked Machine like he broke the arm of poor El Nino?

    Cutlass: First of all you’re acting like a denmother, these are grown men and they know that they risk injury when in the ring. Secondly I think actually braking the arm of Nino might have woken the aggressive side of Zach. He saw that it brought results and he wants to see if it helps again. If he manages to beat Machine as well he has a nice little streak going, having beaten Brent Nixon, Ace Young last week and now El Nino, if he could extend it with Machine he would be in the lead towards the fourway.

    Zach grabs Machine by the neck and throws him headfirst into the middle turnbuckle of the nearest ringpost. Machine stumbles out of the corner grasping his head again.

    Sid: I wonder if Machine knows where he is right now. Zach has targeted his head throughout this match.

    Zach applies a front face-lock to Machine he then throws Machine up and clutches the head of Machine in the air, Zach then falls back and brings his knees up to collide with Machine's face as Zach lands on the mat back first, (insert name) bounces off the knee to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Zach hits his finisher! That looks to be it

    Zach quickly covers Macine, the referee counts

    Zach Schmidt wins

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner…Zach Schmidt!

    [size=x-small]Zach climbs the top turnbuckle and looks out at the booing crowd as he stands with his arms spread out, basking in the crowd reaction. Medics slide into the ring and help Machine out of it and up the ramp.

    The GM appears on the titantron behind a shadow[/size]

    GM: Hold on there, before this ends, I have to address something. El Nino 3 weeks ago you came into this business & you lost your match because you wanted to save a taco? This will not do, I have better stars in this business, so El Nino...Your Fired

    Sid: El Nino Fired?

    Cutlass: Good ridance, we need Fighters not clowns in the company Sid, ladies and gentlement Zach now has four wins. This new aggressive side of him has garnered him great results so far and I expect us to see more of this later on. This new streak of his….let’s call it the Zach attack, seems to be on a roll and It’ll be interesting to see how far it will take him.

    Sid: Coming up after the break is the eight man battle royal, where 2 wins are at stake. We’ll be right back!

    [size=x-small]Fade to black. [/size]

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG] vs [​IMG] vs [​IMG] vs [​IMG] vs [​IMG] vs [​IMG] vs [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    Sid: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Last week it was revealed that an 8 man battle royal was to take place tonight. The time for it has finally arrived! This match is worth two wins, this means that whoever wins this match will walk away with two wins under his belt.

    Cutlass: That’s right Sid! Let’s take a look in the ring at the eight wrestlers who will take part in this match.

    [size=x-small]The camera pans from the announcing table to the ring where Max Power, Iron Baba, Clash, Jonathon Grimm, Vinnie Rose, Neil Thorn, Andrew Austins and Mad Dogg are standing in the ring, having entered during the commercial break. Each man looks ready to compete. [/size]

    Sid: We have the already revealed Vinnie Rose and his somewhat nemesis Clash, they were revealed to be part of this match last week. We also have Iron Baba and Andrew Austins, who faced off last week as well in the ring. Neil Thorn and Jonathon Grimm are also in the ring, two men who teamed up on our debut show, and finally we have the two giants, Mad Dogg and Max Power who both stand at least 6,7ft of height.

    Cutlass: A nice mix of weight classes and wrestling styles in that ring Sid. Also some nice rivalries, Clash and Vinnie obviously dislike each other and I don’t think Baba and Austins are quite finished yet. This match is going to be a good one.

    [size=x-small]The titantron suddenly turns on and the blurred out image of the General Manager appears on it. [/size]

    GM: Hello again Fight Night Wrestling. Gentlemen, I know that you were told that this was an eight man elimination match…But! Being the man of surprises that I am I have decided to add a couple of men to this match. I want to see how some of our developmental talent does against our roster. So please welcome the following.

    [size=x-small]The Fight Night theme hits as 9 men of various race and size walk out on the ramp before heading down the ramp towards the ring. [/size]

    GM: Alex Kidd, James Blades, James Carter, Ryan Danielson, Tyrone Johnson, Shaun Boyka, Tyler and Ethan Robins and Tyler “the True Warrior” ladies and gentlemen!

    [size=x-small]The rookies get in the ring and stare down the roster wrestlers. The tension can be felt in the air. [/size]

    Sid: The general manager strikes again tonight! Putting some untested developmental talent in the battle royal. I count 17 men in the ring now Curt. Who do you think will win this?

