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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #1[/align]
    Date: 26/10/2012​

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    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small]The camera pans around the Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas across the fans and then pans over to the titantron and stage with the Fight Night Wrestling written on the stage. Pyro sparks drops off the titantron

    *Crowd Pop*

    The camera pans over to the ring where a man stands dressed in a white t-shirt, a pair of brown trousers, A pair of brown dress shoes, with a wrist watch on

    Sid Taylor: Hello everyone and welcome to the debut of Fight Night Wrestling.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid Taylor: My Name is Sid Taylor & I will be the commentary for the shows, But I have been given instructions by the Owner of Fight Night Wrestling, who wishes to remain nameless at this time, Fight Night Wrestling is all about the competition, it is all about the action. Every Win Matters in Fight Night Wrestling and that is because we have a championship in this business, the FNW Championship. The Owner has instructed me that there will be a Fatal Four Way match where the champion will be crowned. To qualify for the Fatal Four Way, A wrestler must win 10 matches to qualify for the championship match. We have a big event planned this evening and now let me introduce to you my partner on commentary...

    [size=x-small]*Cutlass's entrance theme hits*

    *Crowd Boo with some mild cheers*

    Curt Cutlass walks out wearing a black piece suit, black dress shoes. He walks down the ramp quickly and slides into the ring where he takes the mic from Sid.

    Cutlass: Now I know a lot of you have some negative thoughts about me. I want to let you know that I am now retired, I busted my knee on a Europe tour but I am glad I was given this opportunity to work with this new brand, and I wish everyone here a great show.

    [size=x-small]Cutlass and Sid Taylor then exit the ring and take a seat on the commentary table[/size]


    [align=left]Commentary: Sid Taylor & Cutlass ​
    Written By: Sheldor[/align]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] vs [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small]Johnathon Grimm's Theme hits

    *Mild Crowd Pop*

    The lights dim and Grimm walks out wearing dark pink trunks, white boots, white knee pads with dark pink diamonds logo on them and white wrist tape. A spotlight hovers above him as he brushes to his hair back and walks down the ramp.

    Josh Fordezski: From The United Kingdom, weighing in at 222lbs, "The UK Kid" Johnathon Grimm!

    Sid: Johnathon Grimm, a wrestler from the UK. This kid, 19 years of age gets his big moment in tag team action tonight

    Cutlass: This kid from the United Kingdom, I like him, comes from the best country in the world, young, lets see what he has

    [size=x-small]Grimm moves down the ramp quickly and hops onto the ramp, he looks out on the crowd before stepping throw the ropes.[/size]

    Sid: Grimm is set to tag with Neil "Admiral" Thorn to face a Luchador Team Curt, The Masked Machine & El Nino De Mexico

    Cutlass: Luchador Wrestling Sid, Luchador Wrestling belongs back in Mexico, where the people run riot, not here, not in civilization. Those wrestlers are nuts, it isn't about acrobatics it is about fighting, hence the name Fight Night Wrestling

    [size=x-small]Grimm raises his arms up as he leans back on the ropes he then runs at the ropes on the opposite side, rebounding off of them and slides on the mat on his knees[/size]

    [size=x-small]Neil Thorn's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    The lights flicker on and off for 10 seconds, then then dim down completely. Fireworks shoot down the ramp, and the ring fills with red smoke. The spotlights hover about the titantron as Thorn appears standing tall hooked to a zip line wearing black tights with a white stripe down each pants leg, black tights and white wrist tape. Thorn then jumps off the titantron and ziplines to the ring.

    Josh Fordezski: From Palm Beach, Florida, weighing in at 290lbs, Neil "Admiral" Thorn!

    Sid: Neil Thorn! Fearless, swings out from the titantron

    [size=x-small]Neil undoes the cable and stands up on the ring post where he stares out on the crowd.[/size]

    Cutlass: I predict big things for this man, given his size, he should have no problem getting 10 wins for the championship Fatal Four Way

    Sid: The Admiral know as Neil Thorn, he stands 6"9, weighs almost 300lbs and is in tag team action

    [size=x-small]Thorn hops down and stands in the ring[/size]

    Cutlass: Neil Thorn in tag team action tonight against two luchadores, he won't have a problem

    Johnny Grimm: Will you please shut up, and let me speak for a moment? You disrespectful immature idiots.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Neil Thorn: Would you rednecks shut up!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo Louder*[/size]

    Johnny Grimm: In case you've been living under a rock for the past 2 years, I'm Johnny Grimm. I'm the greatest wrestler to come out of a little pathetic nation called The United Kingdom. The only thing that's united about that miserable place is that I beat everyone in England, Scotland & Wales to unite my dominance over the wrestling division, It's true.

    Johnny Grimm: But don't just take my word for it. Research!, I've been wrestling for various different company's under different names, Lacky, Johnathon Grimm, and now I've reincarnated myself as Johnny Grimm. And I'm here to conquer the United States Of America, The man at the side of me is Neil Thorn, a hard ass hitting machine from the military. Neil tell them a little about yourself.

    Neil Thorn: Now that we have some peace, which is unusual in this cowboy inbreed state, I am Neil Thorn, from the one true state, Florida, the greatest state and the only American state, no state can compare to it, they are all just pathetic wannabes. I am here in Fight Night Wrestling to become the champion, and given my pure Florida breed, that won't be a problem

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Chant "You Suck"*[/size]

    Neil Thorn: How original, the crowd boos the best in this business, you see we are opening the show, we will set the standard for everyone who passes through that curtain and ever tries to become a Thorn wannabe or Grimm wannabe, no one is better than us, not some man who calls himself a machine or some Taco Bell junkie

    Johnny Grimm: You see... me and Neil have come to some kind of agreement, we noticed that individually we're the best on the roster here, so if we teamed up we would be virtually impossible to beat. Isn't that right Neil?

    Neil Thorn: Correct, Grimm here, though he is from that retched UK has actually seen some sense, and moved to the US, but not just anywhere, the greatest state in the US, and therefore the world, Florida. We two are going to rack up 100 wins and we will keep winning.

    Johnny Grimm: See, El Nino De Mexico, and "The Masked" Machine, don't know what's hit them. We're not going to stand by and let them ideally beat us, Hell no. I don't bust my ass of in The UK for 2 whole years, to get a shot here in the states to blow it. We will bring utter destruction to the fight. & If you're in our way. You can bet you're going to get hurt.

    Johnny Grimm: I believe we've got to win 10 matches to qualify for a fatal four way match to become 1st ever champion of Fight Night Wrestling, Well consider this mine and Neil's first victory!!

    [size=x-small]Masked Machine's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Masked Machine jumps out from the stage as white misty pyro goes off behind him. Masked Machine is wearing white shin high tights, with white boots and a white mask with three black stars on the forehead section of the mask. The mouth and eye holes have a yellow strip around them and black elbow pads.

    Josh Fordezski: From Mexico City, Mexico, weighing in at 154lbs, The Masked Machine!

    Sid: Here comes the Masked Machine, a Luchador from Mexico

    [size=x-small]Masked then runs down the ramp quickly and slides into the ring.[/size]

    Cutlass: Not a fan of this Lucha Libre style of wrestling, in my opinion it is for guys who cannot fight mano a mano

    [size=x-small]Masked Machine climbs up to the east turnbuckle and kisses his palms before raising his hands to the crowd, Masked Machine then leaps up onto the top rope and leaps off, flipping backwards and lands on his feet[/size]

    [size=x-small]El Nino De Mexico's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Lights flicker from red to green rapidly. El Nino comes out wearing a black mask with gold and red trimming, a black vest and blue jeans with a belt buckle in the shape of a taco. He is also carrying a platter of Tacos which he hands to the fans as he passes down the ramp.

    Josh Fordezski: From Tacoland, Mexico, weighing in at 170lbs, El Nino De Mexico!

    Sid: Here He comes Cutlass, the man, the Taco Savior, he has been running vignettes leading up to the debut match and now he is here

    Cutlass: I think this man was fed too much of that rotten mexican bent chip, he is a bit delusional Sid

    [size=x-small]El Nino drops the platter on the ramp and then jumps up onto the apron and steps through the ropes.[/size]

    Sid: El Nino tonight in tag team action with a compadre, an amigo against Neil Thorn and Johnathon Grimm, both men out weigh the luchadors, but they will have to use Lucha Libre to overcome their opponents

    Cutlass: Will you stop throwing around that damn language, Say it in Engklish geez

    [size=x-small]El Nino takes the mic from Josh and begins to speak[/size]

    El Nino De Mexico You two, You two have no respect, no respect Grimm & Thorn for the Tacos. Tonight my Amigo and me will make you respect the Tacos and their Taco's Tacos and the Tacos of those Tacos, and the Taco's Tacos of those Tacos, comprende?

    Cutlass: Did you catch any of that Sid?

    Sid: The Tacos of whose Tacos?

    El Nino De Mexico: Tonight in the land of BBQ sauce, I will show you two the true power of the tacos

    Sid: So it is going to be El Nino de Mexico & the Masked Machine facing the team of Neil Thorn & Johnathon Grimm

    [size=x-small]Masked Machine and Neil Thorn step onto the apron as the referee calls for the bell[/size]

    Cutlass: So we are kicking tonight's match off with tag team action.

