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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #2[/align]
    Date: 09/11/2012​

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small]The lights start flickering as pyro goes off around the ring and up the ramp to the stage as the Fight Night Wrestling theme blares from the speakers. The titantron comes alive, showcasing the show logo and the fans cheer and wave to the cameras as the show is getting started. [/size]

    Sid: Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to “the Pit” within the reunion arena here in beautiful Dallas Texas. It’s Friday night and that means its Fight Night! My name is Sid Taylor and with me as always is the self-professed voice of the British upper class, Curt Cutlass!

    Cutlass: Thanks Sid! And Welcome back everyone to Fight Night Wrestling! Last week saw our pilot episode launch to positive reactions from the live crowd here at the pit, and our viewers at home. And we are looking to continue this trend here tonight. Four great matches are lined up for you tonight so what do you say Sid? Let’s get right to the action!

    [size=x-small]Brent Nixon's Theme hits

    *Crowd cheers*

    Brent Nixon walks out on the stage and jumps on the spot yelling out "c'mon" wearing black ¾ length MMA shorts with subtle bits of white outline, black trainers, a plain black T-Shirt only with his name written on in a nasty looking font. Brent then walks down the ramp.

    Josh Fordezski: This match is set for one fall! From Derby, England, weighing in at 234lbs, Brent Nixon!

    Sid: This man here, Brent Nixon was part of a very controversial match last week. His main event match against Brian Messias was first ruled as a double count out by our referee but our mysterious general manager chose to restart the match as a no disqualification match. Brent then won the match but the decision was reversed after he didn’t lay off his opponent but instead continued his assault.

    Cutlass: I like the killer instinct that I see in Nixon but he has to realize when to stop. He had a win which put him in the running for the Fight Night championship fourway but because of his aggression he lost it. Granted Brian Messias is a deserving winner but still. Nixon needs to keep his temper in check unless his next opponent will also walk away with a win here.

    Sid: Speaking of opponents…Hey!

    [size=x-small]Zach Schmidt jumps the guard rail from out of the crowd with a steel chair in hand. He attacks Brent from behind with the chair, driving it into his back and forcing Brent hard into the steel ramp. [/size]

    Sid: Zach Schmidt just jumped the barricade and attacked Brent Nixon with a steel chair!

    Cutlass: Zach isn’t dumb Sid! He saw Nixon’s match with Messias last week and saw what kind of man Nixon is within that squared circle so he is taking every possible precaution he can to ensure his victory.

    Sid: But this is cheating!

    Cutlass: The match doesn’t start until both men are in the ring. There is nothing the referee can do to stop this. I like this tactical way of doing things that we have been seeing from him these last two weeks.

    [size=x-small]Brent gets back up to his feet but Zach slams the chair over his right arm. Zach then plants the steel chair over the head of Nixon, sending him back to the ground on his knees. [/size]

    Sid: Zach was also part of a match last week. Facing Lucas “the Smasher” Hacksaw. This match was also riddled with controversy after Fight Night wrestler Mad Dogg ran down to the ring, starting a war of words with Hacksaw. The match still ended in favor of Hacksaw after Zach accidentally dropkicked Mad Dogg of the ring apron, allowing Hacksaw to capitalize and get the pin on Zach.

    Cutlass: Zach showed us great in ring skills last week. He dominated large parts of that match against Hacksaw or otherwise led that match. Remember last week when he drove Hacksaw’s arm in between the ringpost and steel steps? He utilized his environment just like he is doing now. I like what I have been seeing from Zach so far.

    [size=x-small]Zach drops the chair and pulls Brent up to his feet by grabbing his head. He leads Brent to the ring before rolling him into the ring. Zach then jumps up on the apron before getting in the ring himself. [/size]

    [size=x-small]Referee rings the bell. [/size]

    Sid: And finally this match starts. Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape for these two.

    Name: Zach Schmidt, the Gator
    Age: 22
    Height: 6"1
    Weight: 240 Lbs
    Win/Loss Record: W:0 L:1
    Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
    Finisher: Cross Armbreaker
    Name: Brent Nixon
    Age: 25
    Height: 6"1
    Weight: 234 Lbs
    Win/Loss Record: W:0 L:1
    Hometown: Derby, England
    Finisher: Triangle Choke

    Cutlass: Don’t be surprised if Zach is going to try and end this early on now. After leveling the playing field like he did he shouldn’t allow Brent any time to regroup.

    Sid: You call that leveling the playing field!?

    Zach sits down by the grounded Nixon, grabs his right arm and puts his legs in a scissor position around it, grabbing his wrist with his hands. Zach then pulls the arm upwards, causing hyper extension in the arm making Nixon cry out in pain as the crowd boos Zach.

    Sid: Zach using a cross armbar on the right arm of Brent Nixon. The arm which he targeted with the steel chair earlier when he as you said Curt “leveled the playing field”.

    Cutlass: Wrestling is a dirty business Sid. You don’t have to like Zach’s actions here but you will have to learn to accept them.

    Brent starts fighting back against Zach, working his way up to his knees. Once on his knees he uses his free arm to grab ahold of Zach’s wrist and starts squeezing on it, forcing Zach to let go off his arm with his hands. Brent then starts working over Zach’s ankles using his free arm, eventually getting free of the hold.

    [size=x-small]Crowd pop. [/size]

    Sid: And Brent Nixon is free of the armbar! What do you think happens now Curt?

    Cutlass: Now Sid, now we get a fight!

    Zach and Brent both work their way up to a vertical base. Brent starts staring down Zach who now seems a bit shocked that Brent got out of his armbar.

    Brent runs at Zach and forces his shoulder into the chest of Zach, knocking him to the mat

    Sid: Nixon with a shoulder block! That’s Brent Nixon’s first offence in this match, let’s see if he can keep it up.

    Nixon mounts the downed Zach, grabs his head with his right arm and starts delivering blows to the skull with his left. Driving his fist repeatedly into the face of Zach.

    Sid: Brent establishing some dominance over Zach here.

    Brent pulls Zach up to his feet using his head. Brent then runs the ropes and rebounds off of them. Brent then delivers a gut kick to Zach and then applies a front face-lock, he then places his head underneath the armpit of Zach and clutches the inside leg of Zach.

    Cutlass: What’s he planning now? Some sort of suplex perhaps.

    Nixon lifts Zach up and over his head, slamming him to the mat head first.

    Sid: I think that answered your question Curt. Nasty suplex there from Brent Nixon.

    Brent keeps his face-lock and leg clutch locked in as he gets back to his feet, pulling Zach with him up to a standing position. He then performs the lift again, planting Zach with another suplex.

    Cutlass: Another suplex! We saw similar feats of strength from Nixon last week against Messias as well but this is getting ridiculous. I like it though!

    Sid: Curt, would you call the fact that these two men are facing each other and that their opponents from last week are facing each other later tonight ironic?

    Cutlass: Not really. Messias did walk out of last week’s main event a winner despite what some of his critics like to say. It only seems logical for me to keep using a guy who walked out of a main event the winner in the main event. As for Hacksaw, I was critical off him last week but he did win in a hard fought match so I understand that the GM wants to try him out in the main event. I don’t like it that much, but I understand why.

