Fight Night Wrestling Preview Card - Dec 14th

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #8[/align]
    Date: 14/12/2012​

    Match Card​

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Deprived of a win 2 weeks ago, the match is set to take place again, Clash has been on a roll being in the Match of the night twice in the past two weeks, who will win when the undefeated Max Power faces Mr Match Of The Night?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Brian Messias picks Iron Baba to face in his beat the clock match, Can Messias put away Iron Baba tonight and pick the stipulation for Zach vs Messias.

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Vinnie Rose is now the man to give Aids Johnson, a rookie in development the chance to move up to the FNW roster. Can Aids Defeat the Overnight Sensation or will Aids follow Zach Wood's result and head back to development?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Chosen by Zach last week, beat the clock match, can Zach put away Austin Andrews before Messias. Or will Austins completely screw Zach's chances by beating him?


    Message: We encourage you to reference last week as much as possible when posting. HQ Posts could include your characters personal predictions on the entire event. etc

    High Quality Post Guide:

    Predictions: Your character's predictions on the card with as much previous show references as possible to support your prediction

    Why your character will win: Posting why your character will win his match. Using as much previous show reference as possible

    The winnner of November's Preview Cards is CM Punk having won 2 cards, Jose Tortilla & R'Albin won 1 last month also.

    The month begins again, try to win the preview cards, those who win them will get a major push
  2. I, Brent Nixon, am issuing a challenge open to anyone on the roster. I'm willing to fight any one of you whenever.
  4. Like expected, I, Vinnie Rose, ''The Overnight Sensation'' defeated Austins.

    I told you that I would crush you with the LA Crush, baby.. Didn't see it coming, did you?

    Aids Johnson? Brother, I am happy to welcome you in the FNW, let's have a great bout, but I won't go soft on you, dude.
  5. Noncharacter: I am at 2 wins and 3 losses, not 1-3. :)

    In character: Zach Schmidt, you are such a fool. Why would you choose me as your opponent, as I am going to giv you such a beating... Nevermind, I don't think I'm allowed to say it. But you get the point, I am the hardest obstacle you will ever face here, and you choose me as your opponent? What a fool you are.
  6. OOC: Sorry, read it wrong lol.
  7. Vinnie Rose is about to get brainbusted. My first opponent will be a MOTY candidate, and the reason you see Aids up in the cards week in and week out. Couldn't have a better person to start a career against.
  8. Another week... of waiting for my opportunity. Just waiting. I don't like to wait, but I will stand in line, and make the complete most of my shot. I was there, in the crowd, watching last week's show, and you can bet I'll be watching this week's as well.

    As for the card... you want to know my thoughts?

    I'm personally rooting for Clash. I like an underdog. Heck, I've been an underdog quite a few times, surviving in the desert when I wasn't supposed to. Working through stiff Texas wrestling companies, making my way here. Plus, that ending was great.

    Brian vs Iron Baba... This would be the first time watching them live. Personally, after the interview, I'm thinking Brian will win this one, and try to send a message to Zach in the process. Whether it's received... is a whole different story.

    I believe Vinnie Rose and Aids Johnson will be MotN... though I don't know who's going to win. Aids is a wildcard, and I don't like to bet against or for wildcards, since I tend to be wrong on these sorts of things... Don't take me to play poker, I'll lose all my cash.

    And I'm taking Zach to beat Austin Andrews, because Zach doesn't want to lose to Brian. That's pretty much why I think he'll succeed... Determination, also something I know quite a bit about.

    Meanwhile... BRENT... if you want a match, I'm right here... Anytime.
  9. It's funny that you think Zach Schmidt will beat me. Why is that? Do you feel sorry for him as he is the underdog? Is it because of that? It must be, because otherwise, logic would bring you to believe in me as the one who will win come Friday night... But if there's anything I have learned during my time here at FNW, it's that our roster isn't really meant to pass an IQ test...
  10. Bones, isn't it? Next week, bring it bitch.
  11. Clash: I have a message to send good old Max Power this week. I have taken inspiration from some wrestling greats of the past in how to deliver it, among them the Rock.

  13. Lower Volume:
  14. Clash, Baba, Aids, and AA are going to pick up wins tonight. Baba will be involved in a great match, Clash will pick up an easy win, and Aids vs Vinny Rose will be a match to pass onto the next generation as one of the great matches of FNW.

    AA vs Zach will be forgettable, not really even worth mentioning. Welcome to the era of Aids.
  15. I stopped listening after you said "Why is it that I will beat you?" as I knew your whole statement would be a joke, just as that opening line was. You're not gonna beat me, buddy, that's for sure.
  16. Currently leaderboard. Closes tonight remember:

    1st: .exe
    2nd: Y2J Enigma
    3rd: CM Punk
    4th: Tommy Spud, R'Albin & Aids Johnson
    5th: Stopspot & Jose Tortilla

    HQ Post noted:

    .Exe - 2
    CM Punk - 1
    Tommy Spud - 1
  17. You sure talk a lot of trash for someone with a negative record. Why don't you go back to development like the rest of your jobber friends?
  18. Let's be simple, it's going to get heat posting here because there is no reason not to fear the unmatched undefeated soon to be unrelenting superstar of the FNW roster. Aids Johnson, your sister and your girl know who i am, maybe it's time you worked on memorizing your hero's name.

    This is about to be Aids Era, and for some reason im starting vs the upper showstopper card to really leave the dent. Vinnie Rose goes down, and who is even above him? We are entertaining to the max, candidates for the yearly greatest match, and the pimps backhanded ready to slap. In another lifetime i would have repped Vinny, and he would have risen to the top while i took the cash flow and political power, but here we are, someplace different, in a different time, although in a similar place. Aids is going to beat the best, and then I'll put the rest of you out of your misery. Time to step up or go to sleep.
  19. Schmidt, 2-3 is not a bad record, if that's what you're suggesting. It'll soon be 3-3, too.

    Aids, shut up. No one cares about you.
  20. I dont even know your name. The only reason you have trouble caring about me is because im so far above you i'm hard to see. You are the lower end of the roster, dont embarrass yourself and lose to Zach. Ill be there to put you to sleep soon enough.