    Sid: And every win counts, the tag team who win tonight will get a win each and will be 9 steps away from winning the championship fatal four way

    El Nino & Grimm lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Grimm pushes El Nino back to the mat, El Nino rolls back onto his feet, Grimm then runs towards El Nino who hooks under the arm of Grimm and lifts him up, flipping him over in mid-air and plants him on the mat back first

    Cutlass: Grimm and El Nino, two guys 19 years of age, Grimm standing at 6"3, El Nino at 5"8, but El Nino makes use of his lucha-libre style with a traditional hip toss

    Grimm gets up clutching his back, El Nino pushes Grimm to the ropes and then irish whips him, Grimm reverses the whip pulling Nino towards him and delivers a knee to the mid-section of Nino, Grimm then irish whips El Nino into the ropes, El Nino jumps at the ropes and springboards off, kicking Grimm while in mid-air with a dropkick, sending Grimm to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Nice move by El Nino, springing into action like hot spicy salsa

    Cutlass: Please act professional Sid, while it was a good move, El Nino needs to focus on winning rather than flashy moves

    El Nino picks up Grimm and places him in a side-headlock, El Nino wrenches the head while Grimm locks his arms around the waist of El Nino, Grimm then lifts El Nino up, El Nino escapes the waist lock, flipping over to land behind Grimm on his feet, El Nino then runs towards Grimm, jumps up and applies a headlock, his legs bounce off the top rope, El Nino spins around in the air and pulls Grimm forward to plant him on the mat face first

    Sid: Great escape there, and then into a bulldog using the ropes, El Nino is on fire like fierce Jalapenos

    El Nino gets to his feet and then drags Grimm by his legs to his corner where he tags in Masked Machine, Masked Machine jumps up from the apron to the top rope, he then jumps off, back flips a complete 360 spin and lands on Grimm with a stomp to the gut on Grimm[/i]

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Masked Machine waits very little time to pull out another flashy move, though exciting Sid, doesn't help them win, as they are very risky

    Masked Machine drops to his knees and covers Grimm, the referee counts

    Grimm kicks out

    Sid: Masked Machine & El Nino almost secured their 1st win there

    Masked Machine picks up Grimm, Masked Machine runs at the ropes, he then rebounds and runs towards Grimm, Grimm bends down attempting to hit a back body drop, Masked Machine under hooks one arm with his arm and the other with his legs, Masked Machine then spins, dragging Grimm back to the mat shoulders first to the mat. The referee counts[/i]

    Sid: Great crucifix by Masked Machine or as he calls that move, Las Esposas which is Spanish for Handcuffs

    Grimm kicks out

    Cutlass: Really impressed by Grimm, showing why English born wrestlers are so resilient

    Masked Machine then tags in El Nino, they both pick up Grimm and whip him towards the ropes, Grimm rebounds, Masked Machine & El Nino underhook one arm each and flip Grimm over onto the mat back first, Masked Machine and El Nino then jump up, flip in mid-air and land their legs across the chest of Grimm

    Sid: El Nino and Masked Machine now making some double team offense, double arm drag with a hint of luchador added to it

    Masked Machine heads back to the apron as El Nino picks up Grimm and applies a front face-lock on Grimm, Grimm lifts El Nino up, releasing the lock and lets him free fall landing gut first on the ropes, Grimm then tags in Neil Thorn

    Cutlass: Very nice work from this young man, use the ring to your advantage, it is an ally and an enemy

    Thorn gets in, El Nino delivers a side kick to Thorn and then jumps up onto the top rope, he springs off, flipping backwards while turning and rolls through on Thorn, dragging him to the mat by under hooking the arms of Thorn with his legs. The referee covers

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: El Nino flying high with that move, what appeared to be a moonsault, he turns it into a roll up, will it be over here?

    Thorn kicks out

    Cutlass: Thorn too fresh to get caught out there Sid

    El Nino rolls forward and tags in Masked Machine, Masked Machine gets into the ring Masked Machine runs at Thorn, Thorn swings for a clothesline, Masked Machine ducks and runs towards the ropes, he jumps at them then springs off the second rope, turning around and hits Thorn horizontally with a splash, bringing him to the mat, Masked Machine hooks the legs of Thorn as he falls to the mat, the referee counts

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Great crossbody from Masked Machine, there's a cover

    Thorn kicks out

    Masked Machine gets to his feet and stalks Thorn as he gets to his feet, Masked Machine runs at Thorn, Thorn picks Masked Machine up at his side, and then drops to his knee, slamming Masked Machine across it

    Sid: The Admiral, Thorn now takes control of this match

    Thorn kicks Machine over onto his stomach and then walks on the back, he turns around after stomping off and steps on the back of Masked Machine and steps off again

    Cutlass: Almost 300lbs going across the back of Machine there Sid, Thorn very smart to target the back after reversing Masked Machine

    Thorn drags Machine up Neil Thorn whips Machine into the corner, Machine hits the corner back first

    Cutlas: Thorn has a military background, he knows how to combat his opponent, and they have taught him well, going after the back again?

    Thorn runs at Machine and collides with him, Thorn steps back and Machine falls to the mat

    Sid: Ouch!, that will take the wind out of you in a hurry.

    Thorn drags Masked Machine up by his left arm and walks back to his corner, Grimm tags himself in and steps through the ropes, Thorn lifts the arm up and Grimm delivers a right hand to the exposed side of Masked Machine. Grimm reaches behind the head of Machine and hooks the head while standing at the side of Machine and hooks the leg of Machine with his leg, Grimm then falls back to the mat, dragging Machine to the mat back first

    Cutlass: Grimm nails Machine with a Russian leg sweep, a classic wrestling maneuver there Sid. One I use as it just does so much damage to the back.

    Grimm sits up and then covers Machine, the referee counts

    Machine kicks out

    Sid: Grimm still not able to put away the luchador

    Grimm lifts up and applies a front face-lock on Machine, he then flips the arm over his head. He then lifts Machine up and places him on the top turnbuckle. Grimm then stepped up to the top rope and clubs Machine's back

    Cutlass: Sid you see how both Grimm and Thorn just keep going after the back of Masked Machine, isolating him from tagging in

    Grimm then applies a front face-lock on Machine, he then places his head underneath the near arm of Machine and steps up to the top rope, Machine then steps up to the top rope and Grimm lifts Machine up and over his head as he falls back, landing both men to the mat back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: OMG! Superplex off the top rope! Superplex off the top rope, Grimm taking any chance he can get to win

    Grimm and Machine lay on the mat motionless, Grimm then begins to stir and moves over towards Machine and covers Machine. The referee counts

    Machine kicks out

    Cutlass: Even though they didn't get the win, that superplex is going to add to the damage, backbreaker, russian leg sweep and a superplex doesn't just shake off someone

    Grimm picks up Masked Machine, Machine delivers a kick to the knee of Grimm and then runs at the ropes, Grimm goes for a clothesline as he rebounds, Machine ducks and then rebounds against the opposite ropes

    Sid: Masked Machine maybe picking up some speed to get some offense

    Masked Machine runs towards Grimm, Grimm grabs Masked Machine in a side slam clutch and flips him upside down, however Masked Machine locks in a headscissors and spins his upper body around under the arm of Grimm, he clutches the far shoulder of Grimm as he brings his legs around the back of Grimm and under the arm of Grimm and locks in a headscissors again, Masked Machine then swings under the arm, around the torso and back under neath the other arm and clutches the same shoulder again, he releases the headscissors and swings his lower body round the back of Grimm and underneath the clutched shoulder, and locks in a headscissors clutch again, he lets go of the shoulder and swings his upperbody underneath the clutches arm, around the body of Grimm and underneath the arm again of Grimm and clutches the far shoulder again, he releases the headscissors and brings round his lower body underneath the free, arm around the back of Grimm and under the clutched arm to lock in a headscissors on Grimm again, this time placing Grimm's head between his ankle's. Masked Machine then releases the clutch on the shoulder and swings his upperbody forward and around Grimm, making insert name spin around in place twice, Masked Machine then rolls forward, forcing Grimm to flip forward and land on the mat back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: What a lovely move from the high-flyer from Mexico! Tilt-A-Whirl Mania!

    Masked Machine then begins to crawl to his corner as Grimm begins to get up, shaking off his dizzyness, Masked Machine then tags in El Nino, who jumps up onto the top rope and jumps off, bringing his legs up to kick Grimm in the chest knocking him to the mat

    Cutlass: Grimm still dizzy from Masked Machine's tilt-a-whirl move, the Propeller Tortilla, and now we have a Taco man in? What a great way to kick off the show (!)

    El Nino scoops up Grimm and turns him upside down, he then plants him on the mat back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd: Ole*[/size]

    Sid: El Nino now picking up some offense, with a scoop slam to Grimm

    Grimm gets up clutching his back, El Nino scoops up Grimm and turns him upside down, he then plants him on the mat back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd: Ole*[/size]

    Cutlass: Grimm obviously still a bit dizzy otherwise he would be the one hitting the slams

    Grimm gets up clutching his back in pain, El Nino scoops up Grimm and turns him upside down, he then plants him on the mat back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd: Ole*[/size]

    Sid: The crowd here just love the Taco Savior, El Nino

    El Nino scoops up Grimm and turns him upside down, he then plants him on the mat back first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd: Ole*[/size]

    Sid: 4 scoop slams in a row!

    i]El Nino climbs up to the top rope[/i]

    Cutlass: El Nino is going up to the top rope, what is he going for here?

    El Nino jumps off the top rope, rolling in mid air and landing in a seated position, with his legs across the chest of Grimm

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: El Nino de Mexico from the top rope, front flip leg drop, or as he calls it, Taco Supreme!