    Brent again gets up to his feet, keeping the face-lock and leg clutch locked in. Once he is back on a vertical base Zach starts fighting back though, striking at the ribs of Nixon to try and get out of the hold.

    Sid: Looks like Zach is trying to get out of the hold. Obviously he wouldn’t want to suffer a third straight suplex by Nixon but is there any way he can get control of the match back to his corner Curt?

    Nixon uses his free hand to strike Zach over the ribs himself, stopping Zach’s escape attempt. He then performs a lift and plants Zach with a third suplex.

    Cutlass: At this point? Unlikely.

    Brent finally lets go off Zach and gets back to his feet. He starts sizing Zach up and seems to be preparing for some sort of kick.

    Sid: Brent Nixon seems to be sizing Zach up for a kick. Nixon seems to want to end this now.

    Zach gets up to his knees but when Nixon lashes out with the kick he ducks and rolls out of the ring as the crowd boos him.

    Cutlass: But Zach slinks out of trouble again. Smart move there, had Nixon connected with that boot of his Zach would most likely have to be looking into getting some new teeth.

    Zach backs away from the apron, grabbing ahold of the guard rail. Nixon rolls out of the ring but Zach suddenly launches away from the ropes, tackling Nixon into the ring apron back first. He then starts delivering blows to the head of Nixon.

    Cutlass: Look at that! Just like I told you earlier Zach is trying to even the playing field. He used the ring to his advantage and it paid off.

    Zach rolls Nixon back into the ring and slides in himself afterwards. He stalks Nixon as he gets back to his feet groggily. Grabs Nixon by the leg and arm and lifts him up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

    Sid: Nixon is up in a fireman’s carry. Wonder what Zach has planned for him Curt.

    Cutlass: Who knows Sid? Zach’s mind is only focused on one thing now and it is victory. He will throw all caution out of the window in hopes of taking out Nixon.

    Zach looks to be preparing a standing senton drop to Nixon but Nixon gets one hand free and starts delivering elbow shots to the head of Zach, forcing him to let go. Nixon then grabs Zach’s left shoulder, spins him around so that he faces Nixon. Nixon drives Zach into his outstretched arm, falling forward in the process, using his weight and outstretched arm to drive Zach into the ground hard.

    Sid: Oh! Vicious clothesline reversal by Nixon!

    Cutlass: This is the beginning of the end here Sid. This match is finishing up.

    Brent grabs hold of the arm of Zach, he then wraps his legs around the neck of Zach and bends his leg over his foot, forming a figure four hold, Brent then pulls on his foot to apply more pressure

    Sid: Brent has the submission locked in, he may have to tap out

    The referee checks on Zach and asks if he wishes to tap. Zach reaches out as he begins to fade

    Cutlass: That hold is on tight, many have used the hold and it cuts of the air supply to the head. Zach is gonna go night night here sadly.

    Brent rolls onto his side and brings Zach down to the mat. Zach finally starts tapping, making the referee signal to end the match.

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner by submission! Brent Nixon!

    [size=x-small]Nixon gets back to his feet and climbs to turnbuckle where he looks out at the cheering crowd. The referee helps Zach to his feet. [/size]

    Sid: What a match and what a way to kick off Fight Night! Brent Nixon chalks up a submission victory over Zach Schmidt, even after Zach attacked Brent before the match started with a steel chair.

    Cutlass: I felt that Zach could have had better control over this match and walked away with a win to his name. Brent Nixon is a monster in the ring though as we have seen two weeks in a row now and Zach shouldn’t be ashamed of losing to him.

    [size=x-small]Brent jumps off the turnbuckle and turns around to Zach who slaps him in the face. [/size]

    Cutlass: That…wasn’t smart.

    [size=x-small]Brent tackles Zach to the ground with a spear and begins wailing on him, delivering blow after blow to the face of Zach, busting his nose so it starts bleeding and giving him a black eye. The referee tries to get Nixon off of Zach but to no avail. The referee then signals for the announcer that he is reversing his decision. [/size]

    Josh Fordezski: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Bill Manning has chosen to reverse his decision due to post match aggression. Therefore here is your new winner…Zach Schmidt!

    Sid: Oh boy, Brent is not going to like this.

    [size=x-small]Brent gets off of Zach and walks up to the referee. The two start arguing over the reversed decision but Brent suddenly grabs ahold of the referees shirt collar and lifts him into the air and starts threatening to beat him if he doesn’t reverse the decision again. Security personnel come running down the ramp. [/size]

    Sid: And here comes the cavalry thank god.

    Cutlass: Brent Nixon has got to get some control of himself, he is losing matches by being a hot head, he needs to start controlling himself.

    [size=x-small]Security forces Nixon off the ref and out of the ring. Nixon tries to get back in the ring but security keeps him out of the ring and forces him up the ramp. [/size]

    Sid: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed by our GM that Brent Nixon will not be in action next week due to this action.

    Cutlass: I hope he learns from this and takes it under his belt to win when he comes back

    [size=x-small]As Nixon heads up the ramp with security behind him he finds the chair Zach used on him earlier in the match. He picks it up and turns back against the ring. [/size]

    Sid: Whoah now big fella! Don’t do anything stupid.

    [size=x-small]Nixon looks ready to use the chair to beat his way through the security personnel but he instead ends up throwing it out into the crowd. [/size]

    Sid: Look out!

    Cutlass: Well someone is walking home with a new piece of furniture at least.

    [size=x-small]Security finally gets Nixon to the backstage area as the ref and time keeper check on Zach. [/size]

    Sid: Well that sure was interesting, for the second week in a row Brent Nixon’s temper costs him a win.

    Cutlass: Zach Schmidt very very smart there Sid, after the attack didn't pan out, he knew how Nixon works and used the temper to get Nixon angry, slapping Nixon showing him no respect just got Nixon angry and angry enough to get the decision reveresed, as I have said Nixon better comeback after next week's suspension and concentrate on winning.


    [align=left]Result: Schmidt def Nixon ​
    Written By: Stopspot[/align]

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small] Clash's theme hits

    *Crowd boos*

    The lights turn dark and one single blue spotlight comes on. The spotlight heads for the stage as Clash walks out on the stage. Clash is dressed in his normal charcoal black tights with blue X and C design down the sides and his name on the back. He also has black and blue boots with wing like paintings on the sides; one black elbow guard covers his left elbow. He has a black sleeveless zip up hoodie as well with the words Mr. Entertainment in blue on the back, the hood is pulled down to hide his face.

    Clash looks out at the crowd before strikes a pose mimicking a man being crucified with his arms out wide. Clash then heads to the ring.

    Josh Fordezski: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, From Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 210lbs, Clash!

    Sid: Clash was one of the men who last week took part in an amazing triple threat match between himself, Max Power and Vinnie Rose. Clash threw Vinnie into the waiting arms of Max Power, giving Max Power the win. He has been getting some flak from our fans for “screwing” a fan favorite like Vinnie out of a win, which we all know is very important here on Fight Night.