    Cutlass: Tricky one since there are so many men involved. You can only eliminate someone in this match by throwing him over the top rope and making both his feet touch the floor, obviously powerhouses like Power, Mad Dogg and even Iron Baba benefits from this but smaller guys like Clash, Austins and Rose can win this by playing it smart. Thorn and Grimm are an X factor in themselves since they have a history of working together, how long will their alliance last? I don’t think any of the rookies stand a chance though. But I can give no clear cut answer right now; ask again once people start getting eliminated.

    The match starts with the wrestlers circling one another. Thorn and Grimm start locking up with the Robins brothers. Clash locks up in a knuckle lock up with Alex Kidd and Vinnie Rose is caught in a rear waist lock by Tyrone Johnson. Iron Baba delivers a running clothesline to James Blades, sending him to the mat. Austins is attacked from behind by James Carter. True Warrior Irish whips Ryan into the ring corner before he starts delivering shoulder thrusts to the gut of Ryan. Mad Dogg catches a punch by Shaun Boyka and locks him in a wrist lock, dragging him around in the ring.

    Sid: This match is officially underway. People picked out their targets pretty quickly it seems.

    Warrior pulls Ryan out of the corner, keeping his left arm locked around Ryan’s right arm. He then pulls Ryan towards his own outstretched right arm and uses the combined momentum to force Ryan to the ground with a clothesline. Mad Dogg grabs Boyka around the waist with his other hand and moves his hand he used in the wrist lock to Boyka’s shoulder. He then lifts him into the air in a military press and throws him out of the ring.

    Sid: And there goes Shawn Boyka, Mad dogg gets the first elimination in this match.

    Warrior has pulled Ryan up to his feet and the two are trading blows, Warrior forcing Ryan towards the ropes. Ryan ends up standing with his back against the ropes; Warrior rushes him and pushes him over the ropes, eliminating Ryan from the match. Warrior immediately starts prancing around the ropes and gloating.

    Sid: Well would you look at that! The kid who calls himself the True Warrior actually eliminated someone from this match up.

    Cutlass: It was only a developmental wrestler eliminating another so it’s not like he won the title Sid. Besides, if he looks behind him he is going to see that he has some big trouble coming his way.

    Max Power is standing behind Warrior as Warrior turns around. Power hits him with two quick right hooks to the head, sending Warrior into the ropes. Power then runs the ropes opposite Warrior and hits Warrior with a running big boot to the face, sending Warrior over the ropes and out of the ring, eliminating him.

    Cutlass: I told you he was going to have a problem. And that problem was the foot of Max Power planting itself right in his face! These rookies need to realize that they are working in the big leagues now and that they can’t waist time on showboating like that.

    Clash pushes Kidd off of him. Kidd runs the ropes opposite of Clash and rushes him again, looking to deliver a running blow to the head. Clash manages to hook Kidd’s near arm with both his arms and starts falling backwards, this causes Kidd’s own momentum to carry him forward and flip him over his own shoulder and Clash’s head, landing hard on his back.

    Sid: Beautiful Japanese arm drag from Clash to Kidd there. A sign of his training overseas.

    Carter keeps working over Austins from behind before Austins manages to roll forward, avoiding another stomp from the feet of Carter. Austins lifts himself up in a handstand and then jumps on his hands so he lands on his feet. He then does a standing backflip, bringing one of his feet up and connecting to the head of Carter with a Pele style soccer kick, sending Carter to the floor.

    Thorn and Grimm deal a series of blows to the head of the Robins brothers. They then deliver elbow blows to the top of the Robins brothers heads, sending them into a sitting position. Thorn and Grimm move so that they are behind their opponents. They then run towards their opponents and perform a somersault over them, grabbing their necks as they pass over them, driving their heads and necks downwards. As Thorn and Grimm let go the Robins brother snap their heads backwards and slam them into the mat.

    Cutlass: What a beautiful Pele kick from Andrew Austins! That ought to have cleaned the bell of James Carter. And did you see that tag team move by Neil Thorn and Jonathon Grimm? Looks like those two know how to work together, too bad it won’t serve them in the long run in this type of match.

    Vinnie escapes the rear waist lock, reversing it into a wrist lock on Tyrone. He flips Tyrone around so he is facing Vinnie and then headbutts Tyrone right between the eyes. He then let’s go off the wrist lock and the two stumble away from each other grasping their heads. Tyron jumps up on the ropes and launches off them into a flying crossbody on Vinnie, Vinnie manages to catch him though with one arm over Tyrone’s shoulder and the other in between his legs.

    Sid: Looks like both Vinnie and Tyrone lost a few brain cells with that headbutt. Wonder what Vinnie will do with Tyrone in the position he’s got him in?