    El Nino runs outside the ring and then runs round shouting "taco"

    Cutlass: What is he doing, he has a match going on

    Grimm gets to his feet and quickly tags in Thorn, Thorn gets into the ring, as El Nino does, El Nino ducks a clothesline from Thorn and jumps up to hit a dropkick to knock him back to the mat, El Nino then tags in Masked Machine as Lacky grabs a taco from the fan and slides back in the ring. El Nino points it out to Masked Machine

    Sid: El Nino alerting Masked Machine that a taco is in trouble

    Cutlass: Who cares about some slimy food, concentrate on the darn match

    Masked Machine leaps off the top rope, jumping over Thorn and lands on the mat standing, he then runs and clotheslines Grimm who rolls outside under the ropes, El Nino then runs along the apron and jumps off rolling forward to collide with Grimm with a senton, knocking him to the floor

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: El Nino saving his Taco from Grimm there what a move

    Masked Machine turns round after applauding El Nino, Neil Thorn runs towards Masked Machine, he drives his shoulder into the gut of Masked Machine knocking him down to the mat. Neil then rolls round to cover Masked Machine, the referee counts

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Neil Thorn nails Masked Machine with a massive spear!

    The referee calls for the bell

    [size=x-small]Neil Thorn's Theme hits

    *Crowd Boo*

    Thorn stands up and raises his hand, Grimm slides in and the referee raises both their hands[/size]

    Josh Fordezski: Here are your winners, Neil Thorn and Johnathon Grimm!

    Sid: Grimm and Thorn now have one win, that puts them ahead of everyone on the roster

    Cutlass: Thorn securing the win with the spear, or as he calls it the Collision Course, the CC.

    [size=x-small]Grimm and Thorn exit the ring and then make their way up the ramp[/size]

    Sid: Still to come tonight, We have a Triple Threat Match, Clash vs Vinnie Rose vs Max Power, Lucas Hacksaw vs Zach Schmidt and Brian Messias vs Brent Nixon

    Cutlass: The winner of those two one on one matches will face each other and the losers will face each other the following week, that means by next week, one of those four will have 2 wins, one will have 2 loses, and the other two will have 1 win and one lose each, all trying their best to get to the championship match.


    [align=left]Result: Grimm & Thorn defeat El Nino & Masked Machine​
    Written By: Sheldor
    Grimm Dialogue Written by: Lacky[/align]

    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small]Zach Schmidt's theme hits

    Zach walks out onto the stage, sporting a sleeveless, hooded jacket with an alligator print along with alligator print trunks that say "Gator" across them. The crowd gives mixed reactions as Zach throws a fist up in the air, green pyro going off in the background[/size]

    Josh Fordezski: Weighting in at 240 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts... Zach Schmidt!

    [size=x-small]Zach makes his way down to the ring and slides in before mounting the second rope and throwing his arms out to the side and yelling out into the crowd. He gets down and yells at a ring worker to hand him a microphone[/size]

    Zach Schmidt: Now I know you're all wondering who I am. Let me introduce myself. My name is Zach Schmidt, and before you know it, I'm going to be the new face of Friday Night Wrestling. Never in the history of Friday Night Wrestling, in the history of the world, in the history of the universe, has there been a wrestler who could even compare to my greatness.

    [size=x-small]Zach pauses as boos start to fill the arena[/size]

    Zach Schmidt: Now, if I were going to relate myself to any species in the animal kingdom... it would have to be an alligator. For the past couple of years I have studied alligators and their behaviors. An alligator is powerful but at the time it's also tactical. It is also submissive and uses its size to overpower its opponents and take out their limbs. Just like me. I'm a powerful and tactical and I will work your body to its last limit, I promise you that.

    [size=x-small]Zach paces back and forth once before smiling and raising the mic to his mouth[/size]

    Zach Schmidt: While being very experienced with alligators, I'm twice as familiar with submission wrestling. I know nearly every submission in the book. When I lock on an Ankle Lock, it will feel like the jaws of an alligator are clasped onto your ankle and its teeth will be sinking deep into your flesh. When I lock in a sleeper hold, it will feel like an alligator's tail being wrapped around you and taking every last breath from your body as you gasp for air and slowly fade away. You'll wake up attached to a machine and won't have any memory of what happened. Now, since I got here, I've been scouting the opposition. And I have found a has-been called Lucas Hacksaw. This clown thinks he can make it here. The poor guy can't even talk without hyperventilating, what makes him think he'll be able to make it here with that bad cardio. I feel bad for the guy. He has to wear a mask to hide his ugly face as he jobs out to some of the most pathetic superstars in the Fight Night Wrestling locker room. They even gave him a jobber name like Lucas Hacksaw, no wonder he never made it. Quite unfortunate, huh? I find it to be quite fitting, actually. Jobber theme, jobber attire, jobber name... all perfect for the jobber that Lucas is. Besides, do we really want a wannabe Hulk running around and destroying the set of Fight Night Wrestling? And as it happens I get to show this goof that he won’t make it here right here tonight.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Zach Schmidt: Now now, let's just wrap this up and get to the point. The Fatal-Fourway match. I have every tool imaginable to be the best champion ever. Let me round them off for you... Smart. Passionate. Tactical. Powerful. Intense....... Oh, and I almost forgot... Incredibly good looking. I'm probably the most dashing of all FNW to date.

    [size=x-small]Zach pauses again, before swapping hands with the mic"[/size]

    Zach Schmidt: As you can tell, it's obvious I'm going to win the Fatal Fourway. My competitors are incompetent, ignorant morons who don't know what true wrestling is like. They're sure know when they're tapping to my submission moves. In order to qualify though, you have to win 10 matches total. This won't be hard for me at all. The qualifications should be to just win 10 matches because that's how easy it's going to be for me to get into the match and eventually win the title. Heck, they should just give it to me now! That's how good I am! And all this bullcrap with "Every win matters." The wins don't matter for anyone because inevitably I'm going to be the one standing on top of 3 other men with the championship belt in my hand! They will get chomped on! Now Hacksaw, get out here so I can get my first win you goof!

    [size=x-small]Lucas Hacksaw's Theme hits

    *Crowd cheers slightly*

    Hacksaw walks out wearing a blue mask, a brown jacket, jean shorts, black wrestling boots. He stands at the bottom and raises his hand up with force; he then turns around to face the stage wear he spreads his arms as pyro flares off. Hacksaw then spins round and walks to the ring.

    Josh Fordezski: From New York, New York, weighing in at 250lbs, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw!

    Sid: Here is the “goof” that Zach was talking about, Lucas “Lucas Hacksaw” Hacksaw. I don’t think Lucas is happy with what Zach has been saying about him out here in the ring.

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw walks slowly down to the ring before climbing up onto the apron and slowly in the ring.[/size]

    Cutlass: Oh! So he isn’t supposed to be able to take criticism? Shouldn’t he rather act like an adult and take it as constructive and something to work with, or do you want him to act like a spoiled brat and just come out here and complain!? That’s mature.

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw climbs up the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd[/size]

    Sid: Remember Curt, the winner of tonight's match will face the winner of the main event match tonight, Brian Messias or Brent Nixon

    Cutlass: But that is later on tonight, Let’s get this match underway!

    Hacksaw and Zach start circling one another. They then launch at each other and lock up in the middle of the ring, holding each other by the shoulders and trying to force the other down to the mat. Hacksaw then moves his hands so he has his grip underneath the armpits of Zach and lifts him straight up into the air.

    Sid: Look at this! Look at the strength of Hacksaw, Lucas Hacksaw is about to smash Zach hard into the mat early on!

    Cutlass: I thought this was a wrestling match?

    Hacksaw throws Zach away from him, sending Zach back first into the ropes, which in turn sends Zach face first into the mat. The crowd cheers as Hacksaw then waves to the crowd and Zach gets to his feet whilst checking himself so he doesn’t have a nose bleed.

    Sid: Well, he did put him down.

    Zach is back to his feet and he glares at Hacksaw. He walks up to Hacksaw and the two lock up again, this time in a knuckle lock up, holding each other’s hands and again trying to force the other one to his knees.

    Sid: And they lock up again. I am actually a bit surprised that Zach would try a lock up so closely after that last one, it was a clear demonstration of how much stronger the physically larger Hacksaw is than Zach.

    Cutlass: You don’t have to be strong to win a lock up Sid. What Zach has that Hacksaw lacks is a tactical mind, if he puts it to use he can win this lock up and establish dominance in this match.

    Zach lashes out with a front kick to the knee of Hacksaw, forcing him to break the lock up and fall to his knees. Zach then runes the ropes in front of Hacksaw, rebounds off of them and launches himself headfirst over the shoulders of Hacksaw, grabbing his head as he does a front flip in midair. Zach lands on his back behind Hacksaw, driving Hacksaw into the mat with the back off his head first.

    Cutlass: Just like that! Look at that, Zach knew he would have to be smart so he took out the height advantage of Hacksaw and then hit him with that grounded blockbuster variant. Genius!

    Lacky stands on the middle rope and mocks the crowd as Hacksaw slowly works his way up to his feet, a bit groggy after getting his head slammed into the mat.

    Sid: What I don’t understand is this fascination with alligators that Zach seems to have. What kind of benefits could it have to his game? I understand studying animals for inspiration since mankind has been doing that since the dawn of time, but I just don’t see how mimicking an alligator is going to help him win the FNW championship.