    [size=x-small] Clash walks confidently down the ramp. He stops at the end of the ramp and strikes his pose again, as pyro hits by the end of the ramp behind him. Clash then slides into the ring and climbs one of the top turnbuckles. He pulls down his hood and looks out at the crowd before jumping down. He then reaches out of the ring and asks for a microphone. [/size]

    Cutlass: He is getting hate mail for that? God! How fickle are people today!? What he did was capitalize on a moment that presented itself. He saw that he had a chance to get Vinnie off of him and he took it. Vinnie had him pressed up into the ropes anyway. Survival of the fittest Sid, and to be the fittest you don’t need to be the biggest, but the smartest. Clash worked smart and thus Vinnie ate the pin last week. Jesus Christ some people.

    [size=x-small] Clash looks out at the booing crowd before lifting the mic to his mouth and he begins to speak. [/size]

    Clash: Now now, boo me all you like but I am going to tell you something interesting if you give me a chance. Last week you got to see a brutal triple threat between me, the human tank Max Power… and Vinnie Rose.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Clash: You like him huh? Well since last week I have been getting all these emails, tweets and posts on our official forum directed at me, asking me things like “how could you screw Vinnie that way Clash?” “Why would you screw Vinnie out of a win?” “Max Power sucks he didn’t deserve to win!” “Vinnie should have won you big bully”, boo fricking hoo! You so called smart marks pride yourselves on your intellect and knowledge of the business yet if you actually knew anything about Vinnie and me you would know that I have my reasons for teaching him a lesson. You guys aren’t any better than the stupid marks watching on TV at home or any of these scumbags here in the crowd right now! Booing me without knowing the facts.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*[/size]

    Sid: Harsh words directed at our viewers and fans and viewers from Clash. He certainly isn’t making himself any friends with those words.

    Cutlass: He’s made himself a friend in me that’s for sure. He’s telling it as it is. The modern wrestling fan thinks so highly of himself and his supposed knowledge of the business. Clash is just putting them back in the place where they belong.

    Clash: There you go booing me again without any facts to justify booing me. If you guys knew the Vinnie Rose I knew you wouldn’t be cheering for him. Last week wasn’t me and Vinnie locking horns for the first time. In fact we’ve met way before Fight Night. Vinnie and I are both west coast brats. He’s from LA and I am from Seattle. We are both the same age as well, 22 and we got into this business at roughly the same time, I think I started maybe 5 months before him or something. Both being from the west coast meant we ran into each other a couple of times and had a few matches. The Vinnie I knew back then…was a dick. He was disrespectful to the guys in the back and the other wrestlers; he also went out of his way to hurt his opponents. He broke my wrist in a match when I was scheduled for a TNA tryout the next day, he knew about that but still slammed my arm in-between the ring and the stairs, thanks a lot for that one Vinnie. Vinnie set my career back 4 months so now; I have a chance to get even.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*[/size]

    Cutlass: Now that isn’t something you hear every day.

    Clash: But… Since I am a good guy I am going to give Vinnie one more match. So Vinnie, come out here now please. I spent three years training in Japan preparing for this. I want to see if I can beat you one on one when we are both fresh. Are you man or mouse Rose?

    [size=x-small]Clash looks up at the stage as the crowd quiets down.[/size]

    Sid: A challenge made by Clash. Will Vinnie Rose respond?

    [size=x-small]Vinnie Rose's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Vinnie Rose jumps out wearing grey trunks with purple/pink designs and his initials on it. Black elbow pads and knee pads,white boots, one long wrist/hand tape almost to the elbow pad, and on the left hand a purple/pink power balance wristband. He waves to the fans as pyro goes off behind him

    Cutlass: Well at least he showed up. Now we just have to see if he accepts the challenge or not.

    [size=x-small]Rose walks down to the ring waving to the fans. He walks up the stairs and into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: You honestly doubt Rose will accept? He seems like a nice fellow I have no doubt he will accept this match but also explain himself.

    [size=x-small]Rose gets into the ring and grabs a microphone from the stage hand. He then stares at Clash before he starts to speak.[/size]

    Vinnie: First of all, thanks a lot for pushing me into that manmountain called Max Power last week, no really I’m not sarcastic at all. Secondly, I know I was a douchebag back then, I was a stupid kid and I did stupid things.

    Clash: Stupid? You broke my arm in 3 places with your stupidity!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd boos*[/size]

    Vinnie: And I said I am sorry. I screwed you and you’ve screwed me over now so I guess we are even. Let’s just move on now dude. As for a match tonight, sure I’ll oblige but I don’t see why you’d want to go one on one with me man, I mean look at me!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Clash: And that’s just why I want to fight you Vinnie. You always touted that you were bigger than me and held it over my head, that you had the physical strength that I lacked. I want to prove that I can beat you, that all my training and my skill can overcome your physical strength. Now either you grant me that opportunity, or you are still just that pathetic douchebag you were five years ago.

    Vinnie: …. Referee… ring the bell.

    Sid: So we are getting a match between the two west coast brats. Vinnie Rose versus Clash, one week after Clash cost Vinnie the victory in the triple threat match on our premiere episode.

    Cutlass: He didn’t cost him anything! Power capitalized on Clash getting Vinnie off of him, get your facts straight Sid. Jesus Christ!

    Sid: Anyway… let’s take a look at the tale of the tape.

    Name: Vinnie Rose
    Age: 22
    Height: 6"2
    Weight: 260 Lbs
    Win/Loss Record: W:0 L:1
    Hometown: Los Angeles California
    Finisher: LA Crusher (Superkick)
    Name: Clash
    Age: 22
    Height: 6"0
    Weight: 210 Lbs
    Win/Loss Record: W:0 L:1
    Hometown: Seattle, Washington
    Finisher: Highway Clash

    Sid: as we see Vinnie has a two inch height advantage and a 50lbs weight advantage over Clash. Both men stand at zero victories and 1 loss.

    Cutlass: How come you only bring forth Vinnie’s advantages? Are you biased Sid? Look at it this way: Clash is smaller yes, but that gives him a speed advantage. Vinnie is stronger but Clash is a better highflyer and technical wrestler. Stop being so partial Sid and do your job you hack!

    Clash and Vinnie circle one another as the match start. They then lock up in the middles of the ring in a finger lockup. Clash then slides behind Vinnie and locks in a waist lock but Vinnie gets out of it and slides behind Clash to lock in his own. Clash reverses that as well and the two are left circling one another again.

    Sid: Starting out slow here in our second match of the night. Vinnie and Clash are feeling each other out so far.

    Clash and Vinnie go to lock up once again but Clash slinks behind Vinnie, grabs ahold of his knees and pulls on them so Vinnie falls forward into the mat. Clash applies an Achilles lock, pressing the Achilles tendon into the ankle of Vinnie. Vinnie struggles on the mat.

    Cutlass: Here we see the technical skills of Clash, not even a minute into the match and he has Vinnie down on his stomach and he is trying to force him to submit. Talk about great technical skills.

    Vinnie rolls forward, forcing clash to let go off his ankle and releasing the hold. Vinnie stops by the ropes and gets back to his feet using them. Clash runs at Vinnie but Vinnie dodges to the side making Clash run into the ropes. Vinnie then grabs Clash in a waist lock and lifts him into the air, planting him stomach down with a wrestler slam in the mat.