    Vinnie shifts Tyrone so he is holding him under his left arm, left arm wrapped around Tyrone’s torso and right arm under Tyrone’s head. He then falls backwards, forcing Tyrone backwards with the push of his arms and his own body weight, driving Tyrone hard into the mat.

    Cutlass: Ouch! I think he planned to do that.

    Iron Baba delivers another running clothesline to James Blades, sending him into the Robins twins who are still sprawled on the floor. Baba marches up to the three men and one by one, pulls them up by their collarbones before Irish whipping them into the ropes where they all hook onto the ropes with their arms. Baba looks to be ready to clothesline all three men out of the ring.

    Sid: Is Baba seriously going to try to eliminate three men at once?!

    Just as Baba is about the rush the men Neil Thorn dropkicks the back of his knee, sending him to the ground. Grimm then grabs his head and starts slamming it into the mat.

    Cutlass: Yet again Grimm and Thorn showcase that they can work together. I wish they hadn’t though because I wanted to see if Baba could eliminate three men in one move. That would have been kick ass!

    The Robins brothers get lose from the ropes and rushes towards Grimm and Thorn looking to strike them over the head, Grimm and Thorn block their punches though and delivers right hooks of their own. Grimm and Thorn then throw the Robins brothers into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring before rushing at them, pushing them over the ropes with their shoulders. Baba gets back to his feet behind them, glaring at the two.

    Sid: There goes the Robins brothers! Neil and Thorn working together to eliminate them.

    Cutlass: But Iron Baba is back up! And he doesn’t look too happy. We are going to see some serious pain being handed out now.

    Grimm and Thorn turn around to see Baba glaring at them. Baba rushes the two and hits them both with running clotheslines, sending Grimm to the mat. Baba then grabs Thorn by his neck and tights and throws him out of the ring in between the mid and top rope. Baba then turns around and rushes the still dazed James Blades, hitting him with a running dropkick and sending the rookie out of the ring. Baba stands in the ring and yells out at the cheering crowd.

    Sid: Iron Baba just eliminated James Blades! And in his explosive rage he also threw Neil Thorn out of the ring!

    Cutlass: Neil isn’t out of this match though Sid. He went out between the top and middle rope. To be eliminated in this type of match you have to go over the top rope. I think Baba might have actually only helped Neil there, he can play possum outside of the ring and rest up, allowing the remaining guys in the ring to wrestle, eliminate more people and get tired after which he slides back in the ring and takes the spoils.

    Sid: How are you so sure of that Curt?

    Cutlass: It’s what I would do.

    Vinnie Rose grabs a hold of Tyrone’s neck and shoulder and pulls him up to his feet, at the same time Andrew Austins and Clash do the same to James Carter and Alex Kidd respectively. Vinnie and Tyrone start trading blows as do James and Andrew. Kidd manages to push Clash away from him, Clash impacts with the ropes, locking his arms around the top rope.

    Sid: Looks like we could be close to three eliminations here Curt. Clash looks like he is about to head out of the ring and who knows how will win amongst James Carter, Andrew Austins, Vinnie Rose and Tyrone Johnson.

    Vinnie and Austins grabs their respective opponent by the neck and spin 180 degrees, throwing their opponents against each other. Vinnie catches Carter and Austins catches Tyrone by the neck and spin an entire lap before throwing both men over the ropes and out of the ring. They then look at each other before locking up.

    Cutlass: There goes Carter and Johnson. Wonder what will happen now that we are closing in on the original eight participants?

    Kidd rushes at Clash who flips backwards over the rope so he has his legs straight up into the air. Once Kidd gets close enough he brings his legs down and wraps them around Kidd’s head. He then continues his backwards spin, pulling Kidd with him. Kidd ends up on the outside with Clash planting his feet firmly on the ring apron, avoiding being eliminated.

    Sid: Innovative counter there by Clash, he used the ring itself to avoid being eliminated and in turn eliminate his opponent.

    Clash jumps up on the top rope and launches off it into the ring, hitting both Vinnie and Austins with a flying crossbody, sending all three to the mat. At the same time Neil slides back into the ring.

    Sid: Oh my god! flying crossbody! Such a high risk move in a match like this!

    Cutlass: And all the developmental rookies are out of this match. We are back where we started but the key difference is that the wrestlers are more tired than when the match started. This is a whole new game now.

    The wrestlers start circling one another, looking for targets. Iron Baba rushes at Rose, pushing him into the corner where the two trade punches. Grimm and Thorn team up and push Power towards the ropes. Clash locks up with Austins as Mad Dogg rests by the ropes, observing the playing field.