    Cutlass: How is it going to help him!? He has studied the alligator’s way of movement, of stalking its prey and capitalizing on when the prey makes a wrong move. This is how Zach works the ring. Multiple wrestlers have taken after animals, Jake the Snake Roberts, Randy the viper Orton and my countryman and therefor the best The British Bulldog to name a few.

    Hacksaw gets up to his feet and he looks up, noticing Zach standing on the middle rope with his back turned towards him. Hacksaw starts running towards Zach but Zach hears him stomping towards him and manages to jump off of the ropes at the exact right moment, flipping over Hacksaw and landing behind him as he smashes into the ring post.

    Cutlass: Look! That’s what I am talking about. Zach waited until the right moment before acting, playing with his prey. Just like an apex predator in the wild.

    Sid: We also saw the differences in Zach and Hacksaws ring styles here. Zach is a very quick, technically skilled, using his speed and as you mentioned waiting for the right moment to take out his opponent. Hacksaw is a bigger guy than Zach and slower, he relies on power moves and a more brawling style.

    Hacksaw turns around and rests against the ring post, holding onto the top rope with his hands. Zach starts backing away from Hacksaw. Zach then rushes at the corner Hacksaw is in, grabs ahold off one of the top ropes with his right hand and kicks off the ground with his right foot, elevating him so he can lash out with his left foot to the neck and collarbone off Hacksaw with a corner enzugiri.

    Cutlass: Look at that beauty! Another fine example off Zach using his superior speed to play with Hacksaw. Looks like Hacksaw has gassed already, boy how pathetic is that.

    Zach hits the chest of Hacksaw with the back of his hand, he follows up again and again to Hacksaw in the corner, striking his chest with the side of his hand, the crowd chanting along every time he connects. Hacksaw starts to stir after the fifth chop and by the seventh he has awoken completely and catches Zach’s wrist in his hand.

    Sid: Hey now! Looks like Zach wasn’t fast enough there.

    Hacksaw grabs ahold of Zach’s hip with his other hand and lifts him above his head; he then moves his hands so he has Zach up in a military press before he walks out off the corner.

    Sid: Look at the strength of Hacksaw! He might not be fast, but he is strong like an ox!

    Hacksaw drops Zach down onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry and starts stomping around in the ring as the fans start cheering for him, chanting “Smash! Smash!” Hacksaw then rolls forward on his neck and shoulders, planting Zach in the ground with a rolling senton. He doesn’t let go off Zach though and brings him back with him, still resting Zach on his shoulders as he is back to a vertical base.

    Cutlass: Okay even I will admit that was pretty darn impressive. You don’t see someone with the strength to pull that off every day. Hacksaw may be slow and look like a masked ape, but he is strong like nobody’s business.

    The fans start chanting to see the move one more time. Hacksaw smiles and prepares to do the rolling senton one more time but Zach starts to stir. He slides down the back off Hacksaw and locks him in an inverted facelock. He then spins under Hacksaw whilst keeping the facelock locked in, twisting Hacksaw into the cutter position and planting him into the ground.

    Cutlass: But Zach’s intellect saves him yet again. That rolling cutter move ought to slow Hacksaw down some.

    Zach stalks Hacksaw as he works his way up to his feet. As Hacksaw is still groggy Zach sneaks up close to him and locks his arms around the chest off Hacksaw and lifts him up into the air. Once he has him elevated he starts squeezing on the chest off Hacksaw, forcing the air out of him.

    Sid: A massive bearhug there from Zach, Hacksaw being ten pounds heavier than his younger opponent has to be a bit of a strain on the back off Zach.

    Cutlass: Now you are just selling Zach short Sid, he is a strong and well trained wrestler who has multiple years ahead of him. I am sure he will be a great success here. Hacksaw is going to tap any second now.

    Zach is yelling at Hacksaw to give up as he keeps the bearhug locked in. Hacksaw starts laughing though which shocks Zach and the commentary team. He then breaks the bearhug almost effortlessly.

    Sid: Are you kidding me!?

    Cutlass: He broke that bearhug like it was nothing! How strong is this guy!? I’ve never seen someone break a bearhug just like that!

    Hacksaw delivers a vicious right hook to the face of Zach, who stumbles back from it. Zach gets right back at it though and the two start trading blows, trying to force each other to start backing off.

    Sid: Curt, am I the only one who thinks this has stopped being a regular wrestling match now?

    Cutlass: You’re not alone Sid, this has become a fight now. They’ve both gotten much more vicious, both men want to walk out of the first episode off Fight Night Wrestling with a win. Because it would be a first step towards the title fourway later down the road.

    Hacksaw starts winning ground over Zach, forcing him towards the ropes. Zach delivers a left jab to the gut off Hacksaw before turning around and running towards the ropes, he jumps up on the ropes and launches off them, turning 180 degrees in the air lifting his arms above his head, looking for a flying double axe handle strike. Hacksaw catches him around the throat though, stopping him dead in the air.

    Sid: What does Hacksaw have planned here? I don’t see how Zach can get out of this hold with his speed; his hand is locked like a vice.

    Hacksaw lifts Zach above his head before driving him down into the mat, still holding onto the throat.

    Sid: Big chokeslam from Lucas Hacksaw!
    Hacksaw goes to cover.

    2… NO! Zach kicks out.

    Cutlass: That was a close one! Zach is showing some extreme conditioning and ability to bounce back. Think of all the damage he has taken today.

    Zach and Hacksaw are back to their feet; Zach’s resting against the ropes. Hacksaw rushes at him but Zach manages to dodge out of the way. Hacksaw goes over the ropes but manages to grab onto them, allowing him to get back up on the apron. He turns around so that he faces the ring when Zach comes rushing at him, Zach runs into him but doesn’t manage to force him off the apron so the two start slugging at each other, Zach trying to get Hacksaw off the apron and Hacksaw trying to get rid of Zach.

    Sid: I have a feeling that we are going to be visiting ringside in just a few seconds Curt.

    Cutlass: Indeed. Hacksaw’s balance out on the apron cannot be the best.

    Zach jumps up and hits a headbutt to Hacksaw, sending him out to ringside. The crowd boos Zach as he taunts on the ropes.

    Cutlass: What did I tell you! Zach’s using his head to win….literally!

    Hacksaw gets to his feet but he is very groggy. Zach climbs up on the top rope and sizes him up before launching off it, looking for a crossbody.

    Sid: Zach is going high risk here! This could make or break this match!

    Hacksaw manages to catch Zach in midair and places him in a fireman’s carry. The fans immediately start chanting “Smash! Smash!”

    Cutlass: Oh my!

    Sid: Are we going to see a repeat from earlier in this match!?

    Hacksaw runs a few steps before rolling forward into another rolling senton, planting Zach hard into the floor. This time he leaves him on the ground though instead of taking him with him up into a standing position. Hacksaw starts posing and interacting with the crowd as Zach is squirming on the ground.

    Sid: Another rolling senton from Hacksaw! That was amazing.

    Cutlass: Poor Zach, there’s only a thin protective mat out there. And why is he wasting time on the crowd at a time like this? If that was me I would have rolled Zach into the ring now and covered him.

    As Hacksaw is high fiving fans by the guard rail Zach works himself up to his feet. Zach runs up behind Hacksaw, grabs his shoulder and pulls him towards the steel stairs; he then slams Hacksaw headfirst into the stairs. Hacksaw sprawls out over the stairs as the crowd boos Zach.

    Cutlass: Now that is how you take control of a match! Zach capitalizes on every opportunity he is given. I love it!

    Zach starts slamming Hacksaw’s right arm into the steel ring post, elbow first. He then places it on the stairs and climbs up on the apron. He then starts to jump on the arm, forcing it into the steel step. Zach then rolls Hacksaw into the ring before they get counted out.

    Sid: Speaking of taking opportunities. Look at how Zach worked over Hacksaw’s arm there on the steel steps.

    Cutlass: That’s what I was talking about! And that is going to take him far in this business.

    Zach sneaks up on Hacksaw and locks his legs around the neck and injured arm of Hacksaw, locking him in a triangle choke.

    Cutlass: And just like an alligator he goes for the kill when the target is weakened enough. That triangle choke is going to cut off the blood and oxygen flow to Hacksaw’s brain, forcing him to either tap out or faint. This match is over I tell you, over!

    Hacksaw starts trying to fight out of the choke, eventually getting up to his knees. The fans start cheering as Hacksaw works himself closer and closer to getting up to a vertical base, Zach hasn’t let go off the choke though.

    Sid: I can’t believe it. He is actually working his way up to his feet whilst in the triangle choke. How strong is this guy!

    Hacksaw is back to a vertical base, Zach dangling from his arm and neck with the triangle choke still locked in. Hacksaw places his free arm on the small of Zach’s back, lifting him up even further before he slams his body down towards the mat, driving Zach into the mat before him, driving the air out of Zach’s lunges and forcing him to let go off the hold.

    Sid: And just like that Hacksaw is free of the triangle choke. The strength of Lucas Hacksaw is amazing.

    Cutlass: He has to be on steroids, I have never seen something like this in my entire life.

    Hacksaw is stumbling around in the ring, getting oxygen back into his lunges with Zach out on the floor when suddenly a man at approximately 6.8 in height, with a his hair pulled back into a pony tail, dressed in a black singlet with a black and red bulldog design on the back and chest, black boots, knee pads, elbow pads and one hand taped in black tape comes walking down to the ring. The fans don’t know what to make of the man.

    Sid: Who is this Curt?

    Cutlass: I think that is Mad Dogg, another of the new signings. What he is doing out here I don’t know though since he isn’t set to have a match tonight but an interview later on.