    Sid: Impressive display of strength there from Vinnie Rose! Planting Clash in the mat! Vinnie spent his youth training in California, splitting his time between wrestling practice and the LA party scene. He is very skilled for his young age of just 22.

    Cutlass: Skilled for his age? If Rose is skilled then Clash is a genius! This kid trained for 3 years up in Seattle before heading to Japan at the age of 18 to go to college. Whilst there he also trained for one of Japan’s top pro wrestling companies, spending two years in their dojo before being put on their main roster in his third year in the company. He’s achieved great success for a rookie in Japan in just three years, and now he is back here in America to strive for the same success. Why are you so biased Sid?

    Clash gets back to his feet using the ropes. Vinnie grabs him in another waist lock though and tries lifting him up. Clash holds onto the ropes to prevent Vinnie from delivering another move. Vinnie lets got off Clash so that he can try another move but Clash lashes out with a mule kick, sending Vinnie staggering back. Clash jumps up on the ropes and launches off of them, twisting like a corkscrew so he is facing Vinnie in the air, he then locks and arm around Vinnie’s neck, slamming him in the ground with a tornado DDT.

    Cutlass: There we go! Clash showing us some of his skill!

    Clash and Vinnie are back to their feet again. Vinnie rushes at Clash and pushes him into the corner where he starts delivering shoulder blocks, driving his shoulder into the gut of Clash, forcing his back into the ring post. Clash manages to lock his arms around the neck of Vinnie, hindering his thrusts. Clash then starts pushing to get out of the corner. Once out of the corner though Vinnie grabs a hold of Clash and starts spinning on his feet, making Clash let go off his hold which allows Vinnie to throw Clash across the ring, making Clash land hard on the mat.

    Sid: Another impressive move by the overnight sensation. Curt, you heard about the history of these two earlier. What do you make of it?

    Rose lifts Clash up into a fireman's carry and stands in the ring

    Cutlass: Let me get back to you on that Sid, looks like Vinnie is trying to end it early here.

    Rose prepares to lift Clash up over his head but Clash slithers out of his grasp and rolls out of the ring. Clash stands on the outside of the ring glaring at Rose as the fans boo him.

    Sid: Looked like Vinnie was going for his finishing move, the flatliner right there but Clash managed to slink out of it before he finished it.

    Cutlass: its quick thinking like that that will make or break you in those kinds of situations Sid. As for your previous question: Look at the way these two are glaring at each other. Obviously the history between these two cuts deep. Vinnie cost Clash a chance at the big time and obviously he wants payback. Wouldn’t you want payback if you met the guy that put your career back by years possibly Sid?

    Vinnie gestures at Clash to get back in the ring but Clash instead gestures for Vinnie to get out of the ring. At the same time as Vinnie slides out of the ring Clash slides back inside though, reversing the situation. Vinnie goes to get back in the ring but Clash runs the ropes and hits Vinnie in the chest with a running dropkick as he is on the apron, sending Vinnie back out to ringside.

    Cutlass: Look at that! One step ahead of Vinnie. Clash knew that he could play Vinnie like a violin there and capitalized on it.

    Sid: Vinnie almost hit his head on the guard rail there. It would have been a shame if he had injured himself so early into the run of Fight Night. But wouldn’t Clash have fulfilled his mission then?

    Cutlass: One could look at it that way. But I honestly think that Clash wants to look down at Vinnie as he is raising the Fight Night Championship above his head as champion. This is only a speculation though.

    Clash yells at the referee to start counting. As the ref reaches the count of two Vinnie grabs a hold of the guard rail and pulls himself up to his feet. He rests against the guard rail groggy, trying to grasp his surroundings. The fans are chanting his name.

    Sid: Looks like Vinnie might risk being counted out here Curt.

    Cutlass: A win is a win and wins matter here. Doesn’t really matter how you get them.

    By the count of five Vinnie realizes that the ref is counting and begins to make his way towards the ring, falling over on the way since he hasn’t fully regained his balance yet. He gets back to his feet and slides into the ring by the count of 8.

    Sid: Close call there for Vinnie!

    Vinnie gets back to his feet as Clash rushes at him, hoping to deliver a big boot kick. Vinnie manages to catch the foot though and pushes Clash away. He then grabs Clash by the left arm and whips him into the ropes. Clash rebounds of the ropes and is caught around the torso by Vinnie, who spins him around and plants him over his knee back first. Clash falls to the mat clutching at his back.

    Sid: Vicious backbreaker right there! What do you think of our main event tonight Curt? Brian Messias taking on Lucas “the Smasher” Hacksaw. That match has had the fans speaking for almost a week. Who do you think will walk out a winner in that one?

    Cutlass: Whilst I’d like to focus on this match right in front of us I’ll indulge your childlike mind with some of my wisdom. Whilst Mr. Hacksaw impressed with his match against Zach Schmidt last week I don’t think he has what it takes to go against a man like Brian Messias. Messias operates on too high a level for Smasher, the age difference is too big and the size difference isn’t as big as it was against Zach. I predict Messias to win.

    Clash gets back to his feet and dodges a running clothesline from Vinnie. Clash runs up towards the ropes, jumps up on them and launches of them in a moonsault.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Clash going high risk! Will this allow him to take control of the match!?

    Vinnie catches Clash midair, places his head under Clash’s left arm pit and locks his right arm around Clash’s left leg. Vinnie then lifts Clash up on his shoulders sideways and spins 90 degrees and starts falling down onto his back, slamming Clash into the mat back first.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Short answer: no! Long answer: Not yet. Vinnie grabbed control using that Olympic slam right there. Whilst Clash is a very competent high flyer I have to give Vinnie his dues there since he figured out a nice way to counter a moonsault.

    Vinnie gets up and poses for the cheering crowd. As Clash begins getting to his feet Vinnie runs the ropes, rebounds of them and sends Clash back to the ground with a running clothesline. He then pulls Clash up by his shoulder and places him in a vertical base. Vinnie then places his left hand behind the head of Clash, holding him in place; he then begins deliver straight rights to the chest and face of Clash, hindering him from moving using his left hand. He then grabs ahold of Clash left arm and Irish whips him into the ropes, hitting Clash in the gut with a high knee on the rebound, sending Clash to the ground hard.

    Sid: Looks like Vinnie Rose has taken a quite strong hold over how this match will go Curt.

    vinnie stands at the side of Clash and runs at the ropes, he rebounds and then slowly walks to Clash, he sniffs the air and the jumps into the air extending his legs as he falls to the mat and smashes them across the chest of Clash

    Cutlass: Now what’s with this cocky walk? Strutting around like some rooster in a chicken coop. You’re facing a guy who’s known you for almost half a decade you idiot try acting like a professional!

    Sid: Wasn’t that a bit harsh against Vinnie Curt? I am sure that he is taking this seriously…

    Cutlass: Harsh?! I am saying what needs to be said. Look into that ring. We have two guys who have known each other for years, one of which cost the other guy a shot at making it big in this business, Clash is now looking to prove himself and gain redemption but Rose seems to think it is all a game, not taking it serious at all. These guys are part of starting up the next big wrestling company in America and Rose over there, obviously thinks that it’s all fun and games. Unless he steps up and starts acting like a serious professional like Brian Messias then I don’t see Vinnie ever making it big in professional wrestling.