    Vinnie pushes Baba away and follows up with a couple of right hooks to the head of Baba. Mad Dogg rushes at Clash and Austins and rams them with a big double shoulder block. He then runs the ropes, rebounds off of them and plants Clash and Austins hard into the ground with double running clotheslines.

    Sid: Mad Dogg establishing some dominance over two much smaller men in Andrew Austins and Clash right there. Do you think Mad Dogg will utilize his larger size and eliminate the smaller men early and then focus on the bigger Max Power Curt?

    Cutlass: I’m not so sure Sid. He might instead team up with some smaller guys to eliminate Power early. Who would then possibly oppose him? Mad Dogg is as shrewd as he is beefy and I honestly cannot say what he will do. If I did I’d run straight to a bookkeeper though.

    Iron Baba delivers a gut kick to Rose, places him in a standing headscissors clutch and underhooks both arms

    Sid: Iron Baba looking for the Iron Maker

    Baba lifts Rose upside down into a dragon wing lift, Baba then drops to a seated position impacting the head of Rose to the mat

    Cutlass: Iron Maker! The big bad Iron Maker from Iron Baba!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Iron Babba looks out over the ring and spots Mad Dogg who is standing over Austins and Clash. Baba rushes at Mad Dogg and tackles him all the way to the ropes, both men fall to the ground grappling and roll out of the ring to the floor outside where Baba mounts Mad Dogg and starts dealing punches to his head.

    Cutlass: And there goes Mad Dogg and Baba out under the bottom rope. Baba must be both stupid and brave for just attacking the biggest man in the company like that.

    Max Power pushes Grimm and Thorn away from him. He steps further into the ring, looking to take out Vinnie Rose who is now back to his feet. As he walks past Austins who is lying on the mat playing possum Austins locks his legs around one of Power’s legs and then jerking them around, sending Power to the mat with a drop toe hold. Austins then climbs up on the downed Power and locks his arms around his head and pulls it backwards in a Camel Clutch.

    Sid: Drop toe hold and camel clutch combo by Andrew Austins on Max Power. What do you think of this Curt? Is this smart by Andrew at all?

    Cutlass: Yes and no Sid. It is a smart thing to try and weaken such a big guy. The problem is that he can’t win the match like this by submission, he has to get Power over the top rope and making him faint via submission just turns him into dead weight.

    Vinnie runs towards the middle of the ring, hoping to get into the fray but Thorn launches up from the mat and hits him over the neck with his out stretched right arm with a clothesline. Vinnie falls to the ground and Thorn starts stomping on him. Grimm also gets up and joins Thorn in stomping on Vinnie.

    Sid: And Thorn and Grimm again show that they prefer to work together by teaming up on Vinnie Rose. Austins also has the camel clutch locked in on Power still.

    Cutlass: And Baba and Mad Dogg are still pummeling the hell out of each other outside of the ring. I wonder why Clash hasn’t gotten up yet, is he hurt or does he have something planned?

    Clash crawls towards the ropes and uses them to get up to his feet. Thorn and Grimm pull Vinnie up to his feet before Irish whipping him into the ropes. Thorn and Grimm then run at Rose, hitting him with double dropkicks and sending him out of the ring.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boos*[/size]

    Sid: And Vinnie Rose is out! Neil Thorn and Jonathon Grimm have eliminated Vinnie Rose. No double wins for Rose this time.

    Thorn and Grimm look at each other and shake hands. Grimm doesn’t let go of the handshake though and decks Neil between the eyes with a left hook, sending Thorn to the mat grasping his head in pain.

    Cutlass: Aaaand the partnership ended right there. Wonder what will happen now when they don’t have a “teammate” to help them?

    Clash rushes away from the ropes towards Ace who still has the camel clutch locked in. He hits Austins over the head with a running knee, making him let go off the hold and fall to the mat. Clash then grabs the ropes and grins wickedly. As Power gets up to his feet Grimm marches up to him and starts dealing blows to his head. Power continues up to his feet though and starts trading blows with Jonathon Grimm.

    Sid: Chaos continues here in the ring as Clash made his presence felt all over the head of Austins with that running knee.

    Cutlass: Not to mention that the big guy is back to his feet as well.

    Mad Dogg pushes Baba off of him and gets back to his feet. He catches a rushing Iron Baba and lifts him up in a military press before slamming him into the guard rail hard. Mad Dogg then falls to his knees and catches his breath.

    Sid: Ouch! That could mean some busted ribs for Baba.

    Max Power pushes Grimm into the ropes next to Austins who has used the ropes to get back up. Austins quickly capitalizes on it and grabs Grimm’s legs and pushes him over the ropes. Eliminating Jonathon Grimm.