    Mad Dogg jumps up on the apron and he starts yelling at Hacksaw, Hacksaw walks up Mad Dogg and the two start arguing loudly, the fans start booing Mad Dogg as well. Neither of the men notices Zach getting up to his feet. Zach sizes up Hacksaw and prepares for something.

    Cutlass: Here we see Zach taking advantage of another opportunity. Hacksaw isn’t going to know what hit him.

    Zach starts rushing towards Hacksaw but just as he starts running Mad Dogg takes a swing at Hacksaw. Hacksaw dodges to the side, leaving Zach to run his shoulder directly into Mad Dogg who is sent flying into the guard rail. Zach is resting against the ropes.

    Sid: Oh Hacksaw was lucky there! Had he not dodged he would have been hit from two directions at roughly the same time. Instead he came out of it as the guy on top.

    Zach gets up to a vertical base but Hacksaw grabs him around the throat, lifts him up and throws him down to the mat, Zach landing back first, this time using his left arm.

    Sid: Speaking of capitalizing on opportunities Curt. I think that is just what Hacksaw did.

    Cutlass: No!

    Hacksaw goes for the cover.

    The referee calls for the bell.

    [size=x-small]Lucas Hacksaw's Theme hits

    *Crowd cheers*

    Hacksaw stands up as Mad Dogg makes his way backstage, the referee raises Hacksaw's arm

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner…Lucas Hacksaw!

    Sid: Hacksaw picks up his first win here on Fight Night, and with style!

    Cutlass: Completely undeserving if you ask me. Zach carried him to that match and deserved to pick up the win, he was the more aggressive competitor. Hacksaw didn’t deserve that win.

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw gets up to his feet as the ref raises his hand in victory. He climbs up on the top rope and waves to the fans as the cheer for him. He climbs out of the ring ad Zach gets up to his knees. Mad Dogg is still out by the guard rail. Hacksaw walks up the ramp with his back turned to the stage, locking eyes with a seething Zach.[/size]

    Sid: I think Zach agrees with you Curt but in the end Hacksaw was the smarter competitor, something you have been speaking for this entire match and he capitalized on an opportunity, and that allowed him to walk out of here the winner. Congratulations Hacksaw, we’ll be right back folks!


    [align=left]Result: Lucas Hacksaw defeats Zach Schmidt​
    Written By: Stopspot
    Zach Schmidt Dialogue Written by: Zach[/align]

    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small]Camera cuts backstage where Scarlette Rose stands with Mad Dogg[/size]

    Scarlette Rose: Ladies and Gentlemen I am standing with the self proclaimed "Bulldog of FNW" Madd Dogg, Mad Dogg my question to you is what are your opinions so far of what has happened on the premiere episode of FNW?

    Mad Dogg: My opinions on what has happened so far? Heh. I suppose I could spare some of my important time. Smasher and Schmidt match, I started watching, then i woke up with (winner) celebrating. As for the tag match, not really impressed with those imbociles of wrestling either. I'd wish they hired more valuable talent. That could actually peform in the ring.

    Scarlette Rose: Why do you not care about our opening match, is it because El Nino disregarded you in his promo?

    Mad Dogg: Why do I not care? did you not listen to a word I just said bitch? He bores me. Above all others, he shouldn't even been in this company. He should be running a taco stand on the edge of the city.

    Scarlette Rose: Errm...Ok....What are your predictions for the main event? Brian Messias vs Brent Nixon? Who do you believe is going to win?

    Mad Dogg: I don't like either, but I doubt Messias, he doesn't have it in him. So Nixon.

    Scarlette Rose: Mad Dogg with the every win matters rule in place, what four competitors do you see qualifying for the fatal four way match

    Mad Dogg: 3? Well me, for obvious reasons. I'm.. no sorry. I'm not going to say I'm the best or the greatest, because I'm not a generic jackass. *cough* Messias *cough* I'm skilled, I KNOW I am. But, not the greatest - yet. Anyway, Clash, admittedly, watched some of his Japan work.. decent. And.. hate to say this but, Nixon. Also seen some of his work, again, decent and a hell of a lot better than all the other guys on the roster. They are either "BEST IN THE WORLD" wrestlers who will turn jobbers and no one will care about after a month, or a El Generico wannabe.

    Scarlette Rose: Yourself, Clash & Brent Nixon, that is only 3, who is the fourth?
    Mad Dogg: Backstage Janitor. Has more talent than the rest of them. Good luck with his career I say. :pity: I'm done.
    [size=x-small]Mad Dogg turns left then steps back as Smasher walks on camera[/size]

    Lucas Hacksaw: What the hell was that..Huh!? Trying to cost me a victory? Why Mr "Bulldog"?

    Mad Dogg: Why? Because I should be in action, I should be getting opportunities to win, not some masked marvel wannabe. There's your answer Old Timer

    Lucas Hacksaw: I may be 32 years old, but I can still kick your ass, I am not past my prime yet. Next week I will face either Brent Nixon or Brian Messias and claim a 2nd victory then me and you can have a match the next week and I will claim a third, see you in two weeks...Junior!

    [size=x-small]Smasher walks off screen with Mad Dogg looking at him in anger[/size]

    Scarlette Rose: Mad Dogg, your thoughts?

    Mad Dogg: Get out of my damn face

    [size=x-small]Scarlette runs off as Mad Dogg turns to kick stage equipment[/size]

    Mad Dogg: Smasher? I'll Smash you, just you wait!

    [size=x-small]Mad Dogg stomps on a light breaking it. The camera then cuts to Sid Taylor & Curt Cutlass on commentary[/size]


    [align=left]Interview: Mad Dogg talks about FNW​
    Written By: Sheldor
    Mad Dogg Responses Written by: Sad Panda[/align]

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]Max Power's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Max Power walks carrying a guitar playing along to his theme as blue smoke surrounds the stage. Max wearing white trunks with red chinese dragon on back with blue writing "MP" on the front, a white jacket with with "MP" written on the back in red fire. Power then walks down the ramp.

    Josh Fordezski: The following triple threat match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, From Washing DC, weighing in at 267lbs, Max Power!

    Sid: Triple threat match Curt, this should be interesting

    Cutlass: That it will Sid, triple threat matches make for unpredictable matches, one minute you have an ally, the next you get stabbed in the back, and what is very important is one man will walk out with a win and two will walk out with loses, so this is a must win on the part of all three men

    [size=x-small]Max continues down the ramp stopping to play the chorus and then walks around the ring to the far steel steps where he walks up and into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: What do you think of this man Curt, he's huge!

    Cutlass: Strength is a key to this business Sid, Power has that, but you can be a T-Rex, strong but have a brain the size of wa walnut.

    [size=x-small]Max stands in the ring where he plays along to the chorus again, he then removes the guitar and hands it to stage hand and then hands his jacket to the stage hand as well[/size]

    Sid: Say that a little louder Curt, I don't think he heard you

    [size=x-small] Clash's theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    The lights turn dark and one single blue spotlight comes on. The spotlight heads for the stage as Clash walks out on the stage. Clash is dressed in his normal charcoal black tights with blue X and C design down the sides and his name on the back. He also has black and blue boots with wing like paintings on the sides; one black elbow guard covers his left elbow. He has a black sleeveless zip up hoodie as well with the words Mr. Entertainment in blue on the back, the hood is pulled down to hide his face. Clash looks out at the crowd before he extends his arms out wide. Clash then walks down the ring.

    Josh Fordezski: From Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 210lbs, Clash!

    Cutlass: Now this man, has sort of the opposite look, seems in shape but doesn't seem to have the muscle that Power has, I foresee a difficult match for this man

    Sid: Patrick Clash, or as he calls himself Clash, the little kid from Sweden who now graces the Reunion Arena for his debut match

    [size=x-small] Clash walks confidently down the ramp. He stops at the end of the ramp and strikes his pose again, as pyro hits by the end of the ramp behind him. Clash then slides into the ring and climbs one of the top turnbuckles. He pulls down his hood and looks out at the crowd before jumping down. He then starts waiting for his opponent. [/size]

    Cutlass: And we await the final member of this match

    [size=x-small]Vinnie Rose's Theme hits

    *Major Crowd Pop*

    Vinnie Rose jumps out wearing grey trunks with purple/pink designs and his initials on it. Black elbow pads and knee pads,white boots, one long wrist/hand tape almost to the elbow pad, and on the left hand a purple/pink power balance wristband. He waves to the fans as pyro goes off behind him

    Josh Fordezski: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 260lbs, Vinnie Rose!

    Sid: And here comes Vinnie Rose, he calls himself the Overnight Sensation Curt, perhaps tonight the name may prove right

    Cutlass: You shouldn't go naming yourself names Sid, especially this early on, names are earned not dubbed

    [size=x-small]Rose walks down to the ring waving to the fans. He walks up the stairs and into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: Vinnie Rose vs Clash vs Max Power, Powerhouse vs Highflyer vs Powerhouse, this will be interesting

    Cutlass: Clash is going to have to be like a mosquito in the summer, sting and flee, sting and flee, he can't let these guys grab a hold of him, they will kick his head in and won't stop there

    [size=x-small]Rose poses on two turnbuckles showing his muscles to the crowd[/size]

    Sid: Who's your pick to win Curt?