    Vinnie get up on the second turnbuckle and poses to the crowd as Clash gets back to his feet. Vinnie jumps down from the turnbuckle just as Clash reaches him and delivers a right hook to the face of Vinnie, sending him into the ring posts. Clash delivers multiple kicks to the mid-section of Rose before Rose pushes him away. Clash rushes at Vinnie again but this time Vinnie meats him and delivers a running clothesline, sending Clash back to the ground. He then pulls clash up to his feet, grabs a hold of his neck and throws him out of the ring.

    Sid: And Vinnie continues his dominance, sending Clash out of the ring.

    Clash gets back to his feet as Vinnie again poses for the crowd, flexing his muscles and showing off. Clash gets up on the apron and yells at Rose. Vinnie rushes at Clash but Clash ducks down and drives his shoulder into Rose’s mid-section from in-between the top and middle rope. Clash then jumps into the ring, using the ropes as a springboard, laces his right arm around the neck of Rose and uses his momentum to drive Rose into the mat.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Did you see that right there!? You can never count out Clash! He knows Rose and how he functions. Sure they haven’t seen each other in a couple of years but he knows the basics of how Rose functions. If you give clash even a moment to regroup he will figure out a way to beat you and that is the mistake that Vinnie Rose made there when he instead of capitalizing on the situation chose to spend it fawning for the crowd.

    Clash and Rose get back up to their feet, Rose using the ropes. Both men work their way into the middle of the ring and start circling each other once again. Both men rush at each other but miss their respective opponent, botch Clash and Vinnie start running the ropes, dodging or missing each other as they run. On their third lap they both jump into the air, looking for a crossbody but they collide in midair, leaving both men lying on the mat in pain and with no air in their lunges.

    Sid: Ouch! Both men colliding in midair in the middle of the ring. Is that a sign of them working on this similar wavelength that you seem to think they do Curt?

    Cutlass: Possibly yes, perhaps they work on to well a wavelength at times, resulting in collisions like this. I have never once said that Vinnie Rose is stupid or bad in the ring make no mistake. I simply think that he doesn’t have what it takes to make it big here, just look at how he’s acted earlier in this match.

    Both men start working their way onto their feet, clutching their mid-sections and gasping for air as they do. Clash is first up to his feet and he moves so that he can stalk Vinnie from behind his back. When Vinnie makes it up to his feet Clash locks in a waist lock and holds on.

    Sid: Yet Vinnie Rose has been in control for most of this match. But it looks like Clash is looking to get some momentum going here, is he possibly going for a German suplex or another belly to back suplex variant?

    Vinnie fights out of the waist lock, slides around Clash and applies his own Waist lock. He then lifts Clash up and falls back into a bridge, slamming Clash into the mat upper back first with a German Suplex of his own.

    Sid: But Vinnie Rose reverses and remains in control of this match! You still think Clash can reverse it and turn this around Curt?

    Cutlass: Whilst Vinnie has been very dominant here I won’t put it passed Clash to be able to reverse it. All he needs is one chance and he can start gaining momentum.

    Vinnie picks Clash up and Irish whips him into the ropes. Clash hooks the ropes, Rose then runs at Clash, Clash hits a boot on Rose and back flips onto the apron

    Sid: You mean like this? Clash with a great counter there!

    Clash holds onto the ropes and jumps up, connecting a roundhouse kick, knocking Rose to the mat

    Cutlass: Exactly! Clash is fighting back here. Aiming at getting some momentum going.

    Clash then pulls himself up to the rope and springs off it, driving his elbow into the chest of Rose

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Clash hits an elbow drop off the ropes! The fans loved that one

    Clash locks in a front waist lock on a groggy Rose, he then lifts Rose over his head, flips him over and plants him on the mat back first

    Cutlass: Clash with a belly to back suplex, sending him almost half way across the ring. This is what I like to see! He is establishing some momentum here. He isn’t giving Vinnie a chance to retaliate which is smart since Vinnie has a strength advantage.

    Clash covers Rose, hooking the legs.

    Rose kicks out. Both men start getting up to their feet.

    Sid: Close call there for Vinnie Rose.

    Clash and Vinnie again start running the ropes, dodging and weaving around in the ring. They eventually meet in the middle of the ring and start trading punches and kicks. Vinnie goes for a roundhouse kick using his left leg but Clash jumps backwards in a backflip, landing in a handstand that makes the crowd pop. He then does a handstand backflip further away from Rose, dodges a running clothesline and rushes at the ropes opposite Rose. Clash rebounds off the ropes and rushes at Rose, striking him in the gut with his right knee making Rose keel over clutching his stomach.

    Sid: Vicious running knee there from Clash. Seems like you were right Curt, Clash is gathering momentum now and doing it well. But that raises another question I have.

    Cutlass: Shoot.

    Sid: If Clash can turn it around like this. Shouldn’t the Smasher be in theory able to do the same thing later in our main event versus Brian Messias?

    Cutlass: Your fascination with a match that we won’t see yet is a bit weird Sid but okay, Smasher won’t have the same luck since he isn’t as quick as Clash, both physically and mentally. We saw last week that Hacksaw prefers to lumber in the ring, hitting power move after power move to break down his opponent. Messias is smart enough to know not to underestimate him like Zach did at times last week. Messias simply won’t allow himself to get caught.

    Rose is back to his feet and has locked up with Clash now in a shoulder lockup. Vinnie starts using his strength to push Clash towards the corner. He then lifts Clash up and places him on the top rope, Vinnie then climbs the ropes and starts dealing blows to the head of Clash.

    Sid: Vinnie seems to be getting back into this match and look at him dealing blows to the head of Clash right there, those have to ring out hard.

    Clash manages to block Vinnies punch, delivering a right hook of his own. He then delivers two more right hooks before pushing Rose off the top rope, sending him into the mat back first.

    Cutlass: But just like that Clash regains control. What will he do now though?

    Clash stands on the top rope, he then leaps off and rolls in mid-air landing a senton bomb on Rose

    Sid: Clash with a wicked senton bomb! Their bodies have to be broken right now!

    Clash rolls up onto his feet before locking his eyes onto Rose who is getting up to his feet using the ropes. Suddenly a plastic bottle flies into the ring hitting Clash on the head. Clash picks it up and turns towards the crowd. Clash walks to the corner of the ring and gets up on the second turnbuckle, looking out at the crowd he yells at them, asking who threw the bottle.

    Sid: Clearly people here at the Pit don’t like Clash.

    Cutlass: Probably some lowlife redneck who doesn’t know what he is talking about, we are in Texas after all! Clash shouldn’t let his eyes of the prize though. Vinnie is back up and he doesn’t look too happy.

    Vinnie is back to his feet and notices that Clash is distracted. He rushes at Clash, preparing to spear him into the ring post. Clash hears him coming thou and does a backflip just at the right time, avoiding being speared and allowing Rose to run shoulder first into the ring post.

    Cutlass: Haha! That was great! Such a great counter, I can’t believe I just saw that happen.

    Sid: Innovative counter there by Clash, hopefully Vinnie didn’t injure his clavicle there thou, would be a shame to end this match on an injury.

    Clash underhooks the arms of Rose as well as placing them in a standing headscissors clutch

    Sid: Clash underhooks the arms, possibly going for...