    Cutlass: Splendid thinking there by Austins. He might not have done the damage to Grimm there but he capitalized on the fact that he was stunned. One less man to fight.

    Austins grabs the ropes and rests a bit, when suddenly Clash Comes running, grabs ahold of the rope with his right hand and lifts himself up, planting a kick to the face of Austins who falls over the pulled down rope and onto the mat.

    Sid: Clash clearly also knows how to seize the moment don’t you agree Curt? Austins took one second to rest and Clash kicked him out of the ring.

    Neil Thorn gets back up to his feet. He sees Max Power standing by a ring corner and sneaks up behind him and climbs the middle rope. He jumps up into the air and hits Power in the back with a dropkick, sending Power to the ground. At the same time Mad Dogg is back on his feet and picks up Baba by his tights and neck into a military press and throws him into the ring over the rope. Baba lands on top off Power in the ring.

    Sid: Neil Thorn showing that he isn’t gone quite yet, that Dropkick to the back of Max Power came as a surprise.

    Cutlass: Not to mention the surprise he got afterwards when all of Iron Baba fell atop of him. I love it when wrestlers use each other as weapons.

    Mad Dogg climbs up on the top rope and gets both feet over it and is back in the ring. Iron Baba launches up to his feet though and hits Mad Dogg with a running clothesline, forcing him back over the rope and eliminating Mad Dogg.

    Sid: Iron Baba strikes! He got the last word in his fight with Mad Dogg which spilled outside of the ring earlier this match. Now Mad Dogg is gone and Baba is one of the last four men in the match.

    Cutlass: The unpredictability of a battle royal and Iron Baba’s explosive style continues to make this match must see Sid. I love it!

    Power tackles Baba to the mat and Thorn rushes at Clash and the two start trading blows. Thorn Irish whips Clash into the ropes who underhooks the top rope. Thorn rushes at Clash who starts spinning over the ropes, Thorn catches his foot though, preventing him from rolling over.

    Cutlass: Uh oh! Looks like Thorn was one step ahead of Clash there. This might be it for the Seattle native.

    Thorn pushes Clash over the rope with more power than Clash intended to spin over with. Clash keeps his hands locked on the rope but he flies off the apron, landing with one foot on the floor outside and the other dangling in the air, trying desperately not to have it touch the ground.

    Sid: Did he hit it with both feet!? Is he out!?

    Cutlass: I don’t kno…NO! The referee says he only touched the ground with one foot! He is still allowed in this match!

    Thorn turns around and faces a bull rushing Iron Baba head on. Power stalks up behind Baba but Clash launches off of the top rope and hits Power with a flying clothesline to send both men to the mat. Baba and Thorn continue to pummel each other, Thorn manages to dodge Baba and ends up behind him and he then pushes Baba into the ropes. Thorn then backs up a bit.

    Sid: Neil Thorn, looking for an elimination here. He wants to win this match.

    Thorn runs at Baba, looking for a running big boot. Baba manages to roll out of the way thou and Thorn is stuck with one leg over the ropes.

    Cutlass: Oh but he gets caught on the ropes! He knew the risks when he did that move – at least I hope so – and now he will have to pay the price. Let’s hope he knows how to dodge as well as he does kicking.

    Clash gets up to his feet and runs towards the ring corner near Thorn, he climbs up on the top turnbuckle and jumps off of it, spins 360 degrees and kicks Neil in the head with a spinning roundhouse kick before landing inside the ring. Neil doesn’t fall off of the rope though.

    Cutlass: Ooh Clash almost sent Neil Thorn out of the ring there with that flying roundhouse kick. But close just doesn’t cut it!

    Neil hangs onto the ropes to not fall out of the ring but Iron Baba comes rushing at him and sends him out of the ring with a vicious running lariat.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Sid: But Iron Baba is enough to send him out! Big running meat hook lariat connecting to the body of Thorn and sending him out of the ring and onto the floor. This match is down to its last three competitors. The powerhouse Max Power, The explosive Iron Baba and the high flying Clash. Three different styles, three different kind of wrestlers.

    Cutlass: I am not sure on who can win this. Max Power has a distinct advantage in size and strength but Iron Baba is so explosive and has already eliminated three people in James Blade, Mad Dogg and Neil Thorn. Clash is also an extremely fast worker and he has proven to be shrewd and tactical. I just cannot pick a winner!