    Cutlass: It is a tough one, I cannot pick one as of this moment Sid

    The referee calls for the bell, All three man stand in their corner and stare each other down

    Cutlass: This is very good on all three men, stare down your opponent, notice anything on them, intimidate them

    Power then steps forward and eyeballs Clash and Rose, he then roars at them to challenge him, Clash and Rose look at one another

    Sid: It appears neither man wants to challenge the strong man power

    Rose then runs at Power, Power extends his arm and clotheslines Rose, Rose clutches his back as he gets to his feet quickly, Power then whips Rose into the ropes, Rose rebounds and ducks under the extended arm of Power and continues to run, he rebounds against the ropes as Clash then runs at Power, he jumps up and swings his forearm to connect with Power's head, Rose then drops to his knees as he swings his arm to connect with the back of the leg of Power bringing him down to the mat

    Cutlass: Well Sid, like I said these guys are gonna make allies, but it won't be long before it becomes every man for himself

    Rose and Clash drag Power up onto his feet, Power pushes both men back, extends his arms, runs towards Clash & Rose and connects to the chests of both Rose and Clash, knocking them to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Woah Power with a double clothesline on both men

    Power pulls Clash up and whips him into the ropes, he runs at Clash as he rebounds extending his arm and knocks Clash over the rope and to the floor

    Cutlass: And Power sends Clash outside to the floor so he can turn his focs to his real threat, Vinnie Rose

    Rose leaps to his feet and turns Power around, Vinnie Rose grabs Power into a fireman's carry and then pushes him up into a military press hold

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Look at the strength of Rose!

    Power slips out of the grip of Rose and lands on his feet behind him, Power then clubs the back of the head of Rose by extending his arm and knocks him to the mat, Power then drags Rose up to his feet and applies a front face-lock, Clash climbs back up to the apron and jumps onto the top rope, where he springs off raising his arms up for a double axe-handle, Power catches Clash by the throat and applies a front face lock to him, he then flips the near arms of Clash and Rose over his head and lifts both men up and over their head, flipping them over to land back first on the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Woah Power just suplexed both men! How much power does Power have?

    Cutlass: He's a regular He-Man Sid, no telling his limit

    Power turns over to cover Rose, the referee counts

    Rose kicks out, Power rolls over to cover Clash

    Clash kicks out

    Sid: Power tried to get the win on both men, but both men still too fresh

    Power gets to his feet and drags Clash up, Power then sends Clash into the corner, Clash hits the turnbuckle back first, Power then drags Rose up to his feet and whips him into the corner with Clash, Rose collides with Clash and groggily turns to face Power as Clash falls to the mat clutching his head

    Cutlass: Power using both of his opponents as weapons to use against one another, I may have been wrong about the size of his brain

    Max Power reaches round Vinnie Rose's gut from his side with one hand and lifts him up. Power then walks forward and jumps up into the air and then sits on the mat, driving Vinnie Rose to the mat back first

    Sid: Max Power puts some force behind that sidewalk slam

    Power covers Vinnie Rose, the referee counts

    Clash breaks the cover

    Cutlass: Clash saving the match for himself there, he knows every win matters, so he needs to get the win here

    Power drags Clash up and places him in the corner, he then holds his head and headbutts Clash, Clash holds his head in pain, Power places both arms of Clash under his armpits and headbutts Clash, the crowd count each headbutt


    Sid: Oh-Oh, Clash's head, he has definitely lossed a few IQ points after that

    Cutlass: Power using that pea brain to use his body as a weapon, and taking the fight


    Max Power releases the grip and Clash groggily walks forward, Power reaches round Clash and Power's gut from his side with one hand for each individual and lifts them up. Power then walks forward and jumps up into the air and then sits on the mat, driving Clash & Rose to the mat back first

    Sid: Max Power has just been unstoppable in this match Curt

    Power covers Clash, the referee counts

    Clash kicks out

    Rose pulls himself up using the ropes as Power gets to his feet, Rose lifts Max Power up into a fireman's carry clutch, he then falls back and slams Max Power to the mat back first

    Cutlass: Vinnie Rose with a Samoan Drop out of nowhere!

    Rose gets to his feet and moves to stand at the side of Max Power and runs at the ropes, he rebounds and then slowly walks to Max Power, he sniffs the air and the jumps into the air extending his legs as he falls to the mat and smashes them across the chest of Max Power[/i]

    Sid: Vinnie Rose with that cocky walk followed by a powerful leg-drop

    Rose rolls back and then quickly scrambles across and hooks both legs of Max Power, the referee counts

    Max Power kicks out

    Cutlass: Rose trying to showboat to the crowd, they are not fighting the match, Rose is, he needs to concentrate

    Clash steps back from the corner and points at the turnbuckle then nods

    Sid: What is Clash going for here?

    Clash runs towards the corner, he leaps over Max Power on the mat and lands with his legs on the top rope, he bounces and completes a corkscrew pin landing a splash on Max Power

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Clash with that spin splash of a move, Good Bless John Morrison it's creator

    Clash hooks the outside leg, the referee counts

    Rose drags Clash off Power

    Cutlass: And here is the end of their alliance, every man for himself because every win matters

    Clash gets to his feet and pushes Rose with both hands, Rose steps forward and pushes Clash, knocking him down to sit on the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Clash needs to start using his head a bit Sid, he is starting to get hot headed, he should never try and go mano a mano with Rose

    Clash gets up and pushes Rose knocking him back a bit, Vinnie Rose delivers a knee to Clash and whips Clash into the ropes, Clash hooks the ropes, Vinnie Rose then runs at Clash, Clash hits a boot on Vinnie Rose and back flips onto the apron

    Sid: Clash with a great counter there, Tyson Kidd inspired move

    Clash holds onto the ropes and jumps up, connecting a roundhouse kick, knocking Vinnie Rose to the mat

    Cutlass: Clash is fighting back using his head now

    Clash then pulls himself up to the rope and springs off it, driving his elbow into the chest of Vinnie Rose

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Clash hits an elbow drop off the ropes, The Clashtronauts loved that one

    Cutlass: Clashtro-What?

    Sid: Little Talk

    Clash hooks the leg of Vinnie Rose, the referee counts

    Vinnie Rose kicks out

    Power gets up to his feet as Clash stands up and whips sweat off his forehead, Power turns Clash to face him and extends his arm as he runs at Clash, connecting with his chest to knock him to the mat

    Sid: Power deals another clothesline to Clash, showing why they call him Max Power



    Clash stands on the top rope, he then leaps off performing a backflip in mid-air and lands a splash on Rose and Power

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Standard Comment: Clash with a shooting star press! All three men are down!


    Clash swings his leg up and connects with his foot to the side of the head of Rose

    Standard Comment: Nice kick there!

    Rose falls to the mat. Clash rolls Rose over and hooks his leg, the referee counts

    Rose kicks out


    Power runs back to the ropes, he rebounds and leaps in the air and hits a splash on Clash

    Standard Comment: Power picks up some speed then splashes on Clash

    The referee counts

    Clash kicks out


    Clash & Rose run and tackle Power with a running shoulder thrust and pulls the legs up to send Power into the guard rail, breaking it

    Standard Comment: Double Spear!

    Clash and Rose get up, Clash then grabs the back of the head of Rose and drags him to the ring, where he bashes his head on the apron, Clash then pushes Rose under the ropes and gets into cover, the referee counts

    Rose gets a shoulder up


    Clash underhooks the arms of Rose as well as placing them in a standing headscissors clutch

    Standard Comment: Clash underhooks the arms, possibly going for...

    Rose lifts Clash up and maneuvers him into a fireman's carry clutch, he then falls back and slams Clash to the mat back first

    Standard Comment: Vinnie Rose with a Samoan Drop!


    Rose scales the top rope as Clash gets to his feet groggy

    Standard Comment: Vinnie Rose is going to the top rope

    Rose springs off the top rope and turns to land horizontally with a splash across the gut of Clash knocking him off his feet and to the mat, Clash rolls through. The referee counts

    Rose kicks out


    Power applies a front face-lock on Rose, he then flips the arm over his head. He then lifts Rose up and places him on the top turnbuckle. Power then stepped up to the top rope and clubs Rose's back

    Standard Comment: Power has Rose on the top rope, no where to go. What is Power going to do?

    Power then applies a front face-lock on Rose, he then places his head underneath the near arm of Rose and steps up to the top rope, Rose then steps up to the top rope and Power lifts Rose up and over his head as he falls back, landing Power to the mat back first and Rose on to Clash

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Standard Comment: OMG! Superplex off the top rope! Superplex off the top rope, Power taking any chance he can get to win

    Power and Rose lay on the mat motionless, Power then begins to stir and moves over towards Rose and covers Clash. The referee counts

    Clash kicks out

    Power then crawls over and covers Rose. The referee counts

    Rose kicks out


    Power clenches his fist as he stalks Rose who gets to his feet groggy, Power then punches Rose in the head, knocking him back to the mat.

    Standard Comment: Max Power with that vicious punch to the head!

    Power drops to his knees and covers, the referee counts, Clash sits in the corner and watches

    The referee calls for the bell

    [size=x-small]Max Power's Theme hits

    *Mild Crowd Pop*

    Max Power stands up and raises his hand, he then clenches his gut as he steps through the ropes and steps off the apron.

    Josh Fordezski: Here is your winner! Max Power!

    [​IMG]vs [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]Brent Nixon's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Brent Nixon walks out on the stage and jumps on the spot yelling out "c'mon" wearing black ¾ length MMA shorts with subtle bits of white outline, black trainers, a plain black T-Shirt only with his name written on in a nasty looking font. Brent then walks down the ramp.