    Clash lifts Rose up in a dragonwing lift flips Rose over as he lifts and rotates him 90 degrees, then drops to one knee and plants Rose across his knee

    Cutlass: Welcome Home, Mother...well you know

    Rose clutches his back, Clash pushes him down to the mat and covers, the referee counts

    Rose gets his foot up on the rope, making the ref break the pin.

    Sid: So close there for Clash, so close to that redemption you talked about earlier Curt.

    Cutlass: Indeed it was. What he needs to do now is not let up. Don’t give an inch now and he can chalk this up as a win.

    Clash clutches the back of the head of Rose and pulls him up to a forward leaning position as he brings his knee up to the mid-section of Rose; Clash holds Rose's head in place as he delivers another one.

    Sid: Clash delivering a vicious set of knees to Rose. Not giving and inch as you said before Curt.

    Rose leans over clutching his gut, Clash then runs to the ropes to the left of Rose, he rebounds off of them and jumps up into the air, Clash is looking to push his right foot into the shoulder blades of Rose, to drive him face first into the mat. Rose manages to roll forward and dodge the possible finishing maneuver at the last second.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Oh so close! Clash was so close to hitting his finishing maneuver the Highway Clash.

    Clash lands on the ground shocked. Vinnie approaches him and lifts his foot, kicking Clash in the jaw and knocking him to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Rose with a kick to the temple!

    Rose falls back onto Clash and hooks the leg while holding the shoulder down, the referee counts

    Vinnie Rose wins.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner! Vinnie Rose!

    Sid: After a long and hard fought match Vinnie Rose walks out the victor! What a match Curt!

    Cutlass: Indeed a great match that could have ended either way. In my opinion Vinnie won on luck, he managed to dodge the highway Clash and hit a shocked Clash in the temple with the LA Crusher. Clash could have just as well walked out of this the winner and I bet he feels a bit cheated.

    [size=x-small]Vinnie gets up on the top rope and poses for the fans as he celebrates his win. Rose jumps out of the ring and high fives the fans as Clash gets up to his knees. Clash glares at Rose as Rose heads up the ramp high fiving fans along the way. [/size]

    Cutlass: Look at Clash Sid, glaring daggers at Rose. This is not finished, not by a long shot. These two will lock horns again and it will be even more intense than last time.

    Sid: Coming up next we will hear from Mad Dogg about his actions last week and after that we get our main event. Brian Messias versus Lucas Hacksaw!


    [align=left]Result: Rose def Clash ​
    Written By: Stopspot[/align]

    Show Spoiler

    Mad Dogg: Ok Ok, settle down, I know your all eager to get to the saloon to drown your sorrows in cheap ass beer, but I have something to say

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Mad Dogg: Later on tonight, Lucas Hacksaw has a match tonight with Brian Messias, and we can all guess who will win that match, but the more important news is I will be in action next week, making my in-ring debut against Hacksaw, where I will begin my road to becoming the FNW Champion

    [size=x-small]*Iron Baba's theme hits*

    *Crowd cheers*

    Baba walks out staring at the ring as he jogs in place wearing white trunks, black wrestling boots, white knee pads and one white elbow pad on his right arm

    Josh Fordezski: From Dover, Delaware. Weighing in at 250lbs, Iron....Baba!

    Sid: You heard him ladies and gentlemen,Iron Baba, better known as the Anti-Christ of the South in the indies. He just signed to FNW. Wonder why he is out here though? He isn't scheduled to compete.

    Cutlass: This man looks like a fighter Sid, 25 years old, in his prime

    [size=x-small]Baba walks down to the ramp stretching his arms as he stares directly at the ring and ignores the fans, he walks up the stares and quickly enters the ring[/size]

    Sid: Ladies and gentlemen while Baba makes his way to the ring, we still have the two winners of last weeks one on one matches, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw facing "The Annihilator" Brian Messias, one man will lead the pack tonight with two wins

    [size=x-small]Baba stands in the middle of the ring eager to fight[/size]

    Iron Baba: Woah, Woah, I have listened to you run your mouth last week and I refuse to let you do it again this week. All you have done is get involved in Hacksaw's match last week, and got knocked on your ass

    Iron Baba: So if your looking for a match pooch, well why not take on the Anti-Christ of the south Iron Baba?

    [size=x-small]*Mad Dogg smirks and exits the ring, the crowd boo him as he walks round to the ramp*[/size]

    Sid: Where is he going? He is just going to walk away from the challenge?

    Mad Dogg: No thank you, see I wanna beat someone, not a nobody like you

    Iron Baba: Ok, walk away you coward, anyone else in the back, wanna take on Iron Baba?

    [size=x-small]*Alex Kidd's theme hits*

    *Very Mild Crowd Pop*

    Alex Kidd eventually walks out wearing black knee pads, black elbow pads, black boots and black trunks with Kidd printed on the back, and raises his arm as pyro goes off behind him

    Sid: Ladies and Gentlemen this is one of our superstars from our training grounds, answering the challenge

    Cutlass: It is worth mentioning that superstars from training grounds are not full-time superstars on FNW and therefore have no win/loss record

    Josh Fordezski: From Sonora, Mexico. Weighing in at 212lbs, Aleeex..Kidd!

    Sid: But a win here tonight Curt could possibly put this young star on the map

    [size=x-small]Alex slowly walks to the ring, scaling the steel steps and steps through the ropes. He stands in the middle of the ring raising his arms again, the referee calls for the bell[/size]

    Alex Kidd runs at Baba, Iron Baba lifts Alex Kidd across his shoulders in a fireman's carry clutch, grabs the right leg of Alex Kidd and pushes it up, Baba then brings Alex Kidd's abdomen across his torso and falls forward, slamming Alex Kidd down to the mat back first

    Sid: Alex Kidd jumps the gun at the get go, that is why they are in training I guess Curt

    Cutlass: Very true Sid, The match could be over right here

    Baba hooks the right leg, the referee counts

    Alex Kidd kicks out

    Iron Baba stands at the side of Alex Kidd, he then drops and elbow across the chest of Alex Kidd, he then stands up and drops a second elbow across the chest of Alex Kidd, Baba stands up again

    Cutlass: Iron Baba dishing out those elbow drops he is know for

    Baba drops another elbow drop across Alex Kidd, he then stands up and drops another elbow drop across the chest of Alex Kidd. Baba stands up again and removes his the elbow pad and tosses it to the crowd. He then drops his exposed elbow across the chest of Alex Kidd

    Sid: Baba removing the elbow pad to really drive that elbow in, That has gotta hurt

    Cutlass: That is very smart remove the elbow pad and drive the bone into the chest, very smart by Iron Baba

    Baba drags Kidd up, he steps towards Alex Kidd he spins before extending his arm and hits a clothesline on Alex Kidd knocking him to the mat

    Sid: Iron Baba showing this rookie what the big leagues are like, really punishing him for that mistake at the beginning

    Cutlass: You have to believe that he is also using Kidd to send a message to everyone in the back, trying to show that he is a serious contender for the championship

    Iron Baba drags Kidd up again, he holds Alex Kidd in a front face-lock and delivers a knee to the gut of Alex Kidd