    Clash rushes Baba and hits him with a running knee to the gut, making Baba kneel over. Clash is then picked up from behind by Max Power who military press lifts Clash into the air before dead dropping him to the ground, walking out from underneath him and letting him fall straight down. Baba gets up to his knees and sees Max Power standing over him but get up to his feet to stare down the giant. The two glare at each other before they start trading blows as the fans cheer them on.

    Sid: The rush to the finish line has started here on Fight Night. One of these three men will win this battle royal and go home with two wins to their name. Who will it be?

    Clash is back to his feet and joins Baba in beating on Power. Baba and Clash deal more and more punches to Power as they force him towards the middle of the ring.

    Cutlass: Smart move! teaming up to take out the bigger guy. Great strategy.

    Power suddenly manages to block their blows and stopping the double offensive. He strikes Baba and Clash over the head with a blow each before he grabs them by the waist with one arm for each and lifts them up on top of his shoulders, legs dangling down Power’s backside.

    Sid: Look at the strength of Power! He is lifting both men with one arm each!

    Clash and Baba start sliding down the back of Power with Clash locking his left arm and Baba his right arm around the neck of Power, forcing him to bend backwards. Once they land on their feet they fall backwards, driving Power headfirst into the mat via a double cutter.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Double cutter! What a beautiful counter! Come on lads, time to get the big guy out of the ring. Move!

    Baba and Clash pick up Power, Clash by the leg and Baba by the shoulders and work on getting him towards the ropes. They struggle all the way under the weight of Power but manage to get him to the ropes. When they cannot hoist him over the ropes they decide to lean him against them, placing him back on his feet. They then back off and prepare to tackle him out of the ring.

    Sid: Are they actually going to try this?

    Cutlass: Sure why not? They couldn’t get all that dead weight over the rope the old school way so why not try something else?

    Clash and Baba rush at Power, looking to clothesline him out of the ring but Power comes back to his senses before they reach him. He blocks their clotheslines and pushes away from the ropes, forcing them in front of him. He grabs them both by the throat and lifts them into the air and runs towards the ropes on the other side of the ring, throwing Baba and Clash over the ropes at the same time.

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner! Max Power!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    [size=x-small]Power’s theme hits as he celebrates in the ring, standing on the middle turnbuckle waving to the cheering crowd.[/size]

    Sid: He did it! Max Power has won! He eliminated two men at the same time to take home the win and walks out of here with 2 wins. That puts him at 3 wins total. He only needs 7 more to qualify for the fatal fourway!

    Cutlass: Impressive win indeed. I thought he didn’t do so much in the match but he certainly impressed with his moves of strength yet again. If he only was more aggressive I could get behind the Max Power train but at the moment he seems to be too much of a gentle giant.

    [size=x-small]Clash slides into the ring and asks for a microphone. He stands in the middle of the ring as Power jumps off the turnbuckle and turns around to face him. [/size]

    Cutlass: Well now, what is all this about?

    Clash: Well….I guess I have to say congratulations Max. You won this thing and I am man enough to admit it. How does it feel to have your first legitimate win here on Fight Night?

    Sid: What is he talking about? Power has won before.

    Clash: I know you are probably asking yourself “But what about our triple threat match from the first show?” Well…Here’s the thing Maxy boy, I let you win that. It wasn’t without me basically throwing Vinnie Rose to you that you could have won. I gave you that victory and that’s the truth.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*[/size]

    [size=x-small]Clash walks closer to Power and looks him in the eyes. [/size]

    Clash: And now I think it is time that you pay up, you owe me Max and I want what’s mine. I want a match with you since good old Vinnie apparently is too good for me now so I might as well entertain myself with you. I want a Match Max and you are going to give it to me.

    Cutlass: Well he knows what he wants at least. What will be Max’s response though?

    [size=x-small]Max just stares at Clash who doesn’t take his eyes off of him. They glare at each other before Max just grins at Clash before he pats him on the head and walks out of the ring towards the ramp. Clash turns after him and hangs over the ropes. [/size]

    Clash: What!? You’re just going to walk away from me Max? You think just because you have a couple of wins you are better than me? No you’re not! Get back in this ring! Give me my match Max!

    [size=x-small]Max just keeps walking and gets up on the stage before he looks out over the crowd and Clash before heading backstage. [/size]

    Clash: Come back here you big lug! At least come back here and argue with me dammit!

    Sid: Well that didn’t go as he planned now did it?

    [size=x-small]The crowd chants “denied” at Clash. [/size]

    Clash: Oh shut up you damn rednecks! All of you and Max will see. I will get my match and I will blaze the most revolutionary trail this business has ever seen. You can all get in line or get your teeth kicked in!