    Josh Fordezski: From Derby, England, weighing in at 234lbs, Brent Nixon!

    Sid: Brent Nixon this young man has been labeled "Mr Ko" This man is vicious, he is dangerous, enjoys hurting his opponent

    Cutlass: But he is an English born fighter Sid and that is what matters Sid, that is why he is Mr Ko

    [size=x-small]Brent walks down the ramp, staring at the ring/opponent, he walks round to the steps and walks up and into the ring.[/size]

    Sid: Brent Nixon takes on Brian Messias, aka The Annihilator.

    Cutlass: Nixon vs Brian, a match that has been heated since these two signed to this company and leading up to the debut of both these young men

    [size=x-small]The music cuts off as Brent removes his shirt and throws it to the crowd, he then takes out his MMA gloves from his waist band and puts them on, Brent then turns his back and faces the fans, looking out on them then turns back round[/size]

    [size=x-small]Brian Messias's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Messias walks out on the stage wearing black trunks with a red zig zag design on the side of them, black wrist tape, knee pads and boots. Messias makes his way down the ramp ignoring the fans.

    Josh Fordezski: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 235lbs, "The Annihaltor" Brian Messias!

    Sid: The Young man from Canada, here tonight to get the wins he needs to qualify for the Fatal Four Way match. These two men collide, but one man will pick up his first win tonight

    Cutlass: So far tonight, Grimm & Thorn have both got a win to their name, Lucas Hacksaw has a win and Max Power has got a win, tonight we see a fourth man claim a victory a become just 9 more away from a title opportunity

    [size=x-small]Messais quickly walks down the ramp, he steps up onto the 2nd steel step then onto the apron and quickly into the ring, he then takes the mic away from Josh and pushes him aside.[/size]

    Sid: Brian going after our ring announcer, what he is he doing?

    Brian Messias: Get the hell out of the way, I want a true ring announcer to announce me, get me down a Canadian Ring Announcer

    [size=x-small]A man dressed in a suit runs down to the ring, Messias hands him the mic[/size]

    Chuck Walters: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 235lbs, "The Annihaltor" Brian Messias!

    Brian Messias: That's Better!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Brian Messias: Oh Shut Up!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo Louder*

    The referee calls for the bell and the match to begin

    Nixon and Brian circle the ring quickly and then lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, Brian goes to connect with a knee to the mid-section, Nixon catches the knee and headbutts Brian, knocking him to the mat, Nixon still holding the leg steps over Brian, turning him over onto his stomach and squats down to pull the leg and compress the back of Brian

    Sid: Brent Nixon already gets a submission hold this early in the match, Brian Messias the striker that he is, went for what he thought would get him control but now Messias pays for that one mistake

    Cutlass: It was a bad move choice Sid, and as you said Nixon took full advantage of that opening

    Messias quickly crawls to the ropes and grabs hold, the referee counts for disqualification

    1....2....3....4.... Nixon releases the hold, Messias clutches his leg as he sits against the ropes

    Sid: Brian Messias has to watch out, Nixon is very submissive styled coupled with a powerful striking ability

    Cutlass: Messias is a smart man Sid, I don't think he gets fooled twice

    Messias gets up to his feet using the ropes and circles the ring with Brent Nixon, Brian then raises his hand up asking Nixon for a test of strength

    Sid: Is Messias challenging Nixon?

    Cutlass: I believe he is Sid, Messias is challenging Nixon to a test of strength, this is what these guys need to do, establish themselves as the alpha of this company

    Nixon locks his hand in with Messias who then turns his back on Nixon and kneels down, pulling Nixon over his shoulder, flipping him over and lands him on the mat, Messias then wraps one of his legs around the clutches arm of Nixon and places the hand and forearm under his armpit, leaning back to apply pressure on the arm

    Cutlass: Great move there by Messias, he fools Nixon into a test of strength, then quickly switches it up, in a sort of snapmare using the arm and now goes after the arm

    Nixon reaches out to the ropes he then grabs the leg of Messias and tries to pull it off his arm

    Sid: Nixon here trying to remove the leg of Brian Messias, and get back into this match, remember Curt the winner of this match faces Lucas Hacksaw next week here in the Reunion Arena

    Messias applies more pressure on the arm, Nixon then sits up and delivers a right hand to Nixon, releases his arm from the hold, Nixon then gets to his knees where he grabs Messias by the back of the head and smashes his face to the mat

    Cutlass: Ouch! Nixon right after the right hand goes to work on the face of Messias

    Messias rolls out, he lies back against the apron revealing a blooded nose

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Chant "Nixon"*[/size]

    Messias rolls back into the ring carefully, the referee stands between them as he gets in, Nixon then charges at Messias, pushing him back into the corner, he then bends forward and grabs the middle ropes before thrusting his shoulders into the gut of Messias repeatedly, Nixon then stands back and stomps Messias in the corner, the referee counts for Disqualification

    1....2....3....4.... The referee drags Nixon off Messias

    Sid: Nixon has to be careful, he cannot afford to lose this match, a lose here to night can really set the toll of your career.

    Nixon then grabs the arm of Messias, he whips him at the ropes and then runs in the opposite direction, both men rebound off the respective ropes, Nixon runs at Messias and forces his shoulder at the chest of Messias knocking him to the mat

    Sid: Nixon again overpowering his opponent

    Nixon drops down to the mat and lies on Messias's back, at a 90° angle to him, Nixon then over-hooks the left arm and pulls back into his body

    Cutlass: Fujiwara armbar, that'll break your arm!

    Messias reaches out to the ropes and begins to crawl to the ropes. The referee asks him if he wishes to submit, Messias refuses

    Sid: Brian Messias now just trying to move himself, somehow, someway get to the ropes to break the hold

    Cutlass: The Fujiwara Armbar, I have been in that hold Sid, it is so hard to move when you have the opponent using his weight to keep you on the mat and you only have one arm to drag yourself to the ropes

    Messias crawls again, moving slightly quicker, Nixon then leans back further, Messias stops in place, and raises his hand up, the referee asks him if he wishes to submit.

    Sid: Messias may have to give up here, the Fujiwara Armbar may just be too much

    Messias says no to the referee, he then crawls and grasps for the ropes, he reaches out just touching the ropes, and eventually grabs them, the referee counts for disqualification

    1....2....3.... Messias releases the hold and stands up

    Sid: Nixon has been very submissive so far in this match, Messias a striker not used to the submission of Brent Nixon

    Messias stands up again using the ropes, Nixon then charges at Messias, Messias delivers a kick to the gut and then applies a front face-lock to Nixon, he then moves to face the ropes

    Cutlass: What is Messias going to do here?

    Messias then flips the near arm over his head and hooks the opponent's near leg by clutching the back of the knee. Messias then lifts Brent Nixon up and over his head and flips him over to land on his back to the mat, as Messias bridges. The referee counts.

    Cutlass: Beautiful, just beautiful suplex by Messias there, Messias has a bridge in their too, just amazing

    Nixon gets a shoulder up

    Sid: Messias almost caught Nixon out there

    Messias gets up to his feet and then stomps on the ribs of Nixon, he stomps again, then rebounds off the ropes, Nixon gets up to his feet, Nixon then runs at Messias as he rebounds off the ropes, Nixon brings his foot up and kicks Messias in the chest, pushing him down to the mat with his foot[/i]

    Sid: The power of Nixon on display right there

    Nixon drops to his knees and covers, the referee counts

    Messias kicks out

    Cutlass: Messias is too good to be beaten by Nixon Sid, Messias is just too good

    Brent locks the leg of Messias with his legs and then underhooks the arm with his arm, Brent then rolls through and spins 180 degrees releasing the arm momentarily to underhook it with his other arm and applies pressure to the neck

    Sid: Brent Nixon using Jiu Jitsu to attempt to make his opponent submit with this Brazilian Jiu Jutisu Crucifix

    The referee asks Messias if he wishes to submit, Messias doesn't answer as his head is forced forward by Nixon

    Cutlass: Messias is in big trouble here, this hold prevents you from moving, your arms are restrained, and by leaning back you pull the arms and push the head forward

    The referee checks Messias, Messias eyes close, however he raises his foot onto the ropes

    Cutlass: Did you see that, Messias so aware of his position, able to put his leg up on the ropes

    The referee counts for disqualification

    1....2....3....4.... Nixon releases the hold, Messias falls back to the mat

    Sid: Nixon trying to get a submissive win on Messias, very smart move

    Cutlass: Messias hasn't given up though Sid, Messias is a tough competitor

    Messias then rolls outside the ring where he kneels on the floor, one arm on the apron getting his breath back

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Cutlass: That Brazilian Jiu Jitsu crucifix that lead into a neck lock constricts the airways, these fans don't seem to understand how much that move takes out of you

    Nixon rolls out the ring and walks round to Messias, Messias gets up and delivers a side kick, connecting with the mid-section of Nixon, Messias then grabs Nixon by the back of the head and back of the trunks and sends him into the guard rail, breaking the connection and the guard rail falls on the fans

    Sid: Woah! Our fans here in Dallas Texas getting a taste of the action. Brian Messias has found the equalizer to this match and that is the arena itself it seems

    Messias picks Nixon up and drags him in a side-headlock to the apron where he places him back first on the apron, Messias then delivers a gut kick to the mid-section of Nixon sending him to a seated position against the stairs, Messias then begins to stomp on Nixon's chest as the referee continues to count

    5....6.....7.....8.....9.....10! The referee calls for the bell

    [size=x-small]Messias continues to stomp on Nixon[/size]

    Josh Fordezski: Ladies and Gentlemen, This match has ended in a draw since both competitors were counted out

    Cutlass: Messias got so caught up in the action he forgot about the referee's count

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*

    Messias walks over to the timekeeper area and knocks the mic out of Josh's hand, the referee walks over to to Messias and tells him to back off, Messias continues to argue and shout towards Josh and the referee about the decision

    Sid: Brian Messias upset, Every Win Matters in FNW, and both these men haven't got a win tonight, that puts them behind Hacksaw, Grimm, Thorn , Power who have wins tonight

    [size=x-small]Music Hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    A Man appears on the titantron, unable to be seen except a shadow.