    Sid: Iron Baba now taking the focus to the mid-section of Alex Kidd

    Iron Baba delivers a second knee to the gut, bringing Alex Kidd down to his knees, Baba drags Alex Kidd back up, still in the front face-lock, and delivers another knee to the gut dropping Alex Kidd to his knees. Baba then steps back, holding the head of Alex Kidd with one hand and delivers a knee to the side of the head, knocking Alex Kidd to the mat

    Cutlass: A stupendous competitor Baba is, really precise with every knee

    Baba drags Kidd up, Kidd falls to a knee, Baba pulls him up to a standing position and then delivers a gut kick and then applies a front face lock on Alex Kidd, throws the near arm of Alex Kidd over Baba's shoulder, and then lifts Alex Kidd up straight in the air, holding them in place

    Sid: Iron Baba showcasing his strength and letting the blood rush to the head

    Baba then drops Alex Kidd down to the mat, Baba twists to fall face-down on top of Alex Kidd as he slams to the mat back first, Baba then hooks the leg of Alex Kidd, the referee counts

    Cutlass: Not often you see a Powerslam Suplex executed, Kidd maybe out

    Baba pulls Kidd up

    Sid: Baba had the match won, why did he pick Kidd up?

    Cutlass: Baba I think is a little, how you americans say, "cheesed off" with Mad Dogg rejecting the challenge, and wants to get his frustration out

    Iron Baba delivers a gut kick to Alex Kidd, places him in a standing headscissors clutch and underhooks both arms

    Sid: Iron Baba looking for the Iron Maker

    Baba lifts Alex Kidd upside down into a dragon wing lift, Baba then drops to a seated position impacting the head of Alex Kidd to the mat

    Cutlass: Double Underhook Piledriver by Iron Baba or as he calls it the Iron Maker, this match has to be over!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Baba hooks the leg of Alex Kidd, the referee counts.

    The referee calls for the bell

    Sid: That is it.

    Andrew Austins: Fun time is over for you, Iron Baba. I can't stand watching you celebrate like this, so I had to put an end to it. Now it's my time for some fun. How about a match between you and I, next week? Hopefully you don't wuss out, like you usually do when there's a challenge as big as me in your way...

    [size=x-small]Iron Baba nods as the crowd cheer[/size]

    Andrew Austins: Ok then see you next week loser

    Sid: Things just got hotter here on FNW, Next week is looking to be a big night, We have three in-ring debuts, Ace Young faces The Alligator, Zach Schmidt, Andrew Austins will now take on Iron Baba, Smasher faces Mad Dogg and we will also have Brian Messias in action against the Masked Luchador, Masked Machine.

    Cutlass: My personal predictions is Hacksaw will beat Mad Dogg, but that is because I haven't seen Mad Dogg in action, Baba will win, but again because I haven't seen Andrew in action. Zach will beat Ace, again due to not seeing Ace in action, but I do hope the new talent surprises me, as for Messias vs Masked Machine, Messias has 1 win and 0 loses, Masked Machine has 0 wins and 1 loss, think that answers my question.

    Sid: That could all change Curt, Smasher vs Messias is next.


    [align=left]Result: Baba def Alex Kidd ​
    Written By: Sheldor[/align]

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    Sid: Ladies and gentlemen we now go to the tale of the tape for our main event match

    Name: Lucas Hacksaw
    Age: 32
    Height: 6"4
    Weight: 250 Lbs
    Win/Loss Record: W:1 L:0
    Hometown: New York
    Finisher: Chokeslam
    Name: Brian Messias
    Age: 22
    Height: 6"3
    Weight: 235 Lbs
    Win/Loss Record: W:1 L:0
    Hometown: Toronto Ontario Canada
    Finisher: The Annihilator

    Cutlass: As you can see while Hacksaw does have a slight size and weight advantage, Messias is much younger than Hacksaw, which will play easy into his playbook

    Sid: But don' forget that Hacksaw has 10 years worth of experience.

    [size=x-small]Brian Messias's Theme hitsSid:

    *Crowd Boo*

    Messias walks out on the stage wearing black trunks with a red zig zag design on the side of them, black wrist tape, knee pads and boots. Messias makes his way down the ramp ignoring the fans.

    Josh Fordezski: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 235lbs, "The Annihaltor" Brian Messias!

    Sid: Last week Messias defeated Brent Nixon after Nixon flipped out and the referee reversed his decision

    Cutlass: Very true Sid, and he went to far again this week against Zach Schmidt

    [size=x-small]Messais quickly walks down the ramp, he steps up onto the 2nd steel step then onto the apron and quickly into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: The winner of this match will end up with 2 victories here tonight and 8 wins away from qualifying from the Championship Fatal Four Match

    [size=x-small]Messias stands in the ring looking at the fans as he shuffles his shoulders forward and stands in place[/size]

    [size=x-small]Lucas Hacksaw's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Hacksaw walks out wearing a blue mask, a brown jacket, jean shorts, black wrestling boots. He stands at the bottom and raises his hand up with force, he then turns around to face the stage wear he spreads his arms as pyro flares off. Hacksaw then spins round and walks to the ring.

    Josh Fordezski: And introducing his opponent, From New York, New York, weighing in at 250lbs, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw!

    Sid: The veteran of FNW, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw, defeats Zach last week and next week will face Mad Dogg to possibly secure a 3rd win if he is victorious tonight

    Cutlass: 32 though Sid, he will have a hard time coming against Brian Messias, given his age, Messias career has just begun, while Smasher is just coming off his peak

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw walks slowly down to the ring before climbing up onto the apron and slowly in the ring.[/size]

    Sid: But Like I keep saying Curt, it is experience, Hacksaw saw Mad Dogg last week, and had the experience to still get the victory

    Cutlass: He got lucky is what he did, Messias has shown how tough he is, Smasher will get Annihilated in this match

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw climbs up the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd[/size]

    [size=x-small]Messias runs at Hacksaw, clubbing his back, he then moves to his side and pushes him off the 2nd rope and to the mat, the referee calls for the match to begin[/size]

    Sid: Messias attacks Hacksaw before the bell has even rang, how unfair is that?

    Cutlass: Messias is young Sid, he wants to get this match started so he can get the win tonight

    Messias then kicks Hacksaw in the kidneys, rolling him over onto his back, Messias then steps back, and then walks forward, he then jumps into the air and bends his knee to land on the kidneys of Hacksaw

    Sid: Messias continues with his "advantage", delivering a knee drop

    Cutlass: Hacksaw has the height & weight advantage, Messias is simply leveling the playing field

    Messias steps between the legs of Hacksaw with one leg and wraps the legs around it, Messias then places the ankles of Hacksaw under his armpit and steps over Hacksaw, Messias leans back to compress the legs of Hacksaw and the back.

    Sid: Messias locks in a sharpshooter, shades of the Hitman Bret Hart!

    Hacksaw yells out in pain, holding his head as the referee asks him if he wishes to give up

    Cutlass: Messias has that hold locked in, the back, the legs, the knees, the Sharpshooter hurts them all

    Hacksaw begins to crawl to the ropes, using his forearms to move, Messias steps back to continue applying the pressure

    Sid: How much of this can Hacksaw take?