    [size=x-small]Clash drops the mic and heads up the ramp as the crowd boos him. [/size]

    Cutlass: Things sure are heating up the closer we get to the fatal fourway.

    Sid: Indeed they are. We’ll be back with our main event soon folks. As Lucas Hacksaw once again goes one on one with Brian Messias.

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    Sid: Ladies and gentlemen we now go to the tale of the tape for our main event match

    Name: Lucas Hacksaw
    Age: 32
    Height: 6"4
    Weight: 250 Lbs
    Win/Loss Record: W:1 L:2
    Hometown: New York
    Finisher: Chokeslam
    Name: Brian Messias
    Age: 22
    Height: 6"3
    Weight: 235 Lbs
    Win/Loss Record: W:3 L:0
    Hometown: Toronto Ontario Canada
    Finisher: The Annihilator

    Cutlass: These two men squared up two weeks ago and the younger & faster Brian Messias was able to defeat Hacksaw & since that match, Hacksaw has been losing his matches

    Sid: But can we blame last weeks victory Curt, Hacksaw last week was confronted by Messias & I still think maybe Messias got into Hacksaw's head a little bit which through him off his game against Mad Dogg.

    [size=x-small]Brian Messias's Theme hitsSid:

    *Crowd Boo*

    Messias walks out on the stage wearing black trunks with a red zig zag design on the side of them, black wrist tape, knee pads and boots. Messias makes his way down the ramp ignoring the fans.

    Josh Fordezski: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 235lbs, "The Annihaltor" Brian Messias!

    Sid: Messias now tied with Zach Schmidt in total number of wins, but Messias still has a perfect record

    Cutlass: Very true Sid, Messias maybe what he says, The Greatest Wrestler in the World

    [size=x-small]Messias quickly walks down the ramp, he steps up onto the 2nd steel step then onto the apron and quickly into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: Brian Messias after tonight could be 6 wins away from being the 1st to qualify, if he is able to continue his winning streak

    [size=x-small]Messias stands in the ring looking at the fans as he shuffles his shoulders forward and stands in place[/size]

    [size=x-small]Lucas Hacksaw's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Hacksaw walks out wearing a blue mask, a brown jacket, jean shorts, black wrestling boots. He stands at the bottom and raises his hand up with force, he then turns around to face the stage wear he spreads his arms as pyro flares off. Hacksaw then spins round and walks to the ring.

    Josh Fordezski: And introducing his opponent, From New York, New York, weighing in at 250lbs, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw!

    Sid: The veteran of FNW, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw, had a little something to say about this match

    Cutlass: Hacksaw seems a little more confident, & I agree he can only get better now

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw walks slowly down to the ring before climbing up onto the apron and slowly in the ring.[/size]

    Sid: Hacksaw we know likes to use his power rather than his speed, which Messias will have to use his speed to combat Hacksaw's advantage

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw climbs up the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd[/size]

    The referee calls for the bell. Messias runs towards Hacksaw, jumping up and hitting him with his forearm, Messias then delivers a gut kick to Hacksaw and pushes him back into the corner.

    Sid: Messias like a bull, the second the bell rings charging towards Hacksaw

    Cutlass: I thought bulls charge at the sight of red, Hacksaw is wearing blue

    Messias then grabs hold of the middle rope and thrusts his shoulder into the gut of Hacksaw. Messias steps back and then thrusts his shoulder into the gut again

    Sid: Messias really taking the fight to the Veteran Hacksaw, taking the focus now to the sternum and gut of Hacksaw

    Messias holds the head of Lucas Hacksaw with one hand then brings his bicep up and connects with the chin of Lucas Hacksaw sending him back against the turnbuckle

    Cutlass: Nice shot their from Messias to Lucas Hacksaw

    Brian Messias applies a headlock on Lucas Hacksaw, he then jumps forward landing on the mat in a seated position and dragging Lucas Hacksaw to the mat chin and jaw first

    Cutlass: Brian Messias with a lovely Bulldog to Lucas Hacksaw!

    Messias rolls Lucas Hacksaw over and covers Lucas Hacksaw, the referee counts

    Lucas Hacksaw kicks out

    Sid: Brian Messias then follows up with a nice bulldog to Hacksaw, Hacksaw has not had a chance since the get go

    Messias drags Hacksaw up, Hacksaw swipes away Messias's hands. Hacksaw then grasps the throat of Brian Messias, he then flips the near arm over his head and grabs the side of Brian Messias with his other hand, Hacksaw then lifts Brian Messias up and throws him to the mat landing him back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Chokeslam! Out of nowhere!