    Man: Hello Texas, I, like you am not satisfied with that ending, every win matters and tonight's main event will have a winner, this match will continue, under no count out and no disqualification rules, I, the owner of the company decree it so

    [size=x-small]Static sprawls across the screen and the titantron then shows the camera image of the match, Messias gets back into the ring as does Nixon, clutching his chest[/size]

    Sid: So it appears the match has continued now with no disqualifications and no count outs to ensure a winner

    The referee rings the bell and Messias runs at Nixon on the mat, kicking him in the ribs, Nixon rolls over due to the impact

    Messias drags Nixon up, Nixon pushes Messias back

    Cutlass: Messias trying to get some offense in but Nixon seems to powerful

    Messias ducks a right hand from Nixon, moves behind Nixon and locks in a rear waist lock, he then immediately lifts Nixon up and over his head and to the mat neck first.

    Cutlasss: A nice German Suplex by Messias there

    Messias retains the hold and begins to get up and drags Nixon up. He then lifts Nixon up and over his head landing Nixon on the mat neck first

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Messisas hits a 2nd German Suplex, what power and stamina this man has

    Messias drags himself up to his feet and Nixon up, retaining the lock on and lifts Nixon up and over his head, releasing the hold in mid-air, landing Nixon to the mat back and neck first.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: A third consecutive German Suplex, that must have Nixon rattled!

    Messias crawls over Nixon and covers Nixon, the referee counts

    Nixon kicks out

    Sid: Brent Nixon kicks out with authority, after 3 consecutive German Suplexes to him, he still has fuel in the tank

    Messias steps between the legs of Nixon with one leg and wraps the legs around it, Messias then places the ankles of Nixon under his armpit and steps over Nixon, Messias leans back to compress the legs of Nixon and the back.

    Sid: Messias locks in a sharpshooter, shades of the Hitman Bret Hart!

    Nixon yells out in pain, holding his head as the referee asks him if he wishes to give up

    Cutlass: Messias has that hold locked in, the back, the legs, the knees, the Sharpshooter hurts them all

    Nixon pushes up with his arms to fully extend them, he then begins to crawl to the ropes, He grabs them quickly and the referee counts for disqualification

    1....2....3....4.... Messias continues to hold the sharpshooter in

    Sid: Messias taking advantage of the no disqualification ruling, keeping that hold locked in

    Nixon then pushes his legs forward, sending Messias forward, flipping him over onto his back, Messias quickly slides out the ring and grabs a steel chair from the timekeeper area, he slides back in and swings at the back as Nixon pulls himself up on the ropes

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: That is what I call smart, take advantage of the rule by introducing a steel chair

    Messias helps Nixon up on the ropes, he then rebounds off the ropes and thrusts the tip of the chair into the ribs of Nixon. Messias then smirks out to the crowd

    Sid: Messias with a sick smile on his face, looking on the fans after that nasty shot

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Chant: Nixon Will Annihilate You!"*[/size]

    Cutlass: These fans are chanting lies, if anyone is being Annihilated, it is Nixon

    Messias grabs the chair and swings it against the back of Nixon, Nixon however doesn't go down to the mat, he stands his ground

    Sid: Nixon didn't go down on that shot Curt, Mr Ko not even faced, that was a clean shot, Nixon bent over clutching his ribs, but still standing

    Messias swings the chair again across the back of Nixon, Nixon however runs at the ropes, he rebounds off of the ropes and runs at Messias, thrusting his shoulder to the gut of Messias and pulls the legs up to force Messias to the mat[/i]

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Woah big spear right there!

    Nixon reaches into his shorts and pulls out a pair of handcuffs, He locks one around the wrist of Messias, he then drags Messias up and puts him in the corner, he pulls the arm behind Messias, wraps the handcuff around the turnbuckle and locks it around the other wrist of Messias

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Hang On this isn't fair, Messias cannot defend himself, he has been locked against the corner, Nixon is dangerous

    Sid: All legal Curt

    Nixon then picks up the chair, he stares at it then grabs the other leg of it and swings it at Messias, Messias impacts off the turnbuckle and falls forward but is held up by the handcuffs

    Cutlass: Messias can't even fall to the mat, Nixon basically has a hunk of meat for him to beat up

    Nixon then thrusts the tip of the chair into the gut of Messias

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: The fans here in the Reunion Arena love those shots

    Nixon drops the chair as the referee checks on Messias, Messias shakes his head and stands up, he then spits at Nixon, Nixon clutches his eye and wipes away the spit, Nixon turns back to Messias and delivers a series of right hands to the head of Messias

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Cutlass: Messias is a tough SOB, spits in the face of Nixon, saying come on show me what you've got

    Nixon then throws in a few knees to the mid-section and continues to deliver right hand after right to the head of Messias, The referee pushes Nixon back to check on Messias

    Sid: The referee checking to see if Messias is ok, if he can still fight

    Cutlass: He can't fight, Nixon has him restrained, the referee is checking to see if he isn't out cold and how much more of a beating he can take

    The referee calls the bell, he then rolls out the ring to tell Josh the result

    Josh Fordezski: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has informed me that the winner of this match as a result of Knockout, Brent Nixon!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*

    Nixon then charges at Messias and delivers a knee to the mid-section, he follows up with an uppercut and then a headbutt

    *Crowd Chant: "Nixon"*

    Cutlass: Hey! The match is over, referee stop this man

    [size=x-small]The referee slides back in and pushes Nixon back, telling him the match is over, Nixon pushes the ref aside and delivers a back elbow to Messias waking him up and then delivers a kick to the gut, the referee calls Josh and shouts an announcement at him[/size]

    Josh Fordezski: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has reversed his decision, therefore your winner of this match, Brian Messias!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Sid: Nixon just lost his win

    Cutlass: He doesn't deserve the win, good call

    [size=x-small]Nixon turns to the referee grabbing his shirt and shouting at him. Nixon then pushes the referee forward then Nixon runs at the referee and swings with a clothesline and knocks the referee to the mat

    *Crowd Pop*

    Sid: Clothesline from Nixon to the referee and the fans love it

    [size=x-small]Three more referees come out and down to the ring Nixon delivers a clothesline to each one as they get into the ring[/size]

    Cutlass: Someone needs to do something about Nixon

    [size=x-small]The Smasher's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Smasher comes running out onto the stage wearing a blue mask, short jeans, big black boots and a brown jacket left open. He runs down to the ring, as he enters Nixon exits the ring and points to Messias before walking down to the ring

    Sid: Here comes Smasher, the winner of this weeks match, Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw comes down to the ring, and it appears Nixon has left Messias for Smasher to do as he pleases

    [size=x-small]A referee gets up and unlocks Messias who pushes the referee back and pulls himself up using the ropes, he then stares down at Hacksaw[/size]

    Cutlass: Brian Messias victorious tonight against "Mr KO" Brent Nixon. Messias now has 1 victory and is one victory closer to qualifying for the fatal four way to become the 1st ever FNW Champion

    Sid: Don't forget that means Zach Schmidt now has to face Brent Nixon next week and I have been informed, Andrew Austins will be making his debut next week against another star's debut, he goes by the Anti-Christ of the South, Iron Baba!. Ladies and Gentlemen this has been Fight Night Wrestling. We hope you have enjoyed the show and hope to see you next week


    [align=left]Result: Brian Messias defeats Brent Nixon​
    Written By: Sheldor[/align]


    This thread is for Kayfabe. The more references to the show you make the better when you post
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  2. Looks like Zach just got smashed! SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!
  3. Sid Taylor looks like David Tennent!
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  4. Absolute bullshit. I would have won easy if it wasn't for that moron interfering in our match.
  5. Excuses, excuses. Just admit that i'm better then you and that you got smashed.
  6. I got smashed after I was distracted, I dominated the whole match otherwise.
  7. Warning: Make your volume really low, really low. (Mics messed)
  8. You sound like you have a cold. Perhaps you should eat a taco.
  9. You won one match
  10. So did you Power. And only because I gave you Vinnie Rose there, you're welcome by the way.
  11. HQ Post from CM Punk (effort)

    (Love the effort from you guys, really stepping up from what we expected, two guys now taken to media to deliver promos, keep it up)
  12. Perhaps you should win a match.
  13. I may not have won my match, but if I had to choose between winning a match and saving a taco, I'd pick the taco every time. Besides you saw that match, El Nino & Masked Machine dominated and we served the taco well.
  14. Iron Baba is pissed off about what went down.
  15. Lucas Hacksaw also won a match last night. Maybe you will be the next to get SMASHED!
  16. I joined this federation expecting to be treated correctly, that I would be allowed to do what the hell I wanted. And yet, I hit Brian with a few measly chair shots, and the match call gets reversed? This is an injustice and I and all my fans have clearly been screwed out of a victory tonight.
  17. Fans? :lol1:
  18. "*Crowd Chant "Nixon"*"