    Cutlass: Not much, Hacksaw may have to give up, Messias may just have the win here

    Hacksaw continues to crawl, he then rolls over to his back, forcing Messias to step back over, Hacksaw then frees one leg and kicks Messias off him

    Sid: Don't count your eggs before they hatch Curt, Smasher may have just created the opening to official begin this match

    Hacksaw gets up to his feet as does Messias, Messias runs towards Hacksaw as he turns around. Messias holds the head of Hacksaw with one hand then brings his bicep up and connects with the chin of Hacksaw sending him back against the ropes

    Cutlass: Nice shot their from Messias to Hacksaw

    Messias whips Hacksaw, Hacksaw reverses the irish whip, sending Messias into the ropes, Messias rebounds off the ropes. Hacksaw delivers a gut kick to Messias, he then applies a three quarter front face-lock on Messias and throws his near arm over Hacksaw's head. Hacksaw then rolls sideways dragging Messias over him and lands him on the mat neck and shoulders first, the referee counts

    Sid: Nice move there by Hacksaw, a neckbreaker pinning combination right there!

    Messias kicks out

    Cutlass: But Messias still too good Sid, you really under estimate this mans resiliency, skill, in fact a lot of people do.

    Hacksaw drags Messias up, he locks his arms around the waist of Messias, locking in a front waist lock, Hacksaw the lifts Messias up and tightens the hold

    Sid: Messias now in the submission hold, perhaps he will have to give up?

    Cutlass: Unlikely Sid, the Bear Hug leaves a lot of openings to attacks, while the Sharpshooter leaves barely any

    Hacksaw shakes Messias around, the referee asks Messias if he wishes to give up, Messias refuses

    Sid: Messias trying to stay strong, how long can he take this hold?

    Messias leans back in the hold and slaps the ears of Hacksaw simultaneously, causing Hacksaw to break the hold and hold his ears

    Cutlass: Messias counters the bear hug by slapping the ears!, That is what I have been saying

    Messias holds the head of Hacksaw with one hand then brings his bicep up and connects with the chin of Hacksaw sending him back into the corner

    Sid: Another European Uppercut to the head of Hacksaw

    Cutlass: Now he is in the corner Sid, Messias has him cornered like a rat

    Messias bends down to apply a front waist lock, he then lifts Hacksaw up to sit on the top turnbuckle, Messias then delivers a right hand to Hacksaw, Messias then climbs up to the top rope and applies a front face-lock, Messias then flips the near arm of Hacksaw over his head

    Sid: I think Messias is going for a superplex here?

    Hacksaw delivers a right hand to Messias gut, and then headbutts him, Hacksaw then lifts him onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry hold, Hacksaw then turns around on the second rope to face the ring, he jumps off, performing a rolling senton, landing Messias to the mat back first, Hacksaw quickly turns around to cover

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Hacksaw off the second rope with homage to Ken Anderson

    Cutlass: A Rolling Fireman Carry Slam from the top rope, I am afraid this could be over

    Messias kicks out

    Cutlass: NO! Messias still too good, still has the heart to fight!

    Sid: Brian Messias is digging down deep to win this, every win matters, no one can afford a loss

    Hacksaw stands up and moves by the side of Messias he then jumps in the air and lands a splash on Messias

    Sid: Hacksaw using all his weight in that move

    The referee counts

    Messias kicks out

    Cutlass: Another kick out, Hacksaw is getting desperate now

    Hacksaw pulls Messias up and delivers a kick to the gut, he then places him in a standing headscissors hold and clutches the gut

    Sid: Hacksaw is possibly looking for a Powerbomb? That move will send shivers to the spine

    Messias blocks by holding the legs of Hacksaw as Hacksaw tries to lift him, Messias then lifts up Hacksaw, flipping him over as Messias bends up and landing Hacksaw on the mat back first

    Cutlass: Messias had the move scouted and now has control of Hacksaw

    Brian Messias drags Hacksaw up and applies a headlock on Hacksaw, he then jumps forward landing on the mat in a seated position and dragging Hacksaw, however Hacksaw throws him off his head in mid-air

    Sid: Hacksaw has just shown why he is a veteran in the wrestling business

    Messias gets up clutching his lower back, he turns around to Hacksaw. Hacksaw grasps the throat of Messias, he then flips the near arm over his head and grabs the side of Messias with his other hand, Hacksaw then lifts Messias up

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Chokeslam!

    Messias elbows Hacksaw and escapes the hold to stand behind Hacksaw, Messias then places his head underneath the armpit of Hacksaw and locks in a rear waist lock, underhooking on leg, he then lifts Hacksaw up spins around with Hacksaw on his shoulder and falls to a seated position sending Hacksaw forward and plants him to the neck and shoulders first.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Curt Cutlass: Messias nails Hacksaw with a Blue Thunder Driver, or as he calls it, named after his nickname, The Annihaltor!

    Messias remains seated in the cover, he lifts his legs onto the shoulders of Hacksaw pinning him to the mat, the referee counts

    The referee calls for the bell

    [size=x-small]Brian Messias's Theme hits

    *Crowd Boo*

    Messias stands up clutching his lower back, the referee goes to raise his arm, he pushes the referee back and raises both his arms in voctory.

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner Brian Messias!

    Sid: Brian Messias victorious here again, that brings his Win Loss record to 2 wins...

    Cutlass: And 0 loses Sid. Messias is just 8 wins away from qualifying for the Championship Fatal Four Way

    Sid: Lets see the leaderboard for who is in the lead.

    1st: Brian Messias (2/0)
    2nd: Iron Baba (1/0) Max Power (1/0)
    3rd: Lucas Hacksaw (1/1) Zach Schmidt (1/1) Vinnie Rose (1/1)
    4th: Neil Thorn (1/0) Johnathoon Grimm (1/0)
    5th: Andrew Austins (0/0)
    6th: Masked Machine (0/1) El Nino De Mexico (0/1)
    7th Clash (0/2) Brent Nixon (0/2)

    Sid: Those who have competed are on the board, but we still have stars to debut and get on the board.

    Cutlass: Interesting, Brent Nixon over the past two weeks has cost himself win after win, and pays for it.

    [size=x-small]Brian Messias walks up the ramp as Hacksaw views the board on the titantron[/size]

    Sid: Lucas Hacksaw in third place and next week he faces Mad Dogg who wants to get on the board. We will see what the mysterious GM makes for next week.

    Cutlass: As of right now, as Messias always posts, Messias is the top, therefore is the greatest wrestler in FNW and looks to be the first man at this point to qualify

    Sid: We will see what happens Curt, next time, thank you all for joining us this week and hope to see you all next week


    End Of Show

    [align=left]Result: Messias def Hacksaw ​
    Written By: Sheldor
  2. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    A great win for Zach Schmidt! Well deserved! That loser Brent sure talks a lot of trash but hell he knows how to lose!
  3. So once again I dominate and the decision gets reversed?

  4. You have 2 L's, LOSER.
  5. Awesome to see Andrews appearing. I also liked Clash and Vinnie Rose's matchup a lot. Mad Dogg did well, too.
  6. Practically I smashed most of the match and Brian used 1 move which I couldn't kick out. I deserve that win!