    Hacksaw drops to the mat and covers Brian Messias, the referee counts

    Messias Kicks out

    Hacksaw gets to his feet and then stomps on the back of Messias after he rolls onto his stomach, Hacksaw then stands by the side of Brian Messias he then jumps in the air and lands a splash on Brian Messias

    Sid: Hacksaw using all his weight in that move

    Hacksaw rolls Messias over onto his back and covers. The referee counts

    Brian Messias kicks out

    Hacksaw drags Messias up, Messias delivers an eye poke to Hacksaw

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Sid: Brian Messias lost his momentum there, but results to a dirty move to regain it

    Messias delivers a gut kick to Lucas Hacksaw he then applies a front face-lock. Messias then flips the near arm over his head and hooks the opponent's near leg by clutching the back of the knee. Messias then lifts Lucas Hacksaw up and over his head and flips him over to land on his back to the mat, as Messias bridges. The referee counts.

    Cutlass: Beautiful, just beautiful suplex by Messias there

    Lucas Hacksaw kicks out

    Messias runs at the ropes, he rebounds off the ropes and runs at Lucas Hacksaw who sits up, Messias steps of the knee of Lucas Hacksaw and connects with his other knee to the head of Lucas Hacksaw knocking him back to the mat. Messias drops to the mat and covers Lucas Hacksaw, the referee counts

    Sid: Brian Messias hits a thunderous Shinning Wizard on his opponent!

    Lucas Hacksaw kicks out

    Messias drags Hacksaw up and then places his head underneath the armpit of Lucas Hacksaw and locks in a rear waist lock, underhooking on leg, he then lifts Lucas Hacksaw up spins around with Lucas Hacksaw on his shoulder and falls to a seated position sending Lucas Hacksaw forward and plants him to the neck and shoulders first.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Messias nails Lucas Hacksaw with a Blue Thunder Driver, or as he calls it, named after his nickname, The Annihaltor!

    Messias remains seated in the cover, he lifts his legs onto the shoulders of Lucas Hacksaw pinning him to the mat, the referee counts

    Lucas Hacksaw kicks out

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Hacksaw kicked out?!

    Messias slams his hands on the floor in anger, he then drags Hacksaw up angrily, turns him around

    Messias places his head underneath the armpit of Lucas Hacksaw and locks in a rear waist lock, underhooking on leg, he then lifts (insert name ) up however Hacksaw slips out, Messias turns round and Hacksaw grasps the throat of Lucas Hacksaw, he then flips the near arm over his head and grabs the side of Lucas Hacksaw with his other hand, Hacksaw then lifts Lucas Hacksaw up and throws him to the mat landing him back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Standard Comment: Chokeslam!

    Hacksaw drops to the mat and covers Lucas Hacksaw, the referee counts

    The referee calls for the bell

    Sid: Hacksaw wins it?!

    [size=x-small]Lucas Hacksaw's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Hacksaw stands up clenching his gut.

    Josh Frodezski: Here is your winner.....Lucas Hacksaw!

    Cutlass: I think Hacksaw defeated Messias in Messias's shortest match, talk about a humiluating loss, Messias to overconfident loses his match

    [size=x-small]Messias looks at Hacksaw in shock, cluching his head as Hacksaw exits the ring and walks up the ramp[/size]

    Sid: Lets take a look at the board now

    1st: Zach Schmidt (4/1)
    2nd: Max Power (3/0)
    3rd: Brian Messias (3/1)
    4th: Lucas Hacksaw (2/2)
    5th: Andrew Austins (1/1) Neil Thorn (1/1) Johnathon Grimm (1/1)
    6th: Iron Baba (1/2) Vinnie Rose (1/2) Brent Nixon (1/2)
    7th: True Warrior (0/1)
    8th: Ace Young (0/2)
    9th: Masked Machine (0/3) Clash (0/3)

    Cutlass: Yikes with that loss, Messias drops all the way to third place, he still is a contender for the Fatal Four Way, based upon that board it would be Zach vs Power vs Messias vs Hacksaw for the Title, but things can still change, the Battle Royal really made the game changer right there.

    Sid: & Next week we will have The former 1st place Brian Messias vs Austin Andrews, also as requested, Max Power will face True Warrior & in the main event, to final settle the argument about the interference, Hacksaw vs Schmidt one on one in the main event, thank you everyone for joining us tonight

  2. That is the best decision that FNW will ever make. Brent Nixon is only just starting, and let that match be a warning to anybody who thinks of stepping in my way.
  3. The Smasher SMASHED Brian! Well, that isn't surprising as i'm awesome!